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The Godless Americans March on Washington held on November 2, 2002 represented an historical event. For the first time in America, atheists, freethinkers, agnostics, secular humanists (or whatever label they used) marched to show their presence and to express their plea for representation in congress and to show America that godless does not mean un-American. The following photos represent just a glimpse of the events of the March.
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Before the march

 In the garage

 In the garage 2


 Making a sign

 Gathering before the march

 Ellen Johnson unfurls a banner

The march

 Marching 1

 Marching 2

 Marching 3

 Marching 4

 Marching 5

 Marching 6


 Marching 7

 Marching 8

 Marching 9

 Marching 10

 Marching 11

Marching 12

The Christian Infiltrators

 Christians 1

 Christians 2

 Christians 3

The Rally: gathering before the stage

 Religion, the root cause of terrorism

 Include all Americans

 Atheist prayer

 Give children logical explanations

 The Infidel Guy

 Uncle Sam explaining things

 Crucifixion is kinky!

There was a time...

 The stage

The speakers

 Ellen Johnson

 Foxhole atheists

 Doug Campbell

 Taslima Nasrin

 Margaret Downey

 Uncle Sam

 Ed Buckner

 Chris Harper

 Other speakers
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All photos by Jim Walker
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