The Skeptic's Annotated Bible (SAB)

Commentary by Jim Walker, 27 Nov. 1999



There's the KJV, NIV, NASB, RSV, YLT along with other versions of the Bible. Now we have the SAB, the Skeptic's Annotated Bible based on the King James Version (the complete version).

You can find the SAB on the Internet at:

You'll want to bookmark this one.

According to the site's author, Steve Wells, he tried to get the SAB published but because of the size and color coding needed, it deemed too expensive to do in book form. Fortunately, it fits the style of the internet perfectly and Wells put it online this November.

The site reveals its excellent design. It loads fast and I found it easy to understand. And along with running quotes at the top, the visitor will get the message within a few seconds.

The uniqueness of this Bible appears in its use of color symbols to indicate the quality of the verses:

Violence and Cruelties
Insults to Women
False Prophecy

Each symbol gets used in a subjective four star rating system. For example, three sex symbols indicates a higher sexual value than one or two sex symbols.

Moreover, by clicking on a symbol next to the highlighted verse, a corresponding note will be displayed on the bottom.

According to Wells, "the SAB will help those who believe in the Bible to honestly reconsider that belief. It will help those who are unfamiliar with the Bible to resist the temptation to believe. And it will help those who have already rejected the Bible defend their position."

The Bible, like any book of fiction proves harmless to a skeptic, but to believe in it makes it the most dangerous book in the world. Consider that the Bible continues to outsell all other books, yet probably the most unread book per owner, and the most misunderstood of all, the SAB gives an honest alternative to the apologists versions, and illuminates the raw and flagrant absurdities.