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Miscellaneous items about McCain, Palin and their connections with the Bush administration:
"Ridicule is the only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions."

--Thomas Jefferson (letter to Francis Adrian Van der Kemp, 30 July, 1816)



McCain Crashes Another Plane During the Last Days of His Campaign




and. . .






Closing Appeals from both parties (

Dear America,


Mine, mine, mine.

Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me!

Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine!

In conclusion: Fear, fear, fear, fear. Very scary fear!


The Republican Party

P.S. If you liked Joseph McCarthy, you'll love us!

Dear America,

We. Us. We. Together. Americans. United States.

Hope, compassion, equality, inclusiveness, competence.

Brains, common sense, community, respect, hard work, accountability. Action, change, responsibility. More viewpoints, smarter solutions.

In conclusion: Yes we can.


The Democratic Party.

P.S. Vote.




(photo by Jill Greenberg)






  What caused the McCain express blow up?

Because McCain can't express the truth about Iraq.
Because McCain doesn't understand the economic disaster.
Because McCain can't even agree with himself.
Because McCain won't end his politics of hate.
Because McCain is too old to be president.
Because Sarah Palin is clearly NOT qualified for VP.
Because Palin was found guilty ethical and abuse of power problems.
Because The McCain campaign spends $150 K on clothes for Palin.
Because The McCain campaign lied to the American people.

And add to all this, the slime and lies about Obama finally grew so flatulent,
that it finally hit the flames of disgust. Kaboom!


Bush & McCain share views on war, corporate deregulation, and both favor privatization of the profits, but socialism for the loses. And it's the middle class who pay the loses. That's Marxism for the bourgeoisie. (You see, we can play that game too.)





The Republican idea of fair elections
They really prefer you not to vote




Why would anyone vote for John McCain, a supporter of President Bush, a man who voted with Bush 90% of the time?

George W. Bush has blatantly violated the U.S. Constitution (which makes him a traitor), misled the public and made up stories for political advantages (which makes him a liar), led us into unnecessary and illegal wars (which makes him an international criminal), whose military actions resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and U.S. soldiers (which makes him a serial killer), conducted an ideological policy based on non-regulated corporate interests (which created the greed that caused the economic mess we are in), created the largest national debt in the history of mankind (which makes him an economic failure), ignored the welfare of Americans (joblessness, homelessness, poverty, and ignorance due to failed education policies) and created fear, hate, and divisiveness in America and throughout the world (which makes him immoral), and finally, this uneducated, sadistic, conceited, smirking, uncouth little man makes him an embarrassment to humanity.

Only by voting Democrat this year will the problems of America have a chance to be solved, along with the ability to impeach and prosecute George W. Bush and his henchmen for High Crimes and Misdemeanors. We The People need to take over the American government. There are more registered Democrats than there are Republicans. We only need to get out there and vote.














Who do you think looks the most presidential above? The photo has not been retouched, I kid you not.




(Apologies to Mr. Fish)





Did you know that McCain once publically called his wife, Cindy, a cunt?
Townhall meeting questions McCain's cunt remark
McCain says "cunt" in speech (Freudian slip?)

If McCain thinks his wife is a cunt, does that make her a Republicunt?








In the second Presidential debate, McCain revealed his racist feelings for Obama when he called him "that one." This is equivalent to calling black people, "those people." That remark should seal McCain's fate in the election.


What they really mean by "Country First."


Blue Meanies are an army of fierce, but buffoonish, music-hating creatures from the 1968 Beatle's film, Yellow Submarine. The Blue Meanies arrive in Pepperland (a fictional wonderland) and do everything they can to oppress the place. In the end of the film the Chief Blue Meanie becomes humiliated with his own magic and ends up sprouting flowers on his body. Likewise, Sarah Palin appears fierce but buffoonish, and oppresses the land with lies and hate speech. Like the Chief Blue Meanie, she too, has become humiliated with her own "magic" and now wears the Meanie costume. Sarah Palin is also largely fictional.









(Source: DailyKos)



(Source: Destonio)




(see: Al-Qaida-linked Web site backs McCain as president)














You see? Obama does have the power to unite people of differing views.






(Source: The Wizard Of Whimsy)





A graphic about Bush and McCain at the 2008 GOP convention in Minnesota. (From the DailyKos)









Now for the serious stuff

Alaska's Ted Stevens found guilty on all seven counts

Sarah Palin's partner in crime, Sen. Ted Stevens, who endorsed Palin, was found guilty of corruption, seven times. Each charge carries a maximum of 5 years in prison and a $250K fine. Recall that Palin was director of Sen. Steven's group, and she too, was recently found guilty of ethical violations and abuse of power. Suddenly a Palin ad featuring Ted Stevens disappears from Palin's web site. Gee, I wonder why?


This video shows what can result from an uninformed populace and how they let the right-wing propagandists think for them (note how they blindly parrot Palin's "socialism - terrorist" baiting points). It's also a result of a failed education system, and how beliefs in falsehoods can create disastrous decisions.

These wingnuts go directly against Jefferson's idea of a well-informed citizenry:

"Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government;... whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights."
--Thomas Jefferson

The Republican intellectual moderates no longer support McCain-Palin and virtually all that's left are these gun-loving, god-fearing, uneducated mind-numbed extremists.

It reminds me of Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge mob who hated everything that smacked of intellectualism, so they went around purging every trace of it. But these wingnuts aren't communists, oh, no, but like the Khmer Rouge, they hate governments, elites, intellectuals and think violence and torture is ok. They claim to hate fascism while not realizing they are supporting an unconstitutional fascist party that wishes to replace our government with unregulated private corporations. The irony of all this is that they are unwittingly supporting a conservative ideology that goes against their own self interests. It's truly frightening.

If the Republicans manage to steal the election again (a very real possibility) these wingnuts will win a very ideologically dangerous position in the electorate that could trigger something far more insidious than anything we've ever seen before. That's why it's important to vote this year. It could be America's last chance.


Who palled around with terrorists? Why, no other than McCain's lobbyist friend who heads his presidential transition team, William Timmons. Of course McCain, himself palled around with George W. Bush who, arguably, is the world's leading terrorist.

And then there's Palin, who tried unsuccessfully to link Obama to William Ayers while palling around with AIP terrorists herself, including her terrorist pal and husband, Todd.


And while Palin lies about her abuse of power and her violation of ethics laws, she and McCain continue the Hate Talk Express. Also see Pinocchio Politics.

The arrogance. The shame. The slime.

This will doom McCain. The investigation concluded that Palin abused her power and violated state ethics laws (read report). The fallout will occur at the ballot box this November 4th. Imagine if she became Vice President: Considering that Palin wants to expand the powers of the VP, her selfishness and willingness to violate ethics laws could affect American citizens, if not world policy. Her demonstrated abuse of power puts her out of consideration for VP (let alone her naivete, extremist beliefs, and her hate baiting politics).




The Politics of Violence Baiting

This is getting way out of hand. The inflammatory fear mongering tone of the McCain-Palin campaign has stirred outbursts of violence against Obama. "Kill him" shouts a crowd member, "treason" shouts another. And McCain and Palin say nothing against it. What next, a torch mob? This is precisely the kind of violence baiting that produces the Timothy McVeighs, the Eric Rudolphs, and the David Koreshs of the world. There's another word for this kind of dirty campaigning: terrorism. McCain, shame on you. Sarah Palin, a gun-loving NRA member, has become an idol for the right-wing-liberal-hating Republicans. How can her lies about Obama not stir violence among the wingnuts in America? McCain & Palin's hate-inspiring rhetoric will carry over to the next presidency. Just imagine how angry the Republican extremists will become when Obama wins the election! This has to stop. Write to the McCain campaign and tell McCain & Palin's to stop their terrorist campaigning before people get hurt. Not only does Sarah Palin inspire violence against Obama, but her Armageddon-believing Christian mob will do anything to put her in power (and if you win McCain, don't expect to survive your term):

Sarah Palin is a Manchurian Candidate for One Extremist Splinter Group of the End-Times Crowd
Palin's Religious Cult (must watch)


Obama vs. McCain Tax Plans

(Source: Washingtonpost)

The Obama tax plan (contrary to McCain's attempt to portray him as raising taxes), will actually cut taxes for most familes.


Worldwide Presidential Election Map


Sept. 5th: Obama's Leads McCain by 4 Points After Convention

McCain & Palin failed to capitalize from their convention speeches (read: falsehoods). (Source: Gallup Daily)

As observant Americans will soon discover, Palin's tortured speech claims hold no evidence or truth. Once Palin's unethical and demeaning form of government is exposed, and after American citizens realize the depth of her extremist Christian beliefs , and her anti-science, anti-environment views, the polls should tumble (well, lets hope they tumble, anyway. There aren't that many ignorant citizens in America who would vote against their own interests are there?).

Moreover, as the reports of McCain's past is revealed (his membership as one of the Keating Five corruption ring, his connections to Big Oil, his support for Bush's policies, his lightning-quick temper, his attitude toward women, his ignoring of supporting U.S. soldiers and Vets., his 5th-from-last-place education, his past health problems, and much, much more), then the poll numbers should rocket even faster towards Bush's all time miserable low.



Soldier Disrupts McCain's Convention Speech

At least one Marine momentarily stopped McCain's speech, displaying signs that said, "McCAIN VOTES AGAINST VETS," and "YOU CAN'T WIN AN OCCUPATION" (See Iraq Veterans Against the War). Indeed, McCain's voting record shows he has not supported the U.S. soldiers or Vets. The 5th photo shows a woman waving her fingers in a peace sign salute as she was carried away by security. The last photo shows union members in shock just after McCain said he was against worker's unions.

McCain's disastrous speech reflects just how far he is from the American people, even at his own convention.


The GOP convention seemed to consist mostly of cowboys, rednecks, corporate lobbyists, and a token black guy. Do they really think this is a representation of America? Their slogan is "Country First," But which country? Iraq? A seceded Alaska? It certainly doesn't look like the America I know (Note Palin welcomes the Alaska Independence Party and her husband was a member and who's party founder declared, "I'm an Alaskan, not an American. I've got no use for America or her damned institutions.").

And this is McCain's best choice for VP? A past mayor of a tiny town who left it with millions in debt after securing $27 million in federal earmarks? A car wash business owner who failed to pay taxes? A mayor who tried to ban library books and threatened to fire the librarian? A governor who is under an ethics investigation for abusing her power in firing a public official for personal reasons? A Christian extremist, an anti-scientist who wants Creationism taught in school? A Pentecostal messianic Christian who thinks the Iraq war is God's plan and sending U.S. soldiers to war is a "task from God"? This is what McCain wants for America? This is dangerous folks! She's far more extreme than Bush! And she could very well become president because the melanoma-prone 72 year old McCain could very well soon die of cancer (or of old age).

None of this, of course was mentioned in Palin's scripted speech designed to give orgasms to people who do not know how to think. Nor was there any mention of the poor economy, the housing disaster, health care problems, unregulated oil and energy speculation, or the crimes of Bush and McCain. Sorry McCain/Palin; you get no vote from me.



"If it was good enough for the founding fathers, its good enough for me."
--Sarah Palin (answering a question about the phrase "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance)

This laughable quote goes to the questionalbe knowledge of McCain's VP pick. The Founding Fathers never uttered a Pledge of Allegiance because it wasn't invented until 1892 by Francis Bellamy. Moreover, the phrase "under God" never appeared in the original Pledge; it was added in 1954 by extremist Christian anti-communists.

(Sources: see Palin thinks Pledge written by Founding Fathers and The original Pledge of Allegiance did not use the words "under God")


"What is it exactly that the Vice President does every day?"
--Sarah Palin on CNBC (McCain's choice for V.P.)

Bush gives McCain a birthday cake as people drown in New Orleans in 2003.

The Bitter IronyHurricane Gustav hits New Orleans on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and dampens the GOP convention. This coincidence reminds Americans of how Bush and McCain so poorly handled Katrina in 2003. McCain is pretending that the convention cancellations are due to his "concern' over the hurricane and to not politicize it (anybody buying that talking point?).

Well, as Barack Obama said, "It's time for them to own their failure."

No way! No how!! No McCain!

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