News & Articles from 2002

How religious, political and ideological beliefs spark violence, crime, intolerance and falsehoods

comments by Jim Walker

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News (31 Dec) Rumsfeld 'offered help to Saddam' Declassified papers leave the White House hawk exposed over his role during the Iran-Iraq war.

News (31 Dec) 3rd sex-abuse lawsuit is filed against priest

News (30 Dec) Atheist expects Boy Scouts to change, but not soon

News (29 Dec) Predator priest case and the Catholic Church's moral authority

News (29 Dec) In Poland, shock at priest's arrest Shock over the priest's arrest? What about concern for the teenage girl he allegedly sexually assaulted?

News (28 Dec) Activist fought religion in government Mitch Kahle's efforts have forced city and state agencies to cut references to God.

News (28 Dec) Atheist appealing Boy Scouts' decision to expel him

News (28 Dec) Three hurt in religious clash in India's Gujarat Fresh religious violence between Hindus and Muslims in India's riot-scarred western Gujarat state.

News (27 Dec) Priest Held In Sex Assault A Polish priest told police the sex he had with a teenage rape victim was a form of "counseling."

News (27 Dec) Jailed priest had spell as head of children's charity The Catholic Church made a known paedophile priest head of a children's charity.

News (26 Dec) Religious violence in India's Gujarat

News (26 Dec) The Origin of Religions, From a Distinctly Darwinian View

News (26 Dec) Priest scandal snowballs

News (26 Dec) Christmas Worshipers Are Attacked in Pakistan and India

News (24 Dec) Austrian clergy taken to task for support of Hitler, Jews' plight A book by Moritz, "Gruess Gott und Heil Hitler" (Hail God and Heil Hitler), documents the clergy's collaboration with Hilter.

News (24 Dec) New Hampshire bishop says priest sex less serious if not with a parishioner One can only imagine which Biblical passage he got this gem of morality from, and this coming from a Bishop no less.

News (24 Dec) Priest hit with 2nd allegation of abuse

News (23 Dec) Priest admits sexual misconduct, resigns

News (22 Dec) Did Church hide priest's role in IRA blast that killed nine? The Catholic Church and the British Government fall under pressure to open an inquiry into devastating revelations that a cardinal and a former Northern Ireland Secretary covered up the role of a priest in one of the worst atrocities in the past 30 years.

News (21 Dec) INDIA New assembly member killed with five civilians

News (21 Dec) Hindu Fascism Rising

News (20 Dec) For some, no Christmas, no problem Tom Flynn's book, "The Trouble With Christmas" researches how Christmas as we know it- the tree, Santa, candles - got based on pagan rituals. He'll tell you that the Nativity story has a few holes in it. There's ample reason, he says, to opt out - and not be thought odd for it.

News (20 Dec) Anti-Muslim wave threatens India The anti-Muslim campaign of hate has returned Hindu nationalists to power. With Islamic Pakistan and Hindu India capable of nuclear war, the future does not look promising. Religion has always served as the spark for war.
News (20 Dec) "In God We Trust"
Religiosity correlates with war and violence. With religion so important to most Americans, it should not surprise anyone why the United States has such a militarily violent outlook on other countries (especially Islamic and secular countries).

News (19 Dec) Religion: the root cause of many human conflicts

News (19 Dec) Muslims, Christians fight Religion, by its very nature, does not condone criticism of its own beliefs, yet it produces disapproval of other religions. A "true" believer must defend his or her religion by all means possible, even if it includes death and destruction.

News (19 Dec) Disturbing success of the politics of hate Sectarian violence has been a part of right-wing politics in many places. The recent India elections give just one example.

News (19 Dec) Court-Mandated Religious Therapy Since Alcoholics Anonymous now falls under the jurisdiction of a "faith-based" institution, it now gets into political-religious problems, exactly the kind of problem that the American founders tried to avoid by the now ignored Separation of Church and State.

News (18 Dec) U.N. Group Says Al Qaeda Has New Afghan Camps Let's get this straight: Mullah Omar and bin Laden still live, Al Qaeda still operates, and now they have begun to rebuild their training camps in Afghanistan? If so, then how can anyone say Bush's war policy helps protect the U.S.? Hasn't Bush actually increased the danger by creating more enemies throughout the world? If this gives an example of "God continues to bless America" then, please, lets fire this God (and this president).

News (18 Dec) Court ruling may mean end to Ten Commandments display in Sullivan County

News (18 Dec) Vandals Attack Atheist Decoration At Capitol

News (17 Dec) Priest pleads guilty to molesting boy he babysat

News (17 Dec) Religious violence in Vadodara

News (17 Dec) Sectarians vandalize home

News (16 Dec) Two killed in post-election violence in India The Hindu election victory in India has sparked violence.

News (15 Dec) Atheist to challenge BBC An atheist may take the BBC to court if it does not lift its ban on non-believers contributing to Radio 4's Thought of the Day.

News (15 Dec) Man Said God Told Him To Cut Off Hand Of course the Bible does instruct its believers to cut off a limb if it offends them: Matthew 18:8, Mark 9:43.

News (15 Dec) Clashes between Muslims and Hindus after India elections. Well it only took a few minutes after the elections for the religious violence to begin.

News (15 Dec) Gujarat results spell doom for secular forces A big setback in India. Now that they have put a religious party in power, it should guarantee an increase in religious violence. Any bets?

News (14 Dec) Jesuit priest accused of sexual abuse

News (13 Dec) Court rules atheist father has right to pursue Pledge of Allegiance case

News (13 Dec) Catholic Church Faces Further Scandals The floods gates have opened; after hundreds of years, the evidence of wrongdoings have so overwhelmed the Catholic Church that their flock have comeback to haunt them. This has set a worldwide investigation by historians to search for clues as to how far back the Catholic Church have abused their congregations.

News (13 Dec) Friggatriskaidekaphobia, the fear of Friday the 13th. "Superstitions create a lot of stress and discrimination. It appeals to lazy thinkers," Margaret Downey said. "We try to get people to apply rational thinking."

News (12 Dec) Priest: I can't stop molesting children Apparently his god can't stop him either.

News (12 Dec) Priest convicted of sex assault

News (11 Dec) Voyage into the unknown Hiding behind the comfort of belief and faith lies destructive forces. Any faith-journey leads into a bottleneck, a religio-intellectual system with its own rules, assertions and strictures. Agnosticism, on the other hand, brings mystery and respect for the cosmos and offers an honest admission of what we don't know instead of resorting to false beliefs.

News (11 Dec) 461 Pakistani Women Killed Traditional Pakistanis use ethnic beliefs and religion as justification for killing and raping women. Pakistani religious parties who made a strong showing in parliamentary elections also believe in only a "limited" independence to the women. (Also see Amnesty International's article on Honour killings.)

News (11 Dec) Bitter monk killed priest

News (10 Dec) Uganda: Reward Offered for the Capture of God This god cuts people to pieces, boils them alive, and forces people to believe and fight for him (very much like the God of the Bible).

News (09 Dec) Pervert priest pinched for 'holy massage' Shinto priest gives the old "I just channeled Earth's vital energy into her" excuse.

News (08 Dec) Evolution vs. Intelligent Design in Georgia Schools The school board ordered stickers on all science books warning that evolution "is a theory and not a fact." The school board needs a science education. In science, theory does not mean a guess. All facts require theories, including the theory of flight, gravity, electronics, etc., and evolution sits as strongly as a fact as does gravity.

News (08 Dec) Catholics & Protestants fighting in N. Ireland

News (07 Dec) Taslima Nasrin Condemns Religious Persecution of Women Exiled Bangladeshi Writer, Taslima Nasrin, speaks out in interviews during her book tour for her memoirs of her Bengali Girlhood.

News (07 Dec) Fremont priest pleads guilty to molestation accusations

News (06 Dec) Scotland tackles its 'secret shame' Scottish sectarianism, which reaches the height of its violent expression at clashes between Celtic and Rangers football teams, will be treated as a racially motivated crime.

News (06 Dec) Sexual abuse lawsuit filed against St. Cloud diocese and priest

News (05 Dec) Atheist wins anew in pledge case Michael Newdow scores 2 small court victories in Constitution challenge of 'under God'

News (05 Dec) Boston cardinal praised priest who molested novice nuns

News (04 Dec) New Revelations in Priest sex scandal Priests sexually abusing teenagers and nuns, cocaine and other drug use, telling them that having sex with them "is what it would be like with Christ."

News (03 Dec) Atheist students rely on science Smile, there's no hell.

News (02 Dec) God and the Boy Scouts This scout relies on preparedness, not god or prayer.

News (02 Dec) Atheist, pastor to debate court ruling on pledge A Christian and an atheist will square off in a live satellite simulcast from 6-8 p.m. Dec. 8.

News (01 Dec) Former Tulia priest charged in sex case

News (30 Nov) Survey shows Wales has 27 percent, non-religious Twenty seven percent of people of Wales who took a survey said they either had no religion, or remained atheist or agnostic. With America at about 14% non-religious, we have a lot of catching up to do.

News (29 Nov) Police arrest 8 Protestant rebels

News (29 Nov) Pastor charged with inappropriately touching a boy

News (27 Nov) Missionary Group Forces Parents to Play "Whack-a-mole" The Gideons International group violates the First Amendment by passing out Bibles in public schools. When they get caught, they move to a new school district and start again.

News (26 Nov) How an Atheist Helps Protect Islamists in Turkey

News (26 Nov) Pastor charged with more forgeries

News (25 Nov) Fourth man accuses former Pasco priest of molestation

News (24 Nov) Full text: bin Laden's 'letter to America' Nowhere does bin Laden claim to attack America on the bases of jealousy for the American way of life (George W. Bush's incorrect belief). It describes clearly that his hate and justification stems from his religious beliefs as a response to the U.S. killing innocent Muslims and invading their lands. How can the U.S. possibly resolve the terrorist issue until, at the very least, it understands the beliefs and motives of the terrorists? There just might exist a resolution there beyond just war and revenge.

News (23 Nov) Religious riots kill at least 215 The casualty toll from four days of religious riots between Muslims and Christians in the northern city of Kaduna has more than doubled.

News (23 Nov) Street war between Muslims and Christians kill over 100 Riots rage in Nigera after protests against the Miss World beauty contest. Muslims and Christians kill each other. Ain't religion wonderful?

News (22 Nov) Riots Kill 50 in Nigeria Islamic mobs claiming the Miss World beauty pageant causes sexual promiscuity cause tragic deaths. I don't know about you but I'll take sexual promiscuity over death due to ignorant intolerant people, any day.

News (21 Nov) Sacred has no part in secular law New Zealand law has constitutional trouble when it references Maori spiritual values.

News (21 Nov) Possible execution for rabbi convicted of slaying wife

News (20 Nov) Abortion Foe Admits Shooting Doctor James Kopp tries to cop out with a "I only intended to wound him" excuse but where else could his hate have derived from other than his religious beliefs?

News (19 Nov) India to remain secular India's Deputy Prime Minister assured parliament on the preservation of a secular republic. (With the Religious-Right running America, I wonder how long the United States will remain secular).

News (19 Nov) Pastor accused of sex assault

News (18 Nov) 'Protect secular fabric of the country' A J Philip, director of Amartya Sen Foundation in India says, "religion should be separated from the state and be left alone." Apparently India has begun to realize the advantages of a secular government, while the U.S. seems to have forgotten its benefits.

News (18 Nov) Priest admits more sex assaults on boys

News (17 Nov) Pastor found guilty of child abuse

News (16 Nov) Minister sees devil in 'Harry Potter' Does Rev. Douglas Taylor live in the 21st century or has he time jumped from the Dark Ages? If the Reverend wants to destroy books with perceived devils, I can't imagine a better book to start with than: the Bible.

News (15 Nov) Fernandes for adoption of atheism India Defence Minister George Fernandes stressed the need for adopting atheism as a way of life as in his view, religion had caused much misery to humanity. Can you imagine Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, even thinking of atheism?

News (15 Nov) Former Catholic priest charged in two more child molestations

News (14 Nov) The Best Thoughts in Life are Free Freethinkers in Texas have had a rough history.

News (14 Nov) Extracts from "the slave of God" from the Osama bin Laden tape.

News (13 Nov) 'No man can harm me without God's permission' An Islamic woman sentenced to death by stoning, thinks a god has control.

News (12 Nov) Extremists like Falwell perpetuate cycle of violence Falwell correctly labeled Mohammed a "terrorist" but doesn't Falwell realize that Moses falls into that category too?

News (12 Nov) Pastor charged with sexual exploitation, forgery

News (11 Nov) Extremists Claim S. Africa Bombing Calling themselves "fighters for God and the Boer people," the Boer Nation Warriors claimed responsibility for a series of bombings.

News (10 Nov) Priest, Miami diocese named in clergy sex abuse lawsuit

News (09 Nov) Ex-priest works to purge anti-Semitism The premise of James Carroll's book shows that anti-Semitism came as a direct result of New Testament scripture and its interpretation and the culmination resulted in the murder of 6 million Jews in the Holocaust. [see book review here]

News (09 Nov) Baptist pastor resigns after abuse allegations A Baptist pastor accused of abusing three boys, has resigned.

News (08 Nov) Former Illinois Priest Goes to Prison A Roman Catholic priest from Illinois, who allowed a date-rape drug to be manufactured at his church, is now going to prison.

News (07 Nov) Atheist Scout receives official notice The 19-year-old Eagle Scout from Port Orchard has been rejected by the Scouts because he does not believe in a god.

News (07 Nov) Former LA-area priest faces more molestation charges

News (06 Nov) Godless in America Not everyone finds comfort in faith

News (06 Nov) Atheist Says He's Been Booted From Scouts A Washington state Eagle Scout claims he got kicked out of the Boy Scouts for refusing to declare a belief in a higher power.

News (05 Nov) Victims Groups Blast Bishops' Draft Because the Vatican denied the Dallas sex-abuse policy, claiming it went against "universal church law," victims feel outraged.

News (03 Nov) March of the Godless Takes to the Mall One of the last groups in America facing unrestrained bigotry, atheists, freethinkers, and nonbelievers marched on the Mall to show Washington of their presence. [Stay tuned. Photos of the march will appear here in a few days]

News (03 Nov) Priest to quit after admission of homosexual affair with a teenager

News (30 Oct) Atheist Scout fights decision to boot him An example of discrimination against atheists in America.

News (29 Oct) Arrest warrant for missing priest The arrest warrant cites a fugitive Roman Catholic priest accused of molesting boys.

News (29 Oct) Church 'failed to act' against Donegal priest More clerical child abuse and failed actions.

News (28 Oct) Bishop Knew Priest endorsed sex between men and boys. At what point in these sexual abuse cases do they finally admit that the Catholic Church represents a sexual molesting organization?

News (28 Oct) Indonesia: Radical Muslims Clash with Police More examples of the "peaceful " nature of Islam.

News (25 Oct) Chilean church apologies for sex abuse More concealed sex abuse by priests come to light.

News (24 Oct) Man Struck By Lightning Files Lawsuit Against God! (Hilarious)

News (22 Oct) Priest calls for abuse inquiry This priest realizes how badly the Church has handled sexual abuses by priests and wants to open the record to authorities.

News (20 Oct) Indonesia arrests cleric as he prays for Osama's safety Prayer doesn't work for Christians, nor will it work for you Mr. Bashir.

News (18 Oct) Vatican 'protecting paedophile priests' The Vatican opposes plan to deal with molesting priests.

News (17 Oct) Atlanta Pastor Convicted of Abuse A court found a pastor and four members of his church, guilty of aggravated assault and cruelty to children for whipping two boys in front of the congregation. The 150 members of the House of Prayer Church have repeatedly said they have the right to beat their children.

News (16 Oct) N.Y. Abuse Suit Names Top Clergy The suit alleges that priests abused at least 43 children, and that the diocese tried to hide the attacks by transferring priests. The lawsuit names Thirteen priests.

News (14 Oct) Charting America's religious landscape This new study of religious congregations confirms a previous 2001 survey that 14 percent of Americans claim they have no religion (a doubling of the US non-religious, from 1990 to 2001).

News (13 Oct) Bid to clone human embryos This research aims to create stem cells to treat diseases, not for cloning babies. Unfortunately the Catholic Church, yet again, opposes scientific progress.

News (12 Oct) Christian Coalition: Vote and vote conservative In further progress to make the US a theocracy run government, the Christian political movement aims to "get the few liberals out." The Christian Coalition theme, "Faith with Action," will insure a more intolerant and violent nation.

News (11 Oct) Falwell Remarks Prompt India Riots A classic example of how religious rhetoric sparks violence. If religious believers do not agree, what else can they do but turn to violence? Apparently Falwell does not realize that the Biblical Jesus (the 3rd leg of the Trinity-- God) and his believers also resorted to violence that makes Mohammed look like a Quaker.

News (11 Oct) Pro-Taliban Groups Win Pakistan Vote Campaigning on a strong anti-American platform that called for an end to Pakistan's support for the U.S.-led war on terror in Afghanistan, the pro-Taliban religious parties had a clear majority in Pakistan's North West Province legislature.

News (10 Oct) What the US President wants us to forget Amazingly the polls show that Americans still believe in George Bush, yet he and his father have done more to destroy the US economy and to put the Islamic world against us than any other political figure since Ronald Reagen. This article by Robert Fisk puts things in perspective.

News (09 Oct) "Dear Policeman, I am God" Apparently the sniper linked to nine shootings left a message.

News (08 Oct) Ivory Coast Says It Killed 11 Rebels Ivory Coast's bloodiest uprising has unleashed deadly regional and religious hatreds, stemming mostly from Muslims and Christians.

News (06 Oct) White racist hunted after sniper attacks If, indeed, this guy did the killings, I'll wager that he based his actions on his religious beliefs. Any bets?

News (05 Oct) Woman pursues human cloning Raelian's believe "Jesus was cloned". This absurd belief system only appears silly because people have little awareness of this new religion, but belief has no limits and holds no honor to evidence. Try to imagine Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, at its first stages and they appear just as absurd. Sadly, only time and the number of believers convince most people of a religion's validity (bandwagon fallacy).

News (04 Oct) New Suits Filed Against Ex-Priest

News (03 Oct) Jerry Falwell calls Mohammed a "Terrorist" If he thinks of Mohammed as a terrorist, what about the Biblical God with all his terrorizing? Falwell's message brings home the danger of Christian Right faith as he condemns Islamics while his Moral Majority sees the turmoil in the Middle East as culminating in the Battle of Armegeddon.

News (02 Oct) House Debates Religious Groups Bill That the House even considers a bill to allow religion to become more politically active without threatening their tax exempt status should scare the wits out of every freedom loving American, not to mention it completely goes against the Constitution. Moreover it would provide a further step toward a theocracy run government, an idea that would horrify our American forefathers.

News (01 Oct) N. Ireland Police Reopen IRA Case A reinvestigation into one of IRA's worst atrocities against Protestants by a Catholic priest.

News (30 Sep) N.H. bishop fesses up to parish priest's relationship with teenager

News (29 Sep) Ga. school board OKs alternatives to evolution America drops further back into the Dark Ages with religion invading our schools. Imagine the outcry if we forced Churches to teach evolution, yet we allow public schools to teach Creationism?

News (29 Sep) Pakistanis Demand Christian Safety At least 36 people died and about 100 injured in several acts of violence against Christians and Westerners . As one Christian put it, "Christians are paying the price for the bombing in Afghanistan." As a result, violent retaliations have begun by Christians who have attacked shops with sticks and clubs. Ain't religion wonderful?

News (28 Sep) Arab Attitudes on Mideast Change The suicide bomber has replaced the stone-thrower. So much for the peaceful nature of Islam. If not for Israeli and U.S. meddling, would this have happened? If George Bush The First had not started the Gulf War, would the Arab world have aimed their religious hate toward us? George Bush The Second has only inflamed the Arab world further, the result of which puts the U.S. in far more danger than ever before.

News (27 Sep) Former Priests Face Abuse Charges More priests molesting children.

News (26 Sep) Muslims attacked by Hindu mob in Gujarat They attack us, we attack them, they attack us, we attack them, etc.

News (26 Sep) India sends in troops to stop fresh round of slaughter India dispatched thousands of troops in an attempt to prevent another explosion of sectarian bloodletting.

News (25 Sep) Seven Killed in Pakistan Shooting More examples of the "peaceful" nature of religion.

News (24 Sep) Honolulu PD drops God from officers' oath A tiny victory in the struggle to uphold the separation of church and state.

News (22 Sep) 270 Killed in Ivory Coast Tensions between Gbagbo, who draws support from the mainly Christian south and west, and Ouattara's mainly Northern Muslim backers cause another bloodbath.

News (21 Sep) Nationalist claims that priest led IRA bombers

News (19 Sep) Man Indicted for Anthrax Hoax A man who once claimed to serve on a mission from God to kill abortion providers got charged for mailing hoax anthrax letters.

News (17 Sep) Christopher Reeve blames Bush If not for George Bush's Christian beliefs and his stand against embryonic stem cell research, science might well have made progress. Just another example of how religion suppresses knowledge. Bravo Christopher!

News (16 Sep) Was George 'with' God or 'against' Him on 9/11? Why don't believers ask "Was George with Satan?" or better yet, "Doesn't 9/11 correlate with a non-God universe?"

News (14 Sep) Stoning Sentences Surge in Nigeria Convicted adulteresses die by burying them in sand up to their necks. Then people throw stones at them until they die and chant, "God is great."

News (12 Sep) Radical Muslims Praise 9-11 Attacks Even though these Muslims claim no connection to Osama bin Laden, they praised him and his Islamic response. The group spokesperson, Sheik Omar Bakri Mohammed says his group aims to make Britain an Islamic state. So much for the peaceful nature of Islam.

News (09 Sep) 'Ethnic cleansing' claim over Ulster attacks Catholics and Protestants again.

News (08 Sep) Four Die in Indonesian Violence So much for the peace accord; the Muslims and Christians have started to kill each other again.

News (06 Sep) Mass Grave Found in Bosnia About 200,000 people died during the Bosnian war. They think this grave resulted from Muslims killed by Serbs (Remember that Bosnia's war occurred between three religious factions: Eastern Orthodox Christian Serbs, Roman Catholic Croats, and the Sunni Muslims.)

News (04 Sep) LA cathedral stirs wrath of the faithful Protests from Catholics see the new cathedral as a building for fat cats. I guess they will go to hell for this.

News (01 Sep) Ky. prison suspends satanic services Since Satanic beliefs derive from the Bible, shouldn't they suspend Christian services on the same grounds? After all, the Bible clearly states that God creates evil, causes wars, plagues, kills men, women and children. God of the Bible makes Satan look like Mahatma Gandi.

News (30 Aug) Bill Maher will return to TV Bill Maher , the only freethinker on television, lost his show due to people who insisted on misunderstanding his show. He now has released a new book, and it seems he will return to TV next year with a new show.

News (28 Aug) Four Priests Charged With Sex Crimes Why in the world has it taken 40 years to charge these priests?

News (27 Aug) Jedi 'religion' grows in Australia Fiction or superstition doesn't matter. Religion requires only belief and holds no honor to facts or knowledge about the world.

News (25 Aug) How Kurdistan's first suicide bomber changed his mind Although the article doesn't actually explain why he changed his mind, it gives an example of the chilling result that can happen when a believer acts on faith alone. We can only speculate that he changed his mind out of fear and an appeal to reason.

News (22 Aug) Muslim extremists behead Jehovah's Witnesses Notes attached to the heads denounced the victims as "infidels" and called for "jihad" or Islamic holy war.

News (21 Aug) Japan's revisionists turn emperor into a god once more Would Japan have fought against the U.S. if not for its support from its many believers? God belief allows any atrocity to occur in its defense. Unfortunately the emperor-as-god superstition still lives in Japan.

News (19 Aug) Minister Charged With Killing Wife If religious morality cannot prevent murder (and history has abundantly shown it hasn't) from a minister of a church, then how could it possibly serve to temper the acts of its faithful followers?

News (16 Aug) US adviser warns of Armageddon Believers in Biblical prophecies tend to desire them or attempt to carry them out through self-fulfillment. These kind of beliefs represent the scariest and most dangerous forms of human action. Considering that George Bush claims to live by religious faith and consults the Bible, how can we tell whether or not he intends to fulfill the Bible's story of the end of the world? Brent Scrowcroft gave a warning of an Armageddon in the Middle East. How many Americans will take heed of this warning?

News (15 Aug) Catholic uproar over steamy Mexican film If the Catholics get rankled over an art film depicting priests having sex with underage girls and hobnobbing with drug traffickers and leftist guerrillas, then why in the world don't they get upset over some of the real Catholic clergy which does exactly the same thing?

News (13 Aug) Bishops Pray, Fast Over Sex Scandal This would seem hilarious if not for the tragedy. Priests attempting to solve the sexual abuse problem by praying? No wonder the Church can't solve its crime problems. Appealing to superstitious entities has never worked to cure or solve any problem.

News (10 Aug) The Church Votes to Keep Abusive Priests What a calling card for child sex predators to join the clergy! If you get caught, the Church will protect you, give you a comfortable desk job, and you won't have to go to jail.

News (09 Aug) Catholic Leaders Reject Criticism Well this came as no surprise. The claim by the clergy that they can keep children safe, falls on deaf ears. Priests hadn't the ability to protect anyone throughout the history of Christianity; why would anyone think they can now, especially after the revelations of their crimes?

News (08 Aug) Abuse Victims Urge Outside Monitors Priests who guard children appear like foxes guarding the chicken house. It certainly seems reasonable to have outside monitors. Why would the priesthood object, unless...

News (06 Aug) Hiroshima Mayor Criticizes U.S. Every American should realize the number of civilian deaths caused by war. George Bush The First and his Gulf War actually caused more innocent deaths than did the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima during WWII. Now George Bush The Second plans to start another one-way war against Iraqi, a country that hasn't the capability to launch warheads against the U.S. No doubt the U.S. will ignore the mayor of Hiroshima's warnings and criticisms against U.S. foreign policy.

News (01 Aug) IRA Dissidents Blamed for Bomb Catholics killing Protestants because Protestants killed Catholics again.

News (01 Aug) Cardinal Law Called Before Judge Here we have a high level priest acting like a corporate scam artist. It should serve no wonder that the Church itself forms a business where its products consist of beliefs and falsehoods.

News (29 July) Indonesia Tribesmen Behead Migrants Although at first view, this appears as revenge for robbery, but Christian Dayaks resent the newcomer Muslim Madurese from taking their land and accuse them of being insensitive to their customs. These ethnic (religious) differences have caused thousands of deaths.

News (27 July) Two New Jersey Priests Arrested Two priests, one of which headed a Catholic high school for boys, got arrested for soliciting sex from minors.

News (26 July) Canada Catholic Schools to Pay $12M The sexual abuses occur, not only within the body of the Church, but also in their schools!

News (24 July) Priest Acknowledged Abuse Throughout his adult life this sick priest molested children. Either God did nothing to prevent this, or He condoned it, or He doesn't exist. Either way, this shows the sham of religion and reveals the sad gullibility of those who continue to believe.

News (22 July) German Priest Scandal Likely to Widen Germany will likely see more revelations of child sexual abuse by priests.

News (18 July) Priest Rehab Chief Faces Accusations When the person in charge of rehabilitating other child-molesting priests, himself has problems of sexual abuse, then what hope can anyone expect of stopping sexual abuse within the Church?

News (18 July) Muslim Extremist Group Warns U.S. This terrorist group called on God to help it punish the United States. Although this superstitious idea will fail, their violent actions based on their beliefs can do severe damage.

News (16 July) Teen Accused of 'Vampire' Killing A teenager killed an elderly neighbor and drank her blood because he believed that would make him immortal. Belief knows no bounds and honors no truth.

News (15 July) Germany Catholic Priest Investigated And now sexual abuse charges in Germany...

News (13 July) 25 Hindus Killed in Kashmir Attack Islamics killed Hindus today, next we'll hear about Hindus killing Islamics.

News (09 July) 200 priests investigated for sexual abuses in Philippines Sexual misconduct over 20 years finally leads to an investigation. Religion screws the mind while the priest screws the body.

News (08 July) Filipino Catholics Address Sex Abuse Even in the Philippines...

News (04 July) Princeton bioethicist argues Christianity hurts animals Christians have long believed that humans differ from animals, not in a matter of degree, but of kind. Fundamentalist Christians, especially, believe there exists a huge gulf between humans and animals, saying humans have souls but animals don't. These dangerous beliefs allow them to treat animals as objects rather than living beings with feelings.

News (27 June) Child shares milk with 'holy' temple rats Maybe the Holy Rat temple represent the "True" Church and all the Christians and Islamics throughout history have had it wrong.

News (26 June) Pledge of Allegiance Declared Unconstitutional! In an amazing ruling, a federal court deemed the endorsement of religion in the Pledge as unconstitutional. No doubt this will go to the Supreme Court as religionists who want to force religion on others will do everything in their power to prevent this. However, the original Pledge never mentioned a god: "I pledge allegiance to my flag and to the republic for which it stands: one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

News (22 June) New Zealand Church Admits Abuse Cases Apparently clergy child abuse does not occur only in the U.S.

News (19 June) 23 Die in Cult Shootout Followers of the Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association believe their leader's father represents the reincarnation of Christ. This did not prevent them from killing other people.

News (17 June) Young Palestinians wild for `martyr' necklaces Children who grow up believing that martyrdom represents a holy thing, play into the very kind of dangers of belief that has caused violence throughout history.

News (16 June) Kashmir Attack Leaves 6 People Dead Religious tension swept through two towns near the site of the fighting Saturday after rumors spread that the Muslims were actually killed by Hindus avenging the deaths of the children ­ two boys and a teen-age girl. Superstition, rumor, and faith: three deadly combinations based on almost certain falsehoods.

News (14 June) Bishops Consider Zero-Tolerance Policy Well, how nice of them to "consider" a zero tolerance policy after all these years and only because they got caught with their pants down (no pun intended). Try to imagine a discussion about pedophiles if the child molestations occurred within a secular organization. No discussions would occur; society would clamp down them just as they would any other pedophile club. Take away the pointy hats, the crosses, and the superstitious nonsense and you will expose the most damaging crime organization the world has ever seen.

News (12 June) Religious Man Testifies in Son's Starvation With the power of faith in superstitions, there simply exists no limit to amount of damage one can do. This religious nut rejected modern medicine and believed that a godly miracle would save his son. This gives just one example of why belief has no equality with truth.

News (12 June) Two-thirds of bishops let accused priests work If the Catholic Church claims to act as representatives of God on earth, either sexual abuse comes from godly desire or the Catholic Church simply does not reflect godly representation. Considering that recent polls say that most American Catholics believe that church leaders involved in cover-ups should resign, shouldn't the same kind of thinking apply the Church as a whole?

News (11 June) Bishops Who Resigned in Scandals Most of these resignations involve admissions of sexual misconduct. I wonder how many clergy have committed sexual abuses but have decided to remain silent?

News (08 June) At Least 300 Church Abuse Suits Filed Lawyers say these 300 dramatic litigations will follow with yet hundreds more cases.

News (03 June) Catholics and Protestants fighting again in N. Ireland Surely no one seriously thought the violence would end did they?

News (29 May) Two Men Tried to Start a Holy War Shades of self- fulfilling prophesy.

News (25 May) Fears of War Between Pakistan, India Religious belief sits at the foundation of this war fever. After a missile test firing, Musharraf said at a religious gathering that it, "showed total accuracy. It hit the target." Musharraf followed the announcement by saying "Allah-o-Akbar" three times, meaning "God is great." In other words, they feel prepared for a nuclear war with a belief that a god stands on their side. Of course India believes their gods will fight on their side. Superstitious beliefs have always justified the wholesale slaughter of human beings.

News (23 May) Priest Pleads Guilty to Making Date-Rape Drug What in the world goes on within the Church? Child molestations, suicides, and now date rape drugs. If anything serves as a hammer-on-the-head wake up call to the gullible faithful, perhaps these atrocious examples will give them a clue as to the null effect of religious beliefs. On the other hand, faith can have such a stranglehold on the mind that nothing, not even ultimate destructions and the most horrendous moral crimes can sway the 'true' believer from its death grip.

News (22 May) New Allegations of Church Sex Abuse In the never ending tragedy of priestly molestations, yet another allegation goes against the clergy, this time the Archdiocese of Louisville.

News (17 May) Priest accused of sexual misconduct commits suicide According to most Christians, suicide means committing a mortal sin (always ignoring that the alleged Jesus 'sacrificed' himself). What does this say about religion when some of its clergy, the creme-de-la-creme of Christianity, molest children or commit suicide?

News (16 May) Experts See Pattern in Priest Abuse Psychologists claim that two-thirds of Catholic priest molesters had received sexual abuse themselves, many of them by the clergy. How many centuries has this vicious cycle gone on?

News (15 May) Documents: Church Knew About Shanley Records released earlier this year show the archdiocese knew of abuse claims against Shanley as far back as 1967 and that he had spoken out in favor of sex between men and boys, but did little more than transfer him from parish to parish.

News (12 May) Japanese Faith Doctor Given Death Penalty Beating 6 people to death during an exorcism ritual provides yet another example of the danger of faith.

News (11 May) Couple excommunicated from Jehovah's Witnesses for speaking out against abuse Allegations of sex abuse caused by a Jehovah Witness member gets them excommunicated from the church.

News (09 May) Nine Die in India Religious Clashes The Hindus and the Muslims have begun to fight each other again in the never ending saga of sectarian violence.

News (08 May) Two Mass. Priest Arrested for Rape

News (07 May) Retired Priest Faces Abuse Charges A retired Roman Catholic priest who served as a parish pastor in Boston more than a decade ago has returned to face charges that he raped a boy repeatedly over several years.

News (06 May) Priests Accused of Running Sex Ring

News (05 May) Indonesian Christians Take Cover About 9,000 people have been killed in the region since sectarian violence started in 1999. Violence has flared in recent weeks despite a peace deal signed in February. How many more deaths do they need before they realize that religion simply does not work and that their unbending faith gives the very foundation for the violence in the first place?

News (02 May) Accused Pedophile Priest Arrested in San Diego Another arrest and a cover up by a Catholic Cardinal.

News (01 May) Lawsuit: Dioceses Hid Priest Abuse The suit says an archdiocese and a diocese covered up molestations and continued to regard the Rev. Sigfried Widera "as a Catholic priest who could be trusted with minor parishioners and minor students."

News (30 Apr.) Abuse victims in Los Angeles sue church for conspiring to hide molestation The lawsuits claim the cardinal and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles conspired to protect child molesting priests.

News (28 Apr.) 14 Christians Killed in Indonesia Religious violence strikes again in Indonesia.

News (27 Apr.) 176 Priests Removed in 28 States The victims of molestation wonder why the information about these cases have taken so long to come forth. Clearly the momentum of public opinion spurred the revelations and forced the Church to reveal their crimes.

News (25 Apr.) Venezuela Parishes Split Over Priest The support and hesitation for a known child molester shows the hypocrisy of the Church and its followers. If this pedophile did not belong to a Christian organization, do you think for one moment they would show mercy toward him?

News (22 Apr.) More Hindu and Muslim Violence in India Seventeen more deaths due to religious fighting in India.

News (19 Apr.) Archdiocese Said Withholding Records

News (16 Apr.) German Bishop Quits Amid Sex Abuse Allegations

News (15 Apr.) More Abuse Victims Surface More than 450 people have come forward with claims of sexual abuse by Boston-area priests. If even half that many people got abused in the Boston area, imagine the extraordinary numbers of priestly sexual molestations that must have occurred throughout the world.

News (09 Apr.) Documents Show Church Knew of Abuse Claims All of the suffering in the hands of this priest need not have happened if the Church had taken proper action. What does this say about the morality of Christianity?

News (08 Apr.) Six New York Priests Suspended More allegations of sexual misconduct within the Catholic Church.

News (06 Apr.) E-Mails Detail Church Abuse Concerns It appears that even the Archdiocese has no idea to the extent of molestations occurring within the Church.

News (06 Apr.) LA Cardinal Accused of Sexual Abuse Yet another molestation charge against one of the highest ranking church officials.

News (30 Mar.) Afghan Holy Site Draws Rumors This gives a clue as to how a new sect or religion begins. Whether or not Osama bin Laden actually visited this holy site makes not the slightest difference. The only criteria stems from the belief and its spread throughout a community of faithful followers. Belief and faith need no reliance to evidence or fact.

News (26 Mar.) Heaven's Gate Survivor Keeps Faith This gives an example of the intransigent, dangerous and unyielding power of faith.

News (20 Mar.) Death Toll in Mideast Violence In 18 months, 1,219 Palestinians and 360 Israelis have died. This violence stems largely from deep religious beliefs from both side. Note how many more Palestinians have died, yet the US portends that the Palestinians serve as the "evil ones" who have done the most damage.

News (19 Mar.) Cardinal of New York stays silent amid claims he condoned abuse With the rising tide of child abuse scandals in the Catholic Church, the apparent mishandling of molestation cases by cardinal Egan signals further problems for the Church.

News (16 Mar.) Uganda Cult Deaths Remain a Mystery In a tragedy on the scale of the 1978 Jonestown suicide, more than 500 people died in a fire in a church, the headquarters of the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God. Yet another example of how God and the 10 Commandments failed to save its believers.

News (07 Mar.) Catholic Church to pay 30million in sex cases

News (04 Mar.): Religious Clashes Claim More Lives The latest killings in India between Muslims and Hindus raised the death toll to 544.

News (01 Mar.): Hindus & Muslims Kill 300 of Each Other This has now turned into a full blown religious conflict. Gee, I just can't decide whether to become a Hindu or a Muslim.

News (28 Feb.): Hindus Kill 38 Muslims Now it's the Hindus turn to kill in return. Ain't religion wonderful?

News (27 Feb.): Muslims kill 57 Hindus The number of killings by Hindus and Muslims has gotten so frequent that to report on all of them would jade the audience. But here we have a fairly large number of deaths for one day of religious slaughter.

News (22 Feb.): Yet Another Child Abuse Problem The governor-general of Australia, a former Anglican Archbishop of Brisbane, gets accused of covering up dozens of sexual child abuse incidents by priests and teachers during his charge of the diocese. Yet another case of a Christian leader fleecing his flock.

News (21 Feb.): Catholic Church's Pedophilia Problem Despite the Pope's observation about the abuse of the clergy against children (finally!), the Church's pedophilia problem continues to go on. How many more centuries will it dawn on the Vatican that celibacy (or the suppression of any natural desire) produces the very problems that they have finally admitted to?

Archive: BUSH'S SMOKING GUN LETTERS! George W. Bush tried to distance himself from Enron's Kenneth Lay. However these letters between Bush and the Republican Lay prove their relationship was markedly friendly and close. They show how Enron influenced the election and the government. Devastating to Bush, Enron not only supported Bush's election (his largest supporter) but determined energy legislation, tort reform, and ensured future Enron contracts in America and around the world. Every American citizen should read these letters. They provide far more damaging evidence to the unethical and secret practices of this Republican administration than any other Washington scandal, including Watergate. Folks, 'We the People' do not determine who gets elected or why they get elected.

News (13 Feb.): Eighty priests named in US sex abuse scandal The fast-growing child abuse scandal in the Catholic Church names no fewer than 80 former and still active priests.

News (12 Feb.): Iranians Chant "Death to America" Not only has Bush's 'axis of Evil' declaration angered N. Korea, but it has inflamed hundreds of thousands of Iranians. It seems that George Bush's attempt to fight terrorism has backfired into an escalation of ill will toward the United States.

News (08 Feb.): N. Korea calls the US, "empire of the devil" This gives an example of precisely the danger I had in mind when George W. Bush began delivering his magisterial religious demands upon the world. Dividing the world into camps of Good and Evil , God-Devil talk, guarantees ill feelings for those who own beliefs other than our own. Now North Korea has begun to play the same religious gambit against us. Since both opposing faiths disagree solely on subjective beliefs, there exists no external way to make a valid determination of the correct belief. This kind of oppositional supernatural thinking virtually leads to an escalation of anger toward each other. The danger of course lies in the unpredictable but possible end to all this-- another religious War.

News (08 Feb.): Priest accused of massacre surrenders A Rwandan priest surrendered after the Catholic Church hid him for more than six months. Accusations against Father Seromba include crimes of genocide for his role in the 1994 massacres that left almost one million dead. If convicted, this would make the Catholic Church an accessory to the crime.

News (07 Feb.): Illness caused by sin says Vatican You'd think that by the 21st century we would have outgrown dangerous superstitions based on nothing but Dark Age Biblical thinking. But by Vatican reasoning, they want to return to the ancient belief that diseased people develop their illness because of their sinful nature. If believed, these sins must include babies born with genetic diseases, and people who randomly catch viral or bacterial diseases. Yet many criminals and despicable people live long healthy lives while many others who live moral lives, but who have an unfortunate disease, we must believe as caused by their sinful acts? Has the Vatican gone insane again? Consider that if sin causes illness, then the Pope who appears to have a host of illnesses must have Satan dwelling inside him.

News (05 Feb.): Norman Mailer on Evil Highly critical of George Bush's political rhetoric, Mailer says, "The fact is I don't trust a man who uses the word evil eighteen times in ten minutes."

News (04 Feb.): Nigerians Flee More Ethnic Clashes Hostilities continue between the Muslims, Christians and animists in Nigeria.

News (03 Feb.): Mayor fights the devil Mayor Carolyn Risher took it on herself to proclaim Satan as powerless in her town of Inglis, Florida. Just more evidence of insanity derived from belief.

News (31 Jan.): Satanists Jailed Over Ritual Killing Religion and Satanism sit on both sides of the same religious coin, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that violence occurs on the opposite side also (although Satanists have a long way to go before they catch up to the violence caused by the orthodox side).

News (29 Jan.): Priest Charged Over Date-Rape Drug Adherence to religion not only does not prevent priests from pedophilia, but it appears it does not prevent them from distributing drugs to achieve sexual assault.

News (26 Jan.): N. Dade pastor charged with molesting two boys Apparently morality based on religion does not prevent Protestant pastors from molesting children any more than Roman Catholic priests.

News (24 Jan.): Records Warned of Accused Priest The Roman Catholic Church continued to employ a priest who raped young boys despite warnings from psychiatrists and parents.

News (16 Jan.): 100 DAYS ON... AND STILL WE KEEP BOMBING Despite the CIA's admission that Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar escaped and the US has killed an estimated 4,050 innocent Afghan civilians (more than all US deaths due to Islamic terrorists), the US continues to bomb Afghanistan. At what point does our actions turn to injustice? You won't find such questions from the US press; this article comes from the UK.

News (14 Jan. 02): Ex-Priest's Abuse Trial Starts More than 130 people claim this defrocked Roman Catholic priest attacked and raped them. The cover-up by the Catholic Church and these alleged despicable acts show yet another example of why religion cannot serve as a workable moral system. Indeed, relying on superstition can justify any criminal behavior.

News (07 Jan. 02): More Religious Violence in N. Ireland Two "Christ" religions continue to fight each other.