News & Articles from 2006

How religious, political and ideological beliefs spark falsehoods, intolerance, violence, crime, and war

comments by Jim Walker

[Note: Due to expiration dates of some news sites, some links may no longer work]

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31 Dec U.S. soldier killed in Baghdad, 3,000 mark nearing
31 Dec 3 ex-altar boys sue BR Catholic diocese for sex abuse
30 Dec 5 More U.S. Troops Killed In Iraq
30 Dec Many soldiers say troop surge a bad idea
30 Dec Diocese sued for alleged child sex abuse by priest
29 Dec Iraq: Three U.S,. Soldiers killed
28 Dec 7 more U.S. troops killed in Iraq; dozens of civilians die in attacks
28 Dec Catholic Diocese pays $100,000 to man who claims abuse by priests
27 Dec U.S. deaths in Iraq exceed toll of 9/11
27 Dec Abuse Seen at Iraqi Jail Puts New Focus on Rogue Police
26 Dec Three U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq: U.S. military
26 Dec Church's anti-HIV campaign
25 Dec Iraq: At least 12 dead in blast, clashes; Another two US troops killed
25 Dec Man claims priest beat him Priest also accused of sex abusing two boys.
24 Dec 5 US Soldiers Killed by Iraqi Insurgents 76 soldiers have died this month because of Bozo's ego.
23 Dec Four US troops among eight killed in Iraq violence
23 Dec Priest charged in child sex abuse case
22 Dec Bush Rejects Generals on Iraq Bozo the idiot continues his debacle.
22 Dec Two Marines, one soldier killed in Iraq
22 Dec Capuchins name priest accused of sex abuse
21 Dec White House accused of censorship
21 Dec Priest accused of sex abuse, diocese says
20 Dec Pentagon reports attacks in Iraq surged to new high
20 Dec 97 Iraqis, 1 GI Killed; 58 Iraqis, 1 GI Wounded
19 Dec Showdown Looms Over Domestic Spying
19 Dec Women Lose Ground in the New Iraq
18 Dec Pentagon eyes $468.9 bln budget for fiscal 2008 More than half the U.S. budget!
18 Dec Catholic church in new sex abuse row
17 Dec US Troops Starting to Demand Withdrawal “The well is so poisoned by what we have done here that nothing can fix it.”
17 Dec U.S. military says two Marines, one soldier killed in Iraq
17 Dec Capuchins name priest accused of sex abuse
16 Dec Survey indicates Iraqis in despair More than 90% Iraqis think the country is worse off not than under Saddam.
16 Dec Priest ousted for past abuse of a minor
15 Dec 123 Iraqis, 1 GI Killed; 96 Iraqis Wounded
15 Dec Catholic priest in court on child abuse charges
14 Dec Tuesday: 158 Iraqis Killed, 5 GIs Killed; 287 Iraqis Injured
14 Dec Roman Catholic Priest gets 15 years for genocide
14 Dec Defrocked LA priest to face new child sexual abuse charges
13 Dec Roadside bombs kill 4 U.S. soldiers in Iraq
13 Dec Poll: Iraq Going Badly And Getting Worse
12 Dec More bombings reported, three U-S soldiers killed
12 Dec 'Catholic Watergate' stuns, sickens
12 Dec U.S. has most prisoners in world due to tough laws
11 Dec US soldier killed in Anbar province, arrest of Sadr armed cell leader
11 Dec 14-year-old boy commits suicide, hoping for better luck next life That's what belief in reincarnation can do to people.
10 Dec Bush's Iraq Approval Hits New Low Now at just 27%
10 Dec Iraqis: US Raid Killed Children, Women
09 Dec US soldier killed in Baghdad
09 Dec Traces of Israeli Uranium found in Lebanon
08 Dec The Bush administration routinely underreported the level of violence in Iraq to disguise its policy failings
08 Dec 11 U.S. Troops Slain In Iraq In Single Day
08 Dec At least 3 more accusing priest of child sex abuse
07 Dec 191 Iraqis, 3 GIs Killed; 91 Iraqis Wounded
07 Dec 35 sex-abuse lawsuits filed against the Archdiocese of Denver
06 Dec Iraq chopper crash death toll raised to 4
06 Dec Group wants investigation of Fort Worth priests
05 Dec Bolton is out of here! The Democrat controlled congress makes his confirmation impossible. No more "ambassador" to the UN.
05 Dec Nine U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq
05 Dec Ex-Nun Recalls Episodes of Clergy Abuse
04 Dec Iraqi violence "self-sustaining": U.S. intel chief
04 Dec Sex abuse by clergy affects all religions And what about the religious tenants that cause abuse?
03 Dec US Spy Chief: Iraq Worse Than Vietnam
03 Dec 48 Iraqis Killed on Friday, US Soldier Killed Thursday
03 Dec Child Sex abuse by priests costs L.A. church $60M
02 Dec Al-Maliki faces revolt within government
02 Dec 86 corpses found across Iraq, one US soldier killed
01 Dec US soldier killed in Baghdad, massgrave uncovered in Baqouba
01 Dec Process to defrock 2 priests for sex abuse under way Civilians go to jail for child sex abuse. Priests just get defrocked?
30 Nov Two U.S. soldiers killed, one wounded, in Iraq
30 Nov Former St. Michael priest accused of child sexual abuse
29 Nov NBC calls Iraq conflict 'civil war' As usual, the mainstream news media lags the news.
29 Nov Hudson priest suspended following allegations of child sex abuse
29 Nov Muslims-Christians Distrust Runs Deep Well of course. That's what religion does-- divide people.
28 Nov Sunday: 148 Iraqis, 5 GIs Killed; 58 Iraqis, 7 Brits, 2 GIs Wounded
28 Nov Both Sides Blame the U.S. as Violence Escalates in Iraq
27 Nov U.S. Finds Iraq Insurgency Has Funds to Sustain Itself
27 Nov It's official: U.S. involved in Iraq longer than WW II
27 Nov A bishop names accused priests of sexual molestation
26 Nov Iraq's Violence Spins Beyond Anyone's Control
26 Nov Church fire called act of intolerance Rreligious zeal led Bible student to burn Episcopal church.
26 Nov Former pastor in Perry County subject of multiple sex molestation complaints
25 Nov Bloody Thursday: 262 Iraqis Killed, 291 Wounded
25 Nov 20 priests on child sex abuse list
24 Nov Iraq civilian slaughter grows
24 Nov U.S. soldier killed in car bombing in north Baghdad
24 Nov Man files sex-abuse suit against priest
23 Nov New Survey: Iraqis Want a Speedy U.S. Exit -- and Back Attacks on Our Forces
23 Nov Priest tied to child molesting abuse ran jobs program
23 Nov Priest charged with child sex abuse
22 Nov Record number die in Iraq during November
22 Nov US soldier killed in Iraq blast
21 Nov Indonesians form a huge protest against Bush So much for Bozo's "I'm a uniter not a divider" position.
21 Nov Two US soldiers killed in Iraq
20 Nov Kissinger: Victory in Iraq no longer possible
20 Nov Embittered Insiders Turn Against Bush
20 Nov Judge clears way for 100 suits over priest sex abuse
19 Nov Tony Blair admits Iraq is a 'disaster'  Only Bozo still thinks Iraq is just peachy. 
19 Nov Former Peekskill man testifies against priest
18 Nov US soldier killed in Iraq
18 Nov Priest suspended after allegations of sexual abuse
17 Nov Eight U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq in two days
17 Nov More than 175 Catholic bishops named in child sex abuse lawsuit
16 Nov Four US troops killed by insurgents
16 Nov Stop abuse by priests, victims ask
15 Nov Monday: 4 GIs, 109 Iraqis Killed; 4 GIs, 47 Iraqis Injured
15 Nov Woman claims priest molested, stalked her
14 Nov Bloody Sunday: 213 Iraqis, 7 US/UK Troops Dead
14 Nov Further complaints against jailed priest examined
13 Nov Depleted Uranium behind the surge in Cancer rates in Iraq
13 Nov More sex abuse cases hit Anglican church
12 Nov Exclusive: Charges Sought Against Rumsfeld Over Prison Abuse
12 Nov U.S. military deaths
12 Nov Suspended priests tied to child sex abuse lack supervision
11 Nov Rep. Kucinich: America Needs Iraq War Hearings Now that the Dems control congress they can start the investigations.
11 Nov Ill. priest defrocked over child sex allegations
10 Nov Democrats win control of Senate
10 Nov It's Official: Katherine Harris Makes Sixteen Members of Congress Under Investigation
10 Nov 60 Minutes' Ed Bradley Dead At 65 One of the world's best journalists, Bradley dies from leukemia.
09 Nov Bush diminished as world leader Bozo becomes the Democrats personal spank puppet.
09 Nov Democrats Sweep Into Power in House
09 Nov November's death toll now at 20
08 Nov U.S. soldier killed in roadside bombing in Iraq
08 Nov Church quiet on child sex abuse for 26 years
07 Nov Two Americans killed in chopper crash in Iraq
07 Nov Priest found guilty of sexually abusing boy
06 Nov Bush Cites Oil As Reason to Stay in Iraq
06 Nov Pastor sacked over sex & drug scandal Ted Haggard (Bozo's evangelical friend) found guilty by evangelical oversight board.
05 Nov Military newspapers call for Rumsfeld's removal
05 Nov Haggard Case Fuels Debate Over Hypocrisy
05 Nov 4 St. Louis-Area Priests Formally Removed From Priesthood
04 Nov Florida GOP Lawmaker Resigns After Scandal Ralph Arza resigns because of his obscene and racial slurs.
04 Nov Thursday: 5 GIs, 58 Iraqis Killed; 92 Iraqis Injured
04 Nov GOP candidates call on Rumsfeld to quit
03 Nov Wednesday: 90 Iraqis, 3 GIs Killed; 42 Iraqis, 1 Marine Wounded
03 Nov Revealed: U.S. Soldier Killed Herself After Objecting to Interrogation Techniques
02 Nov Iraqi PM hands Sadr victory over US blockade
02 Nov U.S. soldier killed in Iraq's Anbar province
01 Nov U.S. Oct death toll in Iraq rises to 103
01 Nov Priest accused of molesting teenager in court

31 Oct 11 Charged in GOP Vote Fraud
31 Oct US Loses Thousands of Weapons in Iraq
31 Oct One U.S. marine killed in Iraq's Anbar province
30 Oct Pentagon expands war-funding push They already spend over half the U.S. budget, now they want more?
30 Oct Swedes think US 'greatest threat to peace'
30 Oct Foley’s ex-priest disconnected from reality
29 Oct Eye on Iraq: Why U.S. lost Baghdad battle
28 Oct U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Worst in a Year
28 Oct Strange world of a priest who became a monster
27 Oct Five US troops killed in Iraq as Bush under fire
27 Oct U.S. Troops in Iraq: 72% Say End War in 2006 The US citizens want us out, the Iraqi citizens want us out, the US troops want out, the world wants us out. Only Bozo and his cronies wants us to stay in Iraq.
27 Oct Man says priest in Foley case sexually abused him, too
26 Oct U.S. soldier killed in bomb attack in Baghdad
26 Oct A former priest molested kids in California parishes. Now he talks
25 Oct Soldier Missing, 2 Military Personnel Killed in Iraq, Army Says
25 Oct Lastest priest scandal again raises questions about Church's silence
24 Oct Bloody Sunday: 118 Iraqis, 7 GIs Dead
24 Oct Former Miami-Dade County priest accused of abuse admits errors
23 Oct U.S. Sees Deadliest Month of 06 in Iraq
23 Oct Priest tells of sex abuse horror
22 Oct Iraq PM Blocks Civilian Death Toll Release He didn't want the alarming casualty figures released that showed the war worsening.
22 Oct U.S. soldier killed in bomb attack in Iraq
22 Oct Accused Priest’s Long Flight From Law in U.S. and Mexico
21 Oct We've lost battle for Baghdad, US admits
21 Oct Thursday: 120 Iraqis Killed, 179 Wounded; 3 GIs Dead, 1 Marine Killed
21 Oct Priest admits sexual fondling a teenaged Mark Foley
20 Oct Bush: Iraq War May Be Like Vietnam Duh!
20 Oct Former Priest In Court On Sex Assault Charges
19 Oct 11 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq October US death toll now up to 70.
19 Oct Five cases against priests get 2007 trial dates
18 Oct Antarctic ice collapse tied to greenhouse gases
18 Oct New Iraq is not going to be 'democratic, unified country'
18 Oct Defrock predator priests, victims tell bishops
17 Oct Sunday Violence Leaves 94 Iraqis Dead; 8 US Troops Dead in Weekend Attacks
17 Oct Abuse cases put focus on Jesuits
16 Oct Bush keeps revising war justification
16 Oct Bush Is Said to Have No Plan if GOP Loses
16 Oct Three U.S. soldier killed in Iraq
15 Oct Friday Attacks Leave 112 Iraqis, 1 GI, 2 British Contractors Dead
15 Oct Book: White House advisers mock, then exploit, evangelical supporters
15 Oct Fund aids Catholic clergy who have been forced from ministry Not for the victims, mind you, but for the sex abusers!
14 Oct U.S. soldier killed in northern Iraq
14 Oct 17 Falsely Accused Guantanamo Detainees Returned to Afghanistan
13 Oct Bombings kill U.S. soldier, 14 Iraqis 40 Americans killed in the past 11 days.
13 Oct Ex-Chandler priest faces trial for sex abuse
12 Oct Study: 655,000 Iraqis Died Due to War
12 Oct More than 300,000 Iraqis have fled They fled to escape the violence triggered by Bozo's war.
12 Oct Planet enters 'ecological debt' The people's demands exceeds the Earth's ability to supply resources and absorb the demands placed upon it.
12 Oct Priest's sex abuse destroyed union, ex-wife testifies
11 Oct Bush's 'Axis of Evil' Comes Back to Haunt United States
11 Oct U.S. soldier killed in Baghdad when patrol attacked, second dies near Tikrit
10 Oct 77 Iraqis, 2 GIs Killed, Including 30 Militiamen Killed by US/Iraqi Forces
10 Oct. Priests in sex abuse cases still holding teaching certificates
09 Oct U.S. Casualties in Iraq Rise Sharply
09 Oct U.S. soldier killed near Baghdad
09 Oct Roman Catholic Church faces sex scandal from Mexico
08 Oct Death of a soldier: US losses mount in Battle of Baghdad
08 Oct U.S. soldier killed in fighting near Beiji
08 Oct Pervert priest gets 3 years
07 Oct Inquiry To Look At House, Not Foley About time.
07 Oct Ex-page says he got messages from Foley in 1997!
07 Oct Priest tells of abusing kids
06 Oct Four US soldiers killed in Iraq, 21 since Saturday
06 Oct Baghdad bombings hit new high
05 Oct 8 GIs Die in 1 Day in Baghdad, Deaths Up for U.S., Fall for Iraq Forces
05 Oct Foley had Internet Sex While Awaiting House Vote
04 Oct Rumsfeld, Ashcroft received warning of al Qaida attack before 9/11
04 Oct Actually, Tenet Did Warn Rice of Al Qaeda
04 Oct Two US, one Afghan soldier killed in fighting in Afghanistan
03 Oct Iraq civilian deaths hit record in Sept
03 Oct 9/11 Panel Members Weren’t Told of Meeting
03 Oct BBC claims Pope party to alleged child sex abuse cover-up
02 Oct Detainee bill lifts Bush's power to new heights President now has legal authority even courts can't challenge
02 Oct Two Months Before 9/11, an Urgent Warning to Rice
02 Oct The laughing 9/11 pilots  This blows away the conspiracy theorists belief that the Islamic pilots were not Al-Qaeda. 
02 Oct Priest removed from public ministry because of child sex abuse charge
01 Oct Legal Battle Over Detainee Bill Is Likely If it goes to the Supreme Court Bozos crony judges will probably side with him. Now what?
01 Oct Over 800 attacks against U.S. every week in Iraq

30 Sep Many Rights in US Legal System Taken Away in New Bill
30 Sep Two priests accused of stealing millions
29 Sep New Poll Says Majority of Iraqis Approve of Attacks on U.S. Forces
29 Sep 40 Tortured Bodies Found in Baghdad
29 Sep Vatican slammed over celibacy
29 Sep Scientists Form Group to Support Science-Friendly Candidates
28 Sep Most Iraqis Want US Out Now
28 Sep Fresno bishop named in lawsuit Family seeks the names of abusive priests.
27 Sep The Return of the Taliban
27 Sep Ex-military officers criticize Rumsfeld
27 Sep Global temperature highest in millennia
26 Sep Two U.S. marines killed in western Iraq
26 Sep Anger at U.S. Policies More Strident at U.N.
25 Sep US army’s kill-kill ethos under fire
25 Sep Two Jesuits named in sexual abuse suit
24 Sep Now the death toll is 9/11 times two
24 Sep Spy Agencies Say Iraq War Worsens Terror Threat
24 Sep Catholic Bishop Named in Unprecedented Child Molestation Lawsuit
23 Sep Iraq torture worse than under Saddam
23 Sep U.S. soldier killed in western Iraq
22 Sep Nearly 6,600 civilians killed in Iraq in two months: UN
22 Sep Six police officers and U-S soldier among latest victims in Iraq
22 Sep Suit targets bishops on child sex molestation claims
21 Sep Thousands Protest Against Bush to End Iraq War at UN Headquarters
21 Sep Americans Want CIA to Respect Geneva Convention
21 Sep Suit Says Cardinals Aided Pedophile Priest
20 Sep Bodies found, two more US soldier deaths
20 Sep Jury Rules Against Davenport Diocese In Priest Abuse Trial
19 Sep Baghdad Bomb Kills U.S. Soldier; Enemy Mosque Use Increases
19 Sep Major Problems at Polls Feared Electronic voting could trigger a repeat.
18 Sep Victims, kin recount clergy sexual abuse Did these priests learn anything or were they sexually titillated?
17 Sep EU condemns secret CIA prisons
17 Sep U.S. soldier killed in bomb attack in Baghdad
17 Sep Antiwar Group Wins Permit to Protest Bush at UN Monday
16 Sep Air Force chief: Test weapons on testy U.S. mobs This is what our government leaders think about "We the People."
16 Sep Senate panel defies Bush on terror
16 Sep 2 U.S. Soldiers Among 17 Dead In Iraq
16 Sep Former area priest named in sex abuse suit
15 Sep Mideast Sees Iraq 'Disaster,' Annan Says
15 Sep Israeli Troops Used Illegal Weapons Israel used illegal cluster bombs and phosphorous weapons on entire villages.
15 Sep Bush Tells Group He Sees a 'Third Awakening' Bozo's trying to escape his crimes by appealing to religious conservatives.
14 Sep U.S. soldier killed in western Iraq
14 Sep Former altar boy testifies priest forced oral sex
14 Sep Bush to hold talks on Ali G creator  Sacha Baron Cohen has upset the Kazakhstan government. Or maybe a grand publicity stunt?
13 Sep Iraqi elections believed to have worsened divisions, report says
13 Sep GOP to Spend Millions to Dig Up Dirt on Democrats
12 Sep U.S. soldier killed north of Baghdad
12 Sep How a pedophile priest destroyed a boy's life
11 Sep U.S. Death Count Excludes Bombs, Mortar Attacks
11 Sep Depleted Uranium not a popular topic at the Pentagon Practicing your Constitutional rights might get you thrown in prison.
11 Sep Hindu priest accused of sex abuse and rape
10 Sep Senate: Saddam saw al-Qaida as a threat, not an ally  This blows away Bush's rational for the Iraq war and shows that he doesn't even know who the enemy is, much less how to defend against them.
10 Sep G.I.s say Iraq uranium caused ills Inhaling uranium dust will do that to you.
10 Sep Jesuits finally admit sexual abuse by priest
09 Sep Afghan blast kills two U.S. troops
09 Sep U.S. soldier killed by roadside bomb in Iraq
09 Sep Group targets Salt Lake priest abuse
08 Sep Scientists See New Global Warming Threat
08 Sep Jailed Milford priest facing additional sex abuse charges
07 Sep Pakistan signs peace deal with pro-Taliban militants Well, well, well. Bozo's ally now on the side of terrorists. What now, invade Pakistan?
07 Sep Political Islam takes center stage since 9-11
07 Sep Army Finally Bans Torture Thanks to humanitarian groups and not our leaders.
07 Sep Sioux City diocese faces more priest sex abuse lawsuits
06 Sep 12 US and British Soldiers, 55 Iraqis Killed in Monday Attacks
06 Sep 3 more accuse ex-priest of child sex molestation
05 Sep U.S. deaths in Iraq, war on terror surpass 9/11 toll Bozos actions kill more Americans than the terrorists, not to mention tens of thousands of innocent foreigners.
05 Sep Two Marines killed in Iraq
04 Sep Sistani: 'I Can No Longer Stop Civil War' [Remember this is a religious civil war.]
04 Sep Afghan Opium cultivation out of control, U.N. says Just one of the "little" side effects that comes with badly planned wars.
04 Sep Fugitive child sex abuser priest once served in Napa
03 Sep Pentagon Gives Gloomy Iraq Report Religious violence spreading like never before. On brink of civil war.
03 Sep FBI Role in Terror Probe Questioned Remember those Haitian "terrorists" in Miami? It stinks of a Bush Administration set-up for political purposes.
03 Sep Milwaukee archdiocese to pay $16 million sex abuse settlement
02 Sep Death Toll after Attacks in Iraq at 64
02 Sep Governors Seek to Stop Bush's Guard Power Grab
01 Sep U.S. soldier killed in bomb attack in Iraq
01 Sep Wave of Sectarian Violence Sparks Renewed Fears of Civil War in Iraq
01 Sep Priest dies trying to walk on water Yet again an example of the failure of faith.

31 Aug Iraqi hospitals are war’s new ‘killing fields’
31 Aug Israeli Forces Launch Strikes In Gaza, 5 Palestinians killed
31 Aug Priest Indicted For Child Sexual Abuse
30 Aug Scores of Iraqis killed in oil pipeline blast; 10 US troops dead
30 Aug Brown says Bush wanted him to lie Bush wanted him to take the heat for the bungling.
30 Aug Bucks County priest removed from all duties
29 Aug Six More American Soldiers Killed
29 Aug Sexual abuse by priest haunts woman
28 Aug Israel air force chief to plan war on Iran Zionism and defense of Israel has now become offensive in nature.
28 Aug The scandal of Father Donald Osgood
28 Aug Christian zealots destroy ancient Arctic petroglyphs
27 Aug U.S. military deaths in Iraq 2,620 so far
27 Aug Catholic bishop may face jail
26 Aug Three US soldiers, 14 Iraqis perish in violence
26 Aug Pro-War Republican Congressman Urges Iraq Withdrawal
25 Aug Amnesty International Accuses Israel of Committing 'War Crimes'
25 Aug Two US soldiers killed south of Baghdad
25 Aug Israeli Flights Over Lebanon Violate Terms of Truce, U.N. Says
24 Aug Lebanese blogs: Depleted uranium from Israeli weapons suspected
24 Aug Putting the Iraq War on Trial An Army officer refused duty in Iraq because he had a duty to disobey an illegal war.
23 Aug Poll: Opposition to Iraq war at all-time high
23 Aug U.S. soldier killed north of Baghdad
22 Aug Israel Prepares for 'Next Round' of War
22 Aug For monastery, a chapter of disgrace Before sex-abuse case, founder was ordered to avoid children.
21 Aug Israel Strikes Deep in Lebanon
Israel violates the cease-fire agreement. So much for Israel's "commitment for peace."
21 Aug U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraqi Province
21 Aug Four soldiers killed, 3 hurt in Afghanistan
20 Aug Israeli raid tests truce
Does Israel really want peace? Not as long as it harbors Zionist beliefs.
20 Aug Sex abuse victims demand that priests be defrocked
19 Aug US Bomb Kills 12 Afghan Cops; Karzai 'Shocked, Angry'
19 Aug 2 More American Soldiers Killed in Iraq
19 Aug
Ex-Hoosier priest accused of sex abuse
18 Aug Judge Orders End to Bush’s Warrantless Wiretapping  Viictory! But Bozo broke the law yet again, so WHERE'S HIS INDICTMENT?
18 Aug U.S. Soldier Killed In Western Iraq
18 Aug Bishop may face charges in not reporting sex abuse
17 Aug Bush Sees No End to War on Terrorism [That's because he's the one spurring terrorism. He's a war president, remember?]
17 Aug July deadliest month in Iraq 110 Iraqis killed per day. [Apparently Bozo thinks this is progress.]
17 Aug Violations by Military Recruiters Up Sharply
16 Aug Iraq turns into a holy war Shia death squads battle radical Sunnis, talk of apocalypse fills Baghdad's streets.
16 Aug Israel's verdict: We lost the war
16 Aug Church's defense called 'immoral' Well doesn't that just take the cake.
15 Aug Israeli Leaders Fault Bush on War Israeli officials blame Bush for egging Prime Minister Ehud Olmert into war against the Hezbollah.
15 Aug Attackers use rockets; 62 killed in Baghdad
15 Aug Sickened Iraq Vets Cite Depleted Uranium
15 Aug New controversies in Catholic sex abuse cases
14 Aug US Muslims Bristle at Bush Remarks Bush doesn't know the meaning of fascism. Fascism always connects politics to corporations - like Bush!.
14 Aug 2 US Troops Among Nearly 50 Dead in Iraq
14 Aug 3 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
13 Aug Attacks kill 3 GIs, NATO soldier
13 Aug Israel Expands Offensive Despite UN Truce Deal So much for Israel's word. They have become their enemies.
13 Aug Priest Jailed 30 Years for Sexual Abuse
12 Aug Egypt says US losing credibility in Mideast Thanks Bozo!
12 Aug Olmert's popularity plunges in Israel - poll Just like in America, Israel's got an idiot at the controls, and people don't like him either.
12 Aug Church criticised over paedophile priest
11 Aug Three U-S soldier's killed in Iraq's Anbar province
11 Aug Israel: 'Refuseniks' say they won't attack civilians
11 Aug Ohio Minister, Wife, Busted on Kiddie Porn Charges
10 Aug Lieberman Defeated in Primary Voters send a message to this pro-war Democrat. Vote these war believers out!
10 Aug U.S. Army Helicopter Goes Down in Iraq Two crew members missing, four injured. Religious fighting, escalates.
10 Aug Fed-up family sues bishops Murder and thousands of clergy accused of molesting children.
09 Aug US soldier killed in al Anbar
09 Aug
Catholic priest admits 35 more child sex charges
08 Aug Iraqi, US forces clash with Shiite militia in Baghdad, 3 US Soldiers dead
08 Aug
Half of U.S. still believes Iraq had WMD
08 Aug Ex-priest pleads guilty to child sex abuse
07 Aug
In Israel, Questions About the Conflict Public Support, Once Nearly Unanimous, Begins to Fray
07 Aug 21 killed in Iraq attacks, US soldier killed
07 Aug Paedophile priest was given post at school for the deaf  The Church (the largest pedophile club in the world) continues to cover its criminals.
06 Aug U.S. Troops Secured Baghdad Rally for Hezbollah It appears America supports all sides for war. Can you say "insane"?
06 Aug US troops shot detainees in cold blood, court told
06 Aug Altar boy’s parents accuse priest of maltreatment
05 Aug Israel and Hezbollah Continue War; Civilian Death Toll Rises Gee, you think religion might have something to do with it? Nah!
05 Aug Two US marines killed in the Anbar province west of Iraq
05 Aug Priest pleads guilty to scores of sex abuse charges
04 Aug
US government asks federal court to stop domestic spying lawsuit
04 Aug Appalled by archdiocese's response to priest-abuse victims
03 Aug 70 people including 20 Iraqi soldiers and 1 U.S. soldier killed in attacks across Iraq
03 Aug
Army Commander Investigated in Iraq Killing Spree
03 Aug Qana attack led to turning point in support for Israel
02 Aug Bombings, Shootings Kill 52 in Iraq
02 Aug New lawsuit says priest abused teenager 50 times
01 Aug Relentless Sectarian Violence in Baghdad Stalks Its Victims Even at the Morgues
01 Aug Priest left trail of child sex abuse claims

31 Jul Israeli raid in Lebanon kills 54 civilians 37 of them were chiildren.
31 Jul Four US Marines killed in Iraq
31 Jul Investigation finds priest misspent up to $1.4 million
31 Jul The Passion of Christ's movie maker
A drunk Mel Gibson shows his anti-Semitism and how his religion doesn't solve his 'little' moral problems.
30 Jul Casualties in Iraq climb again
30 Jul Israel shuns UN truce plea, Rice heads to region
30 Jul Priest is sentenced in sex assault of a teenager
29 Jul 25,000 stateside troops tapped for Iraq deployment This looks remarkably like how the Vietnam war escalated.
29 Jul
US soldier killed in Anbar, US planes attack insurgents hideout
29 Jul You're all targets, Israel tells Lebanese in South
28 Jul
Dissent grows in Israel over Lebanon The Israeli government faces a barrage of criticism over the decision to attack Hizbullah.
28 Jul
Poll: World Doesn't Respect Bush
28 Jul Federal arrest warrant issued for priest in child sex abuse case
27 Jul Civilians bear fear, injuries, death, grief Fleeing families, ambulances hit in rocket attacks
27 Jul U.S. soldier killed north of Baghdad
27 Jul New York priest charged with child rape
26 Jul
Iraqi Parliament Speaker Says Invasion and Aftermath Are the "Work of Butchers"
26 Jul American Bar Association: Bush violating Constitution
26 Jul
Officials: 7 Killed by Israeli Missile
26 Jul
N.Y. Franciscan priest charged with raping 2 boys
25 Jul
Fleeing civilian vehicles hit by Israeli missiles
25 Jul Ex-bishop: Church motivated by money
24 Jul
U.S. soldier killed in bomb attack in Baghdad
24 Jul
Paedophile priest was set free to rape young children in their homes
24 Jul
Global warming linked to wildfires
23 Jul
Accused troops: We were under orders to kill Soldiers say officers commanded them to kill all military age males.
23 Jul 2 Americans, dozens of Iraqis killed
23 Jul Diocese Acknowledges Sex Abuse Allegations
22 Jul
Helicopters Crash In Israel; Full-Scale Invasion Imminent
22 Jul
Attacks on U.S., Iraqi forces jump 40 percent
22 Jul
Calif. Man Wins $600,000 Settlement in Priest Abuse Case
21 Jul
In Iraq, Civil War All but Declared
21 Jul Israelis Target Christian Part of Beirut
20 Jul
'Catastrophe' looms in Lebanon as Israel pushes offensive
20 Jul Civil war spreads across Iraq as bomb at Shia mosque kills 59
20 Jul Jesuit priest gets 7 years for molestation
19 Jul
Israel refuses to rule out invasion Attacks kill 215 in Lebanon, 24 in Israel, most of them civilians of course.
19 Jul Priest booted after sex-abuse reports He rapes a young girl and he only gets fired from his job?
18 Jul U.S. soldier killed in bomb attack in Baghdad
18 Jul Putin Jabs Bush: ‘We Certainly Would Not Want…The Same Kind of Democracy As They Have in Iraq’
17 Jul Poll: Americans Want Democrats in Power
17 Jul Top US General says we are ‘Closer to the beginning’ in the Iraq war
17 Jul Visiting Priest Accused of Child Sex Abuse
16 Jul Israel, Hezbollah clash escalates Great. Another religious supported war.
16 Jul Iraq’s Civil War Spins out of US and Iraqi Government Control
15 Jul
Chances of Voting Rights Act Renewal Dim
15 Jul
US 'could be going bankrupt'
14 Jul Cheney's Office Cultivated a Pro-Torture Environment
14 Jul
Hidden toll: Civilians killed accidentally
13 Jul Novak: Rove was a source in outing Plame
13 Jul
Afghans say civilians killed in U.S. force bombing
12 Jul
Iraq says to ask U.N. to end US immunity
12 Jul Al-Qaida Tape Claims 3 GIs Killed Over Rape-Murders
11 Jul Dozens die as sectarian attacks escalate in Iraq
11 Jul Police Abuses in Iraq Detailed
10 Jul Five more U.S. soldiers charged in rape of Iraqi teen, slaying of family
10 Jul How Catholicism fell from grace in Ireland [Catholicism never had grace; it's been a lie from the beginning.]
09 Jul 3 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Battle
09 Jul Accused Priest May Have Fled The Country
Sex abuser priest defies his crimes.
08 Jul 15 Afghan civilians killed in US strike
08 Jul New lawsuit alleges abuse by often-sued former priest
07 Jul
Eighteen killed in attacks around Iraq
07 Jul
Philadelphia priest removed after child sex abuse probe
06 Jul Iraq Calls For Independent Investigation Into U.S. Military Rape Case
06 Jul
Priest gets five years for sexually abusing altar boys
05 Jul American Majority Says Iraq War Pointless
05 Jul
Al-Zarqawi's death fails to stop bloodshed
05 Jul Clergy sexually abusing their flock
04 Jul
Two US soldiers killed in Iraq
04 Jul
Letters detail charges of sex abuse by priest
03 Jul Baghdad insurgent attacks higher since security crackdown
03 Jul
Sex abuse by priests nothing new Author says Catholic Church has had a problem for centuries and still isn't handling it well.
02 Jul U.S. military deaths At least 2,534 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war.
02 Jul GIs Eyed in Alleged Rape, Murders in Iraq
02 Jul
Sexual abuse by nuns: Lifelong trauma
01 Jul U.S. losing terror war because of Iraq, poll says Eight of ten experts on terrorism and national security agree with this.
01 Jul
U.S. soldier killed in bomb attack in Iraq

30 Jun
Supreme Court Rules Against Bush's Guantanamo War Trials OK, Bush broke the law. WHERE'S HIS PUNISHMENT?
30 Jun Benchmarks: U.S. casualties rising in Iraq
30 Jun Cambridge priest guilty of child rape
30 Jun Ultra-Orthodox Jews attack Christian tourists in Jerusalem
29 Jun
AP formally accuses Bush of ignoring laws he signs Bush has ignored the Constitution. This is an impeachable offense.
29 Jun New setback for parish hit by child sex abuse case
28 Jun
Poll: Majority of Americans want withdrawal plan for Iraq
28 Jun
Erection Fraud Rush Limbaugh charged with a misdemeanor for carrying Viagra prescribed to a physician instead of him, Now known as "Limpbaugh."
28 Jun
Priest up on 61 sex abuse charges dating back to 1954
27 Jun 50,000+ Iraqis Died Since Invasion Of course this doesn't include all the innocent civilians that died due to US bombing during the invasion.
27 Jun Police to investigate church child sex scandal in Norway
26 Jun
A deadly week for U.S. forces in Iraq, 16 killed
26 Jun GOP Candidate Calls for Forced Labor Camp for Illegal Immigrants What? Are Republicans trying to copy the Nazis?
26 Jun British 'helpless' as violence rises in southern Iraq
25 Jun
Baghdad in state of emergency Iraq's "government" declared a state of emergency. Five more U.S. troops killed.
25 Jun
Bomb kills GI on foot patrol in Baghdad
25 Jun
Priest who admitted child sex abuse flees before report  Roman Catholic bishop helped him escape.
24 Jun
U.S. Officials: U.S. didn’t find WMDs, despite claims The GOP's political subterfuge backfired on them.
24 Jun
Two U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq
24 Jun Teens allege sex abuse by Catholic youth minister
24 Jun
Ex-Carmel priest accused of abuse
23 Jun Four Marines, Soldier Killed in Iraq
23 Jun Four US soldiers killed in Afghanistan
22 Jun
US soldiers accused of killing Iraqi farmers
22 Jun Iraqi Troops Killed U.S. Soldiers Patrolling With Them
22 Jun 'Significant fighting' seen in Afghanistan
22 Jun Child Sex abuse investigation of Santa Rosa priest widens
21 Jun Two Missing U.S. Soldiers Found Dead Sadly they were tortured and killed in a "barbaric" way.
21 Jun Japan orders pullout of troops from Iraq So much for the coalition of the willing.
20 Jun Shocking Memo from U.S. Embassy in Baghdad Things far worse in Baghdad than Bozo's "upbeat" propaganda.
20 Jun Nuns on the Run? Child Sex Abuse Lawsuits Filed Against Nuns
19 Jun Baghdad blasts mock US claims of Iraqi progress
19 Jun
U.S. Airstrikes Rise In Afghanistan as Fighting Intensifies You mean we're losing the Afgan war too?
19 Jun Man convicted of child sex abuse removed from priesthood Duh! Now what about the thousands of practicing molester priests that the Church know about?
19 Jun Bishops don’t always share details on accused priests No kidding? The priesthood being the largest pedophilia club in the world, perhaps this isn't surprising.
18 Jun U.S. soldier killed, 2 missing in insurgent attack south of Baghdad
18 Jun
13 people file federal racketeering suit against church After failing to get redress,13 people abused by priests try another tactic.
17 Jun 2 U.S. troops missing, 1 killed in attack Prominent Shiite mosque hit again; 11 killed. [Here we go again.]
17 Jun GI deaths in Iraq hit 2,500
17 Jun
Upstate Irish Priest Accused of Abuse
16 Jun
US soldier killed, two wounded in Afghan attacks
16 Jun ACLU sues Pentagon over anti-war group monitoring
16 Jun Tamils targeted as blast kills 64 Great, the Hindus and Buddishts are at it again [Note, the Tamils represent a Hindu sect and the Sinhalese, a Buddhist sect. Ed.]
15 Jun Iraqi's protest Bush's visit
15 Jun
Poll: Image of U.S. falls again
15 Jun Study: Global warming turns bears into cannibals
15 Jun 4 men sue archdiocese, priest over alleged sex abuse
14 Jun US soldier killed in southern Iraq
14 Jun
Pastor resigns amid sex allegations
13 Jun
Violent Crime in U.S. Up for 1st Time in 5 Years [This correlates with Bozo's dictatorship since 9/11. Hmmm.]
13 Jun
US 'planning to keep 50,000 troops in Iraq for many years'
13 Jun
Taliban On The Rise
12 Jun Iraq insurgents post new beheading video
12 Jun
US Soldiers: Iraq Massacre Not An Exception
12 Jun
California priest says local priest abused him They molest their own too?
11 Jun Eight killed in Iraq as violence continues
11 Jun
Bomb kills U.S. soldier and wounds another in northern Iraq
11 Jun
Priest Removed From Church After Child Sex Scandal
10 Jun DeLay (finally) Leaves the House of Representatives Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.
10 Jun Father of Beheaded Man Blames Bush, Not al-Zarqawi
10 Jun
Poll: U.S. disapproves of war in Iraq
09 Jun George Bush Sr. asked retired general to replace Rumsfeld
09 Jun Women of Iraq loosing their freedoms
09 Jun
Iraqi leader: Al-Zarqawi is eliminated Great! The only problem is that the vast majority of the war is waged by Iraqis, not al-Qaeda.
08 Jun
U.S. soldier killed in Baghdad
08 Jun 2 U.S., 3 Afghan troops killed in bombing
08 Jun Disgraced -priest admits sex assaults on altar boys
07 Jun
Iraq Calls for UN Probe into US Killings
07 Jun New Evidence Undermines U.S. Iraq Claims|
07 Jun Judge says Christian prison program must end
07 Jun 3 men accused of sexual abuse barred from working as priests
06 Jun Iraq Demands U.S. Apology
06 Jun
Baghdadis suffer deadliest month May saw highest toll since invasion began in 2003
05 Jun Press Accounts Suggest Military 'Cover-up' in Ishagi Killings
05 Jun Judge: Churchman a danger to society
04 Jun
Third claim of atrocity rocks US servicemen
04 Jun Iraq rejects US probe clearing troops of killings
04 Jun
Israelis Fear Spread Of War Crimes Cases Laws passed in wake of Nuremberg trials now being pressed in Europe against Israeli generals.
03 Jun New 'Iraq massacre' tape emerges Yet another US massacre, this time in Ishaqi.
03 Jun Iraqi PM angry at 'US violence' He says violence against civilians is common.
03 Jun
U.S. troops kill pregnant woman in Iraq
03 Jun Catholic priest convicted of raping 13-year-old girl
02 Jun Two Iraqi Women Are Killed at Coalition Checkpoint
02 Jun
NAU research finds new risks from depleted uranium
02 Jun
More Lawsuits Filed Against Church
01 Jun
New Iraq ambassador claims US Marines 'intentionally' killed cousin Includes video.
01 Jun Pastor quits amid sex probe

31 May Bush gets more bad news from Iraq
31 May U.S. Policy Was to Shoot Korean Refugees
31 May Study: global warming boosts poison ivy
30 May
Marines and the 'massacre': a neighbour tells of aftermath
30 May 2 in CBS News Crew, US solider and Interpreter Killed in Violent Day in Iraq
30 May Anti-American Riots Erupt in Kabul, Many Killed
29 May Analysis: Marine scandal could roil Iraq
29 May Revealed: how US marines Murdered 24 Civilians
28 May Iraq Backs Iran On Nuclear Goal Bozo's own Frankenstein monster backfired on him. Iraq is a Shiite 'democracy.' Of course they will back Iran.
28 May In Haditha, Memories of a Massacre
28 May Pat Robertson Says He Leg-Pressed 2,000 Pounds
That would beat the world record by about 1000 pounds. Yeah, right.
28 May Accused priest led sexual-assault review board A case of the fox guarding the roosters.
27 May Ex-Bush Official Hid Ties to Abramoff, US Says
27 May Sex abuse claims strain diocese
26 May Ken Lay (Bush's Buddy) Guilty On All Counts, Jeff Skilling Also Guilty
26 May
Global warming crisis heats up
26 May
U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq
25 May Iraq: 2 500 killed, 85 000 displaced in two months
25 May Ohio Priest Removed After Abuse Allegation
24 May US prison population rises to 2.18 million The US prison population, already the largest in the world, grew in 2005 to 2.18 million.
24 May U.S. airstrike on Afghan village kills dozens Up to 80 suspected Taliban militants and an unknown number of civilians died.
24 May Diocese hit with 14 new abuse sex abuse claims
23 May Attorney Gen.: Reporters Can Be Prosecuted "I can't imagine a bigger chill on free speech and the public's right to know..."
23 May Priest suspended while allegation is investigated
22 May Violence rages in Afghanistan
22 May
Victim in priest abuse case blasts Matano
21 May US soldier killed, six wounded in Afghan battle
21 May McCain heckled at commencement speech
20 May Inquiry Implies Civilian Deaths in Iraq Topped Initial Report
20 May
Journalist, US soldier killed in separate Iraq attacks
19 May
Marines killed Iraqi civilians 'in cold blood': Murtha
19 May Gates priest linked to sex abuse
18 May FBI Secret Probes: 3,501 Targets in the U.S. Which includes phone records of reporters at ABC news and elsewhere.
18 May 42 Iraqis, 3 GIs Dead in Civil War
18 May U.S. dislike at highest level ever  70 percent around the world think the U.S. superpower needs a rival. [Thanks Bozo!]
18 May
Synagogue sued for child molestation in 1999
17 May
Coral reefs suffer unrecoverable damage from global warming: research
17 May
6 Civilians, U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq
17 May
Lawsuit targets priest, diocese, bishops
16 May Report: Global Warming Threatens Millions
16 May Insurgents Down U.S. Helicopter, Killing Two
15 May Karl Rove Indicted on Charges of Perjury, Lying to Investigators by Jason Leopold [Really?]
15 May Report: Suicidal troops sent into combat
15 May
Son of top Iraqi judge, US soldier killed
14 May
U.S. soldier killed in bomb attack in south Baghdad
14 May Abuse Scandal Has Changed View of Priests It ought to also change the view of religion and its questionable moral 'authority.'
13 May Congress Demands Phone Records Answers
13 May
4 Marines Killed in Tank Accident in Iraq
13 May Priest found guilty of murder; gets 15 years to life
12 May
2 US soldiers killed in bomb attack in Iraq
12 May
1,091 die in April in Baghdad
12 May
SNAP Says Abuse Law, Blessed by the Church, Falls Short (as if blessings would affect anything.)
11 May
NSA has massive database of Americans' phone calls This program goes far beyond what Bozo claimed.
11 May
Republicans Set Aside Middle-Income Tax Cuts to Focus on Rich
11 May
New Britain priest charged with molesting 12-year-old girl
10 May
U.S. soldier, dozens of Iraqis die in latest bloodshed
10 May Bush approval rating hits new low Bozo's approval rating now at 31% and dropping.
10 May Christian dies during attempt at 40-day fast
09 May Death squads deepen division in Baghdad It's beginning to look like Saddam Hussein's style of government again.
09 May
Iraq Violence-U.S. Soldier Killed
08 May
Did Bush Force British Minister Out? The Brits sayBush forced out the Minister who opposed nuking Iran. If so, it seems that Bozo wants Armageddon.
08 May U.S. Military Deaths At least 2,418 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the war.
08 May Iraq's Shiites Now Chafe at American Presence
08 May
Prosecutors: Priest abused boy while being monitored
07 May U.S. helicopter crashes in Afghanistan, 10 killed
07 May
Global warming extends diseases into new areas, scientists say
07 May Ex-Catholic priest gets 3 years for child molestation
06 May
2 in Congress rip Bush on bypassing of laws
06 May Rumsfeld Challenged About Iraq, Heckled by Protesters in Atlanta
05 May Violence steps up in Iraq
05 May
Baghdad anger at Bush's undiplomatic palace
05 May Soledad cross (again) ordered removed
04 May
Bombs kill US soldier, seven Iraqis
04 May
3 sue ex-priest for sex abuse, also blame other clergy
03 May U.S. soldier killed by roadside bomb in Baghdad
03 May
Latest Gas Price Victims: School Buses These poor kids were, literally, left behind in Bozo's "No Child Left Behind" program.
03 May
More Priest Abuse Lawsuits Filed
02 May Churchgoers Most Supportive of the War The least supportive are non-Christians and non-religious.
02 May U.S. General Predicts Intensified Attacks
02 May
Bush says he can disobey hundreds of laws
01 May Violence Uproots 100,000 Iraq Families
01 May
Data Show How Patriot Act Used

30 Apr
US admits Iraq is terror 'cause'
30 Apr April deadliest month in '06 for troops in Iraq
30 Apr Catholic TV ministry had child sex abuser on staff, and they knew it
29 Apr
New government doesn't slow Iraq killings After a year of "new government" the killings are up in Iraq.
29 Apr 3 Insurgents, U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq
29 Apr RC Priest Admits to Altar Boy Sex Abuse
28 Apr Projected Iraq War Costs Soar
28 Apr Priest in rape case accused of molesting disabled neighbor
27 Apr
More top brass blast Rumsfeld
27 Apr Priest pleads to assault and battery
26 Apr
More U.S. soldiers, Iraqis killed
26 Apr Bush's approval ratings slide to new low
26 Apr
Lawsuit alleges 2 priests shared sex-abuse victims
25 Apr
Inspectors Find More Torture at Iraqi Jails
25 Apr Attacks kill three U.S. soldiers in Iraq
24 Apr
3 GIs Killed by Roadside Bomb
24 Apr
Fighting Escalates In Southern Afghanistan
23 Apr Eight U.S.troops killed in Iraq, 1 in Afghanistan
23 Apr
Religious Network Employed A Priest With A History Of Child Abuse
22 Apr
Afghan insurgency said won't slow
22 Apr
2004 sex abuse report omitted 7 priests Cardinal Roger Mahony failed to disclose that he allowed seven priests to continue in ministry.
21 Apr U.S. deaths in Iraq At least 2,379 U.S. military have died because of Bush's illegal war.
21 Apr Rumsfeld Linked to Guantanamo Torture
21 Apr Fla. priest charged in 40-year-old Boston rape
20 Apr Fears grow over Sunni backing for Iraq insurgency
20 Apr Priest charged in 40-year-old rape
19 Apr
Baghdad street battle smacks of open civil war
19 Apr Court rejects bishop’s attempt to hide files The Supreme Court orders the largest pedophile club in the world to turn over its files.
18 Apr Four US marines and British solider killed in bomb blast in S. Iraq
18 Apr
US kills seven Afghanistan civilians
17 Apr
Baghdad Morgue Overflowing Daily As religious killings rise, the morgue cannot keep up with the daily influx of bodies.
17 Apr Uranium bombing in Iraq contaminates Europe
17 Apr E-Mail Said to Link Abramoff to Bush Administration
16 Apr Rumsfeld approved torture: report
16 Apr
Ohio priest faces trial in nun's slaying
15 Apr Six High Ranking Generals clamor for Rumsfeld's ouster over Iraq war
15 Apr At least 17 Iraqi police officers killed in ambush; US soldier killed
15 Apr Suit Charges Sexual Abuse By Former Priest
14 Apr Another general joins anti-Rummy brigade
14 Apr
Cruel April in Iraq
14 Apr U.S. Death Toll in Iraq This Month Hits 35
13 Apr Deaths of U.S. Soldiers Climb Again in Iraq
13 Apr Two U-S soldiers killed by roadside bomb south of Baghdad
13 Apr Political turmoil leaves Iraq adrift
12 Apr
Phone-Jamming Records Point to White House
12 Apr New allegation against priest
11 Apr Bush Ordered Declassification, Official Says
11 Apr
Monks and their monasteries go into retreat as recruits dwindle
10 Apr Bush 'is planning nuclear strikes on Iran's secret sites' Bozo goes insane again.
10 Apr Niger uraniuim forgers revealed
10 Apr
GI killed on base; Iraqi is accused
09 Apr US Marine Shot Dead by Iraqi Soldier; Suicide Bombers Kill Over 79 People at a Shi'ite Mosque
09 Apr
3 more Phila. priests defrocked in pedophilia scandal
08 Apr Evidence Suggests White House Conspiracy
08 Apr Catholic priest accused of sexually abusing another child
07 Apr Cheney Aide Says Bush Authorized Leak
07 Apr Democracy In Iraq Not A Priority in U.S. Budget Of course democracy was never the aim; it's about protecting Bush and his corporate interests.
07 Apr Man Accuses Kansas Priest of Sexual Abuse
06 Apr Exposure to Depleted Uranium Worries Lawmakers
06 Apr Iraq shelves political talks despite US pressure Our own puppet government has become an enemy of the U.S.
05 Apr Nine American troops die in Iraq
05 Apr Analysis: Figures show that Iraq's civil war is underway
05 Apr Ex-seminarian: accused priest would 'dedicate' virgins
04 Apr Tom Delay to Resign! The Exterminator losses his power. And this is not an April Fools joke.
04 Apr  Attacks kill 50 in Iraq; copter crash claims 2 GIs
04 Apr
Iraq militias' wave of death Sectarian killings now surpass terrorist bombings
04 Apr Diocese faces sex abuse suits; ex-priest tied to 12 cases
03 Apr Four US soldier killed in Iraq
03 Apr
Shiite leaders in Iraq turn against the U.S. Religious leaders castigate the American occupiers during Friday mosque services.
03 Apr UJP publicizes depleted uranium problem
02 Apr Iraq: Religious conflict grows
02 Apr Accused priests' names to be posted
01 Apr
Mosul slips out of control as the bombers move in
01 Apr U.S. soldier killed in western Iraq
01 Apr Church sex abuse: 783 new claims in '05

31 Mar Iraq Prime Minister warns U.S. to stop interfering
31 Mar Sectarian (religious) threats purge 30,000 Iraqis from homes
31 Mar Image of Jesus' crucifixion may be wrong, says study And don't forget that his very existence remains in doubt too.
30 Mar Study fails to show healing power of prayer
30 Mar US admits attack target contained a mosque
30 Mar U.S., Canadian soldiers die as Afghan violence surges
29 Mar Earth Is at The Tipping Point "The climate is crashing and global warming is to blame. Why the crisis hit so soon -- and what we can do about it."
29 Mar Iraq parties demand U.S. cede control
29 Mar
Rival Shia groups unite against US after mosque raid
28 Mar Troops accused of mosque massacre
28 Mar Man alleges priest raped him
27 Mar Did American Marines murder 23 Iraqi civilians?
27 Mar
U.S. soldier killed in fight with Taliban
26 Mar US probes new charge troops killed Iraq civilians
26 Mar Priest is named in 1970s-80s child sex abuse case
25 Mar Associated Press serves as a cover-up for U.S. losses   The news media have failed to give a true account of U.S. casualties in Iraq. [Note, I search the news daily for U.S. casualties. Since January, there has been a marked decrease in the reporting of U.S. casualties. Ed.]
25 Mar Iraqi civilian deaths shrouded in secrecy
25 Mar Mormon Church sued over reported abuse
24 Mar
Benchmarks: US Iraq casualties stay high
24 Mar
Priest accused of sexually abusing altar boy
23 Mar US soldier killed in Baghdad
23 Mar
Sex abuse radically alters Catholic Church in Ireland
22 Mar Uranium bombing in Iraq contaminates Europe
22 Mar U.S. lacks mechanism to accurately track troops wounded in Iraq
22 Mar Report Blames Cardinal For Sex Abuse Scandal SNAP Renews Call For Cardinal's Resignation.
21 Mar After 3 Years, War Has Emboldened Iran, Extremists in Iraq
21 Mar Police say US troops killed another family
21 Mar Seven more sex abusing priests defrocked
20 Mar Bush Using Straw-Man Arguments in Speeches
20 Mar Abuse scandals lower church's status in Ireland
19 Mar Two US soldiers killed, one wounded in Iraq attack
19 Mar Walnut Creek priest accused of child sex abuse lawsuit
18 Mar US soldier killed in Iraq, young prisoner dies in Abu Ghraib
18 Mar
Former Priest Accused Of Abuse
17 Mar Benchmarks: More civilians killed in Iraq
17 Mar US soldier killed in Iraq attack
16 Mar U.S. general says no proof Iran behind Iraq arms Exposing yet another lie by Bozo.
16 Mar Lawsuit against diocese says it ignored abuse reports
16 Mar
Some bishops say that meat is permissible this Friday, St. Patrick's Day So much for the immalleable Word of God.
15 Mar 72 Bodies Found In Baghdad In 24 Hours Including a U.S. Soldier
15 Mar Sex Abuse Charges against priest detailed
14 Mar 4 U.S. troops killed
14 Mar SAS soldier quits Army in disgust at 'illegal' American tactics in Iraq
14 Mar
Ex-priest in sex case is arrested for assault
13 Mar U.S. hostage tortured When the U.S. tortures Iraqi civilians held without charges, you can expect them to torture us back.
13 Mar
Irish priests of child sex abuse tally surpasses 100
12 Mar U.S. marine, 4 Iraqis killed in bomb attack in Iraq's Fallujah
12 Mar
American Hostage Found Dead in Iraq
11 Mar Bush's Approval Rating Falls to New Low
11 Mar
President of synod of bishops accused of sex abuse
10 Mar U.S. soldier killed, four others wounded in Iraq
10 Mar
Groups counterattack strict S. Dakota abortion law
10 Mar
Ireland's Catholic Church Admits Decades of Priest Abuse
09 Mar US envoy: Iraq war opened 'Pandora's box,' civil war threat
09 Mar Priests far from only abusers Clergy abuse isn't exclusive to the Catholic Church. It happens equally as often in other religions...
08 Mar Top Iraqi general killed during insurgent attack in Baghdad
08 Mar 8,000 GIs Have Deserted During Iraq War
08 Mar Ex-priest faces more child sex abuse charges
07 Mar Expert on Iraq: 'We're In a Civil War'
07 Mar Violence Prevents Formation of Iraq Government
06 Mar Over 7,000 people have been killed by Iraqi death squads
06 Mar Bush leaves such a stink in India that priests had to purify shrine
06 Mar 3 priest abuse suits filed
05 Mar Wave of anti-US protests sweeps over Pakistan hours before American president's visit
05 Mar Robertson Loses Seat on Religious Broadcasters' Board What is it about fanatical religion that turns people stupid?
04 Mar U.S. deaths in Iraq At least 2,297 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war.
04 Mar Terrorist growth overtakes U.S. efforts General says there are more terrorists created Tthan US can kill.
04 Mar Joliet Diocese hit with more allegations of sex abuse
03 Mar Consensus grows on climate change Science shows how humans are to blame, but you can bet Bush, the anti-scientist, will ignore it.
03 Mar Karachi Bombs Kill 4, Including U.S. Diplomat, Before Bush Trip Bush, just stay away. Even your mere antipicipated presense kills people.
03 Mar Pakistanis call strike to protest Bush visit They hate Bush in Pakistan too.
02 Mar Tape: Bush, Chertoff Warned Before Katrina
02 Mar 72% of  Troops want U.S. to Exit Iraq
02 Mar U.S. soldier killed, 2 injured in firefight with Taliban in Afghanistan
02 Mar Illinois man files suit over alleged abuse by ex-priest

01 Mar Toll in Iraq's Deadly Surge: 1,300
01 Mar Poll: Bush Ratings At All-Time Low Approval rating now at 34%.
01 Mar Even the Coast Guard Has Doubts about the Port Deal
01 Mar Priest pleads guilty to sexual assaults on 2 boys
28 Feb U.S. Deaths in Iraq
28 Feb Depleted Uranium Contamination in Europe
27 Feb Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Western Baghdad
27 Feb Iraq Now Has No Units Able to Stand Alone Bush bragged about 1 unit capable of fighting alone now has nothing to brag about.
27 Feb Activists demand cardinal's resignation Activists angry at Archdiocese for failing to investigate child sex abuse allegations against several priests.
26 Feb Sectarian Violence Resurges in Iraq Simpy put, the violence comes from religious belief.
26 Feb Retired priest convicted of sex abuse
25 Feb Four Soldiers Killed in Iraq
25 Feb Iraq Crisis Grows: 129 Iraqis are killed in unrest
25 Feb Foes and even friends in Mideast say ''America is to blame''
25 Feb Priest convicted of sexual abuse
24 Feb Arab Emirates Co., White House Had Secret Agreement
24 Feb Secret Service agents say Cheney was drunk when he shot lawyer
24 Feb L.A. priest convicted of child molestation
23 Feb Two-thirds of US detainee killings 'go unpunished'
23 Feb Mosque Attack Pushes Iraq Toward Civil War
23 Feb Police Tied to Death Squads U.S. officials say they suspect Iraq's highway patro, is deeply involved in torture and killings. [Better than the Saddam regime?]
22 Feb Dubai Firm in US Port Deal has ties to the White House So much for "homeland security."
22 Feb Iraqi Provice Cuts Off U.S. Forces
22 Feb US soldier killed in Karbala
22 Feb Dublin clergy abuse inquiry to be wider than previously thought
21 Feb Bombing of Baghdad 'linked to UK radiation rise'
21 Feb Iraq Bombings Kill 24 People
21 Feb Holocaust Denier Gets Three Years in Jail "I made a mistake when I said there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz."
20 Feb Iran Was on Edge; Now It's on Top Thanks to Bush the war in Iraq has bolstered the regime's influence in the region and made it bolder.
20 Feb U.S. soldier among 20 killed in Iraq
20 Feb Priest ousted over missing funds
19 Feb Roadside Bombs Kill U.S. Soldier, 9 Iraqis
18 Feb Greenland ice cap melting twice as fast Climate change could be dramatic. Bush administration tried to supress Nasa's climate scientist.
18 Feb U.N. Calls Guantanamo a U.S. Torture Camp
18 Feb Bedrock of Mormon Faith Is Jolted DNA evidence proves Mormon scripture false.
18 Feb Church knew of sex-abuse allegations years ago, accuser claims as 14 more charges laid against priest
17 Feb Abu Ghraib photos fuel Arab anger against U.S
17 Feb Iraq War a Mistake for 55% of Americans
17 Feb Priest accuses Fort Worth Diocese of hiding abuse
16 Feb Roadside Bomb Kills U.S. Marine
16 Feb Another sex abuse claim filed against Jesuit priest
15 Feb Four US soldiers among 10 killed in Afghanistan
15 Feb Report: U.S. Is Abusing Captives
14 Feb '10,000 would die' in A-plant attack on Iran
14 Feb White House under fire in Cheney shooting accident Bush & Cheney knew hours after the shooting but didn't tell anybody about it.
14 Feb US prepares for military strikes on Iran: report
13 Feb US Official Says $8.8 Billion 'Missing' in Iraq
13 Feb
Revealed: the terror prison US is helping build in Morocco
13 Feb
New claims in priest sex abuse scandal
12 Feb
Many Guantanamo detainees not tied to ‘hostile acts’
12 Feb Grand jury indicts Catholic priest on sexual abuse charges
11 Feb U.S. Deaths in Iraq At least 2,267 members of the U.S. military had died since the beginning of the Iraq war.
11 Feb Both sides agree ex-priest a molester
10 Feb Cheney 'Authorized' Libby to Leak Classified Information
10 Feb Abramoff says he met Bush "almost a dozen" times
10 Feb U.S. officials meet with Iraq insurgents as 4 more U.S. troop die
10 Feb Priest accused of child sex abuse at Mokena church
09 Feb Bush Bashed at Scott King funeral Former President Jimmy Carter and Joseph Lowery carved a new hole into Bush's ass.
09 Feb War Costs, Defense Budget Rising
09 Feb Ex-priest sentenced for sexual abuse
08 Feb
Scattered Violence Leaves 4 Marines, 11 Iraqis Dead
08 Feb Corrupt Iraq officials 'fund rebels' [Now Bush and the "free" Iraqis are killing our troops.]
08 Feb Priest's file documents troubles at seminary
07 Feb U.S. soldier killed in Afghan attack
07 Feb
Iraq's Civil War Has Cost $3,000 per U.S. Family-- So Far
07 Feb Abusive Iraqis a growing concern to U.S.
06 Feb Syrians Torch Embassies Over Muhammad Cartoons
06 Feb Priest Abuse Survivors Group Wants Cardinal George Disciplined
05 Feb
Iraq war is costing $100,000 per minute
05 Feb US soldier killed in Iraq
05 Feb Warrant issued for Canadian priest accused of abuse
04 Feb Revealed: Bush and Blair discussed using American Spyplane in UN colours to lure Saddam into war
04 Feb Iraqi forces beset by sectarian differences
04 Feb
5 U.S. troops killed in combat
04 Feb Mom says accused priest fondled neighborhood boy
03 Feb Iraq Sunni bloc threatens revolt
03 Feb New charge for pastor in abuse of boy
02 Feb Gonzales Is Challenged on Wiretaps
02 Feb Another priest removed after abuse charges
01 Feb Nearly half of Iraqis support attacks on U.S. troops, poll finds
01 Feb Triple whammy against church child sex abuse

31 Jan US Army forces 50,000 soldiers into extended duty
31 Jan US soldier killed, two American reporters wounded in Iraq
31 Jan Defrocked N.J. Priest In Center Of Community Storm
30 Jan
Blair and Bush 'conspired to go to war regardless of United Nations'
30 Jan NASA's top climatologist claims Bush administration has tried to silence him
29 Jan U.S. won't complete Iraq projects Yet another sign of failure for this "war."
29 Jan Documents Show Army Seized Wives As Tactic It doesn't seem that we're any better than our enemy, does it?
29 Jan Alleged abuse victim testifies against L.A. priest
28 Jan Majority Believe White House Should Release Abramoff Records
28 Jan
Priest Charged With Sexually Abusing A Young Boy
27 Jan Roadside bomb blasts kill US soldier, three Iraqi troops
27 Jan
Davenport diocese faces another sexual abuse lawsuit

26 Jan
US "outsourced" torture, European investigator says

26 Jan
Study: Army Stretched to Breaking Point
26 Jan
Priest, 84, jailed for 'systematic' abuse of teen
25 Jan
Roadside Bomb Kills U.S. Soldier In Baghdad
25 Jan Priest faces new charges
24 Jan Airstrike raises al-Qaida support
24 Jan Retired priest charged in assaults
23 Jan
U.S. accused of spying on those who disagree with Bush policies
23 Jan Thousands Rally Against U.S. in Pakistan
23 Jan Priest is charged in sex abuse of two boys
22 Jan IRAQ: Power shortages continue to affect millions
22 Jan Former area priest arrested for child molestation
21 Jan
Another grim week in Iraq
21 Jan Full text of bin Laden tape
21 Jan
Former priest arrested for suspicion of lewd acts with minor
20 Jan Violence Kills 50 in Iraq
20 Jan
Scores of Iraqis, 2 Americans die in bloodshed; reporter still captive
20 Jan Bush administration wants Google search data [Scary]
19 Jan
Surge in Violence Across Iraq Kills Scores
19 Jan Missile brought down US chopper in Iraq
19 Jan Four more lawsuits filed against archdiocese
18 Jan
Gore Calls for an Investigation of Warrantless Spy Program
18 Jan Suicide attacks rise in Afghanistan
17 Jan Another U.S. Helicopter Crash Near Baghdad Claims Two Pilots
17 Jan Challenge to Bush's Faith Based Initiative You don't have to be a Constitutional scholar to know that Bush's initiative is unconstitutional.
17 Jan
Catholic priest gets 111 years for sex abuse
16 Jan Airstrike by U.S. Draws Protests From Pakistanis The strike killed 18 villagers including six children.
16 Jan
Navy retiree sues Scranton diocese over church abuse
15 Jan Iraqi Insurgents Shoot Down Army Helicopter, Killing Two U.S. Pilots
15 Jan Archbishop facing new sex abuse crisis
14 Jan U.S. missiles blamed for 18 deaths, including women and children on Pakistan border
14 Jan At Least 345 People Die in Hajj Stampede [Here we go again. Believers trampling over themselves over superstition.]
14 Jan
Catholic Bishop's Admission of Childhood Molestation by Priest
13 Jan US Army its own worst enemy: British officer
13 Jan 6 allege abuse by 3 priests
13 Jan Man Gets Death for Killing Man Thought to Be Antichrist [Yet another example of how religious belief makes people stupid.]
12 Jan
In Abramoff Case, Most See Evidence of Wider Problem
12 Jan Detroit Catholic bishop says he was molested by priest
11 Jan U.S. deaths in Iraq At least 2,201 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003.
11 Jan
Sunni Blames Mosque Attack on 'Occupier'
10 Jan US Blamed for Missile Killing 8 Pakistani Villagers
10 Jan Former Cathloic priest sentenced for sexual child abuse
09 Jan US helicopter crash 'kills 12' in Iraq
09 Jan Five Marines Killed in Iraq, Military Says
09 Jan Ex-military director speaks out A former military director accuses the United States of war crimes for its use of depleted uranium in warfare.
08 Jan
Violence threatens Iraqi coalition
08 Jan Priest accused of abusing Central Florida boy resigns
07 Jan 11 U.S. troops killed in one day in Iraq
07 Jan 3 GOP senators blast Bush bid to bypass torture ban Reject assertion he has right to waive rules to protect US security
07 Jan
Dubuque Diocese releases list of priest allegations
06 Jan 134 dead in explosive Iraq violence
06 Jan Seven US soldiers killed in Iraq
06 Jan Bush could bypass new torture ban
05 Jan U.S. Airstrike on House Enrages Iraqi Officials
05 Jan David Letterman to O'Reilly: 60% of what you say is crap Bravo Dave!
05 Jan
200 File New Claims Against Archdiocese
04 Jan Support for Bush drops among US military
04 Jan U.S. deaths in Iraq At least 2,180 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003.
04 Jan
Prove Christ exists, judge orders priest [Now this ought to prove interesting. Also see "Did a historical Jesus exist?"]
03 Jan
Is Washington Planning a Military Strike?
03 Jan Priest dismissed amid allegations of child sex abuse
02 Jan Death ends year in Iraq At least 15 Iraqis, U.S. soldier killed
02 Jan
Military fears big Afghan losses
01 Jan Stocks off; Dow on track for worst year since '02 [Thanks to Bush's failed policies and his spread of fear.]
01 Jan
U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Nears 2004 Level