Mi-ke, my toilet trained cat

It took about 2 months to toilet train Mi-ke (it takes a lot of love and patience). Some cat "experts" say that it's not natural for a cat to do this, and no doubt that cats prefer to defecate in dirt the way they evolved through natural selection. But consider that it's also not natural for cats to live in enclosed air conditioned environments while living with people and their music, human technology, etc. Natural selection also gave them the ability to adapt.

Although she doesn't like it (indicated by meowing every time before she goes), it proves a small price to pay for the free room-and-board, free food and guaranteed lifetime health care. (Besides, I give her a treat after every bowel movement to offset her temporary distress.)

Some have asked if I taught her to flush the toilet. No, because she just loves to look at the swirling toilet water and if I trained her to use the flush handle she would, no doubt, flush the toilet while I was away just for fun (like this cat). I don't need to pay for the added water expense. Besides, I can check her stools and pee for abnormalities as a health check, and flushing the toilet once a day fairs far better than having to deal with litter boxes.

No more smelly litter boxes!

Cat Facts:

Cats walk on their toes.

One good thing about cats: no matter how hard you try, you just can't baptize a cat.

Both humans and cats have idential regions in the brain responsible for emotion.

Never hold a Dust Buster and a cat at the same time.

A cat sees about 6 times better than a human at night, and needs 1/6th the amount of light than a human does.

Dogs lie and steal but cats never do.

The cat represents the only domestic animal not mentioned anywhere in the Bible.

A cat will almost never meow at another cat. Cats reserve meows for humans.

Never feed your cat chocolate. A single chocolate bar can kill a cat. The darker the chocolate the more dangerous.

In the Middle Ages, during the Festival of Saint John, Christians burned cats alive in town squares.

Despite the difficulting in training cats, they are smater and more independent than dogs (if you think about it, you have to be pretty dumb to allow someone to train you).

If your cat brings you a dead bird or a mouse, don't punish her (or him). Your cat gave it to you as a gift as a token of "love," (or however cats feel about you). Quietly remove the corpse and dispose of it. Then pet your cat and give him (or her) a gift back. (My cat loves "Whisker Lickin's" treats or soy yogurt).