Blessing Certificates

As every Christian knows, without God's blessings upon us, we could not live, much less move a finger or a toe. The faithful know that God's grace allows His people to give blessings to other Christians and to receive them back. Although receiving blessings provides us with a precious eternal gift, Jesus says that "It is more blessed to give than to receive" (Acts 20:35). If so, then what better gift to give than a blessing itself?

Usually we give blessings through our prayers but prayers are not heard by our recipients. It is better to give blessings from our own voice, but even here sometimes our fellow believers tend to forget that we gave them our blessings. So what better way to establish a long lasting remembrance of our blessings than to provide them with a written contract, an official blessing certificate?

Not only would it serve God's grace to give our blessings to Christians, but why not give a blessing certificate to our ministers, priests and evangelists? All True Christians know that blessings are far more valuable than money because as the Bible says:

So lets get out there and give our blessings to everyone instead of cash.

Pay your tithe with a blessing certificate instead of cash

Churches have given blessings for centuries. Why not give the same back? Putting MONEY in their collection baskets only adds to the evil root of loving MONEY. Instead, give them an official signed certificate of your eternal blessing. See how they like it.

Blessing Certificate

Blessing Certificate 2
This certificate looks like a dollar bill from a distance and should avoid notice of the deacons as you put it in the church money basket.
(You don't want them thinking that you're giving a valueless paper object. Boy will they be surprised when they realize that they are getting something much better than cash!)

Blessing Certificates also work great at work. Have you ever been hounded by superfluous requests for donations to baby showers, birthday presents, etc. for people whom you don't even know? Well, then respect them by giving your priceless blessing instead of cash. You can also write them a Blessing Check:

Blessing Certificate 3

Tip: If you've ever been hounded by irritating Jehovah Witnesses at your doorstep, greet them with your blessings and offer to pay them with a check. JWs used to avoid receiving donations, but after 1990 the JWs began to openly solicit money from the public. If they aggravate you, and you have the time, it might prove fun to get back at them.


<Jehovah Witness knocks on your door>

JW: Hello, would you like to hear God's word?

YOU: Well hello there! Bless you for stopping by. Yes, please tell me about God's blessings.

JW: Blah, blah, blah...

YOU: Thank you for explaining that. You have blessed me. Would you allow me to give you a big blessing back?

JW: Why of course.

YOU: I don't have any bills on me, but can I write you a check?

JW: Thank you very much <with $$ in their eyes>

<Take out your Blessing Certificate check book with a pen in your hand>

YOU: Who I should make this out to.?

JW: You can make it out to, "The Watch Tower Society."

YOU: How about if I just make it out to you, personally? I like to give my blessing gift directly to people I know.

JW: Well, uh... I'm not sure about that, but I guess it's ok, my name is blah, blah.

<scribble their name and sign the certificate and hand it to them with a big smile>

YOU: Thank you for allowing me to give you this gift.

Now stand back and enjoy the show.

If they balk, invite them in to discuss the contradictions in the Bible.