Problems with Islam

THE PROBLEMS WITH ISLAM consists of selected articles, mainly from ex-Muslim authors who have written against the violence, corruption, and tyrannical nature of Islam. Many of these essays come from which dedicates itself to the scrutiny of Islam. Considering the Fatwas against those who criticize Islam (which could eventually result in their censorship or death), it takes special courage and dedication for these authors to risk revealing the actual nature of Islam to the world.

I would especially like to thank Meher Ali Khan for convincing me that I should add an Islamic section to Although these articles will, no doubt, result in 'preaching to the choir' to fundamentalist Christians who, by their very nature, oppose other religions, it should serve as a reminder that Islam has a similar Old Testament structure as Christianity. Although we do not have Fatwas in the United States, our thanks to that does not come from religion, but solely because we have a secular Constitution that guarantees freedom of expression and no religious tests. Without this thin constitutional protection, America could very well fall into medieval religious fundamentalism, just as many Islamic countries experience today. Indeed, many of our political and religious leaders today work to dismantle the separation of church and state. Thus these articles should serve as a warning of what could very well happen and, indeed, has begun to happen, in America. Ed.


The Islam-West Conflict: A Historical Study by  Alamgir Hussain. With the Muslim population growing in leaps and bounds, the campaign for instituting Sharia laws, and, therefore, Islamic governance in Western countries will, in all likelihood, intensify over the coming decades. Whether or not would this campaign succeed remains to be seen. If it does, Islam will overcome its long-standing hurdle to Islamize the globe resolutely held back by the West for so many centuries.

Islamic Heaven by Syed Kamran Mirza. Ever wonder where the idea of the 72 virgins in heaven comes from? Islam's fear of hellfire and greed of lustful heavens serve as the most important and primary elements that keep almost one billion human beings, not only subdued or numb, but devoid of any normal human sense.

The Dreadful Islamic Hell by Syed Kamran Mirza. A horrific picture of Hell from the Koran created by the alleged "Merciful " Allah. If the idea of an Islamic Heaven doesn't subdue you through the greed of lustful pleasures, then this monstrous eternal torture chamber should subjugate you to obey through dreadful fear.

The Narcissistic Allah by Faiyaz Taffakur. A good person never expects anything in return, nor does he praise himself. Now examine the concept of Allah in Islam; He demands that people bow to him, please his vanity, and he praises himself throughout the Koran.

What Is The Cost of Practicing Islam? by Mumin Salih. Many have tried to explain why Muslims in general tend to underachieve compared to others. Ironically, Muslim countries who own the largest oil reserves in the world, making them among the wealthiest in the world, have remained underdeveloped in terms of education and scientific achievement.

Fragile: Handle with Care by Sher Khan. Although Muslims believe the Quran represents the holiest book on Earth, it comes mostly from a religious mandate, propagated by extensive propaganda rather than on the violent content between its covers. It's time for banning the Quran instead of protecting it.

The Myth of Islam's Contribution to Human Civilization by Alamgir Hussain. Anyone can read through hundreds of books and essays critical to Christianity or other religions, but any person attempting to criticize Islam may receive a Fatwa against him (as has happened to Salman Rushdie, author of "Satanic Verses," for example). But if one peeks behind the veil of this Islamic ban, one can see Islam for what it really represents: an obscurantist and a violent religion which promotes cruelty, armed militancy, human rights violation and a hindrance to progress and modernization.

Unfettered Religious Freedom in Islam: A Fact or Fiction? by Alamgir Hussain. Many moderate Muslims have tried to convince others of Islam's religious freedom, but in reality, the opposite proves true. After all, the Koran states clearly: 'fight and slay the pagans wherever ye find them.'

Islam Cannot Bring Peace and Guidance to Humankind by Imran Hossain. Many People wonder about the meaning of Islam. This religion has many complications that impact every aspect of life for Muslims. Understanding these complications reveals the truth about Islam: that it cannot serve as the right choice for human beings. The more people practice Islam, the more fascism, extremism, and terrorism will result.

Ignorance, the Greatest Threat Facing America by Amil Imani. No, Islam has not been hijacked by the Islamic militants. Islam has hijacked humanity for almost 14 centuries.

Islamic Terrorism – Is it a New Threat? by MA Khan. In recent times, overshadowing the relative calm of the past few decades, there has been a sudden surge in violence and terrorist activities by the Islamic zealots and fanatics. Hence, there is a debate as to why Muslims did not indulge in terror and violence during the past decades and centuries. This article demonstrates the error of this belief and shows that terrorism in the name of the Prophet Muhammad has gone on for centuries.

Breaking Through the Islamic Curtain by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Ali, who grew up as a "good" Muslim and after observing the life of non-Muslims, began to question the tenants of her religion. She realized that Islam lagged behind the West and Asia in terms of freedom of expression, morality, sexuality, and education. Ali, now a freethinker, expresses her thoughts about breaking the Islamic Curtain of fear and ignorance.

To submit to the book is to exist in their hell by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. The Koran demands total submission by its readers. Fortunately Ali saw through that and rejected the book and her respect for Islam because of its bloodthirsty demand to kill and hate.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Islam [video, 56 min.] Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somali-born member of Holland's Parliament whose criticism of Islam sent her into hiding after the murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, speaks about the problems of Islam.


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