God and Satan
Two Sides of the Same Coin

 Coin: God Side  Coin: Satan Side

God Side

Satan Side

Does it make any difference which side you're on? Beliefs in God or Satan sit on the two sides of the same coin of religion. Both superstitions lead to ignorance, although it appears ironic that the Christians who point to Satan as the cause of evil fail to see that the Godly side has far surpassed the Satan side in terms of atrocities, intolerance, and falsehoods (have you ever seen a group of Satanists start a war?). Indeed, even the Bible claims that God created evil (Isaiah 45:7) . From a Bible perspective, it gets difficult to tell the difference between the two. Both appear to work as a team, but God does the cursing, the plagues, and the killing (see The Dark Bible). Only from a nonbelieving perspective can you see the problems with both sides.

If you wonder why both coin sides depict "Morning Star", the reason appears in the Bible, as it refers to both Jesus and Lucifer as the morning star. The Latin word Lucifer (light-bearer) comes translated from the Hebrew word for morning star (actually the star appears as the planet Venus, but the ancients didn't know Venus represented a planet). Since the morning star always appears low on the horizon, the ancients thought of it as a fallen star (representing the fallen angel). Venus also appears as the brightest "star" in the heavens, thus the "bight and mourning star." In the Great Revelation (see Revelation 22:16,) Jesus reveals himself as "the bright and morning star."