We The Corporations of the United States
(The Bush-Lay letters reveal the revision of our government)
Commentary by Jim Walker
24 February 2002

It absolutely floors me how the new revelations from the Enron scandal have resulted in a wall of protection by Bush supporters in an attempt to distance him and his administration from any political damage. How ironic that Republicans and Right-Wingers complained loudly about the lying of President Clinton in his sex scandal but pretend complete unconcern about George Bush's lies about his relationship with Kenneth Lay and Enron.

When I posted a link to the letters by Bush and Lay, from the Smoking Gun web site (uncovered by Freedom of Information requests), I received several angry emails which proclaimed, "What do they prove?", "Nothing in the letters are illegal!", "This kind of relationship goes on all the time between corporations and politicians", "I see no problem here."

If these kind of responses don't scare the living feces out of you then you may as well kiss the future of democracy out the window. My dear Americans, if you feel this way, you need an education.

"What do they prove?"

They prove that the White House lied about Bush's relationship with Kenneth Lay. Bush's administration repeatedly tried to pass Lay off as simply a "supporter." Folks, Kenneth Lay did not simply support Bush; not only did Bush and Lay have a very close and friendly relationship, but the letters show how Enron's chief officer influenced policy to benefit the Enron corporation, the largest campaign financier for Bush, by the way.

This kind of lying fits into an entirely different category than the kind of lying from the Clinton sex scandal. How Clinton lied about his sexual encounters, regardless of how blatant, do not in any way affect my life or the future of American citizens. Bush's lie about his relationship with Lay, however, not only affects me by hiding the truth about how he got elected by a corporation, but that the corporations have far more control over our government than I had ever imagined. This kind of revamping of our form of government not only affects me, but can have devastating effects on the future of our country.,

"Nothing in the letters are illegal"

Of course these letters do not violate any laws, but the consequences of the actions outlined by the letters violate the principle of the Constitution. Get it?

Bush's close relationship with Lay and his denial of it raises such an obvious red flag that to not see it must bear on the condition the mind-state of those who attempt to protect him. The obvious question written all over the red flag reads: why would anyone want to lie about such a legal affair? There certainly exist no laws against friendship; so why lie about it?

For those who do not see what this red flag means, I will try to spell it out for you:

This lie attempts to protect Bush because he knew full well that his disclosure of his friendship with "Kenny Boy" would lead to the uncovering of the ugly truth about how corporations influence elections, and public policy (and the letters show exactly that). Bush does not want the American people to know! Dick Cheney does not want you to know. This gives reason why Cheny denied handing over information about Enron's role in energy policy and why the GAO (General Accounting Office) will attempt to sue Dick Cheney to make him reveal the list of officials from Enron and other companies who met with President Bush's energy task force. Perhaps the tip of the iceberg remains legal but who knows what lies beneath? And when you lie about the tip, there could very well lurk illegalities below. I could care less whether a President lies or hides about his personal life of drug use or sexual escapades, but I certainly have an interest in how his friends influence United States policy, and how he got elected by them. Don't you?

"This kind of relationship goes on all the time between corporations and politicians."

Yes it certainly does, and how brilliant of you to point out the obvious, but since when do two wrongs make a right? Both Democrat and Republican congressmen know full well about the Constitutional problems with letting corporate lobbyists determine government policy. American watch-dog groups have repeatedly pointed this out for years and gives the only reason why the congress has made visible (but not actual) attempts to establish campaign finance laws. Presidents and congressmen increasingly get elected by corporate influence rather than We the People, so to diminish the corporate entity that feeds them, goes contrary to their human nature for political survival. Do you understand?

A democracy and Constitional Republic form of government simply cannot go by that name if Corporations elect politicians and if they use their advertising clout to affect public opinion.

"I see no problem here"

Most Americans work for a corporation and spend more waking hours in their buildings than in any other place. They have more influence on American lives than religion (other than the Churches which, lets not deny it, work as tax free corporations, many of which act as political fronts). When at home, we Americans spend time watching TV, movies, the internet, or reading magazines & newspapers which deluge the mind with a constant bombardment of corporate advertising. Some companies have learned how to use us as free walking advertisers; many of us wear their ads and logos on our clothes (Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Budwiser, Donna Karan, just to name a few). We put our money in corporate banks, brokerages, or insurance policies. Virtually everything we purchase, including food, clothes, shelter, and entertainment, comes from a corporation. Only a few dozen years ago there existed only a few corporations who's influence remained mostly distant from the majority of people. But now the corporations have bought out most private businesses and have impenetrable influence on the majority of people. This has never happened before in human history and it came upon us in an evolutionary instant flicker of time. I know of no social scientist who has proposed the significance of this sudden trend.

Through years of entertainment advertising, corporations have learned just how to steer herds of humans to purchase their products. It has become akin to a mechanical science. Politicians now use corporations to run their political advertising campaigns and they treat the campaigner like a product. If you see no problem here, then perhaps you cannot see it for the blinding light of the yet unconscious influence that corporations have on your life. If you bought into Bush's homey Texan talk, his appeal to God and hero worship, and his promises to fix everything from the economy to the War on Terrorism, (without saying how, and which he has yet to do, and all written by his speech writers) and cannot see the problem here, perhaps the corporations have bought you too. We now know that Bush used his close friendship with Enron's CEO to use Enron jets for his campaign traveling purposes, Enron's money to help get elected, and how Kenneth Lay influenced United States policy, all without consulting the American people and who wanted to keep this knowledge a secret from you. Mind you, most of the Bush-Lay letters occurred before his Presidency and before he became a representative of our government. If you still don't see the problem here, then ask yourself if an unelected campaigner should act as your representative (especially without telling you). Get it?

This problem does not remain with only one political party (I belong to neither of the two major parties or a corporation). Both Republicans and Democrats (Republicrats) get used by corporations for their purposes and vise-versa. It behooves every American to read the Constitution, especially the first three words. Our forefathers knew full well the problems of a government influenced by corporations and theocracy, which gave them reason to establish a wall of separation between religion and government (and why there occurs no mention of God, Christianity, or Jesus in the Constitution). Likewise, it bears just as much importance to separate corporations from government, otherwise your life will consist of nothing more than corporate slavery, not only of your physical life but of your mental life. Your very freedom to choose and the freedom of future American citizens sits at stake. Do you see the problem now?


The Smoking Gun: http://thesmokinggun.com

The Bush-Lay letters: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/doc_o_day/bushlay1.shtml

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