News & Articles from 2003

How religious, political and ideological beliefs spark falsehoods, intolerance, violence, crime, and war

comments by Jim Walker

[Note: Due to expiration dates of some news sites, some links may no longer work]

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31 Dec. US death rate worsening in Iraq
31 Dec. Former East Chicago pastor faces sex charges
31 Dec. Army's suicide rate has outside experts alarmed Most died serving in Iraq after major combat phase.
30 Dec. Army Stops Many Soldiers From Quitting [The US doesn't want to admit it has too small a military to wage all its wars.]
30 Dec. Abuse claims blame church officials
29 Dec. Attacks Force Retreat From Wide-Ranging Plans for Iraq [The US (at last) begins to realize its failure.]
29 Dec. Iraq Blast Kills 2 U.S. Soldiers, 2 Children, 14 Wounded
28 Dec. 13 Killed, 172 Wounded in Karbala Attacks
28 Dec. Christianity on the decline in Australia at least.
28 Dec. Napa priest named in sex abuse lawsuit
27 Dec. 20 Coalition Casualties in Iraq Blasts
27 Dec. Four US soldiers killed in Iraq 11 total this week. [Attacks increase; We now know that Saddam has nothing to do with the insurgence.]
26 Dec. Iraqi rebels kill two U.S. soldiers in Iraq
26 Dec. Journalists Take Flak in Iraq The US military adores good news but blocks bad news reports.
25 Dec. One US Soldier Killed as Explosions Rock Baghdad
25 Dec. S.D. diocese hit by 11 new abuse suits
24 Dec. 3 GIs Die in Iraq; Baghdad Hotel Targeted
24 Dec. Miami Archdiocese Hit With New Civil Suit
23 Dec. Blast Kills 2 Troops, Translator in Iraq
23 Dec. The US "May need a bigger army," Rumsfeld tells Time
22 Dec. It's time Catholics did away with celibacy
22 Dec. We got him: Kurds say they caught Saddam [Another Washington lie?]
22 Dec. A Time For Truth On Depleted Uranium
21 Dec. Sex crisis deepens in the Catholic Church
21 Dec. U.S. Troops Accidentally Kill 3 Police
21 Dec. US to add 2,000 extra Iraq troops
20 Dec. US soldier killed in NW Baghdad
20 Dec. Corruption claim governor says he was called by God
19 Dec. 2 Major Court Defeats for Bush Anti-Terror War
19 Dec. US Iraq Timetable Falling Far Behind Schedule
19 Dec. Former priest charged with criminal sexual abuse
18 Dec. US soldier killed, 2 wounded during ambush in Iraq
18 Dec. Chirac urges ban on religious symbols
18 Dec. Boston Archdiocese to Close Underused Parishes
17 Dec. U.S. soldiers kill five Iraqi civilians protesting against occupation Also, 1 US soldier killed and 2 wounded (deceptively buried in the article as if to hide the fact).
17 Dec. Insurgents or Protesters? 18 Killed in Clashes with US Troops
17 Dec. Iraqi Violence Flares Despite Saddam Arrest
16 Dec. Protests in support of Saddam [So much for capturing the Iraqi hearts and minds.]
16 Dec. Explosions shake Baghdad day after Saddam's capture [What now, a story that Saddam is controlling the insurgence from his jail cell?]
16 Dec. Beaumont Catholic Diocese reports cases of abused minors
15 Dec. Eight killed in Baghdad suicide bombing
15 Dec. Believers versus skeptics
15 Dec. Ex-Santa Paula priest faces new abuse charges
14 Dec. Bomb kills U.S. soldier in Iraq
14 Dec. Saddam Hussein Captured Alive Near Tikrit [Now can we send the troops home?]
14 Dec. Pastor sentenced to 26 years for beating Bible student
13 Dec. U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq Blast
12 Dec. 1 US soldier, 3 Iraqis killed, 14 wounded in Ramadi Iraq
12 Dec. Bishop: 33 Abused By 16 Priests Since 1950
11 Dec. 2 US soldiers, Kurdish official killed in Iraq
11 Dec. Cincinnati archdiocese convicted for failing to report sex abuse
10 Dec. Six Afghan Children Killed in U.S. Attack Again, the US kills children! Have we no sense of shame?
10 Dec. US soldier killed in Iraq amid UN pressure on weapons
10 Dec. James Randi Educates Oswego
09 Dec. 58 U.S. Soldiers wounded and 3 Iraqis killed in Iraq
09 Dec. U.S. Solider Killed in Iraq While Guarding Gas Station
08 Dec. Two Miami priests suspended over sex-abuse claims
08 Dec. Another US soldier killed in Iraq
07 Dec. U.S. Strike in Afghanistan Kills 9 Kids [Imagine the uproar that would occur if those kids were US citizens. Apparently this administration thinks that killing children of other countries (accidentally or otherwise) makes it OK.]
07 Dec. 1 GI killed, 2 wounded in Iraq
07 Dec. Army wraps entire Iraqi villages in barbed wire [Has the US gone mad?]
06 Dec. Pastor sentenced to 20 years in sex abuse case
06 Dec. Massacre in Samarra: US lies and self-delusion
05 Dec. Bomb in Baghdad Kills 1 US Soldier & 4 Iraqis
05 Dec. Global warming a fact [Bush, of course, avoids facts, instead relies on his 'gut instincts.']
05 Dec. Irish bishops handled sex abuse cases badly, report says
04 Dec. 30 million in U.S. claim no religious ties
04 Dec. The Turkey Was Not For Dinner A phony president holding a phony turkey in an illegal war. What did you expect?
04 Dec. At least one US soldier killed in attacks on convoys near Samarra
03 Dec. Church must turn over documents on sexual misconduct
03 Dec. U.S. Soldier Killed in Bomb Attack in Iraq
03 Dec. Pastor charged in sex abuse case
02 Dec. Mystery shrouds whereabouts of bodies of 54 insurgents said killed by US "The only corpses at the city's hospital were those of ordinary civilians..."
02 Dec. US soldier killed west of Baghdad
02 Dec. Supreme Court Allows Newdow To Argue Pledge Of Allegiance Case
01 Dec. Ten Commandments out of place at police station, agnostic says
01 Dec. AFGHANISTAN: US occupiers face sea of hostility
01 Dec. As date with Supreme Court nears, man seeking pledge ban is relentless
30 Nov. 2 GIs, 12 Spanish, Japanese, S. Koreans, Colombian Killed in Iraq
30 Nov. Lutheran pastor targeted in sex dispute
30 Nov. 7 Spanish intelligence agents killed in Iraq
29 Nov. U.S. Soldier Killed Day After Bush Visit
29 Nov. The turkey has landed: how Bush cooked up a secret mission to give thanks to his troops [Bush's propaganda-- a fascist trick. How can one give thanks for such a disaster! Hundreds of US soldiers killed, thousands of Iraqi civilians killed and maimed. and billions of years worth of depleted uranium.]
28 Nov. U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq Mortar Attack
28 Nov. Boy-sex priest gets seven-and-a-half year jail term
28 Nov. New claims over 'sex abuse' priest
27 Nov. Uranium victim discovers risk to civilians
27 Nov. Death toll of U.S. soldiers in Iraq
27 Nov. U.S. Seen Making Mistakes of Past Colonizers
26 Nov. James Randi Shares His Skepticism In College Appearance
26 Nov. Soldier killed in Iraq collision
26 Nov. Some Charge U.S. Soldiers Unjustly Shoot, Kill Civilians
25 Nov. U.S. Wages Media War as Iraq Insurgency Deepens
25 Nov. U.S. soldier killed in blast north of Baghdad
24 Nov. 5 U.S. Soldiers Die, 7 Injured in Afghan Crash
24 Nov. Clerics launch political group opposing Bush
23 Nov. 5 US soldiers killed in Iraq Two had their throats slit.
23 Nov. Suicide car bombings kill at least 18 Iraqis
23 Nov. Ex-military doctor decries use of depleted uranium weapons
22 Nov. At least 17 U.S. troops have committed suicide in Iraq
22 Nov. Booby-trap kills US soldier in Iraq
22 Nov. Analysts See Terrorism Paradox: A Weaker Al Qaeda Despite Attacks
21 Nov. Oxford Scientist Launches Sharp Critique of Religion Richard Dawkins puts it on the line. Bravo!
21 Nov. One US soldier killed two wounded in Iraq
21 Nov. U.S. Forces Kill 10 Iraqis, Blasts Slay 16 Others [Including children]
20 Nov. Few Signs of Infiltration by Foreign Fighters in Iraq
20 Nov. Habersham Loses Battle Over 10 Commandments Display
20 Nov. 2 former students accuse priest of molestation
19 Nov. Pedophile priest faces the music
19 Nov. Cosmic Controller? The power of belief has convinced this man he can move stars.
18 Nov. Atheists on NYPD Koran
18 Nov. 2 US soldiers killed in Iraq attacks
17 Nov. Britons find 'stupid' Bush a threat to peace
17 Nov. U.S. Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
16 Nov. Uganda conflict 'worse than Iraq'
16 Nov. Copter Crash in Iraq Kills 17 Soldiers
16 Nov. U.S. casualties from Iraq war top 9,000
16 Nov. Forum challenges the value of war, Veterans Day
15 Nov. Two U.S. soldiers killed in Iraqi explosions --as Japan pulls back from troop deployment following recent attacks.
15 Nov. Scientists create a virus that reproduces [This puts to shame the belief that only a god can create life]
14 Nov. Ten Commandments Judge Thrown Off Bench
14 Nov. Belleville Priest Charged With Sexual Abuse
14 Nov. Iraqis To Take Brunt 'For Generations' To Come
13 Nov. War killed 55,000 Iraqi civilians
13 Nov. Death Toll Up to 31 in Italy Base Attack
13 Nov. Two U.S. troops killed in Iraq
12 Nov. Scars of War [So much for the "No atheists in foxholes" theory.]
12 Nov. Worse Could Follow, Says New Study
12 Nov. US soldier killed, troops clash with Turkish Kurds
11 Nov. Report claims Bush team has bungled peace
11 Nov. Atheists say they're all right without religion
11 Nov. Soldier says morale in Iraq is low
10 Nov. US soldier killed south of Baghdad
10 Nov. US soldier killed, more injured across Iraq
10 Nov. Case for war confected, say top US officials
09 Nov. US soldier killed in Baghdad, British attacked in Basra
09 Nov. Priest sentenced to three years in prison for molesting boy
09 Nov. 2 soldiers killed in roadside bomb; U.S. strikes Saddam's hometown
08 Nov. Two paratroopers die as guerrilla attacks continue
08 Nov. Afghanistan's battle with the opium poppy Since Bush's war, Afghanistan has regained the title for the world's largest producer of illicit opium.
07 Nov. Six U.S. Troops Killed As Chopper Crashes In Iraq near Tikrit
07 Nov. One US soldier killed, 7 wounded in Mosul Iraq
07 Nov. US soldier killed in western Iraq
06 Nov. Two More U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq
06 Nov. Lawsuit Alleges Abuse Coverup By Archdiocese
05 Nov. Mortar Attack Wounds Three in Baghdad
05 Nov. New Allegations Against St. Louis Priest
04 Nov. U.S. Soldier Killed in Baghdad Bombing
04 Nov. Blasts hit in Baghdad's 'Green Zone' 1 soldier killed
04 Nov. The Supreme Court Won't Enter Ten Commandments Fight
04 Nov. Minister Allegedly Delivers 'Holy Spankings' To Children
03 Nov. U.S. Soldier Killed in Baghdad Bomb Blast
03 Nov. Priest faces more sex assault charges
02 Nov. 16 killed, 20 wounded as US helicopter shot down in Baghdad
02 Nov. Five Iraqis, one US soldier killed in clashes
02 Nov. Rebel war spirals out of control as US intelligence loses the plot
01 Nov. Court considers whether Pledge critic can represent himself
01 Nov. Roadside bomb kills 2 GIs in Iraq
01 Nov. US soldier killed in bomb attack in Iraq
01 Nov. US TV set for 'Jesus wife' storm No more plausible than the existence of a historical Jesus, so what's the problem?
31 Oct. U.S. Troops Clash With Rioters in Baghdad More of Bush's "progress."
31 Oct. US soldier killed in Afghanistan
31 Oct. Report Links Iraq Deals to Bush Donations
30 Oct. Iraq's real WMD crime [Depleted uranium fired by the US has killed thousands and will continue to do so.]
30 Oct. 2 US soldiers dead as toll beats war figure
29 Oct. Priest accused of sexual abuse
29 Oct. Attack on U.S. Tank Kills 2 GIs in Iraq
29 Oct. Car Bomb Kills Four in Fallujah, Iraq
28 Oct. U.S. soldier killed, 6 wounded in Baghdad police station
28 Oct. Church receives 150 sex abuse complaints
27 Oct. Bomb Blasts Kill Nearly 40 At least 3 were US soldiers, others wounded.
27 Oct. Should crosses be banned from classrooms?
27 Oct. Atheist Promises More Fights to Remove God From Government
27 Oct. US soldier killed, 15 wounded in Baghdad hotel
26 Oct. 3 killed in Iraq bomb blast
26 Oct. Taleban Appears to Be Regaining Strength in Afghanistan
26 Oct. Tens of thousands protest against Bush's Iraq policies in Washington
25 Oct. Iraq Violence Claims 3 More Troops' Lives
25 Oct. ACLU joins battle to stop feeding of brain-damaged woman [Go ACLU, Go!]
24 Oct. U.S. soldier killed, two wounded in Iraq
24 Oct. Church kept accused child abuser priest on job
23 Oct. Afghan Women Still Not Free
23 Oct. Former youth pastor sentenced for raping 3 boys under his care
22 Oct. U.S. deaths in Iraq
22 Oct. Four more men file lawsuit against archdiocese
22 Oct. Arbitration Begins In Clergy Sex Abuse Cases
21 Oct. U.S. soldier killed, 7 wounded in Iraq
20 Oct. Karbala clash reflects tension in Iraq
20 Oct. Argentina Probes Links with Hitler's Henchmen The Catholic Church helped Nazis escape.
19 Oct. 2 GIs Killed in Attack on Patrol in Iraq
19 Oct. VHP to focus on fighting secular forces
19 Oct. Police nab pastor for rape
18 Oct. Sick U.S. Troops Held In Squalor
18 Oct. Five U.S. Soldiers Killed In Iraq Attacks
17 Oct. 3 US Soldiers, 2 Iraqi Policemen Killed in Karbala Clash
17 Oct. US troops question presence in Iraq
17 Oct. Former church leader sentenced for sexual abuse
16 Oct. Iraq war swells Al Qaeda's ranks says report [Bush's wars have resulted in an increase in terrorism for which he claims to fight against.]
16 Oct. Priest indicted on 11 counts involving minors
16 Oct. The Path of Brighteousness Bright, another word for freethinker, secular humanist, etc. Will it turn into a religion? [I doubt it]
15 Oct. Two more US soldiers killed in northern Iraq
15 Oct. Supreme Court to Decide Pledge of Allegiance Case
15 Oct. Dbn priest faces sex charge
14 Oct. Take "God" off national symbols
14 Oct. 3 US troops killed, several wounded in Iraq
13 Oct. List Of Accusations Against Priests
13 Oct. Suicide bombers kill 6, wounds 32 in Iraq Targeted CIA agents.
12 Oct. US State Department protests Pat Robertson's nuclear threat
12 Oct. 4 Afghan, 1US soldier killed in Khost province
11 Oct. Unrest growing in Iraq
11 Oct. I owe my life to condoms The Vatican's assertion that condoms don't work "is tantamount to manslaughter."
10 Oct. 2 GIs Killed After Deadly Baghdad Bombing
10 Oct. Answers please, Mr Bush Michael Moore has seven questions for George Bush.
10 Oct. Baghdad blast targets US-backed police
09 Oct. US soldier dies in grenade attack
09 Oct. Vatican: condoms don't stop Aids [This in spite of the scientific evidence that condoms do help prevent the spread of HIV. Yet another example of how religion kills.]
09 Oct. The Shameful Legacy of Radioactive Weaponry
08 Oct. Scientist and Russian Jewish atheist, Vitaly Ginzburg, shares Nobel in physics
08 Oct. A war short on substance, long on form the United States is no closer to bringing order to Afghanistan.
08 Oct. Baghdad in turmoil
07 Oct. 3 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Central Iraq
07 Oct. Priest admits sex assaults
07 Oct. False Beliefs Threaten Cancer Patients
06 Oct. ''Weak'' Chesapeake pastor guilty of sexually abusing girl
06 Oct. Riots in Iraq
06 Oct. 4 new suits name priests
05 Oct. US soldier killed; two wounded in Iraq
05 Oct. 5 Iraqi Protestors Killed By Occupation Forces
04 Oct. Iraqi resistance more lethal, US commander says
03 Oct. Three U.S. Soldiers Killed In Iraq In One Night
03 Oct. Two Canadians among 19 killed in Afghanistan
03 Oct. Up to 1,000 abused by priests from the Diocese of Covington
03 Oct. Speaker brings anti-nuclear message about depleted uranium in Iraqi.
02 Oct. North Korea says it's making atom bombs [And lets not forget that this comes as a direct result from George Bush's 'evildoer' foreign policy.]
02 Oct. U.S. Soldier killed, 3 wounded, in Iraq
02 Oct. Who let Saudis flee after 9/11?
01 Oct. Two US soldiers dead in 'non-hostile' incidents
01 Oct. Ireland may face billion euro compensating church abuse
01 Oct. Vampire Killer He drank victim's blood to get his soul. [Kind of like what Christians do when they drink Jesus' blood during communion.]
30 Sep. Afghanistan: U.S. Soldier Killed, Two Wounded In Gun Battle
30 Sep. Priest arrested on indecent exposure charge
30 Sep. US soldier killed, several wounded in Iraqi resistance fight
29 Sep. Worldwide, thousands protest U.S. presence in Iraq
29 Sep. US kills three more in Sunni triangle
29 Sep. Crimes in Iraq: Crisis for Children in Iraq Worsens
28 Sep. Bogged down in Baghdad
28 Sep. US Soldiers kill 4 Civilians in Iraq
27 Sep. 'You lied, they died,' US parents tell Bush
27 Sep. Former Church Deacon Faces 30 Child Sex-Abuse Charges
27 Sep. Ky. Priest Sentenced in Sex Abuse Case
26 Sep. US soldier killed in Kirkuk, 2 wounded
26 Sep. Ireland turning less orthodox; Church attendance falls sharply
26 Sep. U.S. soldier, British soldier killed, 2 wounded, in Iraq
25 Sep. Church secrecy helps abuse proliferate: expert
25 Sep. Anti-Terror Laws Threaten Our Liberty, Warns Ex-President
25 Sep. Bomb Targeting U.S. Convoy Kills Iraqi Civilian, 23 Wounded
24 Sep. Testimony: Mother said God directed children's punishment
24 Sep. U.S. Airstrike Hit Farmhouse Kills 3 and wounds 3 innocent Iraqi civilians.
23 Sep. Taliban: `Holy war to continue'
23 Sep. More dioceses settling sex-abuse suits
22 Sep. Foundation: Thou shalt remove monument
22 Sep. Censored Stories that the media ignored and what Bush & Co. don't want you to know.
21 Sep. 3 More U.S. Soldiers Killed, 13 injured, in Iraq Attacks
21 Sep. Case of abusive priest a 'horror' This sick priest threatened a boy with eternal damnation, sodomized him with a crucifix and forced him to perform oral sex.
20 Sep. Eight Civilians Killed in U.S. Strike on Taliban
20 Sep. 3 US soldiers killed; 55 Iraqis held
20 Sep. Priest accused of sexually assaulting boy in '88
19 Sep. 8 U.S. Soldiers Killed In West Baghdad
19 Sep. U.S. Troops Kill Iraqi Teenager, Wound 4 Wedding Guests
19 Sep. Fifth accused priest identified
18 Sep. Pat Robertson prays for Isabel to go out to sea [Nothing fails like prayer.]
18 Sep. Marx was half right - religion is a class A drug
18 Sep. US soldier killed, four injured in Iraq
17 Sep. Parents Who Treated Infant's Illness With Prayer Get Jail Time
17 Sep. Fourteen More People Join Lawsuit Against Local Priest
16 Sep. New allegations stun parishioners
16 Sep. Defrocked priest sentenced for sexual misconduct
15 Sep. US Soldier and Iraq Police Chief Die in Attacks
15 Sep. Aryan Nation founder to run for mayor in Idaho [Yet another religious nut case.]
14 Sep. Iraq: U.S. Soldier Killed, 3 injured
14 Sep. Priest sex-abuse settlement not cure-all, other victims say
13 Sep. US soldiers killed in Iraq toll tops '91 and two more were killed yesterday.
13 Sep. Experts Warn of Radioactive Battlefields
12 Sep. US troops mistakenly kill 14 Iraqi policemen
12 Sep. Retired Priest Faces Molestation Charges
12 Sep. Lawyer to Sue Jews for Biblical 'Plunder'
11 Sep. Bashcroft! 1,000 New Yorkers protest Ashcroft and the USA Patriot Act.
11 Sep. How U.S. opposition to international court jeopardizes U.S. troops
11 Sep. U.S. Soldier Killed by Homemade Bomb in Iraq
10 Sep. U.S. Soldier Killed, 14 Wounded in Iraq
10 Sep. $85M Deal in Boston Church Abuse Suits
09 Sep. Atheists still fighting against WTC cross. The cross insults non-Christians.
09 Sep. Thousands of US troops evacuated from Iraq for unexplained medical reasons [Gulf War II syndrome?]
09 Sep. Politics is no place for religion
08 Sep. 5 Afghan troops killed, 2 US soldiers wounded in separate attacks
08 Sep. Priest resigns after admitting to molesting boy 34 years ago
08 Sep. The Bush regime was never serious about peace in the Middle East, just the opposite
07 Sep. Iraq has become bloody mess Silence is deafening from those who thought Iraq would be a cinch.
07 Sep. Church knew of sex abuse claims for decades
06 Sep. Building Reopens Without 'Commandments' [See? Now that didn't hurt a bit, did it? Individuals can still choose to believe, or not-believe, to their own desires.]
05 Sep. Prayers at Naval Academy Are Unconstitutional
05 Sep. Three Sisters Sue Los Angeles Archdiocese
05 Sep. Iraq: Use Of Depleted Uranium Again Raises Concerns
04 Sep. Growing Violence in Afghanistan Unsettles Region
04 Sep. Religious Gifts Forbidden at Certain School Parties
03 Sep. California Special Forces Soldier Killed In Afghanistan
03 Sep. Iraqis Fault U.S. for Mosque Bomb
02 Sep. 3 U.S. Military Police Killed, Injured In Iraq, New Car Bomb
02 Sep. US soldier killed, one wounded in Iraq helicopter accident
02 Sep. Vatican accused of promoting priest-sex abuser
02 Sep. Dangerously High Levels of Radiation Measured Around Baghdad
02 Sep. Nine wounded for each soldier killed
01 Sep. Three siblings accuse ex-priest from South Florida of abuse
01 Sep. Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Afghan Combat
31 Aug. International Groups Begin Pulling Out of Iraq
31 Aug. KY Diocese: 8 Percent of Priests Molested Kids
30 Aug. US priest to die for killing abortion doctor
30 Aug. Fighting intensifies in Afghanistan
30 Aug. 82 killed in Najaf mosque blast in Iraq [Deals a severe blow to American foreign policy.]
29 Aug. Iraq Guerrillas Kill U.S. Soldier in Convoy Ambush
29 Aug. Catch-22? Tens of billions of dollars will be required to rebuild Iraq.
29 Aug. Number of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq rising
28 Aug. 2 More US Soldiers Killed in Iraq
28 Aug. Even the optimists are losing heart as Iraq goes from bad to worse
28 Aug. Workers Remove Ten Commandments Monument
27 Aug. At least 39 dead in stampede at religious festival in western India
27 Aug. Lawsuit Seeks Removal of Bible at Texas Courthouse
27 Aug. Another US Soldier Killed in Latest Iraq Attack
26 Aug. Boy's Death at Church Ruled a Homicide
26 Aug. 'Peace' in Iraq as deadly as wartime
26 Aug. Shiites demonstrate outside coalition headquarters
25 Aug. Autistic boy dies at faith healing service
25 Aug. US soldier killed in Iraq 9 killed in ethnic clashes
25 Aug. Review: 'Magdalene Sisters' Tells Real-Life Horror Story
24 Aug. Walter Reed treats daily flow of U.S. casualties
24 Aug. Three British troops among 12 killed in Iraq
23 Aug. Top Ala. Justice Suspended Over 10 Commandments Monument
23 Aug. Former priest on child sex charges
23 Aug. Postwar Iraq has become magnet for terrorists
22 Aug. 2 More U.S. Soldiers Killed, 2 Wounded In Iraq
22 Aug. One U.S. Soldier Killed in Latest Afghan Violence
22 Aug. Fresh Allegations Of Priest Sexual Abuse
21 Aug. High Court Nixes Ten Commandments Appeal (!)
21 Aug. Family of soldier displaying outrage toward president
21 Aug. Separate Attacks Kill Two Americans in Iraq
20 Aug. Another U.S. war crime? Iraqi cities 'hot' with depleted uranium
20 Aug. At Least 20 Die in U.N. HQ Blast in Iraq
19 Aug. Catholic priest charged with theft of $400,000 in church money
19 Aug. U.S. Soldier Killed by Explosive in Iraq
18 Aug. Vatican 'ordered sex abuse cover-up'
18 Aug. Iraqi doctors see depleted uranium as cancer cause
18 Aug. Wave of sabotage hits Iraq; Danish soldier and six Iraqis killed
17 Aug. Two Days of Armed Struggles in Afghanistan Leaves 115 Dead
17 Aug. Abuse victim blasts church
16 Aug. U.S. losing hearts and minds of Baghdad Shi'ites
16 Aug. Scientists Had Warned of Weak Power Grid [Bush & Company did nothing. The US spends so much on the military and fighting wars, we no longer have enough money to spend solving our own problems.]
16 Aug. Review: 'Magdalene Sisters' Tells Real-Life Horror Story
15 Aug. 'It was punishment without trial' Iraqi civilians are being held in makeshift jails run by US troops - many without being charged or even questioned.
15 Aug. Priest Admits To Raping Girls
15 Aug. British Soldier Killed in Basra Bomb Attack
14 Aug. Is Bush getting apocalyptic advice?
14 Aug. 65 killed as violence erupts in Afghanistan
14 Aug. Iraqi Guerillas Kill 2 U.S. Soliders
14 Aug. US paedophile priest jailed for 10 years
13 Aug. Another US Soldier Killed in Iraq
13 Aug. Grand Prix priest pleads guilty
12 Aug. One U.S. Soldier Killed, Two Wounded in Iraq
12 Aug. Atheist Groups Target Church Prayer Loophole
12 Aug. Six more accuse priest of sex assaults
12 Aug. U.S. troops kill Pakistani soldiers
11 Aug. One American Soldier Killed, 2 Wounded North of Baghdad
11 Aug. Three Killed in Second Day of Violence in Basra
11 Aug. Family shot dead by panicking US troops
11 Aug. Wicca high priestess battles town on prayer
10 Aug. Atheist leader urges fight for church & state separation
10 Aug. U.S., British Forces Under Fire Across Iraq
10 Aug. Tension Grows Between U.S. Troops, Iraqis
09 Aug. The US is starting a nuclear fight that will be hard to stop
09 Aug. U.S. Soldier Killed in Western Baghdad
08 Aug. U.S. Soldiers Kill Six Iraqi Civilians, Sustain New Casualties
08 Aug. Four U.S. Soldiers Reportedly Killed In Baghdad
07 Aug. Iraq fight kills 2 GIs; Car bomb claims 7
07 Aug. Hidden Vatican document insisted on secrecy in sex abuse cases
07 Aug. Returning Marines critical of Iraq plan Occupation not run well, some say
06 Aug. Ten Commandments Monument Removal Ordered
06 Aug. Marines dropped devices similar to Napalm on Iraqi troops
06 Aug. American civilian killed in bomb attack in Iraq
05 Aug. Priest Sentenced In Sex-Abuse Case
05 Aug. War casualties overflow Walter Reed hospital
05 Aug. Use of Depleted Uranium Weapons Lingers as Health Concern
04 Aug. Bumbling Bush may have given Osama an open goal
04 Aug. War's unintended effects
04 Aug. Are American soldiers in Iraq dying due to depleted uranium?
03 Aug. US anti-war activists hit by secret airport ban the Bush administration exposed for detaining people on the flimsiest of grounds in the name of the "war on terror".
03 Aug. Two more US soldiers killed
03 Aug. Sex Victim Blasts Pastor For Praying 'Hardball'
02 Aug. Iraq Rocket Attack Kills US Soldier
02 Aug. Scouts' Balboa Park lease ruled unconstitutional lease violates constitutional separation of church.
02 Aug. Virginia Beach Pastor Dismissed For Sexual Misconduct
01 Aug. 2 U.S. soldiers die in Iraq attacks
01 Aug. Conflict 'may have driven Muslims into arms of al-Qa'ida'
31 Jul. Two US soldiers killed, 3 wounded in Iraq
31 Jul. 5 more suits accuse priest of abuse
30 Jul. The Bush administration's Top 40 Lies about war and terrorism
30 Jul. More embarrassment for Australia's Anglicans
29 Jul. Victims Of Priest Abuse Join Forces "SNAP officials say 200,000 people in Michigan have been sexually abused by Catholic priests."
29 Jul. U.S. Soldier Killed, Three Hurt in Baghdad Attack
28 Jul. U.S. Troops Kill 5 Civilians In Saddam Raid Blunder
28 Jul. Opponent of cross used to hostility "It's ironic that much of the hate directed against him has come from those who profess to be Christians."
28 Jul. The awful truth "This devout Catholic and proud product of the Diocese of Springfield paints the Boston church as a private pedophilia club beyond the worst nightmares of its critics."
27 Jul. 5 U.S. soldiers killed in a 24-hour period
27 Jul. Former pastor sentenced on sex assault charges
26 Jul. Four U.S. Soldiers Die in Iraq Attacks
26 Jul. Priest will serve 8.5 years for sex abuse
25 Jul. Former Prescott priest faces charges
25 Jul. Details of church abuse investigations
24 Jul. 3 More US Soldiers Killed in Iraq
24 Jul. Attorney General says church abuse scandal likely involved more than 1,000 victims
24 Jul. Iraqis Accuse U.S. Forces of Torture - Amnesty
23 Jul. Iraq: 2 US Soldiers Die in Separate Attacks
23 Jul. Dealer Charged With Jesus Forgeries This includes the burial box of the alleged brother of Jesus.
23 Jul. Warning of toxic aftermath from uranium munitions
23 Jul: Taleban, Al-Qaeda Increase Raids on US-Led Forces
22 Jul: Suit charges top clergy of hiding rape by a priest
22 Jul: New attack leaves U.S. soldier dead
22 Jul: Founding Fathers abhorred theocracy
21 Jul: Two US soldiers killed
21 Jul: Americans fail to disclose all attacks on troops in Iraq
21 Jul: 'God wants you to love me' The Anglican Church is to be hit by a new scandal, as women tell of rape and abuse by priests who practised 'sexual healing'
20 Jul: 3 U.S. Soldiers Killed In Iraq, 10,000 Demonstrate Against U.S.
20 Jul: Another day, another American death
19 Jul: Three abuse suits pending against diocese
19 Jul: Two U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq
18 Jul: More US Soldiers Killed As Iraq Resistance Escalates
18 Jul: Vicar accused of sexual assault
18 Jul: Mysterious Diseases Haunt U.S. Troops In Iraq [DU? Nah!]
17 Jul: Priest gets 18 year for sex assault
17 Jul: 3 U.S. Soldiers Killed, Warplane Attacked In Iraq
17 Jul: A Big Letdown. Soldiers Learn They'll Be in Baghdad Longer Than Expected Spc. Clinton Deitz says, "If Donald Rumsfeld was here, I'd ask him for his resignation."
16 Jul: Iraq Pressure on Bush Mounts as U.S. Soldier Killed
16 Jul: Pastor Accused of Sexual Abuse
16 Jul: Happy Valley pastor faces more charges
15 Jul: Priest Arrested On Molestation Charges
15 Jul: U.S. Soldier Killed, 8 Wounded In Baghdad Attacks
15 Jul: Afghan province still a haven for Taliban
14 Jul: U.S. Soldier Killed, 6 Others Hurt In Grenade Attack
14 Jul: 20 Lies About the War
14 Jul: 14 Afghan and US soldiers killed in two attacks
13 Jul: Priest: Church Withheld Abuse Information
13 Jul: Several US soldiers killed in missile attack in Baghdad
12 Jul: Bush Knew Iraq Info Was False
12 Jul: Priest will spend at least 7 years in prison
12 Jul: Priest removed from Oregon church for sexual misconduct ends up in Sacramento
11 Jul: 3 US soldiers killed in Iraq
11 Jul: Iraq police ask U.S. troops to leave station
11 Jul: Pretoria priest to be sentenced on 10 charges of sodomy
10 Jul: 3 U.S. Soldiers Killed In Fresh Iraq Attacks
10 Jul: Iraqi Resistance Carries Out First Martyrdom Operation
10 Jul: Where is Iraq War Instigator, Richard Perle?
09 Jul: Diocese accused of abuse in '60s
09 Jul: Photographer focuses lens on Iraqi kids He aims to find proof that depleted uranium (DU) bombs were used by US forces.
08 Jul: Atheist fights for his rights
08 Jul: Pledge Critic Prepared for Court
08 Jul: Minnesota Pastor, 2 Journalists Get 15 Year Jail Term
07 Jul: Attacks Kill 3 U.S. Soldiers in Baghdad
07 Jul: Shooting of US soldier marks escalation of resistance
07 Jul: Troop morale in Iraq hits 'rock bottom'
06 Jul: Eight killed in clashes in north Afghanistan
06 Jul: Bomb kills 7 U.S.-trained Iraqi police, British journalist shot dead
06 Jul: Priest, sheriff's deputy among 18 charged in prostitution sting
05 Jul: Dead on the Fourth of July: One US soldier and eleven Iraqis
05 Jul: Atheist asks top court to widen pledge ruling
05 Jul: Prayer-time attack on Shia mosque kills 44 worshippers
04 Jul: US soldier killed, 18 injured, in Iraq attacks
04 Jul: Ex-priest admits that he tried to molest boy
04 Jul: Birth Defects Tied to GWS
03 Jul: Two More U.S. Soldiers Die
03 Jul: Pastor arrested
03 Jul: Opium Addiction on Rise in Afghanistan
02 Jul: 6 U.S. Soldiers Killed, 4 Injured In Baghdad
02 Jul: U.S. Strike Kills 10 In Fallujah Mosque, Iraqis Vow Revenge
02 Jul: Violence escalates in Iraq
01 Jul: Katharine Hepburn Honesty was her only real religion, in fact. ''I'm an atheist,'' she wrote in Me, ''and that's it. I believe there's nothing we can know except that we should be kind to each other and do what we can for other people.''
01 Jul: Safe under Saddam, Iraqi Jews fear for future
30 Jun: Boy's Killing Fuels Anti-U.S. Anger in Baghdad
30 Jun: Former priest indicted on child abuse
29 Jun: Afghan Insurgents Attack U.S. Troops
29 Jun: Children's health in crisis, Iraqi doctors say
29 Jun: Missing U.S. Soldiers Found Dead North of Baghdad
28 Jun: Man linked to 14 church fires "He told investigators that God had told him to commit these crimes, and that during the committing of these crimes, God was protecting him and was watching over him."
28 Jun: Priest sentenced for raping, assaulting teenager
28 Jun: Iraqi saboteurs seek to derail U.S. reconstruction efforts
27 Jun: US and Afghan soldiers killed
27 Jun: Priest convicted of sexual abuse
27 Jun: 2 U.S. Soldiers, 2 Iraqi Civilians Killed
26 Jun: Bush Plans To Introduce Christian Rehab Program In Federal Prison System [Isn't 'Christian rehabilitation' an oxymoron?]
26 Jun: Two U.S. Soldiers Killed In Eastern Afghanistan
26 Jun: Pastor 'fondled boarders'
25 Jun: Six British Soldiers Killed, Eight Injured In Iraq
25 Jun: Catholic Priest Sentenced in Chile for Sexual Abuse
24 Jun: U.S. Forces Under Fresh Attack In Fallujah
24 Jun: Ex-priest charged in 42 molestations
24 Jun: U.S. Soldiers In Iraq 'Had Enough,' Want To Go Home
23 Jun: Aussie troops report uranium sickness
23 Jun: Iraq Attack Kills US Soldier
22 Jun: US losing the peace in Afghanistan
22 Jun: Iraqis curse 'silver bullet,' fear illness from radioactive contamination
22 Jun: Haverhill priest convicted of rape of teenage girl
22 Jun: Shiite Muslims protest U.S. presence
21 Jun: Indian girl weds dog
21 Jun: Weapons of Mass Deception: What the Pentagon doesn't want us to know about depleted uranium.
20 Jun: Spate of Anti-US Attacks in Iraq
20 Jun: Two More Retired Priests Arrested
19 Jun: Rights group says U.S. troops used excessive force in April shootings that killed 20 Iraqis
19 Jun: U.S. soldiers fire on Iraqis, two killed; American slain in violent day in Baghdad
18 Jun: James Burial Box Inscription-- A Fake [Just one more forgery to add to the junkyard of falsified religious artifacts.]
18 Jun: U.S. Troops Kill 2 Iraqis During Protest
18 Jun: Troops uranium warning
17 Jun: America's legacy of radioactive weaponry
17 Jun: BBC poll shows disapproval of Iraq war
17 Jun: Bishop O'Brien arrested in fatal hit-and-run
16 Jun: Former Jacksonville deacon pleads guilty to molestation charges
16 Jun: Villagers enraged and baffled by American show of force
16 Jun: Faith polls hearten secularists [14% say they belong to no religion. Between the choices "religous" or "secular," 16% answered secular.]
15 Jun: Depleted uranium weapons pose health risk for soldiers
15 Jun: U.S. troops accused of killing 5 Iraqi civilians
15 Jun: U.S. Forces "Slaughter" Iraqis At Dawn: Eyewitness
14 Jun: Accusation vs. Iraq in Question [In other words: Bush lied.]
14 Jun: Is Depleted Uranium Creating a New Nuclear Danger in Iraq?
13 Jun: War may have killed 10,000 civilians, researchers say [This means that the US has now murdered more innocent civilians than did Saddam Hussein's gassing of the Kurds (when the US considered him on their side)]
13 Jun: US loses two aircraft over Iraq
12 Jun: Suicide bombers' being trained in Afghanistan
12 Jun: Parishioners demand return of atheist pastor
12 Jun: Priest faces 25 counts of child molestation
11 Jun: Iraqi hospitals are barely alive
11 Jun: Controversial education bill in Indonesia sparks protests
11 Jun: Lifting Iraqi Embargo after 2 million Deaths
10 Jun: US death toll rising in lawless Iraqi towns
10 Jun: Iraqis fear rise of clerics Muslim clerics in Iraq have been taking advantage of the political vacuum left by Saddam Hussein to try to impose their own strict version of Islam.
09 Jun: US Lets Looters In, Keeps Inspectors Out
09 Jun: Iraqi civilian killed in clash with U.S. troops
08 Jun: War on terrorism: Code words for imperialism
08 Jun: US Troops Ambushed Again in Iraq
07 Jun: In Falluja, Harassment, Despair Stir Anti-U.S. Sentiments
06 Jun: Another U.S. Soldier Killed, 5 Wounded in Attack in Iraq
06 Jun: 23 cited in sex abuse cases cited
05 Jun: Woman Claims Rape Hell at Hands of Priest
05 Jun: The Holocaust and the Bush family fortune
04 Jun: Troops' depleted uranium tests 'invalid'
04 Jun: Indiana priest facing sex charges in Arizona
04 Jun: Poll shows U.S. isolation: In war's wake, hostility and mistrust
03 Jun: Former Priest Hit With More Than 40 Child-Molesting Charges
03 Jun: Ex-Army boss: Pentagon won't admit reality in Iraq
03 Jun: Sharia law for Pakistan province [Strict law based on the Koran can only make Pakistan a more dangerous place.]
02 Jun: Abuse victims, relatives protest cathedral gesture
02 Jun: U.S. Soldier, Two Iraqis Killed In Bomb Attack
02 Jun: US bases attacked in Afghanistan
02 Jun: US Faces Growing Charges of War Crimes
01 Jun: Revealed: the cluster bombs that litter Iraq
01 Jun: 'War on terror' fuels rise in refugees
01 Jun: Eric Rudolph Caught! [This Christian-fanatic, anti-abortion nut has finally been found.]
31 May: Basra troops used cluster bombs
30 May: Watchdog urges depleted uranium cleanup in Iraq
30 May: Exposed: Bush and Blair's War of Lies
30 May: Iraq Townsfolk Riot After U.S.-Led Weapons Search
29 May: Another US war crime: the use of depleted uranium munitions in Iraq
29 May: God left out of EU constitution (! Ed.)
29 May: Iraqi city's religious fundamentalism, U.S. occupation make dangerous mix
28 May: "Gulf war 2 syndrome" probably caused by DU
28 May: "War on terror" makes world more dangerous -Amnesty
28 May: Iraq Attack Shows Postwar Danger for U.S.
28 May: New claims of Gulf War syndrome cited
27 May: Unrest in Iraq: 2 US soldiers killed
27 May: Priest Facing Molestation Charges Jumps to His Death
26 May: Juror Bible Reliance Found Unconstitional
26 May: 'A crime within the church is still a crime
25 May: US priest on abuse charge
25 May: Iraqi fears over depleted uranium
24 May: Afghans Protest Against U.S.
24 May: Court tells church leaders: The endorsement of political candidates by religious leaders, SJS argues, is a violation of the principle of the separation of church and state.
24 May: Priestly author of 'zero tolerance' faces abuse charges
23 May: Pedophile priest says abuse was no secret
23 May: Priest arrested on charge of public indecency
23 May: Afghans' uranium levels spark alert "A small sample of Afghan civilians have shown 'astonishing' levels of uranium in their urine..."
22 May: U.S. weapons will be taking their toll long after war
22 May: Woodside Greek priest pleads guilty in sex case
22 May: U.S. troops mistakenly kill 4 Afghan soldiers outside U.S. Embassy
21 May: Ex-priest gets prison sentence on sex charge
21 May: Iraq: Unexploded Ordnance, Unfired Munitions Kill, Injure Children
20 May: Priest charged after drunken punch-up in Rome
20 May: Court to Hear Religious Education Case
20 May: '1,700 civilians died as US took Baghdad' [And this, only in Baghdad.]
19 May: After war, the terrible peace
19 May: Attacks end US hopes of al-Qaeda defeat
18 May: Plan for Iraq handover government scrapped
17 May: Filmmaker previews Gulf War probe Film producer wants to educate people about depleted uranium poisoning.
17 May: Ogden Priest Charged With Enticing Minor on the Net
16 May: Guilty plea from priest in sex case
16 May: Nine Iraqi Children Killed In Explosion
15 May: Remains of toxic bullets litter Iraq
15 May: Pastor admits to theft
15 May: Extent of priest abuse 'still unknown'
15 May: Arabs see more attacks
14 May: Slain Children Case May See Yates Defense [Another case of 'God (or the Devil) told me to kill.']
14 May: Inflatable Church Welcomes Worshipers [And now we know the Church is full of hot air.]
14 May: Atheism growing across Canada
13 May: Americans die in Saudi blasts
13 May: Afghanistan Seen Far from Stability Under Karzai
13 May: Rights group: hatred of Jews at highest level since WWII [When people rely on beliefs, expect hate groups.]
12 May: Former priest jailed for child sex abuse
12 May: Shia leader calls for US to get out
11 May: 'Abuse' priest due for sentencing
11 May: Cholera threat in Basra
10 May: The allies' broken promises
10 May: Journalists criticize coverage of Iraq war
09 May: Priest Charged With Molesting Man Who Shot Him
09 May: Two U.S. Troops Shot, Killed in Baghdad
09 May: New fear in Iraq over US use of depleted uranium in war
08 May: Danger seen in angry Iraqi youth [Another reason why war doesn't work: the children of the conquered become our future enemies.]
08 May: Md. Priest Charged With Child Sex Abuse
08 May: Afghans disillusioned, worried
07 May: Afghans Rally in Anger Toward U.S. [Just another example of why offensive war usually fails to "free" people.]
07 May: Convicted sex offender removed as pastor of Newark church
06 May: Weapons of Mass Destruction Found - Made and Delivered by the U.S.A.
06 May: Report: Women, Children Bear Brunt of War "In World War I, 90 percent of casualties were soldiers. However, in the last decade of wars, 90 percent of casualties are civilians--most of them women and children caught in crossfire."
06 May: Accused priest led a public life
05 May: 'Under God' doesn't belong in pledge
05 May: Real American agenda now becoming clear
04 May: Priest drinks blood of 1001 lambs
04 May: Priest's abuse of children was known for years
04 May: Civilian Deaths: The Bombs That Keep On Killing
03 May: Revived Taliban bares its teeth
03 May: Falluja will breed recruits
02 May: Women fear loss of rights in Iraq
02 May: Congratulations. We've just won the wrong war
02 May: Priest On the Run
01 May: U.S. soldiers kill 2 more Iraqis, wound 17
01 May: Five new sex abuse charges filed against LA priest
30 Apr: At least 10 dead as US soldiers fire on school protest
30 Apr: SC priest named in NY abuse complaint
29 Apr: US troops 'kill 13 Iraqi protesters'
29 Apr: Shame of U.S. Troops' Iraqi Street Justice: suspects stripped and paraded at gunpoint.
29 Apr: Americans arrest 'mayor' as Garner struggles for control [So much for the U.S. claim of allowing the Iraqis to govern their own country.]
28 Apr: Founders were wise to erect barriers between church and state
28 Apr: Iraqis target Gen. Franks for war crimes trial
27 Apr: Priest abuse probe widens
27 Apr: Iraqis vent anger as 12 die in blast in Baghdad bomb
27 Apr: Revealed: How the road to war was paved with lies
26 Apr: In Afghanistan, Violence Stalls Renewal Effort
26 Apr: NPR reports on civilian deaths
26 Apr: Humanists want a better reputation as ethical people
26 Apr: Retired priest faces sex charges
25 Apr: Unexploded Bombs Hurt Children in Iraq
25 Apr: Keep out of town hall, Kut tells US troops
25 Apr. Afghanistan Shootout Leaves Five Dead [If America supposedly defeated the Taliban, then why do they still continue to kill people?]
25 Apr: Among the atheists [Atheists get totally ignored by politicians, and this puts them in the most unrepresented group in the U.S.]
24 Apr: Shiites eager for Americans to leave Iraq
24 Apr: Iraqi protesters block Marines
24 Apr: Sex charges filed against Colton priest
23 Apr: Not a drop that's safe to drink [Cholera outbreak possible in Nasiriya. Do you think you'll find civilian deaths due to the war's destruction of infrastructure on anyone's death list?]
23 Apr: Combat over, carnage continues
23 Apr: Prosecutors file sex abuse charges against SoCal priest
22 Apr: Iraq war creates terror environment
22 Apr: The Iraqis' idea of democracy may differ from that of Mr Bush
22 Apr: Iraqi clerics challenge US rule
22 Apr: Serbian priest charged with sex abuse
21 Apr: 'Hundreds are dying who should not die'
21 Apr: Baghdad's self-proclaimed 'Mayor' promises Islamic laws
21 Apr: Children Main Victims of Cluster Bombs
20 Apr: Weary Iraq counts human cost of war
20 Apr: Give us back our democracy
20 Apr: Atheist Group Pushes Church-State Divide
19 Apr: Iraqis unite in angry swell to protest U.S. occupation
19 Apr: Suit Says Abuse by Friar Led to Son's Suicide
18 Apr: 17 killed in Mosul clashes
18 Apr: Thousands at Baghdad Mosque Demand U.S. Leave Iraq
18 Apr: Scientists reject line on depleted uranium Scientists are incensed because the Pentagon had claimed it had the backing of the society in saying depleted uranium was not dangerous.
18 Apr: Najaf neighborhood hit hard by coalition bombing
17 Apr: Put away childish things "There is no God. So why do people cling to such absurd palliatives when we are on the brink of colonising the universe?"
17 Apr: Civilians killed as Mosul riots continue
17 Apr: Yuma priest pleads guilty
16 Apr: 'No to Saddam, No to US'
16 Apr: 10 Iraqis die in Mosul firing
16 Apr: Priest Admits 'Sexually Inappropriate' Contact With Boy
15 Apr: Grisly Results of U.S. Cluster Bombs
15 Apr: Mexican villagers stone 'witch' to death
15 Apr: Unexploded Munitions Continue to Maim
14 Apr: Critical Condition Last night there was anger at the decision to pull out UK doctors as thousands of sick and injured Iraqis faced death in hospitals without electricity, water and few drugs.
14 Apr: Two soldiers killed in Afghanistan; attackers hurl grenades at Italian troops
14 Apr: Sex abuse allegation leads to removal of Cairo priest
13 Apr: Priest pleads guilty in sex abuse case
13 Apr: US troops kill merchant defending shop against looters
12 Apr: Court: Atheist Can Pray at City Meeting
12 Apr: Priest convicted of abusing boy
12 Apr: Six killed in Najaf attack - cleric kin
12 Apr: The hell that once was a hospital
11 Apr: Marines die in suicide bombing as capital hit by new clashes
11 Apr: Priest admits having sex with teen male prostitute
11 Apr: Halliburton Wins $7 Billion Dollar Contract [And who said it wasn't about oil?]
10 Apr: Haiti officially sanctions voodoo as a religion [More evidence that we've entered the 2nd Dark Age]
10 Apr: Pentagon's Latest Casualty Figures Say 101 Killed
10 Apr: It was a bloody shame
10 Apr: Reporters killed at high rate
10 Apr: Priest accused of embezzling $4.3m of church money
09 Apr: U.S. missionaries plan 'spiritual warfare' when fighting ends
09 Apr: 'Spiritual warfare' looms
09 Apr: US bomb kills Afghan civilians
09 Apr: News of the Dirty War
09 Apr: The Evil of Cluster Bombs
08 Apr: 14 civilians reported killed in missile strike
08 Apr: 89 American military personnel killed in Iraq: Pentagon
08 Apr: 1,000 killed, UN spots mass graves in Congo
08 Apr: Hundreds killed in fierce Badghis fighting
07 Apr: City battles will boost growing civilian toll
07 Apr: Terrorists using war as recruiting tool
06 Apr: U.S. Mistakenly Hits Kurd Convoy; 18 Die
06 Apr: Sex abuse allegations leave Alabama parishioners stunned
06 Apr: Air strikes kill 17 civilians
05 Apr: US Marines 'kill seven Iraqis after truck fails to stop'
05 Apr: Kerry Fires Back at GOP Criticism Bravo Kerry!
05 Apr: Priest who served in county arrested
04 Apr: ACLU fights state on Christian AIDS brochure
04 Apr: Why Use Clusters? The tiny devices are unpredictable. They can destroy a tank and disperse bomblets over an area the size of several football pitches. But those that do not explode remain active for years and detonate on contact.
04 Apr: Red Cross horrified by number of dead civilians
03 Apr: Western Journalists Beaten, Starved by Americans [Considering that the Arabs and the Portuguese, supposedly, serve as American allies, Americans might question why their reporters see the war in an entirely different light than American reporters.]
03 Apr: Priest facing sex charges in Cape Breton
02 Apr: Baghdad hospital bombed
02 Apr: Retired Priest Accused For First Time in New Lawsuit
01 Apr: War seen boosting Pakistani radicals
01 Apr: Retired priest guilty in abuse of 21 children
31 Mar: U.S. Forces Kill Seven Iraqi Women, Kids
31 Mar: Taliban leader calls for new holy war Mullah Mohammed Omar has issued a fresh call for a holy war against U.S. troops and Afghans who work with them.
31 Mar: Oscar winner unveils new film Michael Moore makes a film on "the murky relationship" between former President George Bush and the family of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.
30 Mar: US soldiers in Iraq asked to pray for Bush [If the soldiers have to resort to prayer to solve their problems, then what does that say for their military strategy?]
30 Mar: Armageddon? Some say war means end is near [Or prophecy believed produces self-fulfilling prophecy?]
30 Mar: Arab volunteers to stage suicide attacks
30 Mar: Iraq to unleash wave of suicide bombers [Just great. Not only do we still have to contend with Al-Quida, but King George II's war has inspired the Iraqis to form a second Holy war front against the U.S.]
29 Mar: Armed Iraqi imam urges holy war against US-led invasion
29 Mar: Criminal Charges Filed Against One-Time Oxnard Priest
28 Mar: Why? by Jo Wilding.
28 Mar: Baghdad strike 'kills 55' A doctor at nearby al-Noor Hospital, told the Reuters news agency that he had counted 55 bodies, and more than 47 wounded people. "Most of the injured are children and are in very serious condition."
28 Mar: Congress Gives Up On 'Faith-Based' Push [Has congress started to come to their senses? Ed.]
28 Mar: Raw, devastating realities that expose the truth about Basra "A small Iraqi girl -- victim of an Anglo American air strike-- is brought to hospital with her intestines spilling out of her stomach, a terribly wounded woman screams in agony as doctors try to take off her black dress." [No doubt we will feed them, cure their wounds and tell them how sorry we are, as our only aim is to free them , all due to our Christian "love" and impeccable morality. It's just a Godly thang, you see. Ed.]
27 Mar: U.S. Bill for Prayer Designating a day for humility, prayer, and fasting for all people of the United States to help win the war in Iraq. [More evidence that we've entered the 2nd Dark Age.]
27 Mar: Invocation by atheist prompts walkout in Charleston
27 Mar: Priest pleads guilty to abuse
26 Mar: In an Ominous Sky, a City Divines Its Fate After tons of bombs dropped by the US/UK, oil fields set afire by Iraqis, and who knows how many people have died, they want us to believe a God created this storm?
25 Mar: You should have known we'd fight "This is the fate that awaits 'liberated' Iraq. Only today, the Kurds-- backed by the US-- have even more violent scores to settle. There are many, many people in Iraq today who fear the sectarian violence that may result from the breakdown of the secular regime; and Iraqi history shows that they are right to fear it."
25 Mar: Priest faces 22 sex-related charges
24 Mar: Expert: Smart's religion probably made her more vulnerable to fanatic
24 Mar: War Wording Draws Fire on All Sides Muslims around the world increasingly express anger at the U.S. attack on Iraq in radical religious terms.
24 Mar: Test aims to link holy visions with brain disorder Advances in "neurotheology" have prompted some researchers to claim they can induce the kind of holy visions prophets may have experienced - even in those who are not religious believers.
22 Mar: Iraqi Official Says 77 Killed by Cluster Bombs in Basra [Note: cluster bombs and napalm (a chemical weapon) used by the U.S. do not constitute precision strikes. In fact there exists a better description: Weapons of Mass Destruction. Ed.]
22 Mar: Anti-war protests around the world:
New wave of protest sweeps world
Anti-war protests bring thousands out on the streets from Japan to New Zealand
New York Joins Global Wave of War Protests
War protests continue in Australia and New Zealand
War protest clogs S.F.22 Mar: Baltimore Marine Dies In Chopper Crash The Father said: "I want President Bush to get a good look at this, really good look here. This is the only son I had, only son."
21 Mar: House Rejects Pledge Ruling [When the Legislative (and executive) branch of the government ignores the Judicial branch of the government, that in essence removes just one more check and balance of the U.S. government and shows further evidence that our "leaders" do not honor the Constitution. Ed.]
21 Mar: Macoupin pastor facing theft charge
20 Mar: Priest calls on Islamic nations to 'rise against US'
20 Mar: U.S. accused of religious war motives Ancient Babylon sat on the same land that we now call Iraq. Babylon has great significance to Christian and Muslim believers (the Bible calls for the destruction of Babylon).
20 Mar: Records 'voluminous' for sex abuse probe
20 Mar: Bush should quit evoking God [And this coming from a religious person! Ed.]
19 Mar: Hindu Campaigners Combat Christian Conversions
18 Mar: Vicar would play hardcore videos while sexually abusing priest
17 Mar: Allah in an eggplant A woman sees "Allah" in a vegetable and people actually believe her.
17 Mar: Priest molested children, Montgomery church told
16 Mar: Bibles back up bullets in U.S. war campaign When you have war, you have the god-people justifying killing by referring to a Bible (or Koran, etc.) Here we have a chaplain handing out bibles emblazoned with the image of a human skull and bat wings, He wants soldiers to believe that killing in a "justified" war "is" consistent with being a "good Christian." [Doesn't a skull & bat wings represent Satan? Ed.]
16 Mar: God reveals himself... as a fish [Sounds fishy. Ed.]
15 Mar: Group Seeks Better Scientific Reporting A group of skeptics known for debunking psychics, ghosts, alien abductions and other fringe-science opens a New York City office to promote better scientific coverage by the news media.
15 Mar: Ex-Priest Jailed on Alleged Child Affair
14 Mar: Residents say Mitchell was delusional He wore a white robe and carried a staff, proclaiming himself God or Jesus depending on his mood. He said he talked to angels and spirits who told him to sell everything he had and preach to the homeless. [Gee, he fits the description of the main character of the New Testament. Jesus has returned! Hallelujah! Ed.]
14 Mar: Lawsuit accuses late priest of sex abuse
13 Mar: Church's Troubles Grow as Priest Sex Scandal Shows No Signs of Waning
13 Mar: New Priest Abuse Lawsuit
13 Mar: Teen who vanished from Utah home found safe The religious nut who kidnapped her believed God told him this was his wife.
13 Mar: The Case of the 'Deadly' Drone This balsa wood model airplane held together with duct tape has "God is Great" written in Arabic along the fuselage. If this gives an example of the greatness of a god, then what a feeble god they have as a protector.
12 Mar: Hindu campaigners combat Christian conversions
12 Mar: Are US Corporations Funding Hindu Extremist Violence In India?
12 Mar: Sex abuse by canon ground me down, priest tells court
11 Mar: Saddam Reportedly Opens Suicide Camp "Many Muslims believe that participating with Iraqis in a possible war against invading U.S. forces is a religious duty, but such a camp is believed to be unprecedented in Iraq."
11 Mar: Ex-priest gets 30 years for sexual abuse
10 Mar: The science of superstition "They [superstitions] give us a feeling of control over uncertainty and so it might be predicted that the current feeling of instability in the world would create an increase in superstition." [And lets not forget that religion also falls under the category of superstition. Ed.]
10 Mar: Secularism is dead: Shahi iman An inman asked Muslims to stop supporting secular parties.
10 Mar: Sulawesi priest to face weapons charges
09 Mar: Dawkins versus the priests and New Age shamans? No contest
08 Mar: Bush, the Bible, and Iraq As European nations become more secular, they're increasingly suspicious of a country with a born-again Christian President, whose political base includes the majority of non-Arab fundamentalists. Fundamentalist Christian doctrine envisions a horrific conflict, the Biblical Armageddon, as the way to hasten the return of an alleged Jesus.
08 Mar: Bush And His god Are Scary In Europe His faith and religion produces a greater threat to world peace than Saddam.
08 Mar: Witness for the prosecution Politician Terry McAteer (who got abused by a priest while in his youth) puts himself on the line and accuses church leaders of lying.
07 Mar: Mixing church and state? Judge ordering AA equals forcing someone into specific church
07 Mar: More Alleged Sexual Assault Victims File Suits Against Milwaukee Archdiocese
06 Mar: Airport bomb: Islamic group blamed More evidence that religion serves as the cause of terrorism.
06 Mar: Saudi Arabia Let Off The Hook Over Persecution - Again The State Department has once again chosen not to add Saudi Arabia to its list of the world's worst religious persecutors.
06 Mar: Former Fort Myers priest sentenced to two years in prison for molesting teen
05 Mar: Priest suits pile up
05 Mar: Two Washington state lawmakers walk out during prayer by Muslim religious leader "Even though the mainstream Islamic religion doesn't profess to hate America, nonetheless it spawns the groups that hate America." [Well so does Christianity, Hinduism, and all the other religions. Ed.]
04 Mar: Pledge may go to Supreme Court
04 Mar: N.H. Says Church Was 'Blind' to Sex Abuse
04 Mar: Religious bigotry is poisoning Indian democracy
03 Mar: Atheist plugs controversial views on TV Faith is just another word for ignorance, Brent Yaciw tells the viewers of his cable-access show.
03 Mar: Atheist Group Challenges Alabama Governor's Bible Study
03 Mar: San Francisco ex-priest arrested in mexico on molestation charges
02 Mar: Support falters for Bush As Helen Thomas said, "Bush is the worst president in all of American history." Not only has he helped devastate the U.S. economy, but his faith and two valued logic has made the United States more dangerous to the world and the world more dangerous to us.
02 Mar: President's faith enters war debate As this website has long observed, religious thinking creates the worst social problems (war, intolerance, falsehoods). George Bush gives a prime example of what results from faith put into action.
02 Mar: Sex charge: Priest gets 15yrs
01 Mar: Ex-Oakland priest arrested in Florida on sex charges
01 Mar: Priest gets 15 years for molesting young boy
28 Feb: U.S. Court Stands by Controversial Pledge Ruling Hooray! Unfortunately the Religious Right who runs the government will "spare no effort" to defend the unconstitutional words "under God," even if it means trashing the Constitution.
28 Feb: Boy Scouts' exclusionary policies draw protest
28 Feb: Atheist discusses challenge to Pledge of Allegiance
28 Feb: Ex-priest accused of abuse in California
27 Feb: Aid in dying celebrates right to life Only religion prevents freedom of choice to die with dignity.
27 Feb: Fear, suspicion grip Indian town a year after religious violence
27 Feb: Ex-Antioch priest, accused of sexual abuse
26 Feb: Forgetting fear a credo for novelist Salman Rushdie, an atheist and "proud of it," gives a rousing speech.
26 Feb: Non-Christian and living in York
26 Feb: Former Priest Arrested On Abuse Charges
25 Feb: Islamic preacher of hate is convicted
25 Feb: Gunmen open fire on Karachi mosque, kill 9
25 Feb: Records: Priest admitted abuse
24 Feb: Wahhabism Goes Global Wahhabism, a radical Islamic Saudi sect, teaches intolerance and bigotry, similar to the American Wahhabism of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Franklin Graham.
24 Feb: VHP threatens religious war
24 Feb: Patients warned about quack cancer therapies
23 Feb: The pastor who joined the genocide
22 Feb: Religious Fundamentalism And Threat To Women
22 Feb: Bible code: 'Snake oil' soothsaying
21 Feb: 'Ebola spell' teachers stoned villagers stoned and beat to death four teachers accused of casting an evil spell to cause an outbreak of the deadly Ebola disease. (No more insane than starting a preventative war by Christians in the name of their superstition, I guess. Ed.)
21 Feb: Two Killed in Religious Riots in India
21 Feb: N. Ireland: Protestant gang leader surrenders bombs, but says the fight continues
21 Feb: Priest accused of abusing twins should not have been practicing
20 Feb: Pastor who led Tutsis to slaughter is jailed Seventh Day Adventist and doctor son herded families into church, then called in the butchers.
20 Feb: Another ex-priest nabbed for sexual abuse
19 Feb: Former priest convicted of assaulting photographer outside trial
18 Feb: Scientists spread the word on evils of pseudoscience
18 Feb: Hindu activists arrested in religious dispute
18 Feb: Different beliefs lead scoutmasters to quit
17 Feb: Priest found guilty of sexual abuse
16 Feb: The Gospel According To Bush
16 Feb: Priest accused of abuse in 2 cities
16 Feb: Priest Abuse Claims in Oregon
15 Feb: Priest guilty of sex abuse
14 Feb: What if we don't trust in God?
14 Feb: Report Accuses Diocese of Systematic Deception in Sex Abuse Scandal
13 Feb: America is not now, and never was, a legally 'Christian' nation
13 Feb: Questions about faith-based drug treatment
13 Feb: Priest's journal suggests church knew of abuse
12 Feb: Church kept priest's note of apology from victim
11 Feb: Transcript of Osama bin Laden tape This tape shows that beliefs (religious beliefs in this case) causes terrorism.
11 Feb: Fighting for freedom to choose in whom you trust A bill requires that all schools must show the motto "In God We Trust" and readable from 20 feet away.
11 Feb: Court ruled against religious oath
11 Feb: More church-state entanglement One of President Bush's domestic priorities is shifting tax dollars from secular social service organizations to faith-based groups. But what the president seems to have forgotten is the First Amendment, which bars the government from using its taxing power to support religion.
10 Feb: Muslim Cleric Warns on Enemies at Hajj Saudi Arabia's top religious cleric stirs the faithful into believing the "vast troops" (implying U.S. troops) represent the enemies of Islam. Yet another possible trigger for future religious wars.
10 Feb: Sins of the Fathers The 180-page report depicts, sometimes in lurid detail, how the hierarchy of the Diocese concealed the alleged criminal behavior of its priests and used "deception and intimidation" in dealing with abuse victims.
10 Feb: Bill could allow teaching of creationism
10 Feb: Photo of the fence post Virgin Mary If you squint your eyes, you can imagine the image of the Virgin Mary. Apparently Mary loves only those with poor eyesight.
09 Feb: Religious indoctrination dressed up as social welfare
09 Feb: County jail drops policy that rewarded Christians
09 Feb: Bishop says priest admitted abuse
08 Feb: Schools Banning Prayer Risk Losing Fed Funds Under federal law, the burden is now on schools to prove they have no policy that prevents constitutionally protected prayer. The department's new guidelines make clear that schools can lose their federal aid funds if they don't comply.
08 Feb: Priest from Delray on suspension over 1950s sex charges
07 Feb: Faith-based funding poses risks The president's recent expansion of his faith-based initiative constituted an end run around congressional approval and oversight. This latest proposal inappropriately puts the government in the position of financing the construction of houses of worship.
07 Feb: Priest sentenced in abuse of two brothers
06 Feb: Catholics Flock to Fence-Post Virgin Mary In the "people will believe anything" department, I feel sorry for the Catholics if their heaven can only cough up an obscure looking fence-post to "prove" their faith.
06 Feb: Don't mention God, ministers tell EU policy makers A push to have a reference to God in the draft constitution of the EU has foundered, after objections that an explicit mention of a deity would provoke division and controversy.
06 Feb: N.Y. Priest Convicted of Molesting Girl
05 Feb: Long Island Priest Admits Sodomizing a Teenage Boy
04 Feb: Catholic Hospitals Refuse Patients Contraception "What we are seeing is an increasing politicization of the Catholic hospitals by the Catholic bishops"
04 Feb: Priest Accused Of Sexual Misconduct With Minor
02 Feb: New priest files released attorneys found allegations of child sex abuse among files of 41 priests the archdiocese originally indicated were accused only of sexual misconduct with adults.
02 Feb: Astronauts were heroes in their home countries Ilan Ramon, Israel's first astronaut served and died on the shuttle Columbia. Ramon described himself as secular. Kalpana Chawla, served as a new kind of heroine for India. How dare George Bush attach Ramon and Chawla (and possibly other crew members), with his self serving religious views in his preachy obituary speech about the disaster.
02 Feb: Former Key Largo priest to be sentenced today
01 Feb: Priest Pleads Guilty To Child Sex Abuse
31 Jan: Hydrogen car: an H-bomb for the Arabs "A petroleum-free Detroit represents a far greater assault on Arab interests than a Saddam Hussein-less Baghdad. There are many tyrants in the Middle East, but only one profit." Of course this can only happen if we get all the oil-men out of U.S. government and replace them with hydrogen-men. But imagine. We could do it without firing a shot, without sacrificing one soldier or innocent civilian: by voting them out of office.
30 Jan: Pakistani group wants HIV test for Americans The religious right in Pakistan mimic the religious right in America.
30 Jan: Santa Rosa priest defrocked after molest conviction
30 Jan: Priest Pleads Guilty to Abusing Boy
29 Jan: Woman Buys Magic Wands, loses $5400 Just another example of the problem of beliefs.
29 Jan: Bush support for religion-based drug treatment draws fire from civil libertarians
29 Jan: Abusive ex-priest gets year in prison
28 Jan: Priest abuse group chartered in La.
27 Jan: Local humanist group meets national leader
27 Jan: Former HK priest convicted of abuse
26 Jan: Tolkien son's child abuse shame Fr John Tolkien (son of the famous author J.R.R. Tolkien), abused dozens of young boys during his 50-year career with the Catholic church.
26 Jan: Priest Child Sex Shock
24 Jan: Penn & Teller: It's all bunk The new Showtime series debunks mentalists, spiritualists, and con artists.
24 Jan: New Mexico wants to fix 'Highway to Hell' Yet even more evidence that we've entered another Dark Age.
24 Jan: Judge Lets 10 Commandments Display Stay More evidence that we've entered the 2nd Dark Age: This judge says the commandments serve a secular purpose in acknowledging the historical influence on the development of law in the United States. What?? The U.S. Constitution either breaks or ignores all the commandments. And to consider the 10 commandments for secular purposes doesn't get any more absurd.
24 Jan: Former priest faces sex assault charges
23 Jan: The EU is utterly godless. Let's keep it that way
23 Jan: Atheists fight new Pledge bill A Utah bill would force children to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.
23 Jan: Convicted Priest Faces More Molestation Charges
22 Jan: Ex-priest from Fort Myers pleads guilty to Arizona sex abuse
22 Jan: Priest guilty: Cleric admits to abusing five local children
22 Jan: Ex-priest jailed for assaulting schoolboys
21 Jan: Penn & Teller ridicule Christ's crucifixion This act offended many people at a magicians' convention. If we can't make fun of the most outrageous and violence inspired religion in the world, what does that say for their sense of humor?
21 Jan: Former priest pleads guilty to sex charges
20 Jan: Pop spirituality threatens Individualized spirituality threatens mainstream religion, and they worry about freedom of your religion.
19 Jan: Priest gets probation for indecent solicitation
18 Jan: Bible college lands 666 number How can a college which believes in superstition adequately teach students? Superstition always presents problems, something that a secular college would have no problem with.
17 Jan: Hindu priest charged in sexual assault
16 Jan: God = mc2 Karl J. Mogel discovers that Einstein did not believe in a personal god.
16 Jan: 2 boys sue priest for sex abuse
16 Jan: Priest admits guilt in sex case
15 Jan: Another area priest from Boston accused of sexually abusing boy
14 Jan: West Palm Beach minister, church pay $600,000 to man who accused him of rape
14 Jan: Priest charged with child assault
13 Jan: Hemorrhoid sufferers drop pants, pray for relief Well, some Christians do act like a pain in the ass.
13 Jan: Poll majority backs the abolition of Catholic schools
13 Jan: Letters from January 13 Josh Chambers understands why a public courthouse should not display the 10 commandments.
13 Jan: Priest resigns amid theft probe
12 Jan: Priest sex abuse crisis spreads
12 Jan: Nun study authors deluged with calls Authors of a study that estimated about 40 percent of U.S. Catholic nuns had experienced some form of sexual trauma say they have been overwhelmed with calls from victims and requests for more information since the findings were reported in a newspaper.
11 Jan: Trail of Pain in Church Crisis Leads to Nearly Every Diocese
11 Jan: Former A.C. pastor gets 364 days for child abuse
11 Jan: Pastor sentenced to five months for Medicare fraud
10 Jan: Ex-Priest Pleads Guilty to Sex Abuse
10 Jan: Did respect for religion cloud 'clone' coverage? Virtually all the media treated the Raelian Church clone announcement as true. Just because a religion announces something, doesn't mean we should take it as real. On the contrary, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence (Carl Sagan's words). The same should apply to all religious claims whether it comes from the Raelians, Muslims, Christians or Buddhists.
09 Jan: Public nativity scenes unconstitutional The fuss centers on the fact that taxpayers get forced to support a particular religious belief against their will. This describes the equivalent of your city making a donation of your tax money to a political party you don't support. Separating religion from government means that citizens can put whatever religious (or non-religious) symbol on their own property, church, car, or their person without government intervention, but not on other's property. Get it?
09 Jan: Priest held for worshipping skulls
08 Jan: Head of an American white supremacist church charged with trying to hire hitman to murder US judge Matthew Hale, who calls himself Pontifex Maximus of the Worldwide Church of the Creator gets accused of trying to murder District Court Judge Joan Lefkow.
08 Jan: Pa. Priest Pleads No Contest to Sex Abuse
07 Jan: Exorcism Pastor Learns Fate For Molestation
07 Jan: "Celibate" Catholic Priest Impregnates Hairdresser When will the Catholic Church learn that sexuality happens as a result of human nature and one cannot control it anymore than trying to stop eating or breathing?
06 Jan: Agnostic questions if AA is the way Lou Peters understands what he did wrong when he drove drunk, but he cannot accept God as the answer. So when a judge ordered him to attend Alcoholics Anonymous, the agnostic Peters balked at having the government "force something upon me that is faith-based." Yet another problem with faith-based institutions funded by the government.
06 Jan: Dioceses fight N.Y. over contraceptive law Including religion (or as Bush puts it, "Faith-based institutions") with government brings precisely these kind of Church & State problems.
06 Jan: 2 priests removed in sex abuse
05 Jan: Study reveals abuse of nuns Forty per cent of nuns in the United States have been sexually abused, often at the hands of a priest or another nun, according to an independent study.
04 Jan: Court Convicts 'Third Pope' Hey, wait a minute! Why convict members of Popedoms? Many of us consider ourselves Popes. I became a genuine and authorized Pope several years ago when I received my official Pope card from Robert A. Wilson. Should they convict all of us? You too can become a Pope! Note that card says to treat us right, and convicting us of a Pope crime, hardly constitutes rightness. All Popes unite!
04 Jan: Cash Offered for Silence on Abuse, Priest Says
03 Jan: Protestant 'Artist' Eats Baby on TV The Bible does not prohibit eating human flesh. Actually many Christians eat the flesh and drink the blood of Jesus every Sunday (The Eucharist). Doesn't this make them cannibals?
03 Jan: Priest: Abuse Silenced Alleges monsignor protected because of skill as fund-raiser
03 Jan: Henderson Priest Pleads Guilty to Child Molestation Charges
03 Jan: Priest pleads guilty to lewdness, abuse
02 Jan: Four hurt in clashes between Hindus and Muslims
02 Jan: Priest admits child rape
01 Jan: ACLU files brief over Ten Commandments plaque Hooray ACLU! Christians don't seem to realize that promoting a code of religious commandments in public places promotes one religious idea over another (or no religion) and produces the very kind of conflicts that the American founders tried to avoid.
01 Jan: Pastor and wife charged in child's death
01 Jan: Accused Priest Is Found Dead