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18 Oct Canada has officially legalized marijuana for all adults
18 Oct US-China tensions soar as 'new cold war' heats up
17 Oct Leaders move past Trump to protect world from climate change
17 Oct Trump Hits A New High-Water Mark: The Biggest Federal Deficit In 6 Years
16 Oct Jamal Khashoggi: Trump suggests 'rogue killers' to blame
16 Oct Anti-Terrorism Laws Increasingly Used to Target Indigenous Activists

 Op/Ed, Science & Misc.
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3,121 desperate journeys Exposing a week of chaos under Trump's zero tolerance by Olivia Solon, et al
Religious Trauma Syndrome: How some organized religion leads to mental health problems by Valerie Tarico
MythBuster Adam Savage Busts The Biggest Myth About Voting In The Midterm Election by Ed Mazza
This $100 Million Noah's Ark Theme Park Is a Boring, Homophobic Mess by Jamie Lee Curtis Taete
Trump Has Put US On Path To War With Iran While Nobody is Paying Attention by Ben Armbruster
The comeuppance for Evangelicals who sold their souls to Trump is coming from the History News Network

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Boston Dynamics: UpTown Spot [video, 1 min.] 
Ted Cruz loves White Castle [video, 36 sec.]
Living With An Oppressor: Seth Andrews Livestream 10-15-18 [video, 34 min.] 
John Oliver - Saudi Arabia [video, 18 min.]
TED | What Americans agree on when it comes to health [video, 13 min.] 
Michael Mann: We Are Even Closer To Climate Disaster Than IPCC Predicts [video, 18 min.]

 Something to Think About
Archive Quotes

"Fundamentalism" might have been revived even if the Great War had not occurred. But it is reasonable to suppose that it would have not assumed such an intolerant and vituperative form, if so many educated men, in positions of leadership, had not deliberately cultivated resort to bitter intolerance and to coercive suppression of disliked opinions during the war... Until highly respectable and cultivated classes of men cease to suppose that in economic and political matters the importance of the end of social stability and security justifies the use of means other than those of reason, the intellectual habit of the public will continue to be corrupted at the root, and by those from whom enlightenment should be expected.

--John Dewey (Science, Belief, and the Public, 1924)


Science & Philosophy

  The problems with beliefs
  Does rational thinking require beliefs at all? These articles suggest that one need not own any beliefs to establish scientific facts, or to live a fulfilling moral life.
List of common fallacies
  A list and brief description of the most common logical fallacies.
Understanding E-Prime
  English without the use of essence words like "is" and "be" helps clarify what we wish to explain. E-Prime provides a linguistic tool for scientists and rationalists.
Freethinking about finances
  If you wish to live free, you will need the financial means to allow you to control your life.
A history of the knowledge of atoms
  An epistemological look at the models and theories about the atom that scientists have used to explain and understand the working of the atomic nature of matter.
Speculations: Does Light Exist Between Events?
  An examination of the claims of the existential nature of light.
Death and Time Traveling

If you want to get to the far future, you have to die. Speculations on time travel and how to do it.

Fermi's Paradox: a more probable solution
  Everyone is looking for intelligent aliens on planets. This hypothesis proposes that they are more likely living in debris free space away from solar systems. It does, however, require the invention of non-biological consciousness.


Religion & History


The Dark Bible
  The Bible describes God as wrathful, jealous and scatological. These quotes show the pornographic, atrocious, and questionable moral verses from the KJV Bible.


Should we admire Jesus?
  Does the character Jesus in the Gospels merit the admiration that so many have bestowed upon him? The Bible's own words throw doubt on the workable morality of the alleged Jesus "the Christ."


Did a historical Jesus exist?
  Did a historical Jesus actually live? All accounts of him come from hearsay writings, non-contemporary sources, forgeries, and beliefs. No good evidence exists for the god-man.


Martin Luther's dirty little book
  Few Protestants realize the venom and hatred that Martin Luther spewed toward the Jews. In 1543, Luther wrote a book titled "On the Jews and their lies."


Problems with Creationism
  A refutation to an argument from Design from a Christian Creationist. Inconsistencies derived from illogic, faith and a lack of evidence have produced an unworkable hypothesis about a universe invented by a Designer (God).


Hitler's Christianity

Hitler acted like Christians of the past and present. His actions agree with many God ordained horrors of the Bible. These articles use Hitler's own words to prove his Christianity and shows how the Churches supported Hitler's regime.


Thomas Jefferson on Christianity
  Although Jefferson supported freedom of religion he did not believe in the superstitions of Christianity. A few quotes from Thomas Jefferson on Christianity and the Bible.


The United States of America is not, in any sense founded on the Christian religion
  Religious Right groups have dishonestly attempted to rewrite history by claiming the U.S. government derived from Christianity. This simply does not hold to the historical evidence. Example: the Treaty of Tripoli explicitly reveals, in a lawful document, the intentions of our Founding Fathers.


History to consider
  U.S. currency originally never used the motto "IN GOD WE TRUST." The original Pledge of Allegiance never mentioned "God." How the Christians stole Christmas and Easter, and more.


Problems with Islam

Articles from ex-Muslims that show how the character of Islam involves violence, corruption, tyranny, poverty, and illiteracy.


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