Other speakers

Many more came out to speak. From upper left to right:
Michael Newdow
Frank Zindler
(American Atheist Press Editor)
Dr. Seth Asser
(CHILD, Inc., Pediatrician)
Christopher Arntzen
(gay & Lesbian Atheists & Humanists)
Mike Rivers
(American Atheists)
Bobbie Kirkhart
(Atheist Alliance International)
Norm Allen
(African Americans for Humanism)
John Scalise
(Great Lakes Humanist Society President)
Ron Barrier
(American Atheists Spokesman)
Unfortunately I did not take photos of all the speakers. The others list as follows:
Eddie Tabash (Attorney),
Kathleen Johnson (Founder, Military Atheists and Freethinkers)
Gerry Dantone (Musician)
August Brunsman (Representative, Secular Student Alliance)
Parvin Darabi (President, Homa Darabi Foundation)
Jim Strayer (Activist, Humanists of Florida)
Edwin Kagin (Founder, Camp Quest)
Larry Darby (Attorney)
Shelly Hattan (Co-Chairman, Metroplex Atheists)
Harry Greenberger (New Orleans Secular Humanists Association)
Also see:
Thanks Ellen for the March. I haven't felt like an American for a very long time.