Men In Common
(An intelligence test)
by Jim Walker
Originated: 29 October 2004
Additions: 03 November 2004

This intelligence test has only one simple question to ask.

Question: What do George Bush, Sr., Osama bin Laden, and George W. Bush, Jr. hold in common with each other?

Try to think hard for the answer before you read on. You might discover several answers. If you can't figure it out, I have provided a few answers:



1. They all claim to rely on faith and religion.

2. They all started wars.

3. Their actions killed thousands of people (civilians, soldiers, women and children, etc.).

4. All of them justify war and the killing of innocent human beings for their personal beliefs.

5. They have all have created fear in the world.

6. They have all created economic deficits in their respective countries.

7. By the very meaning of the word "terrorist" the actions all of these men puts them into that category.

Perhaps you might discover more answers.

Note that all of the above answers rely on facts, not guesses or opinions.

Now I want you to think about this: Imagine that these men (or men like them) did not hold power. Imagine if no one believed in them. What do you think we could have avoided?

Answer: Without their beliefs in wars, the world would not have suffered the killing or maiming of hundreds-of-thousands of innocent men, women, and children because of their imposition of their beliefs upon humanity. Without acting on their faith of force as a means to their ends, we wouldn't have lived through the terrorist attacks, the mass killings, suicides, beheadings, prisoner abuses, losses of liberty and freedom of speech. Without their fear mongering, the economy would not have suffered such a blow to the stock markets. Without their spending of billions of dollars to support their war crusades, the United States would not have the worst deficit in the history of the world, which could have saved lives instead of destroyed lives. Arab countries would have avoided the condemnation and distrust by western countries. It all starts with belief, then acting on beliefs, and then justifying the killings through belief. Without faith and belief, Bush Sr., bin Laden, and Bush Jr., could not have created the atrocities in the first place.

George Bush, Sr. attacked Iraq, not to defend the United States, but to defend a wealthy oil producing country (Kuwait) that did not have the will to use its resources to protect itself, and to protect the investment of United States filthy-rich oil corporations. His justification for war came right out of his religion where he declared the Gulf War a Moral War, a Just War. George Bush, Sr.'s imposition on Islamic countries triggered Osama bin Laden's faith to attack America and to defend Islam (Note that no Arab terrorist attacked America before George Bush, Sr.'s presidency).

Osama bin Laden, using his faith in the Koran, justified terrorism and used his resources to attack the United States and other countries through a system of terrorist cells around the world. He created fear and panic throughout the world which resulted in 9/11 and fanned the flames of a world-wide Holy War. His appeal to religion has made him a "Holy" man in the eyes of millions of Muslims around the world, and where his influence continues to inspire them to join a grand Islamic Jihad.

George W. Bush, Jr., using his "gut instinct," his Christian faith, and his alleged call from "God," created a crusade against terrorism which resulted in a preemptive attack on Iraq (that misdirected the effort away from the real terrorists) and the occupation of Iraq which resulted in the deaths of over 1,100 U.S. soldiers and tens-of-thousands of Iraqi civilians and the loss of control over their own country.

Like dominos falling, note how each action from those men depended on the actions of believers before them. From a lower threat to a greater threat, these men of violence put the world in ever increasing danger. Bush Sr. reacted to Saddam Hussain (who never attacked the U.S.), Osama bin Laden reacted to Bush, Sr. (and to Ronald Reagan before him). And George W. Bush, Jr. reacted to Osama bin Laden.

Now we don't have to worry about George Bush, Sr. anymore because he no longer holds power. We The People voted him out of office (the next president provided the U.S. with relative safety and prosperity for eight years). Osama bin Laden, however, still lives and continues to inspire and influence terrorism around the world. Unfortunately, the "Commander and Chief," although at first claiming priority to get bin Laden, has since failed to focus on him. In March 2002, George W. Bush, Jr. clearly stated that he didn't "spend that much time on him..." and felt truly no concern about him. He has remained silent about bin Laden ever since he lost him in the hills of Tora-Bora. George W. Bush, Jr. still holds power and continues to wage war and creates fear around the world (which has alarmed those nations labeled by Bush as a part of the "Axis of Evil" and has spurred them to develop nuclear weapons).

Imagine the world without the likes of George Bush, Sr., Osama bin Laden, and George W. Bush, Jr. We would immediately see a reduction of fear and violence around the world. Unfortunately, the people did not vote out George Bush, Jr. and we can expect to see more fear, terrorism, and superstition in the world. The majority of the American people did not pass the test.

Just as when religion ruled the world in the early part of the middle-ages, commonly called the Dark Ages, we can expect to see another period of Dark Ages that future historians will probably call:

The Second Dark Ages

Change will only occur when people begin to realize the danger of beliefs.