Aquarius (the water bearer)

January 20-- February 18

1) You have a fine mind for remembering things. You never forget.

2) Your are sympathetic and understanding of other's problems.

3) You are highly intelligent and a fun person.

4) With your genius mind, you will achieve fame and success.

5) All the worlds greatest scientists, artists, and writers are born under your sign.

6) When Jupiter aligns with Mars, you will inherent an enormous amount of money.

7) You will have lots of famous friends who will write great things about you.

8) You are nature's gift to the opposite sex.

9) People throughout the world will love and adore you.

10) You have no faults.

11) Your life will be filled with happiness and fulfillment.

12) During your lifetime, scientists will discover the secret to aging and you will live forever.

13) People will worship you as a God.

Best career moves: Nobel prize scientist, world leader, Oscar winning actor