News & Articles from 2008

How religious, political and ideological beliefs spark falsehoods, intolerance, violence, crime, and war

comments by Jim Walker

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31 Dec 364 Killed, Over 1,500 Wounded as Gaza Strikes Continue
31 Dec Soldier alleges military pattern of Christian bias
31 Dec Priest accused of child sexual misconduct
29 Dec The Noose Tightens Rumsfeld, Ashcroft and other top Bush officials could soon face legal jeopardy.
29 Dec Ex-priest loses appeal on child abuse charge
28 Dec Poll: 75% glad Bush is done
28 Dec Suspicions inevitable after church's record on Cloyne
27 Dec US Forces Will Have to Get Iraqi Court Approval for Raids
27 Dec The arrogance of a prelate in denial A diocese in denial about clergy sexual abuse.
26 Dec US economy shrinks as IMF warns of Great Depression
26 Dec Another Multimillion Dollar Award Against the Burlington Diocese
25 Dec Iraqis hope to sue U.S. troops under new accord
25 Dec New sex-abuse scandal divides Irish Catholics
24 Dec A Quiet Windfall For U.S. Banks The Treasury Department gave the banks $140 billion in windfall. US citizens got nothing.
24 Dec Church of England attendance 'to fall by 90%'
24 Dec Police probe assault on 50 "witches"
23 Dec Taliban Unimpressed by Promised US Surge
23 Dec Alleged Clergy Abuse Against Rapid City Catholic Diocese
22 Dec How a shoe put the boot to Bush's Iraq legacy
22 Dec Chicago Archdiocese to pay $1.4M in sex-abuse case
21 Dec Obama names Physicist Holdren, marine biologist Lubchenco to science posts A change from Bush's anti-science politics.
21 Dec
Church 'cannot be trusted' with the safety of children
20 Dec Angry Karzai Submits List of Demands Ahead of US Surge
20 Dec Ex-Catholic Priest Edmund John Haines to pay $80,000 sex abuse compensation
20 Dec Norwich diocese sued over alleged sex abuse
19 Dec
The Truth About Abortion Reduction
19 Dec Higher Court Raises Sentence against Paedophile Priest
18 Dec Iraq Wants All Non-US Troops Out by July
18 Dec Obama: My Administration Will Value Science
18 Dec Diocese sued in priest abuse case
17 Dec Shoe insult against Bush resounds in Arab world
17 Dec Excommunicated priest's rise and fall
16 Dec Man throws shoes at Bush in Iraq He shouted, "This is a farewell kiss, dog," then threw his shoes. How fitting. Video.

16 Dec
Vatican could be sued over alleged sex abuse

14 Dec $50 billion lost after Wall St broker arrested over ‘world’s biggest swindle’ Well, the 2nd biggest after the $700 billion bailout scam.
14 Dec The Salvation Army's Red Kettle of Trouble The Salvation Army has a long disturbing history of religoius coercion, abuse and intolerance.
13 Dec Bipartisan Report on Detainee Abuse Blames Top Bush Officials Rumsfeld bears the most direct blame.
13 Dec Roman Catholic priest charged with sex assaults on young boys
13 Dec Teacher banned over telling the truth about Santa I guess we should just continue to lie to our children, right?
12 Dec Poll Shows Obama Gains Support
12 Dec Former Loyola priest charged in sex abuse case
11 Dec Who's at fault for harsh antiterror tactics?
11 Dec Mamaroneck priest charged in sex case was about to leave country
11 Dec
'Psychic' gets 2 months in bilking of $108,000
10 Dec Taliban Control 72 Percent of Afghanstan
10 Dec Mamaroneck priest charged with sex abuse
09 Dec Spying on pacifists, environmentalists and nuns
09 Dec Many clergy abuse claimants unhappy with settlements

08 Dec Fundamentalist Church Treating Children as Property
07 Dec Jobless Rate Soars to 6.7 Percent in November
07 Dec Clergy Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Filed in Indiana
07 Dec
Nonbelievers' sign at Capitol counters Nativity
06 Dec Two US soldiers killed in Iraq suicide attack
06 Dec Priest accused of sexual abuse

05 Dec Retired Generals Press Obama to End Torture
05 Dec Nigeria 'witchdoctor' held over 110 child deaths
05 Dec Former area priest sued by Hobart teen
04 Dec Gates: Military looking at quicker Iraq withdrawal Set to move ahead with Obama goals
04 Dec New 'Bible': Heterosexuality is sin Well, Jesus wore a gown, long hair and hung around with a bunch of men.
04 Dec Ex-priest pleads guilty in child molest case
03 Dec US recession 'began last year' This is not news to the poor and middle-class.
03 Dec Don’t Count On Magic Al Gore warns about the dangers of illusion.
03 Dec Third priest sex abuse trial to get under way
02 Dec Iraq civilian death toll up in November
02 Dec Icon of Stalin Draws St. Pete Church's Ire Stalin, after all, resurrected the Russian orthodox church, and he actually existed.
01 Dec Pastor who helped get "under God" in Pledge dies
01 Dec Westboro protest draws student counter protest
01 Dec AIG Gives ‘Retention’ Pay After Scrapping Bonuses

30 Nov Anti-terror law requires God be acknowledged Has it ever occured to them that terrorists, above anyone, believe in god?
30 Nov Despite Agreement, US Future in Iraq Unclear
30 Nov Church abuse 'stained' memories
29 Nov Vatican warns mobile phones are bad for the soul
29 Nov Rape's Vast Toll in Iraq War Remains Largely Ignored
29 Nov Archbishop describes scale of abuse by priests as "staggering"

28 Nov Karzai Wishes He Could Shoot Down US Planes
28 Nov Judge Orders Archiocese To Release Priest Sex Abuse Documents
27 Nov Two U.S. soldiers killed during humanitarian mission in Iraq
27 Nov Vatican can be sued for priest sex abuse: US court
26 Nov Americans, including Elected Officials, earn a failing grade when tested on American history and economics
26 Nov Ex-pastor pleads guilty to sex abuse of teen
26 Nov 3 from polygamist sect turn themselves in
25 Nov Top Scientist Rails Against Hirings Bush Appointees Land Career Jobs Without Technical Backgrounds.
25 Nov New sex abuse allegations against late Newcastle priest
24 Nov Federal deficit could top $1 trillion This is the Bush administration's 'gift' to Americans.
24 Nov Pueblo diocese pays $4 million in priest sex abuse suits
23 Nov Sadr followers protest Iraqi-U.S. pact in huge rally
23 Nov Former priest again named in sex abuse case
22 Nov US Kills Innocents in Pakistan
22 Nov Ex-altar boy claims sex abuse in Detroit archdiocese
22 Nov Pastor fails to repay loans from church members
21 Nov Builders Index Hits New Low, Housing Starts Plunge Again
21 Nov Congressional chaplain accused of covering up priests sex abuse
20 Nov Dick Cheney, Alberto Gonzales indicted in S. Texas Charged for abuse of prisoners in federal detention centers.
20 Nov Maliki on Iraq TV calls for passage of troop pact with U.S.
20 Nov Presbytery of Chicago finds former pastor guilty of child sex abuse
19 Nov Iraqi cabinet approves accord setting U.S. troop withdrawal
19 Nov No Communion for you! If you voted for Obama, you can't eat Jesus anymore.
18 Nov For Europe, Obama revives positive image of America's unique identity
18 Nov Woman wants to sue Mormons over sex abuse
17 Nov Obama Has More Threats Than Other Presidents-Elect
17 Nov Trinity minister had sex with minor
16 Nov New Blackwater Iraq Scandal: Guns, Silencers and Dog Food
16 Nov Bishops React to Priest who Told Obama-Supporting Catholics to Confess before Receiving Communion
16 Nov Former archbishop admits shuffling sex abusive priests
15 Nov U.S. missile attack kills at least 12 in Pakistan
15 Nov Parents claim priest abuse led to son's suicide
14 Nov Two US soldiers killed by Iraqi soldier
14 Nov Sex Abuse Accusations at Watkins Glen Church
13 Nov Jewish group wants Mormons to stop proxy baptisms
13 Nov The Midnight De-Regulation Express
13 Nov Ex-Wash. priest agrees to pay abuse victims $5M
12 Nov Another disputed U.S. strike kills 14 in Afghanistan
12 Nov Catholic reform group urges parishioners to withhold donations To protest against clery sexual abuse.
11 Nov
Palin in spotlight as Republicans turn on each other
11 Nov More sex abuse charges against Bathurst Catholic school
10 Nov
Obama Positioned to Quickly Reverse Bush Actions Stem cell,climate rules, reproducttive rights, among targets of Obama's team.
10 Nov Joe the Plumber, a recipient of Welfare: now that's a wingnut
10 Nov Priests abused up to 400 children in Dublin diocese
09 Nov Sarah Palin blamed by the US Secret Service over death threats against Barack Obama
09 Nov Sarah Palin offered $2 million to appear in porn film
09 Nov 150 priests faced sex probe
08 Nov Fresh US air raid kills 7 Afghan civilians
08 Nov Elite schools' priest jailed for child sex abuse
07 Nov 40 Afghan civilians killed as U.S.-led air strike hits wedding party
07 Nov 4 priests in Iowa guilty of child sex abuse
06 Nov Democrat Gains in Congress Clear Way for Party Agenda
06 Nov Priest faces sex abuse charges
05 Nov Republicans Scrambling to Save Seats in Congress
05 Nov Priest Edmund John Haines, of Meredith, jailed on child sex counts
04 Nov A campaign for the ages, tilting toward Democrats
04 Nov Defrocked, Suspended Catholic Priests Involved In Child Sex Abuse Survive Tirade
03 Nov Bush Administration Makes a Last Push to Deregulate
03 Nov Priests to face 'Sex Drive' Test
02 Nov US Drone Strikes Kill 32 in Pakistan
02 Nov Defrocked Catholic Priest Indicted For Sex Abuse
01 Nov Iraq holding thousands in secret prisons: lawmaker
01 Nov Capital Region Priest Faces Abuse Charges In Massachusetts

31 Oct US Threatens as Iraq Demands Pact Changes What? Now Iraq is our enemy?
31 Oct Church leaders accused of sex abuse
30 Oct Iraq demands all US troops out by 2011 This won't happen if McCain gets elected.
30 Oct Priest removed amid sexual misconduct allegations
29 Oct World Condemns US Strike in Syria
29 Oct Priest accused of sexual abuse
29 Oct Six men file lawsuit claiming sexual abuse by Catholic priest
28 Oct Syria condemns 'US village raid' Claims eight civilians were killed.
28 Oct
US Threatens to Halt Services if Iraq Rejects Troop Deal
28 Oct Reward for finding sex abuse priest
27 Oct Alaska's Largest Newspaper Endorses Obama and Shuns Palin How embarassing is that?
27 Oct Deal on American presence in Iraq close to collapse
27 Oct Former Catholic Priest Convicted Of Molesting Boy In Chicago
26 Oct Police Declare 'Mutilation' of McCain Campaign Worker a Hoax
26 Oct Iraq's PM Rejects US Troop Deal
26 Oct Jury convicts ex-Jesuit priest of sex abuse of 13-year-old boy
25 Oct Greenspan Concedes Error on Regulation Greenspan admits his ideology of free markets was not correct.
25 Oct Early Voting Sees Reports of Voter Intimidation, Machine Malfunctions
24 Oct Bush Authorizes Record Defense Budget
24 Oct Gozo priest implicated in third sex abuse case in Miami
23 Oct Palin says election result rests in God's hands Evidence that either God doesn't have hands or he doesn't exist.
23 Oct Next President Will Inherit Guantanamo Dilemma President Bozo decides not to close Guantanamo.
23 Oct Jesuit School Sheltered Molesters
22 Oct White supremacists target middle America
22 Oct Draft US-Iraq Pact Protested
22 Oct Clergy-Abuse Victims Aim Protest At Hartford Archdiocese
21 Oct Republicans Rain Negative Automated Calls on Voters in Swing States
21 Oct African-American clergy abuse survivor tells his story
20 Oct Iraqis stage mass anti-US rally
20 Oct Gozo priest faces new charge of sex abuse
19 Oct Huge Republiacan Voter Registration Fraud Uncovered Where's the FBI on this one?
19 Oct Iraqi Clerics Speak Out Against US Security Pact
19 Oct Another sex abuse lawsuit against ex-priest
18 Oct Poll: Voters souring on McCain, Obama stays steady
18 Oct Sault Diocese knew of sex abuse
17 Oct Acorn Replies to Questions About Role With Voters
17 Oct Lawsuit claims 13 years of clergy sex abuse
16 Oct Poll Says McCain's Attacks on Obama have backfired
16 Oct
Report: Bush Exceeded Power by Withholding Cheney Comments
16 Oct Woman claims priest abused her 33 years ago
15 Oct US, Iraq at Odds on Status of Forces
15 Oct Catholic Diocese of Wilmington Slapped With 23 Molestation Lawsuits
14 Oct Obama Up by 10 Points as McCain Favorability Ratings Fall
14 Oct Two Illinois Men Say Former Jesuit Priest Taught Them Sex 'Lessons'
13 Oct Alaska Inquiry Concludes Palin Abused Powers This puts the last nail in McCain's presidential coffin.
13 Oct Retired Toledo priest barred from ministry for child sexual abuse
12 Oct Pakistan Condemns US Strikes Foreign ministry claims US strikes helping the terrorists.
12 Oct
Retired Toledo priest disciplined for alleged sexual abuse
11 Oct NSA Agents Admit Spying on Americans' Calls
11 Oct Ex-president Carter slams Bush on market crisis
11 Oct Australian priest faces 22 child sex charges
10 Oct Petraeus: US Should Talk With Talk With Taliban, Other Enemies McCain just had a heart attack.
10 Oct Priest charged with abuse of brothers
09 Oct Obama Wins in Nashville
09 Oct McCain link to private group in Iran-Contra case
08 Oct Maverick family to McCain: No way are you one of us!
08 Oct Democrats could hit 60 Senate seats
08 Oct Priest Linked To Abuse Cases Ordered To Return To State
07 Oct Iraqi family of 11 killed in U.S. raid in Mosul
07 Oct Obama to hit McCain on Keating Five It's About time.
06 Oct Iraq: As dust settles the spectre of violence returns
06 Oct Priest jailed for sex abuse
05 Oct Obama Opens Lead in Six of Seven Swing States, Two Polls Show
05 Oct Atheist group sues Bush over national prayer day
05 Oct Priest sentenced over child sex offences
04 Oct Pakistani PM: US Border Attacks Are Terrorism Even our 'friends' are calling us terrorists.
04 Oct
Sex abuse priest jailed for nine years
03 Oct Bush Had No Plan to Catch Bin Laden after 9/11
03 Oct Ex-youth pastor accused of abuse
02 Oct NORAD: Sarah Palin has no role in guarding U.S. airspace despite claims
02 Oct Prosecutor To Probe Firings Of U.S. Attorneys
02 Oct Priest jailed over child sexual abuse
01 Oct 168 killed in stampede at Hindu temple in India Their Mother Goddess failed to save them.
01 Oct
Anger as Pervert Priest is Jailed for Just One Year

30 Sep A Freddie Mac Money Trail Catches Up With McCain
30 Sep Child sex abuse priest to be sentenced
29 Sep SEC Concedes Oversight Flaws Fueled Collapse
29 Sep Former Altar Boy Accuses Del. Priest Of Abuse
28 Sep Mortgage Solution Missing in Bailout Plan
28 Sep Two former altar boys sue Wilmington diocese
28 Sep Priest Counsels Couple, Then Moves In With Wife
27 Sep Dangerous gulf opens between Russia and West Bush and McCain's pilloying of Moscow had kindled a fierce Russian resentment.
27 Sep
Jack Thompson, game industry scourge, disbarred Thompson, the Christian conservative can't practice law anymore.
27 Sep
Church Sunday school teacher sentenced to 35 years for child sex abuse
26 Sep US finds emboldened Russia holding the cards
26 Sep Ex-LDS bishop pleads guilty to child sex abuse
25 Sep US soldiers accidentally kill Sunni leader in Iraq
25 Sep Priest indicted for child abuse of altar boy
24 Sep GOP takes brunt of blame for economy; Obama gains
24 Sep Taxpayers, Congress Push Back Against Bailout
24 Sep Website Brings Priest's Abuse To Light
23 Sep Iraq Moving Toward Biden's Controversial Vision
23 Sep Evangelist Church Raided Over Alleged Child Abuse
22 Sep Obama rips into 'panicked' McCain as Wall St crisis mounts
22 Sep States Accuse Pentagon of Threats, Retaliation
22 Sep Indicted Priest To Face 5 Trials
21 Sep Satellite Photos Show Sectarian Cleansing, Not Surge, Led to Drop in Iraq Violence
21 Sep Lawsuit: Priest Abused Boys And Got Away With It
20 Sep John McCain confused about Spain He's either ignorant about Spain's prime minister or he doesn't want to meet with him.
20 Sep US air raid kills Iraq civilians
20 Sep Man alleges abuse by Chippewa Falls priest
19 Sep Seven US soldiers killed in helicopter crash in Iraq
19 Sep Priest accused of sex abuse
18 Sep Afghan civilian casualties soar
18 Sep Christian rivals clash in Lebanon
18 Sep 93 sex abuse charges for ex-chaplain
17 Sep Afghanistan: US killed civilians after false tip
17 Sep Sex Abuse Allegations Against Priest Surface
16 Sep Biden: 'Whatever Happened' to McCain's Principles?
16 Sep Saakashvili 'Planned South Ossetia Invasion'
15 Sep New London terror warning After US Attacks in Pakistan
15 Sep 'Irish Tragedy' investigates abuse by priests
14 Sep US Reported to Kill 12 in Pakistan
14 Sep Palin confuses Iraq with al Qaida
14 Sep Second lawsuit alleges sex abuse by priest
13 Sep Bush 'approved' Pakistan attacks without permisssion from Pakistan
13 Sep Palin backs America's 'righteous' war in Iraq
13 Sep Streamwood man sues church, claiming priest abuse
12 Sep No victory in Iraq, says Petraeus
12 Sep World wants Obama as president: poll
12 Sep Wide-Ranging Ethics Scandal Emerges at Interior Deptartment
12 Sep Lawsuit alleges sex abuse at Greek Orthodox Church
11 Sep Setting The Record: Palin's Earmarks
11 Sep
McCain must embrace Palin's beliefs, evangelical leader says
11 Sep Off-target NATO bomb kills 2 Afghan civilians
11 Sep Former altar boy claims sexual abuse by priest
10 Sep Palin Billed State for Nights Spent at Home Taxpayers Also Funded Family's Travel
10 Sep The War in Afghanistan: Unpopular Among Afghans, Unpopular Among Allies
09 Sep Film Backs Afghans’ Claims of US Killings
09 Sep Catholic leaders should be punished for not stopping abusive priests, SNAP says
08 Sep Russia accuses West of provocation in Georgia
08 Sep Oregon woman says Jesuit priest raped her
07 Sep Afghans fed up with government, US
07 Sep Diocese faces third lawsuit over alleged abuse by priest
06 Sep Roadside bomb kills 2 US soldiers in Baghdad
06 Sep Former priest accused of abuse
05 Sep
FBI Wanted Obama Plotters Charged, But A Rove Appointee Said No
05 Sep Ron Paul Likely Won’t Endorse McCain
05 Sep Afghans protest US attacks on civilians
05 Sep Ex-priest faces 93 child abuse charges
04 Sep
Pre-Emptive Strikes Against Protest at RNC
04 Sep Civilians Killed By US Troops
04 Sep Ex-priest in Australia faces child sex charges
03 Sep Dutch intel: US to strike Iran in coming weeks
03 Sep Afghans protest civilian deaths
02 Sep Gustav wipes out GOP opener So instead, watch the DNC speeches again.
02 Sep
Palin hires attorney for Troopergate investigation
02 Sep Did a Mississippi Raid Protect Rightwing Politicians?
01 Sep Bush quietly seeks to make war powers permanent, by declaring indefinite state of war
01 Sep OSCE observers fault Georgians in conflict
01 Sep Bishop wanted to 'punch' priest convicted of sex abuse But-but what about Christian forgiveness?

31 Aug Sarah Palin wants to let the polar bears die. On global warming, she's aligned with fringe extreme viewpoints"
31 Aug
Relief Agencies Furious as US Military Takes Over Aid Operations
31 Aug Pastor faces child sexual abuse lawsuit
30 Aug Two U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq
30 Aug Priest removed from clergy for child sex abuse allegations
29 Aug Three US soldiers killed Iraqi prisoners for vengeance
29 Aug Priest faces 33 college sex charges
28 Aug Russia threatens military response to US missiles
28 Aug Former priest facing 33 sex charges
27 Aug Hillary Clinton's Speech Wows Democrats "We have to get going to elect Barack Obama... Nothing less than the fate of our nation and the future of our children hang in the balance."
27 Aug Maliki: Timetable Agreed; US Denies
27 Aug Suit accuses retired priest of child sex abuse
26 Aug Taliban turns lethal: 101 US deaths in Afghanistan
26 Aug Priest charged with series of sex offenses
25 Aug Karzai condemns US Strike That Killed 95 Civilians
25 Aug Diocese sued for first time for sexual abuse
24 Aug Interior Ministry: US Airstrikes Kill 76 Afghan Civilians
24 Aug Lawsuit claims sex abuse by former city priest
23 Aug Iraq Demands Pullout Date, Right to Try GIs
23 Aug At Least 20 Afghan Civilians Killed in US Air Raid
23 Aug Priest faces 12 child sex charges
22 Aug McCain unsure how many houses he owns
22 Aug Priest faces jail for sexually abusing youngsters
21 Aug NATO Rebuffs US Pressure on Russia
21 Aug Cape priest flees country after abuse accusation
20 Aug Iraq moves against some US-backed Sunni fighters
20 Aug Ex-priest sentenced for 1960's sexual assaults in Beaver Dam
20 Aug Priest admits molesting schoolboys
19 Aug Record Number of US Contractors in Iraq
19 Aug Catholic Priest Abuse Case – How Many More Victims?
18 Aug US blamed over S Ossetia crisis
18 Aug Four US soldiers killed in explosion
18 Aug Woman claims priest tried to rape her as child
17 Aug How Taxpayer Money Is Wrapped Up in Georgian War Of course it all has to do with oil.
17 Aug Priest Sentenced For Child Sexual Abuse
16 Aug McCain's Focus on Georgia Raises Question of Propriety
16 Aug More Catholic abuse arrests flagged
15 Aug After Warnings to Moscow, U.S. Has Few Options
15 Aug Australian priest charged with sexual assault
15 Aug Christian school teacher accused of having sex with student, 15
14 Aug As many U.S. contractors as troops in Iraq
14 Aug Victim was 7 when abused by priest
14 Aug
Judge says UC can deny religious course credit
13 Aug Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Baghdad Bombings
13 Aug Prominent NY Monsignor Accused of Sexual Abuse
12 Aug Six US Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan As Mujahideen Gain Momentum
12 Aug Accused in Scandal, a Pastor Who Rose High Yet Felt Free to Speak Out
12 Aug
Controversial U.S. church group stopped at border
11 Aug The Pipeline War: Russian bear goes for West's jugular
11 Aug Afghan civilians reportedly killed in US-led airstrike
11 Aug Rites and wrongs - alleged abuse in the Mormon church
10 Aug 2 Marines, 27 Iraqis Killed; 81 Wounded
10 Aug Sadr to Disarm If US Withdraws on Timetable
09 Aug U.S.-led coalition: 5 Afghan civilians killed
09 Aug Pedophile priest defrocked
08 Aug Farming is Latest Casualty in Drought-Stricken Iraq
08 Aug Letters show church officials knew of alleged sex abuse
07 Aug Anthrax deaths turned attention toward Iraq
07 Aug Priest gets 10 years for sexually abusing 3 Arizona teens
07 Aug Another suit claiming sex abuse by priest
06 Aug Book says White House ordered forgery
06 Aug Ex-Sallies priest accused of sexual child abuse
05 Aug
FBI was told to blame Anthrax scare on Al Qaeda by White House officials
05 Aug 2 US soldiers killed by roadside bomb in Baghdad
05 Aug Harlem Pastor Steps Down After Child Sex Abuse Scandal
04 Aug 2 U.S. Soldiers Are Charged in Iraqi Death
04 Aug FCC Rules Comcast Violated Internet Access Policy
03 Aug Five NATO-led soldiers killed in Afghanistan
03 Aug Victims of ex-vicar speak of their sex abuse
02 Aug Goverment scientist to be accused of anthrax attacks, commits suicide
02 Aug 2 US Soldiers, 20 Iraqis Killed; 21 Iraqis Wounded
02 Aug Priest from Albany linked to sex abuse case
01 Aug US troops killed three Iraqi civilians: military
01 Aug Preacher killed wife, stuffed body in freezer, police say
01 Aug Former bishop knowingly recruited priest who had sexual affairs with boys

31 Jul
Pakistani PM: No unilateral US attacks
31 Jul Two Brothers Share Their Story of Abuse by Catholic Priests
30 Jul Record deficit expected in 2009 due to wars
30 Jul Parish priest jailed for sex abuse
29 Jul U.S. Military Says Soldiers Killed Law-abiding Iraqi Civilians
29 Jul Priest guilty of sex abuse He sexually abused seven boys.
29 Jul
Gunman kills 2 Church people because the church was too liberal
28 Jul NATO: 4 civilians killed in Afghanistan
28 Jul Ex-pastor to be arraigned for child sex abuse
27 Jul Military says US troops killed Iraqi editor's son
27 Jul New lawsuit claims child sex abuse by ex-priest
26 Jul Secret memo shows harsh CIA tactics approved
26 Jul Catholic priest found guilty of child sex abuse
25 Jul Pentagon plays down fears over Afghan violence
25 Jul Sex abuse victim takes solace in guilty plea from ex-Troy priest
24 Jul U.S. military says Iraq troop "surge" has ended
24 Jul Priest admits to raping 3 boys
23 Jul Iraq welcomes Obama with common goal: hope for pullout of US troops from combat by 2010
23 Jul New molestation suit filed against archdiocese
22 Jul U.S. and NATO Forces Kill 13 Afghans in Strikes Said to Be Mistakes
22 Jul US troops kill son of Iraqi governor
21 Jul US soldiers killed of electrocution in Iraq More than 10 soldiers killed from shoddy work by private contractors.
21 Jul
Cosmic Markdown: EPA Says Life Is Worth Less
20 Jul Iraq Leader Maliki Supports Obama's Withdrawal Plans
20 Jul House Speaker Pelosi calls Bush 'a total failure'
20 Jul Accused clergy's assignments, number of abuse claims released Twenty-two priests abused more than 150 children.
19 Jul
U.S.-led forces confirm killing Afghan civilians
19 Jul Parents of girls abused by Catholic priest demand papal apology
19 Jul The Sex Industry Could Help the Clergy Actually this is not a bad idea.
18 Jul
Gates warns of "creeping militarization" of American foreign policy
18 Jul Another sex abuse lawsuit for Denver archdiocese
17 Jul Two US soldiers killed in Iraq
17 Jul Ex-altar boy files priest sex abuse suit
16 Jul Deadly attack on US base sends worrying signal
16 Jul IndyMac Bank 33rd to Fail Since October 2000
16 Jul Church panel didn't share tales of sex abuse
15 Jul 10 US soldiers killed in Afghan attacks
15 Jul Kucinich Pushes on Impeachment
14 Jul Iraq Ready to Oust US From Green Zone
14 Jul Men file suit, claim sexual abuse by Derby priest
13 Jul US-led strikes kills 64 Afghan civilians
13 Jul Clergy sex abuse victims in protest
13 Jul Man Sues Church Over 'God Injury'
12 Jul OPEC warns against military conflict with Iran
12 Jul Ex-priest James Janssen charged with perjury
11 Jul Iraq toughens stance on U.S. troop withdrawal
11 Jul Two Ex-Altar Boys Sue Archdiocese Over Child Sex Abuse
11 Jul North Carolina lab chief quits rather than lower flag for Jesse Helms
10 Jul Atheist soldier sues Army for 'unconstitutional' discrimination
10 Jul Cheney Aides Altered CDC Testimony, Agency Official Says
10 Jul Former Mother Seton priest charged with child sex abuse
09 Jul Maliki Wants US Pullout Timetable
09 Jul Now it's war against India in Afghanistan
09 Jul Monroe priest on leave over sex-abuse allegation
08 Jul Iraq says may agree timetable for U.S. withdrawal
08 Jul Afghan inquiry into American bombing of 'wedding party' Most of those killed were women and children.
08 Jul
For Republicans, the Senate Outlook Is Bad Hope springs eternal.
07 Jul
Afghan MP shot dead; 16 civilians 'killed' in US-led strike
07 Jul Abuse victims protests outside cathedral
06 Jul Iraqi Shiites denounce security pact with US
06 Jul Church sexual abuse settlement gives victims insight into priest
05 Jul Bush's Dollar Drop Maps Loss of US Clout at Final G-8 Summit
05 Jul Woman Claims Abuse By Former Priest
04 Jul McCain wants much larger US military
04 Jul Priest Is Charged With Child Sex Abuse
03 Jul US Leads World in Substance Abuse The US leads despite strict drug laws yet countries with loose drug laws have lower rates of abuse.
03 Jul
Denver Archdiocese to Pay $5.5 Million in Abuse Suits
02 Jul Pentagon Official Warns of Israeli Attack on Iran
02 Jul Family: Church knew of minister's previous sexual deviancy
01 Jul Iraq Criticizes Attacks by American Troops
01 Jul U.S. Advised Iraqi Ministry on Oil Deals
01 Jul 2 lawsuits say Miami archdiocese covered up abuse

30 Jun
Dick Cheney 'fought furiously' to block North Korea nuclear deal
30 Jun Convicted priest accused of abuse in 6th lawsuit
29 Jun Officials: 30,000 troops heading to Iraq in 2009
29 Jun Iraq authorities say U.S. soldiers killed 9 civilians
28 Jun Three U.S. soldiers killed in W Iraq suicide bombing
28 Jun US wars have helped al-Qa'eda, says report
27 Jun Blast kills 8th U.S. soldier this week in Iraq
27 Jun Priest on 38 boy sex abuse charges
27 Jun Former Broward priest faces two lawsuits om molestation charges
26 Jun Three U.S. soldiers killed in bomb attack in Iraq
26 Jun Catholic clergyman guilty of sex attacks on handicapped boys
26 Jun Boy charged for wearing obscene Jesus t-shirt Yeah, but if Jesus really did exist, he would be a x#!i&*!
25 Jun Government Study Criticizes Bush Administration’s Measures of Progress in Iraq
25 Jun Taguba: Bush administration tortured detainees, 'committed war crimes'
25 Jun Two U.S. soldiers killed in ambush near Baghdad
24 Jun To Ease Gas Prices, Obama Eyes Speculators and to end the Enron Loophole
24 Jun Call to probe Brisbane church over abuse allegations
23 Jun Pakistan troops 'aid Taliban'
23 Jun The Catholic Church Encourages Illegal Immigration
22 Jun Newsweek poll: Obama has a 15 point lead over McCain
22 Jun Pastor of Jensen Beach church again is charged with child abuse
22 Jun Teacher accused of branding students with a cross and teaching Christian beliefs
21 Jun U.S. abuse of detainees was routine at Afghanistan bases
21 Jun More Abuse Lawsuits Filed Against Kansas City Diocese
20 Jun Oil Trading's Powerful "Dark Markets"
20 Jun Hundreds of detainees died in U.S. custody, at least 25 murdered
20 Jun Catholic sex abuse crisis far from over in Vermont diocese
19 Jun US cracks down on oil speculators
19 Jun Iraq deal with US to end immunity for foreign contractors
19 Jun Diocese Of Pueblo Sued For Alleged Priest Abuse
18 Jun 3 GIs, 15 Iraqis Killed; 40 Iraqis Wounded
18 Jun Man files lawsuit alleging abuse by Irish priest
17 Jun Karzai Threatens to Send Soldiers Into Pakistan
17 Jun Church chose to stay quiet on sex abuse
16 Jun Four US soldiers die in Afghanistan blast
16 Jun 2 lawsuits accuse former Kansas City area clergymen of child sex abuse
15 Jun Key Iraqi Leaders Deliver Setbacks to U.S. Iraq publicly rejected U.S. terms for military presence.
15 Jun Legal Drugs Kill Far More Than Illegal And the deregulated pharmaceutical companies are pushing them.
15 Jun Priest named in new child sex abuse suit
14 Jun 2 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq
14 Jun Protesters target abusive priests
13 Jun Supreme Court says detainess have rights Big win for the Constitution, huge loss for President Bozo.
13 Jun
Pakistan attacks US for 'cowardly' killing of soldiers
13 Jun 2 U.S. Soldiers, 26 Iraqis Killed; 40 Iraqis Wounded
13 Jun Former Epiphany priest named in child abuse lawsuit
12 Jun Turkish warplanes strike northern Iraq A war within a war.
12 Jun Bushwick Priest Accused Of Sex Abuse
11 Jun Rep. Kucinich calls for Bush impeachment
11 Jun McClellan to testify before House in CIA leak case
11 Jun Ecclesiastical Trial Reveals Dramatic Testimony of Sexual Abuse
10 Jun Iraq tells the US it wants all troops back in barracks
10 Jun Two US soldiers killed in Iraq, 18 wounded
10 Jun Catholic priest on trial for historical child sex abuse charges
09 Jun Revealed: Secret Plan to Keep Iraq Under US Control
09 Jun Lawsuit against diocese and priest seeks millions in damages
08 Jun Iraq says it wants to restrict movement of US troops
08 Jun Priest accused of sex abuse living in Bonita Springs
07 Jun US issues threat to Iraq's $50bn foreign reserves in military deal
07 Jun Church Child Sex Abuse Cases Continue in Brooklyn
06 Jun Iraq lawmakers want US forces out as part of deal
06 Jun Priest arrested on sex abuse charges
05 Jun 3 US soldiers killed in northern Iraq
05 Jun Church Scandal: Convicted Del. priest target of sex abuse lawsuit
05 Jun It's Not Peak Oil Production; It's Supply and Demand and Government Intervention
04 Jun Why Australia is Leaving Iraq
04 Jun Long-Term Contracts Show Plans for Continued Iraq Occupation
04 Jun Mix of politics, religion appears a recipe for disaster
03 Jun 111 Nations, But Not US, Adopt Cluster Bomb Treaty
03 Jun Canada examines abuses of church-run schools
02 Jun Sadrists want referendum on US-Iraq pact
02 Jun Vatican threatens female priests
01 Jun Opposition mounts to US-Iraq security deal Thousands protest in Iraq against proposed security agreement with US.
01 Jun
Anonymous man files lawsuit against priest for sex abuse

31 May Rogue Sadr Militias Roam Baghdad
31 May 3 more claim sex abuse by priest in 1950s
30 May Two U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq blasts
30 May Hindu Priest Charged With Sex Abuse Gets $10 Million Permit To Visit India
29 May McClellan whacks Bush, White House McClellan says Bush relies on propaganda, deception, and denial.
29 May Post-Traumatic Stress Soars in US Troops
29 May L.A. priest abuse case settled for $19.5 million
28 May Blasts kill 2 U.S. soldiers in Iraq
28 May Three more clergy abuse trials looming
27 May U.S. troops anticipate Shiite militia comeback in Sadr City
27 May German radio documentary says exorcisms are being outsourced
26 May Two civilians killed, child wounded by U.S. fire in Mosul-police
26 May US Residents in Military Brigs? Government Says It's War
25 May Increased U.S. airstrikes in Iraq killing more civilians
25 May 15 billion dollars in US Iraq spending unaccounted for
25 May Second church child sex abuse trial discussed at hearing
24 May Senate deals defeat to Bush on Iraq war spending
24 May Sistani Issuing Fatwas Against US Troops in Iraq
24 May Hagee`s apocalyptic support of Israel
23 May U.S. helicopter strike kills 8 Iraqi civilians
23 May Orthodox Jews burn New Testaments in Israel An act of violence against Christian missionaries.
23 May
'Witches' burnt to death in Kenya
22 May New Troops in Iraq Will Keep Number at 140,000
22 May Baltimore Priest Defrocked for child sex abuse But not arrested.
21 May
'Bush intends to attack Iran before the end of his term'
21 May Priest jailed for child sex abuse
20 May Iraqis Who Helped the US Face Grave Danger
20 May Former Barksdale chaplain pleads guilty to child sex charges
19 May McCain Urges Sudan Divestment - After Wife Dumps Her Holdings No wonder Cindy didn't want anyone to find out about her finances.
19 May
Iraqi court rulings stop at US detention sites Freedom on hold in Iraq.
19 May Sins of omission The story behind the Vt. Catholic Church’s $8.7 million verdict.
18 May
President Bozo's visit to Israel revives talk of a strike on Iran
18 May US Troops Arrest 8 Iraqi Police for Attacking GIs
18 May Survivors of priest abuse protest molester-led retreats The Church: a dream sanctuary for pedophiles.
17 May House Blocks War Money and Sets Pullout Plan What? Did the Dems finally grow a spine?
17 May Russian doomsday cult siege ends
17 May Priest faces sex charges
16 May New Study Calls 'Embed' Program for U.S. Media in Iraq a 'Victory' -- for the Pentagon
16 May Bishop's 1978 letter in priest abuse case revealed
15 May World carbon dioxide levels highest for 650,000 years, says US report
15 May Priest jailed for child sex abuse
14 May Ex-officials: Bush admin. ignored Iraq corruption
14 May Catholic priest molested children
14 May Priests Accused Of Abuse Living Among Us
13 May U.S. military hits a wall in Sadr City
13 May 14-year-old convent girl cries rape vs priest
12 May 2 US Soldiers, 50 Iraqis Killed; 147 Iraqis Wounded
12 May McCain's choice for campaign manager forced to quit because of connections to military regime in Myanmar
12 May Church punishes offending priests but protects bishops, critics say
11 May Military adds armor to Iraq vehicles as roadside bombs surge
11 May Nun said she saw priest molest boy
10 May Two US soldiers killed in Iraq
10 May Former altar boy describes abuse by parish priest
09 May Abuse Claims Mount Against Pentagon, Contractors
09 May Priest arrested in child abuse probe
08 May New weapon penetrates pricey vehicle, kills 2 GIs
08 May Priest at Fort Worth facility gets 4 years in sex-abuse case
08 May Swami arrested for child abuse
07 May Kurdish rebels threaten suicide attacks against US
07 May Prison chaplain sentenced for sex abuse
06 May Americans ‘stole my life from me’ This Iraqi hates Americans for what they did to him.
06 May The FLDS argument will not hold up
05 May 5 GIs, 1 US Contractor, 2 Georgian Soldiers, 44 Iraqis Killed; 122 Iraqis Wounded
05 May 3 boys killed in Iraq airstrike, companion says
04 May Turkey confirms air strikes on Kurd rebels in N.Iraq
04 May Religious sect leader wanted to sleep with daughters He claims "God" wanted him to sleep with 7 virgins.
03 May 2 US Soldiers, 93 Iraqis Killed; 212 Iraqis Wounded
03 May
"Women Are Being Beheaded for Taking Their Veil Off": Honor Killings On Rise in Iraq
03 May Priest accused of child sexual abuse
02 May US troop deaths push monthly toll to 7-month high in Iraq
02 May
5 US Soldiers, 71 Iraqis Killed; 155 Iraqis Wounded
02 May Clergy sex abuse victims call to boycott Providence Diocese
01 May Two U.S. soldiers killed in Baghdad's attacks
01 May Children's welfare takes precedence over polygamists' beliefs Two-thirds of the girls between 14 and 17 are pregnant or had children.

30 Apr 4 US soldiers killed; militants shell Green Zone
30 Apr Indonesia to extradite sex abusive priest facing abuse charges in Australia
29 Apr Forces see spike in IEDs in April
29 Apr Victim of abuse thinks little of pope's apology
28 Apr Leave Taliban alone, Afghan president tells West
28 Apr Slovenia: Priest gets 3 years for sexual abuse of child
27 Apr
The U.S. has less than 5 percent of the world’s population, but it has almost a quarter of the world’s prisoners
27 Apr Sadr says his war threat is aimed only at US
27 Apr Catholic Diocese of Orlando ignored child sex abuse, lawsuit says
26 Apr 3 US Soldiers, 42 Iraqis Killed; 38 Iraqis Wounded
26 Apr Al-Sadr may restart full-scale fight against US in Iraq
26 Apr German Priest Suspended as Child Abuse Inquiry Grips Hamburg
26 Apr
Baptist Killer-cannibal's parole opposed He killed him and ate his brain over an argument of whose religion was best. (Now that's faith!)
25 Apr 2 US Soldiers, 1 US Contractor, 59 Iraqis Killed; 114 Iraqis Wounded
25 Apr Ex-fundamentalist fears 'scandal from Hell'
24 Apr 5 GIs, 56 Iraqis Killed; 185 Iraqis Wounded
24 Apr Accused priest for sex abuse took job with church
23 Apr 2 US Soldiers, 41 Iraqis Killed; 112 Iraqis Wounded
23 Apr Polygamist Women Dress To Be 'Unattractive' And Unappealing Mission accomplished.
23 Apr
Fight erupts in Jerusalem church
22 Apr Friend, Foe Shoot at GIs in Sadr City
22 Apr Texas polygamist sect is accused of indoctrinating girls
21 Apr 2 US Soldiers, 95 Iraqis Killed; 185 Iraqis Wounded
21 Apr Pedophile priests and a pope's impossible promise
20 Apr Civil war breaks out among Sunni
20 Apr
Pentagon paid $1.7 million to firms of polygamy [Mormon] bosses
20 Apr Watchdog Group: America's 5 'Worst' Cardinals These guys protected sex abuse priests.
19 Apr Pentagon institute calls Iraq war 'a major debacle' with outcome 'in doubt'
19 Apr Ex-priest faces prison in sex case on same day as pope visit
18 Apr Iraq's Biggest Aid Agency? Muqtada Al-Sadr & Co. How interesting that this anti-American group provide more aid than the U.S.
18 Apr Former SA priest faces child-sex extradition
17 Apr Iraqi Unit Flees Post, Despite American’s Plea If Iraqis won't defend their country, why should we? Ed.
17 Apr Pope, in U.S., Is ‘Ashamed’ of Pedophile Priests Feeling ashamed does not account for the crime. Ed.
17 Apr Church silent on rape case
16 Apr Two US soldiers killed in Iraq
16 Apr Polygamy: Where religious liberty ends
15 Apr Military Personnel Account for 20% of U.S. Suicides
15 Apr Priest charged in child sex abuse case
14 Apr The Bozo Administration Set to Use New Spy Program in U.S.
14 Apr 9 priests identified in recent child sex abuse cases
13 Apr Iran Now Top Threat To Iraq, U.S. Says Forget Al-Qaeda, now Bozo's henchmen want to start another war to keep the insanity going.
13 Apr Sex suit against priest also accuses Jesuits of culpability
12 Apr White House Torture Advisers Cheney and others micromanaged the torture of terrorist suspects from the White House.
12 Apr Sexual Molestation claim filed against priest
11 Apr Baghdad violence spirals higher despite clampdown
11 Apr Springfield area woman alleges priest abused her two young sons
10 Apr
Iraq: 5 more U.S. soldiers killed; civilian death toll rising 17 US soldiers killed since Sunday.
10 Apr Jailed priest faces new sex abuse lawsuit
09 Apr Four U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq
09 Apr Church knew of sex abuse, victims claim
08 Apr Three U.S. Soldiers Killed, 31 Wounded in Iraq
08 Apr
Officials foresee no ebb in Iraq violence
08 Apr Priest, church face lawsuits
07 Apr Bozo rules out further Iraq troop cuts
07 Apr
Moses dies Time to pry the gun from his cold dead hands.
07 Apr Priest kept log of teen romps
06 Apr Nearly 200 Taken From Texas Religious compound Child abuse accused at a secret religious retreat.
06 Apr British fear US commander is beating the drum for Iran strikes
06 Apr Woman claims abuse by priest
05 Apr Basra Assault Exposed U.S., Iraqi Limits
05 Apr Sex abuse suit filed against former Santa Rosa priest filed
04 Apr General William Odom Tells Senate Rapid Withdrawal Is Only Solution
04 Apr Ex-priest indicted for molestation of brothers
03 Apr Attacks on U.S. Forces Soared at End of March Government Assault On Shiite Militias Drew Americans In.
03 Apr Former Taylor Priest Admits to Child Sexual Abuse
02 Apr Iraqi casualties at highest level since August
02 Apr Two US soldier among 6 killed in Iraq violence
02 Apr
Child sex abuse was common in religious orders
01 Apr 2 GIs, 144 Iraqis Killed; 59 Iraqis Wounded; Sadr Offers Truce
01 Apr Leadership disregard
: at least 10 priests served despite child sex abuse complaints

31 Mar
The Battle in Basra Escalates
31 Mar Roadside bomb kills 2 US soldiers in mainly Shiite area of Baghdad
31 Mar Sins, Secrets and Denial "The scope of clergy abuse is far greater than previously known."
30 Mar Analysis: Iraqis' Basra fight not going well
30 Mar 1 US Soldier, 163 Iraqis Killed; 214 Iraqis Wounded
30 Mar Lawsuit alleges child sex abuse by Lockeford priest
29 Mar
225 Iraqis, 1 US Soldier, 3 US Contractors Killed; 538 Iraqis Wounded
29 Mar Iraqi police in Basra shed their uniforms, kept their rifles and switched sides And Bozo the President thinks this is a success?
29 Mar
Priest defrocked after decades-old sexual abuse alleged
28 Mar Iraq implodes as Shia fights Shia
28 Mar Two U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq
28 Mar Prosecutors want priest in the dock
27 Mar Across Iraq, Battles Erupt With Mahdi Army Sadr cease-fire over.
27 Mar New Pakistani Leaders Tell Americans There’s ‘a New Sheriff in Town’
26 Mar Revealed: 21 countries more stable, prosperous than USA
26 Mar Civilian death toll in Iraq may have surpassed 1 million
26 Mar Pedophile priest's victim: 'You can't have 30 victims and have remorse'
25 Mar US Death Toll in Iraq War Hits 4,000
4 US Soldiers killed, bringing the total to 4K or more. A grim milestone for Bush's war.
25 Mar Beatings, deadly exorcisms, con artists Several scandals behind church doors have surfaced in the last few years.
24 Mar Four U.S. soldiers killed in bombings in central Iraq
24 Mar U.S. Pushed Allies on Iraq, Diplomat Writes
23 Mar Three US soldiers killed in Iraq
23 Mar Catholic Priest Sex Abuse Network Calls Secrecy and Pedophilia Rampant
22 Mar Troops confirm U.S. war crimes
22 Mar Former Sioux City diocese priests accused of sexual abuse
21 Mar At least 160 arrested in U.S. antiwar protests
21 Mar Diocese of Joliet priest committed as sexually violent
20 Mar US soldiers kill 6 civilians, 3 police in Middle East
20 Mar Priest Abuse Allegations
19 Mar 2 US Soldiers, 63 Iraqis, 7 Iranians Killed; 111 Iraqis Wounded
19 Mar
Iraqis don't credit US for safer lives
19 Mar Ex-priest charged with child sex abuse in landmark case
18 Mar Iraq war's cost: Loss of U.S. power, prestige, influence
18 Mar Church linked to claims of abuse against women
17 Mar Iraq: Who won the war?
17 Mar New Sex Abuse Allegations Against Defrocked Priest
16 Mar U.S. marched to Iraq with inaccurate intelligence
16 Mar Hearing to commit priest convicted of sexual assault begins
15 Mar No link between Saddam and Al-Qaeda: Pentagon study
15 Mar German priest sentenced to 3 years in prison for sexual abuse
14 Mar 4 US Soldiers, 25 Iraqis Killed; 36 Iraqis Wounded
14 Mar
Long Island priest is arrested on sex abuse charges
13 Mar Iraq Violence Sees Spike
13 Mar Polish priests accused of covering up sexual harassment
13 Mar Molestation suit names priest
12 Mar Eight U.S. Soldiers Die in Iraq Attacks
12 Mar Ex-priest is guilty of sexual assaults
11 Mar Five US soldiers killed in Baghdad
11 Mar Pope could face protests in Ireland over sex abuse cases
10 Mar Death Toll in Baghdad Bombings Climbs as US Military Plans Withdrawal
10 Mar More allegations of priest abuse surface
09 Mar Iraq: Shiite stronghold is not safe
09 Mar Priest faces jail for sex assaults
08 Mar 84 Iraqis Killed, 161 Iraqis Wounded
08 Mar Lawsuit accuses priest of child sexual abuse
07 Mar More FBI Privacy Violations Confirmed For 4 straight years, they have improperly spied on Amerians.
07 Mar
Priest on Leave Dies; Accused of Sexual Abuse
07 Mar Vermontt. Towns Approve Bush 'Indictment' Bush and Cheney's violation of the Constitution deserves indictment.
06 Mar
Helicopter Crash in Iraq Kills 8
06 Mar Priest removed due to 'administrative conflict' but not because he sexually abused four children
05 Mar Violence Leaves Young Iraqis Doubting Clerics
05 Mar Child abuse charged for Father Ben
04 Mar Iraq Veterans Against the War
04 Mar Priest involved in child abuse investigation
03 Mar Bush won't promise further troop cuts
03 Mar Priest abuse 'led to son's overdose'
02 Mar Iraq violence jumps in February So much for the "Surge is working" hypothesis.
02 Mar
Ex-Vestal priest faces child sex abuse charges
02 Mar Muslim medics refuse to roll up their sleeves in hygiene crackdown - because it's against their religion
01 Mar Afghanistan mission close to failing - US Injection of troops and aid has not brought stability says intelligence chief
01 Mar
Priest accused of child molestation
01 Mar Suit Against Priest To Involve Church Officials

29 Feb Sunni Forces Losing Patience With U.S.
29 Feb Police Charge Priest with Child Sex Abuse
29 Feb Accused of sorcery, woman gives birth while hanging from tree Supernatual beliefs results in this kind of crime.
28 Feb
Senate advances anti-war bill
28 Feb US soldiers killed in Afghan ambush
28 Feb Catholic Church faces new crisis — Ireland is running out of priests Hardly a crisis, more like a good thing.
27 Feb
Iraq demands Turkish withdrawal
27 Feb John Doe lawsuits allege sexual abuse by priests years ago
26 Feb 2 US Soldiers, 52 Iraqis Killed; 166 Iraqis Wounded
26 Feb Retired Priest Sentenced for Bilking Two Churches
26 Feb Brisbane sex abuse priest may be defrocked
25 Feb White House says phone wiretaps back on "for now" So the White House can ignore Congress?
25 Feb George Bush's Approval Rating Plummets to Just 19%
25 Feb Lawsuit Accuses Ex-priest Of raping a young girl
24 Feb Key McCain Ally Indicted
24 Feb Iraqis: 'Surge' Is a Catastrophe
24 Feb Ex-priest gets four years for sexually assaulting children
23 Feb Two US soldiers killed in Iraq attacks
23 Feb Sex abuse suit filed against Scouts, Mormon church
23 Feb 'Repeated sexual abuse' by priest
22 Feb Religious hard-liners out in Pakistan This is also what we need to do in the United States.
22 Feb
Anti-US Cleric's Cease-Fire in Doubt
22 Feb Priest gets 2 years for child porn and sex abuse
21 Feb Three US soldiers killed in Baghdad bomb attack
21 Feb Man tells of priest's 'sex abuse'
20 Feb Five killed in rocket barrage on US base in Iraq
20 Feb Catholic priest faces child sex abuse charges
19 Feb Two US soldiers killed in Iraq
19 Feb Cleric wrote letter of support for child raper
18 Feb More U.S.-allied fighters quit working with American troops
18 Feb Document found in church sex abuse cases
17 Feb US Congress Begins Recess Without Sending Bush Wiretap Bill Finally the Democrats stand up to Bozo and his circus.
17 Feb
US air strikes kill Iraqi family in Kirkuk
17 Feb More sex abuse allegations against Diocese boys' ranch The fact that Catholics have boy-ranches, alone, ought to send up red flags.
16 Feb
House Defies Bush on Wiretaps
16 Feb Fort Worth diocese: Priest accused of sexual abuse is HIV-positive
15 Feb Senate Passes Ban On Waterboarding, Other Techniques Bozo, of course, will veto it.
15 Feb
Pastor accused of abusive behavior
14 Feb Senate Passes Bill to Expand U.S. Spying Powers Go to: ACLU.
14 Feb Iraqi Threatens to Disband Parliament
14 Feb Clergy sex abuse cited in lawsuit
13 Feb Army Buried Study Faulting Iraq Planning
13 Feb Former priest found guilty of sexual abuse
12 Feb 5 US soldiers killed in northern Iraq
12 Feb
Worldwide protest of Scientology churches [video]
12 Feb Man recounts life-altering events with parish priest that sent him into downward spiral
11 Feb Conflicts Deepen Between Local Iraqi Governments and U.S.-Backed Sunni Groups
11 Feb Abuse group protests at local church
10 Feb
AP Poll: Leaving Iraq will help economy
10 Feb Five US soldiers killed in Iraq: military
10 Feb Man sues diocese over alleged sex abuse by priest
09 Feb U.S. military force worn thin
09 Feb Church court finds priest guilty of molesting boys "chaplain will likely be defrocked." Will likely?
08 Feb
CIA Director's Testimony Contradicted: Bush Administration Destroyed Tapes
08 Feb Next Year’s War Costs Estimated at $170 Billion or More
08 Feb Arizona man sues Hartford archdiocese for alleged sex abuse by priest
07 Feb
3 GIs, 90 Iraqis Killed; 7 Iraqis Wounded; Mass Grave Found
07 Feb Iraq: 4 civilians killed in US raid
07 Feb How bishops formed strategy to fight claims of child abuse
06 Feb Iraqi scientist gave CIA information that should have prevented war
06 Feb Priest abuse 'led to son's overdose'
06 Feb Suspected paedophile priest kills himself Molesting children is not a mortal sin, but suicide is, go figure.
05 Feb 9 Iraqi civilians accidentally killed by U.S. military
05 Feb 'Puzzlement' over Catholic bishops' 'abuse' documents
04 Feb US Qaeda strategy fatally flawed: analysts
04 Feb Judge rules Fairbanks diocese liable for priest’s abuse
03 Feb 110 Iraqis Killed, 215 Wounded So much for the "surge is working" hypothesis.
03 Feb Priest faces more child sex abuse charges
02 Feb U.S. casualties increase in Iraq
02 Feb
Suicides by US soldiers spike
02 Feb Priest Accused Of Child Abuse Moved From Parish To Parish
01 Feb Iraq conflict has killed a million, says survey
01 Feb
Journalist sentenced to death in Afghanistan for reading about women's rights And this is what our soldiers are fighting for?
01 Feb Alleged victims accuse priests of sexual abuse

31 Jan Taliban find fertile new ground in Pakistan
31 Jan
Ex-priest jailed over exorcism death
31 Jan Child sex abuse charge costs priest
30 Jan 5 US Soldiers Killed in Northern Iraq
30 Jan More men come forward to accuse priest
29 Jan Two U.S. soldiers killed in bomb attacks in Baghdad
29 Jan Abuse Victims Protest Church of Priest Under Investigation
28 Jan Pakistan Rebuffs Secret U.S. Plea for C.I.A. Buildup
28 Jan Dead priest to be named in sexual abuse suit
27 Jan U.S. Cannot Manage Contractors In Wars, Officials Testify on Hill
27 Jan Priests accused of child sex abuse; Six clergy named in lawsuit
26 Jan US-led soldiers kill nine Afghan policemen: local officials
26 Jan Author examines church's role in abusive priests
25 Jan
Truth was first US casualty in Iraq war: study
25 Jan U.S. war costs in Iraq Acceleerate
25 Jan Siblings file abuse lawsuit against Catholic order
24 Jan First US Soldier in Iraq Dies in New Mine-Resistant Vehicle
24 Jan Activists want Norbertine priest to face sex abuse charges
23 Jan 4 GIs, 40 Iraqis Killed; 42 Iraqis Wounded
23 Jan Catholic Church and Pedophile case Swiss Catholic Church admits to awareness of pedophile priest .
22 Jan Two US troops killed in Iraq
22 Jan Albany Priest Accused Of Sexual Misconduct
21 Jan Discontent surges in Iraq
21 Jan Church officials investigate sex abuse allegations Like a fox investigating the chicken coop.
20 Jan 1 US Soldier, 128 Iraqis Killed; 103 Iraqis Wounded
20 Jan Former Siouxland Priest Accused Of Child Sex Abuse
19 Jan Could US, Iran stumble into war?
19 Jan Priest admits child molestation, according to court filing
18 Jan Three U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq - military
18 Jan Bishops are branded 'narcissistic sociopaths'
17 Jan Exit polls: Economy was top issue for Michigan voters
17 Jan Pastor Caught in Child Sex Sting Accused of Asking Cops to Ditch Evidence
17 Jan Green Bay Catholic Diocese, Ex-priest Named in New Lawsuit
16 Jan Suicide attack on Afghan luxury hotel kills seven
16 Jan Church officials sat on abuse allegations
15 Jan Iraqi opposition alliance threatens government
15 Jan Priest accused of abusing boy removed from ministry
14 Jan Pakistan Warns U.S. on Attacking Al Qaeda on Its Own
14 Jan Sex abuse priest gets 5 years probation
13 Jan 'Nobody should die like that'
13 Jan Backlash as more claim religion to get place in top schools
12 Jan US Navy threat may not have been Iranian
12 Jan Church gives sex offender a boost toward the priesthood
11 Jan 9 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Sunni Strongholds
11 Jan
US general says 'spectacular' Qaeda attacks rise in Iraq
11 Jan Woman Speaks About Alleged Clergy Sex Abuse
10 Jan Three U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq
10 Jan
Afghan Civilians Were Killed Needlessly, Ex-Marine Testifies
10 Jan Man suing Green Bay Diocese for priest’s sex child abuse
09 Jan Iraqi Soldier Who Killed U.S. Troops is a Hero in Iraq
09 Jan Retired priest jailed for child abuse
08 Jan
Iraq death rate belies US claims of success
08 Jan Two U.S. soldiers killed in bomb attacks in Iraq
08 Jan Pope calls for continuous prayer to rid priesthood of paedophilia This is the Church's solution? But prayer doesn't work!
07 Jan Whistleblower: US Officials Sold Nuke Secrets
07 Jan Victims tell of Brooklyn priest sex abuse
06 Jan Two US soldiers were shot by Iraqi soldier-generals
06 Jan Brothers Allegedly Molested by Priest File Fraud Lawsuit
05 Jan Three U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq
05 Jan Sex abuse victims' group calls for priest's records in Las Vegas
04 Jan Criminal Probe Opened Over CIA Tapes
04 Jan
Priest arrested on perjury charges in alleged mob case
04 Jan Priest arrested over sex abuse claims
03 Jan Oil price at record $100 a barrel
03 Jan States Question Electronic Vote Machines
03 Jan Clergy-Abuse Group Plans Lawsuit Against Green Bay Diocese
02 Jan Iraq bomb targets pro-government tribe
02 Jan 'Credible' abuse accusation brought against dead priest
01 Jan No place in Iraq safe: US military
01 Jan
Sexual-abuse complaint received by diocese