News & Articles from 2012

How religious, political and ideological beliefs spark falsehoods, intolerance, violence, crime, and war

comments by Jim Walker

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31 Dec Florida's Long Lines On Election Day Discouraged 49,000 People From Voting: Report
31 Dec Godless Dallas Heathens in the Running for 2012 Atheist Billboard of the Year
30 Dec Gunman shoots three cops inside New Jersey police station
30 Dec Light-powered magnetic levitation could create 'new class' of solar energy
29 Dec Earth's twin will be discovered in 2013, astronomers predict
29 Dec Priest says women provoke men to abuse
28 Dec GAO Faults Pentagon's $5.6 Billion Logistics Plan for Afghan Drawdown
28 Dec Deaf alleged victims of sexual abuse call for boycott of Catholic Church collection plates
27 Dec Bitter Tea Party Feud Involved Armed Coup
27 Dec Atheist group for seniors at La Costa Glen targeted
26 Dec Poll: Support for stricter gun control at 10-year high
26 Dec Sex abuse priest unmasked by court
25 Dec West Antarctica Warming Twice As Fast As Previously Believed: Study
25 Dec Gun rights advocates seek deportation of Piers Morgan
24 Dec How 'Dark Money' helped Republicans hold the House and hurt voters
24 Dec Atheist Pastor Recovers From 'Identity Suicide'
23 Dec Armed guards in schools? Reaction to NRA is swift and strong
23 Dec American Atheists is Suing the IRS, Claiming That It Gives Preferential Treatment to Religious Groups
22 Dec US Lost More Troops to Suicide Than Combat
22 Dec EU lets Catholic Church off its billion-euro tax bill
21 Dec New Orleans schools ban creationism and 'revisionist' history in rebuke of Texas
21 Dec Dec. 21: It's (not) the end of the world as we know it, NASA says
20 Dec Study Finds One in 6 Follows No Religion
20 Dec 5 reasons global warming is more terrifying than you think
19 Dec Anonymous Targets Westboro Baptist Church After Newtown Vigil Protest Threat
19 Dec Debunking the "2012 Doomsday" (website)
18 Dec Pro-gun America relatively quiet in wake of Sandy Hook massacre
18 Dec Ipswich priest Haley Dossor jailed for sex abuse
17 Dec Obesity killing three times as many as malnutrition
17 Dec Woman seeks damages for alleged sexual abuse by Vancouver priest
16 Dec Poll: Supermajority of Americans finally support climate action
16 Dec Fate Of Tracy Smith, Accused Abusive Pastor In The Hands Of His Flock
15 Dec Is Education a Human Right or a Privilege for the Wealthy?
15 Dec NASA video debunks Mayan doomsday myth (video included)
14 Dec Job Openings in U.S. Rose in October to Four-Month High
14 Dec Federal judge rules "Choose Life" license plates unconstitutional
13 Dec The seven countries where the state can execute you for being atheist
13 Dec Tennessee Republican gave testimony detailing wife's abortions
13 Dec Former altar boys recall being touched by priest
12 Dec Atheists around world suffer persecution, discrimination: report
12 Dec Colorado governor legalizes marijuana nearly a month ahead of time
11 Dec The Struggle for Abortion Rights in Ireland
11 Dec Secret files on Los Angeles archdiocese priests accused of sex abuse could soon become public
10 Dec Parents beat son to death for not reading Bible
09 Dec Mayan apocalypse: panic spreads as December 21 nears
09 Dec 66 German priests accused of child sex abuse
08 Dec Obamacare Health Insurance Rules Saved Customers $1.5 Billion Last Year: Study
08 Dec Scientists warn of sperm count crisis
07 Dec Maddow: Secret Petraeus audio means Fox News 'officially' part of the GOP
07 Dec Bristol University's Christian Union Bans Women From Speaking At Meetings
06 Dec NASA Takes on 2012 Doomsday Hokum
06 Dec Origin of intelligence and mental illness linked to ancient genetic accident
05 Dec The New York Times Waves Goodbye to Three Amigos of Militarism
05 Dec Louisiana's Voucher Program, That Calls for $11,000,000 to Creationism-Endorsing Schools, Ruled Unconstitutional
04 Dec World temperature set to increase 9 degrees: study
04 Dec Former preacher and scout leader convicted of child sex crimes
03 Dec White House "No new Offers until GOP drops opposition to tax increases"
03 Dec Raped, impregnated by pastor
02 Dec Why Are Cows Tails Dropping Off?
02 Dec Priest accused of sexual abuse has live-in boy helper
01 Dec Polar ice sheets losing 2 Times as Much ice as 20 years ago
01 Dec Man Faces Death Threats and Jail for Pointing Out That Weeping Jesus "Miracle" Is Just Faulty Plumbing

30 Nov Pastafarians demand equal access to Pennsylvania courthouse holiday display
30 Nov Sexual abuse scandal with Chilean priest resurfaces
29 Nov Three arrested as naked protesters storm Boehner's office over budget cuts
29 Nov Homeopathy regime is rejected as judge tells parents to immunise child
28 Nov Military expert booted after accusing Fox News of 'operating as wing of the Republican Party'
28 Nov Florida Republicans Admit Voter Suppression Was The Goal Of New Election Laws
27 Nov Anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist faces erosion of power
27 Nov Long-term Contraception Use Is Up, Abortion Down – Common Sense On The Rise
26 Nov Republicans face unexpected challenges in coastal South amid shrinking white vote
26 Nov Atheists and Islam: No God, not even Allah
25 Nov UNEP Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report Finds Climate Change Goals Growing More Elusive
25 Nov Lawsuit alleges dozens of clergy abused children at Montreal school for deaf
24 Nov Saudi Arabia implements electronic tracking system for women
24 Nov Australian clergy abuse scandal spreads to NZ
23 Nov Black Friday Creep Costs Retail Workers Their Thanksgiving
23 Nov Tea Party Nation Still Trying To Make Romney President
22 Nov October Was 332nd Consecutive Globally Warm Month
22 Nov Lisa Biron, Anti-Gay Christian Lawyer, Arrested On Child Pornography Charges
21 Nov Democrats sweep last undecided House races
21 Nov Santa Monica Nativity Scene Controversy Heads To Court
20 Nov Palestinian Civilian Toll Climbs in Gaza
20 Nov Catholic Church's secret sex files
19 Nov Maddow: Republicans beginning to purge 'the crazy'
19 Nov Film defrocks church hierarchy over handling of sex abuse
18 Nov More than half a million petition Macy's to dump Donald Trump sponsorship
18 Nov Woman 'denied a termination' dies in hospital
17 Nov Republicans After 'Gifts' Comment: Get Off The Stage, Mitt
17 Nov Cracking the vows of silence
16 Nov Atheist group sues IRS for failing to enforce church electioneering ban
16 Nov Retired bishop, priest arrested on child sex abuse charges
15 Nov White House 'secede' petitions reach 675,000 signatures, 50-state participation
15 Nov Expert: 'Priests believe child abuse forgivable'
14 Nov The scientific truth about climate change
14 Nov Catholic Priest and teacher charged with child sex crimes
13 Nov Scientists Discover Possible Building Blocks of Ancient Genetic Systems in Earth's Most Primitive Organisms
13 Nov Australian PM orders federal inquiry into claims of child sex abuse following church scandals
12 Nov It's official: Obama wins Florida- Electorial college count final: Obama 332 - Romney 206
12 Nov Catholic church: Priest reveals system of child sexual abuse and cover-up
11 Nov Gallup: 2012 election had the largest gender gap in recorded history
11 Nov Group says Australian priests sexually abused boys
10 Nov For Religious Conservatives, Election Was A 'Disaster'
10 Nov Calls to widen clergy inquiry across state
09 Nov Republicans Face Struggle Over Party's Direction
09 Nov Former Lockeford priest Michael Kelly faces more child sex abuse allegations
08 Nov 'God Prefers Kind Atheists Over Hateful Christians,' Portland Church's Sign Reads
08 Nov 6 First Nations men sue church over sex abuse claims
07 Nov Obama Wins New Term as Electoral Advantage Holds
07 Nov Six men suing the Catholic church for alleged sexual abuse
06 Nov Obama Gains Edge in Campaign's Final Days, Pew Research: Obama 50% - Romney 47%
06 Nov Pastor charged with killing fiancee's daughter
05 Nov Final national NBC/WSJ poll: Obama 48%, Romney 47%
05 Nov Wis. diocese to pay $500,000 in priest abuse case
04 Nov Virginia voter fraud case expands to focus on GOP firm
04 Nov Lawsuit filed against priest convicted in child pornography case
03 Nov Claims for unemployment aid drop to 363,000
03 Nov Men describe priest's alleged abuse
02 Nov UAW Charges Romney With Profiteering From Auto Bailout
02 Nov Former Boonville priest fights sexual abuse charges
01 Nov Right And Left Agree: A Romney Presidency Would Imperil Roe v. Wade
01 Nov Former priest facing more child sex abuse charges

31 Oct Race is tied, but most think Obama will win: Reuters/Ipsos poll
31 Oct Fresh allegations of child sex abuse made against Irish order priests working in Africa
30 Oct Maddow: 'There's been a truthfulness problem with the Romney campaign'
30 Oct More claims emerge of abuse by Spiritan priests
29 Oct Poll: Majority of Americans are racist against blacks
29 Oct Miami priest placed on leave in sex abuse case
28 Oct Security experts say new electronic voting machines can be hacked
28 Oct Romney's chance to win still only 28%
27 Oct "Citizens" United: Bain Capital, Clear Channel and Those Voter Fraud Billboards
27 Oct Cancer diagnosis does not make young people religious, research suggests
26 Oct Right-Wing "Nonprofit" Religious Groups and Koch Brothers Team Up to Target Voters
26 Oct Mayans demand an end to 2012 doomsday myth
25 Oct Corporate Lobbyists Manage Our Presidential Debates
25 Oct Man tells of alleged abuse by priest
24 Oct Obama rips Romney on military size: ‘The question is not a game of battleship’
24 Oct Boy Scouts brace for release of internal child sex abuse files
23 Oct Gap between men and women in polling reaches near historic high
23 Oct Child Abuse in the UK: Witchcraft and Possession
22 Oct Special report: Romney's steel skeleton in the Bain closet
22 Oct Iowa Pastor will go to jail after sexually abusing congregation members
21 Oct Third instance of voter registration dumping found in Virginia
21 Oct Embattled Miami Priest, Faced With New Allegations of Covering Up Sex Abuse (video included)
20 Oct Obama's New Tag Line: 'Romnesia'
20 Oct Boy Scout 'Perversion Files' reveal sexual abuse, cover  up
19 Oct Group Behind Romney's 'Binders Full Of Women' Doesn't Remember Story The Way Romney Does
19 Oct Dinesh D'Souza in Hot Water with Religious Right over Sex Scandal
18 Oct Obama Bounces Back With Strong Showing in Second Debate
18 Oct Phoenix diocese releases list of clergy involved in abuse cases
17 Oct Romney's Unraveling Claim That Six Studies Validate His Tax Plan
17 Oct Iowa pastor threatens to 'slap' woman for objecting to anti-LGBT political activism
16 Oct Obama grabs wide lead among those who have already voted: Reuters/Ipsos poll
16 Oct Percentage of Protestant Americans Is in Steep Decline, Study Finds
15 Oct Billionaire Koch brother accused of imprisoning, interrogating former employee
15 Oct Australian government report cites DMN findings on Catholic Church moving pedophile priests
14 Oct Fiscal conservative Paul Ryan lobbied for millions in federal spending as a congressman
14 Oct At Least 110 Wounded in Cairo Power Clashes as Islamists, Secularists Fight
13 Oct Joe Biden Creaming Paul Ryan In First Hour Of Debate: Survey
13 Oct Italian church to be stripped of tax exemption from 2013
12 Oct Killed former SEAL used in stump speech thought Romney was 'pathetic': friend
12 Oct Files of L.A. priests accused of sexual abuse to be released
11 Oct Romney's "47 Percent" Blunder Reveals the Hidden Heart of His Agenda
11 Oct St. Paul Priest Charged with Abusing 2 Brothers, Child Porn
10 Oct Survey: One in five Americans has no religion
10 Oct Farmington priest accused of sexual misconduct with minors (video included)
09 Oct Groups urge Ohio Supreme Court to uphold firing of Creationist science teacher
09 Oct Irish Bishop accused of major cover-up over child sex abuse priest
08 Oct Tea Party Voter Suppression Group Under Investigation For Possible 'Criminal Conspiracy'
08 Oct Incestuous pastor confesses
08 Oct Scientists Find Cannabis Compound Stops Metastasis In Aggressive Cancers (video included)
07 Oct Fall in jobless rate strips Romney of an argument
07 Oct Eight new civil suits allege more Philadelphia priest abuse
06 Oct Gallup: Obama's Approval Rating Reaches 54 Percent, Highest Mark Since '09
06 Oct Texas: Christian cheerleaders bully secular students (video included)
05 Oct Romney Goes On Offense, Pays For It In First Wave Of Fact Checks
05 Oct Protesters demand names of priests accused of sexual abuse
04 Oct Maddow unveils 'bombshell' Paul Ryan video (video included)
04 Oct Five priests with Delaware County ties named in new sex abuse lawsuits
03 Oct Manufacturing in U.S. Expands Unexpectedly as Orders Rise
03 Oct Priest Accused of Abusing Kids for Decades
02 Oct No Evidence That High-End Tax Cuts Help the Economy
02 Oct Romney Faces a Formidable Gender Gap
01 Oct Vote counting company tied to Romney
01 Oct Kentucky churches confront several cases of sex abuse by church leaders

30 Sep Obama Versus Romney: Everything You Need to Know About Where the Candidates Stand on Energy Policy
30 Sep Ex-priest gets prison for $425,000 church theft
29 Sep Obama Leads in Latest Swing-State Polls Including North Carolina
29 Sep Philippine Priest Facing Scrutiny Over Ivory Smuggling and Sexual Abuse
28 Sep Scarborough cries 'Oh, sweet Jesus!' as Romney fails to lead chant (video included)
28 Sep Philippine priest probed over 'child abuse'
27 Sep Atheists condemn House resolution to reaffirm importance of religion
27 Sep Citizens United Ruling Accounts for 78 Percent of Campaign Spending
26 Sep Scientists: '93 percent' of Fox News climate change coverage is 'staggeringly misleading'
26 Sep Maddow mocks Romney for wondering why airplane windows don't open (video included)
25 Sep More than 1,000 pastors plan to challenge IRS by endorsing presidential candidate
25 Sep Tulsa Megachurch Sued Over Sex Abuse Claims
24 Sep Beyond God and Guns: Why the GOP May Lose the White Working Class
24 Sep Victorian Catholic Church reveals 620 child abuse cases
23 Sep Romney Campaign Caught Plagiarizing Obama Website (video)
23 Sep Mormon church threatens to excommunicate member who criticized Romney
22 Sep NBC/WSJ poll: Obama hits 50 percent in Iowa, Wisconsin and Colorado
22 Sep Teenager died in agony because his faith healer parents refused to take him to hospital
21 Sep Post Poll: Obama up 8 points over Romney in Virginia
21 Sep Maddow: Romney hurt GOP candidates by calling Americans 'lazy moocher bums' (video included)
20 Sep Obama Responds to Romney's 49% Statement on Letterman and Received Standing Ovation From Audience
20 Sep Romney's Libya Response May Have Done Real Damage
20 Sep A New Gospel Revealed that Refers to Jesus' Wife
19 Sep New video on Palestinians spells more trouble for Romney
19 Sep Secret Video: Romney Tells Millionaire Donors What He Really Thinks of Obama Voters
19 Sep New abuse allegations for already-cleared priest
18 Sep Inside the campaign: How Mitt Romney stumbled
18 Sep Jesuit accused of sexual molestation spent 15 years working at LMU
17 Sep Santorum: 'Smart people will never be on our side'
17 Sep OC Pastor Sentenced to 330 Years For Molesting Boys (video included)
16 Sep Wisconsin anti-union law struck down in court
16 Sep Conviction of Catholic bishop gives child-abuse victims hope
15 Sep Glen Doherty, Security Officer Killed In Libya Attack, Fought Religious Proselytizing In Military
15 Sep Obama's health-care law saved Americans $2.1 billion: Is it working?
14 Sep Chuck Todd: Romney 'outrageous' and 'irresponsible' for politicizing U.S. deaths in Libya
14 Sep Former Teacher and Minister Convicted on child abuse charges (video included)
13 Sep U.S. expects to earn $15.1 billion from bailing out AIG: Treasury
13 Sep LA Pedophile Priest, Arrested at Resort Pool Surrounded by Kids
12 Sep Richard Dawkins: Romney a 'massively gullible fool' for practicing Mormonism
12 Sep Priest pleads guilty to 35 of 62 sex-related charges
11 Sep Obama leads by 5 in Ohio
11 Sep List: Obama's Top 50 Accomplishments
10 Sep Obama widens lead over Romney despite jobs data: Reuters/Ipsos poll
10 Sep Church's suicide victims (video included)
09 Sep Unhappy Anniversary: Republicans Have Blocked the American Jobs Act for One Year
09 Sep Mass. Episcopal priest charged with abusing child
08 Sep Forget the Polls: Obama Is the Odds-On Favorite to Win in November
08 Sep Jon Stewart tears apart RNC with comparison to Clinton's math-filled speech
08 Sep Brethren Christian GP banned for prescribing gay 'cure'
07 Sep Bill Clinton offers forceful defense of Obama's record (video included)
07 Sep Culture of denial in Catholic Church is world-wide, says priest
06 Sep After US Rebuke, Israel Scrambles to Climb Down From War Rhetoric
06 Sep Three Irish priests who retired to Cork diocese had abuse convictions overseas
05 Sep Poll: Romney receives low score for convention speech
05 Sep Former priest on run after sex assault claim
04 Sep New York AG investigating Bain Capital, other firms for tax evasion
04 Sep Clint Eastwood Gets Cut From Romney RNC Video
03 Sep Romney's Convention Bounce Appears Middling So Far
03 Sep The Romney-Koch Handshake That Network TV Missed (video included)
02 Sep Did a rambling Clint Eastwood ruin Mitt Romney's big night?
02 Sep Severe Diet Doesn't Prolong Life, at Least in Monkeys
01 Sep Facts Matter: The Ultimate Guide To Mitt Romney's Convention Speech
01 Sep Catholic newspaper scrubs interview after priest says children are 'seducers'

31 Aug Mitt Romney's Tax Mysteries: A Reading Guide
31 Aug Newcastle priest charged with abuse cover-up
30 Aug Poll: Romney Faces Lowest Favorability Rating For Major Party Nominee Since Reagan Years
30 Aug Newt Gingrich at the RNC: The wealthy are more 'noble'
29 Aug Boehner Says Out Loud He Hopes Blacks and Latinos 'Won't Show Up' This Election
29 Aug Coal miners say they were forced to attend Romney event and donate
29 Aug Woman details alleged abuse by 3 priests
28 Aug Rule changes forced through by Romney campaign at RNC provoke grassroots backlash
28 Aug Infrasound linked to spooky effects
27 Aug Radical right threatens to blow Mitt Romney off course as Republicans gather in Tampa
27 Aug Romney Uses Secretive Data-mining
27 Aug Animals conscious say leading neuroscientists
26 Aug Romney now claims Mormon faith dictates tax return secrecy
26 Aug Fox News Outs Navy Seal, Confirms Double Standard on Secrecy
25 Aug Millions Go Hungry as Congress Considers Food Stamp Cuts and Drought Threatens Crops
25 Aug Maddow: Politicians running from their records say hilariously stupid things
24 Aug Election model with 100% success rate for past 30 years predicts Romney victory
24 Aug Surrogates Admit Romney Will Cut Medicare Benefits For Current Seniors
23 Aug Revealed: Romney Campaign's Attempts to Deny Paul Ryan's Insider Trading Don't Add Up
23 Aug Paul Ryan and Todd Akin Partnered on Radical "Personhood" Bill
22 Aug Study: Raising the Minimum Wage Especially Benefits Women
22 Aug Netanyahu 'Determined to Attack Iran Before US Vote'
21 Aug The new robber barons: how taxpayers subsidize CEOs' multimillion salaries
21 Aug Study finds microbes manipulate your mind
20 Aug Obama better for world economy: poll
20 Aug Secret tapes reveal church reluctance to report abuser
19 Aug O'Brien lays waste to anti-Obama Navy SEAL's claim of 'non-partisanship'
19 Aug Paul Ryan caught red-handed in stimulus hypocrisy (video included)
18 Aug Mitt Romney Started Bain Capital With Money From Families Tied To Death Squads
18 Aug A book complete with illustrations has been encoded in DNA
18 Aug Woodburn priest charged with child sexual abuse
17 Aug Pawlenty Suggests That Soledad O'Brien Doesn't Understand English (video included)
17 Aug Pedophile priest may have abused 80
16 Aug Paul Ryan mocked with internet meme at campaign event
16 Aug Deeply Religious Parents Often Reluctant to Cease Medical Care
15 Aug Protesters interrupt Ryan in Iowa: 'Stop the war on the middle class!' (video included)
15 Aug Lab-grown meat gives food for thought
15 Aug Church Minister Arrested For Alleged Child Sex Abuse
14 Aug Paul Ryan's VP nod elicits cheers of joy across liberal America
14 Aug Earth getting warmer, human activity the cause
13 Aug Arctic ocean losing 50% more summer ice than predicted
13 Aug Former Priest Indicted on Sex Charges
12 Aug Three polls show Obama widening lead over Romney
12 Aug Intelligence Study Links Low I.Q. To Prejudice, Racism, Conservatism
11 Aug Romney won't release taxes because 'I'm not a business'
11 Aug The Pope drops Catholic ban on condoms in historic shift
10 Aug Government May Wiretap US Citizens Without Warrants, Federal Judges Rule
10 Aug Anthropologists discover a new species of human
09 Aug Mitt Romney Ad Criticizes Obama For Welfare Policy Romney Supported As Governor
09 Aug Virginia Beach minister charged with sexually abusing teen
08 Aug Americans Want to Live in a Much More Equal Country (They Just Don't Realize It)
08 Aug Sikh Temple Shooter Part of Growing Trend of Anti-Sikh Violence
07 Aug Study: Current heatwave likely to show global warming is 'scientific fact'
07 Aug Catholic Monsignor jailed for shielding pedophile
06 Aug Private Prisons Spend $45 Million on Lobbying, Rake in $5.1 Billion for Immigrant Detention Alone
06 Aug Pastor charged with molesting girls
05 Aug
Maddow takes a hard look at Romney's dressage dodge (includes video)
05 Aug US priest pleads guilty to producing child pornography
04 Aug Romney Tax Plan Raises Middle Class Taxes
04 Aug Megachurch pastor investigated over sex with teen girl
03 Aug What's behind President Obama's swing-state surge? 6 theories
03 Aug Chicago alderman: Chick-fil-A sued 19 times for discrimination
02 Aug Swing states give Obama the edge
02 Aug 'Earliest' evidence of modern human culture found
02 Aug Child sexual abuse allegations against church leader
01 Aug White House wants Romney to explain Israel remarks
01 Aug Poll: Majority of Americans would vote for an atheist for president
01 Aug Police move on priests over abuse 'cover-up'

31 Jul Koch-funded climate scientist: I was wrong, humans are to blame
31 Jul More Victims Claiming Sexual Abuse by Montana Priests
30 Jul House GOP trying to fast-track tax cut bill for wealthy and corporations
30 Jul Philly priest gets 3 to 6 years in abuse case
29 Jul Former FL GOP chair says 'right-wing crazies' want to suppress black vote
29 Jul Philly priest charged with 1997 sexual assault on altar boy, 10
28 Jul Mitt Romney Turns a Deaf Ear to Pleas of Illinois Workers Whose Jobs Are Being Outsourced to China by Bain
28 Jul Youth Pastor convicted of sex crimes receives sentencing date
27 Jul British papers blast Mitt Romney
27 Jul Senate votes against Bush tax cuts for the wealthy
27 Jul Irish missionary faces allegations of child abuse in Chile
26 Jul Satellites reveal sudden Greenland ice melt
26 Jul CBO: Repealing Obamacare would increase deficit by $109 billion
26 Jul Some Austrian hospitals end religious circumcision
25 Jul Evangelical Christians from U.S. accused of promoting homophobia in Africa
25 Jul New Jersey Youth Pastor Accused Of Sexually Abusing 12-Year-Old Boy
24 Jul Tax havens: Super-rich 'hiding' at least $21trillion
24 Jul In First, Software Emulates Lifespan of Entire Organism
23 Jul Obama in Florida: Romney's Medicare plan would hurt seniors
23 Jul Nonreligious climb to 19%
23 Jul Former Baltimore Pastor Sentenced On Eight Counts Of Sex Offense
22 Jul CNN: Cantor's office wrote loophole into insider trading bill
22 Jul Romney's mystery bundlers hiding in plain sight (biggest known is lobbyist for Barclays Bank)
21 Jul The Bain Ad That Romney Should Fear the Most (video included)
21 Jul Astronomers Finally Find the Answer to Earth's Water Mystery
20 Jul Survey Shows Support for Voter ID Laws Strongest Among Those with Negative Attitudes Toward African Americans
20 Jul Pastor charged with kidnapping; officer also charged (video included)
19 Jul 15 Prominent Republicans Who Want Romney To Release More Tax Returns Right Now
19 Jul A Beloved Priest Accused, A Parish in Disbelief
18 Jul REPORT: Biggest Donor To Romney And GOP Did Business With Chinese Mob, Sheldon Adelson
18 Jul NJ Priest Arrested in Alleged Sex Abuse of Mom, Child
17 Jul Women's Inequality Linked to Soaring Population
17 Jul American 'faith' in organized religion drops to an all-time low (video included)
16 Jul U.S. Is Building Criminal Cases in Rate-Fixing
16 Jul Central Ohio Priest Accused Of Sexual Abusing Child (includes video)
15 Jul Romney Campaign Hits Panic Button
15 Jul Academics say 'no truth' to lying eyes theory
14 Jul Obama campaign: 'Severe consequences' if Romney committed felony with Bain lies
14 Jul Pastor arrested on sex charges now wanted for fraud
13 Jul Romney speech to NAACP draws boos, raises questions on strategy
13 Jul Study finds no long-term negative cognitive effects from marijuana
12 Jul Scientists to directly link extreme weather to man-made climate change
12 Jul Former Scientology Member Claims Sexual And Physical Abuse Occurs Within The Church (video included)
11 Jul Texas GOP Declares: "No More Teaching of 'Critical Thinking Skills' in Texas Public Schools"
11 Jul More sex abuse claims levelled at Catholic priest (video included)
10 Jul Texas ranked worst in the nation for health care by gov't agency
10 Jul Pastor suspected of sexual abuse surrenders to Bogota police
09 Jul America's Petro-Terrorists: How Speculators Drove Up Oil Prices (Read Daily Kos summary here)
09 Jul $6.4 million going to Seattle Catholic-school sex-abuse victim
08 Jul Evidence of a US judicial vendetta against WikiLeaks activists mounts
08 Jul Scientology's Own Promotional Material Attests to 15-Year-Olds in the Sea Org
07 Jul Over 750,000 Pennsylvanians Could Be Disenfranchised by Voter ID Law
07 Jul Inglewood pastor arrested on child sex abuse charges (video included)
06 Jul Ohio personhood campaign aborted after signature drive implodes
06 Jul Time for Royal Commission into Catholic clergy abuse: lawyer
05 Jul Higgs found
05 Jul The Biggest Banking Scandal Ever
05 Jul Pastor faces trial in alleged sex abuse of five boys
04 Jul Bill Nye to CNN: 'The two sides aren't equal' on climate change (video included)
04 Jul Romney Invested in Medical-Waste Firm That Disposed of Aborted Fetuses, Government Documents Show
03 Jul Under Cover of Darkness, a Corporate Coup Is Underway
03 Jul Not just chess: Atheists are organizing high school clubs, too
02 Jul Six Ways the Big Banks Are Getting Back-Door Bailouts
02 Jul Mormons quit church in mass resignation
02 Jul California pastor arrested for child molestation
01 Jul Tea Party leader calls for 'insurrection' against Obamacare
01 Jul Solano County pastor arrested on 19 sexual abuse counts

30 Jun Top 6 hyperbolic responses to the health care ruling
30 Jun Pastor admits to abusing teen
30 Jun Scientists Invent Particles That Will Let You Live Without Breathing
29 Jun Supreme Court upholds health-care law and individual mandate
29 Jun Why Romney Couldn't Convince The Washington Post To Retract Its Story About Bain Offshoring Jobs
29 Jun Former priest admits attempting rape of girl and abusing her brother
28 Jun Major Romney donors rewarded at lavish Utah retreat
28 Jun Woman Says 'Exorcist' Priest Abused Her
27 Jun WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning wins battle over U.S. documents
27 Jun Major Anti-Scientology conference is set for Dublin (video included)
26 Jun A Biblical Threat to National Security
26 Jun Gallup: For the first time, a majority of Americans say they'd vote for an atheist for president
25 Jun Corporate Profits Just Hit An All-Time High, Wages Just Hit An All-Time Low
25 Jun Priest's conviction hailed as victory for all children abused by priests
24 Jun Romney-Rove get-together again raises super PAC/candidate coordination issue
24 Jun Catholic official found guilty of covering up sexual abuse by priests
23 Jun Middle class could face higher taxes under Republican plan, analysis finds
23 Jun How a Sex Abuse Victim Finally Got Predator Priest into Court
22 Jun Race Matters: Why Gallup Poll Finds Less Support For President Obama
22 Jun By the numbers: The U.S.'s growing for-profit detention industry
20 Jun Rate of wrongful conviction probably much higher than thought: study
20 Jun Jehovah's Witnesses Told to Pay 28 Million in Abuse Case
20 Jun Saudi man executed for 'witchcraft and sorcery'
19 Jun Google reports 'alarming' rise in censorship by governments
19 Jun Pope to Irish: Child abuse by clergy 'a mystery'
18 Jun In House Bill, Clean Energy on the GOP Chopping Block 13 Times
18 Jun Former Catholic Altar Boy's Death Was Result of Priest Abuse
17 Jun Republican may sue to continue deportation of youths brought to U.S. illegally as children
17 Jun Priest charged with sexually abusing altar boy
16 Jun Michigan Dem banned by Republicans for using the word 'vagina'
16 Jun Unbelieving preachers get help to 'come out' as open atheists
16 Jun 10,000 Germs and a Few Pounds of Bacteria is Healthy, Scientists Say
15 Jun Climate: U.S. temperature study shows accelerated warming in recent decades
15 Jun Former Plainfield pastor found guilty of sexually assaulting 2 girls
14 Jun Humans responsible for warming oceans, finds study
14 Jun Pastor arrested for raping teen girl in Mandaluyong
13 Jun Atheists in Massachusetts fight 'under God' in Pledge of Allegiance
13 Jun Church pastors become atheists (video included)
13 Jun The use and abuse of religious freedom
12 Jun The drone over your backyard: A guide
12 Jun Priests as Pintos: Fraud and the Next Catholic Crisis
11 Jun Elizabeth Warren Slams Mitt Romney (video included)
11 Jun Megachurch Pastor Choked, and Hit Daughter
10 Jun Over Six Million Young Adults Insured Thanks to Obama's Health Care
10 Jun Green decline 'may bring irreversible change'
10 Jun Owensboro Priest Arrested On Child Sex Abuse Charges (video included)
09 Jun US Military Suicides Hit Highest Level Since War Began
09 Jun Stand Your Ground? Texas man kills teacher over noise complaint
08 Jun Environmental collapse now a serious threat: scientists
08 Jun Australian priest charged with sex abuse had spiritual director with similar charges
07 Jun Secular group faces push-back from Kentucky's unofficial state pastor
07 Jun Outrage after sex crime priest is reinstated (video included)
06 Jun Voter ID advocate fails to name single instance of voter fraud
06 Jun Missouri Pastor and Church First Lady Charged with Child Sexual Abuse Crimes and More (video included)
05 Jun Second Romney-Backed Solar Company Files For Bankruptcy
05 Jun Confessions of Priest Who Molested 17 Boys Released
04 Jun Maddow blasts GOP for talking about jobs while legislating against women (includes video)
04 Jun Death of snake handling preacher shines light on lethal Appalachian tradition
03 Jun Republicans Hold US Economy Hostage
03 Jun Student suing school district over graduation prayer (video included)
02 Jun Breaking: Federal Judge Blocks Florida Voter Suppression Law
02 Jun 'Sex history' window to pedophile priest's mind
01 Jun The stunning truth about healthcare pricing
01 Jun In Churches Across The Country, Far-Right Pastors Preach Anti-Gay Hate And Violence

31 May Maddow takes on Florida voter purge (includes video)
31 May Thousands Protest Anti-Gay Pastor In North Carolina
30 May Evolution skeptics will soon be silenced by science: Richard Leakey
30 May Former Waltham pastor accused of abuse
29 May Record 45% of Iraq and Afghanistan vets have filed for disability
29 May Wis. Earth pastor gets 2 years in child abuse case
28 May Pope's butler arrested in Vatican leaks scandal
28 May The US Government Is Running A Massive Spy Campaign On Occupy Wall Street
27 May Breaking: Mitt's First Scandal
27 May Priest busted for sex abuse ten years ago now working for the TSA
26 May Poll: Obama With A Huge Lead Among Latino Voters
26 May 'Pretty sick individuals' on priest abuse list
25 May Church member defends NC pastor: LGBT people 'worthy of death'
25 May Chimps' personalities are like people's, study says
24 May Poll: Americans, Including Catholics, Say Birth Control Is Morally OK
24 May Muslim parents 'killed daughter for dating boys'
23 May Study: The most conservative Republicans express lowest levels of speech complexity
23 May North Carolina pastor calls for death of gays, lesbians by trapping them inside electric fence
22 May Marijuana Advocates Spend Big and Defeat Drug War Proponent in Oregon
22 May Church pastor admits sexually abusing teenage boy
21 May NAACP endorses same-sex marriage
21 May Evidence in clergy abuse trial shows a culture of secrecy
20 May Christianity's anti-gay stance backfires and it's costing them believers
20 May Florida Baptist Convention found liable for former pastor who abused Eustis boy
19 May "Whites" are now the minority in the United States
19 May Ex-priest found guilty of plotting death of accuser
18 May Poll: 74 percent want end to medical marijuana raids
18 May Legion of Christ Rocked By More Sex Charges
17 May Maddow blasts Fox News for accusing Obama of 'political terrorism'
17 May Former Suburban Buddhist Priest Arrested For Alleged Sex Abuse
16 May Five Facts That Put America To Shame
16 May Louisiana is the world's prison capital
16 May 'Rogue Planets' May Invalidate the Dark Matter Theory
15 May Political atheism continues to mobilize in US
15 May Obama's Gay Marriage Support Shocks Black Church
14 May Richard Branson says Spain can solve its economic problems by legalizing marijuana
14 May LA Catholic Church may be sued over Midland paedophile priest
13 May Air Force Document: Drones Can Be Used To Spy On Americans
13 May Missouri pastor charged with molesting 3 children
12 May Senate panel to examine overturning Citizens United ruling in July
12 May The Single Theory That Could Explain Emergence, Organisation And The Origin of Life
11 May Poll: US Opposition to Afghan War Hits New High
11 May Young 'Millennials' losing faith in record numbers
10 May Obama Now Supports Same-Sex Marriage
10 May Vatican 'failed' abuse victims
09 May Media Goes Silent as Gas Prices Fall After Obama Crack Down On Oil Speculation
09 May A damning week for the Catholic Church in Ireland
08 May Hollande Ousts Sarkozy in French Presidential Election
08 May How the Church is airbrushing abuse out of its sacred history
07 May GOP Voter Registration Firm Turns in Thousands of 'Invalid' Registration Forms in California
07 May Catholic church knew about pervert priest 25 years before he was jailed for sexually abusing boys
06 May Enraged Ted Nugent threatens to 'f*ck' female CBS producer (video included)
06 May 5 Philly priests removed after abuse inquiry
05 May Arizona shooter was neo-Nazi and former GOP official
05 May Catholic Priest Sentenced in Italy for Child Sex Abuse
04 May Preacher supporting same sex marriage ban encourages violent punishment of LGBT kids
04 May Vatican 'accepted one billion lire' to bury crime boss in basilica next to former popes
03 May Highly religious people are less motivated by compassion than are non-believers
03 May Pastor jailed 15 years for raping maid
02 May Obama slams Republicans over War on Women
02 May Former Pastor Gets 26 Years For Child Sex Abuse
01 May One Chart Making The Case For Obama's Economic Policies
01 May Omaha priest accused of sexual abuse

30 Apr Israel ex-spy warns against "messianic" Iran war
30 Apr Couple: Priest abused sons for years
29 Apr Caught On Tape: The GOP's Women Problem (video included)
29 Apr Priest's guilty plea throws wrinkle into Philadelphia sexual abuse trial
28 Apr Judge Declares Gov. Rick Scott's State Worker Drug Testing Order Unconstitutional
28 Apr White House Threatens Veto of CISPA Bill Amid Online Protests
27 Apr World Military Spending Still Rising
27 Apr Irish priests say they will disobey new confession box law on child abuse
26 Apr Religious groups push to revive Oklahoma 'fetal personhood' bill
26 Apr The Vatican's Latest Target in the War on Women: Nuns
25 Apr Democrats plan to force vote on Arizona immigration law if it's upheld by court
25 Apr Bombshell testimony: Priest alleges attempted gang rape|
24 Apr 'Pirate' religion of Kopimism arrives in the U.S.
24 Apr Priest-abuse jury hears about bizarre Passion play
23 Apr Decoding Medical Bills (Infographic)
23 Apr Pastor Prepared to Admit Sexual Abuse
22 Apr Space mining startup set for launch in U.S.
22 Apr Vatican Attacks US Nuns For Fighting Poverty Instead Of Gay Marriage
21 Apr Evolution seen in 'synthetic DNA'
21 Apr Belief in God found in decline worldwide
21 Apr Dark matter theories take a blow
20 Apr Over 300 Economists Agree: It's Time to Legalize Marijuana
20 Apr Priest jailed 5 years for sex assaults on young girls
19 Apr Women paid 77 cents for every dollar a man gets: study
19 Apr Priest-abuse jury hears about bizarre Passion play
18 Apr Sen. Bernie Sanders blasts economic inequality: This is not what democracy looks like
18 Apr Veteran Suicide: Are We Losing The Battle?
18 Apr Eat less meat to prevent climate disaster, study warns
17 Apr Romney to welfare mothers: 'You need to go to work'
17 Apr The rise of atheism in America
16 Apr Afghan war whistleblower Daniel Davis: 'I had to speak out – lives are at stake'
16 Apr Sacramento pastor gets 7 years in sexual assault of minor
15 Apr Evangelicals Move to Support Romney
15 Apr Prosecutor: Youth pastor turned boys into "sex slaves" (video included)
14 Apr Pakistan Calls for End to US Interventionism
14 Apr Church's suicide victims (video included)
13 Apr Maddow: GOP has repeatedly failed to refute 'war on women'
13 Apr Court Overturns Jehovah's Witnesses Blood Ban
12 Apr Tennessee opens door to creationism in schools
12 Apr Allegations of priest abuse up 15 percent in 2011
11 Apr Rep. Baldwin calls for House to vote on 'Buffett Rule' tax for millionaires
11 Apr Ex-pastor in court today for sex charges
10 Apr Andrew Sullivan: Politicization of Christianity fuels atheism in U.S. (video included)
10 Apr Scientology Is Insane, But Nowhere Near As Dangerous As Christianity
09 Apr Scientists rewrite rules of human reproduction and might reverse menopause in older women
09 Apr Preacher convicted of sex abuse, molestation
08 Apr Thom Hartmann News: 'Stand Your Ground' Law Leads to Rise in 'Justifiable Homicide' Cases, etc. (video included)
08 Apr Pastor, two others charged in abuse case: forced boy to did his own grave
07 Apr There Are Now More Americans In Jail Than There Were In Stalin's Gulag Archipelago
07 Apr Vaccine to stop heart attacks could be here in 5 years
06 Apr The right to vote is under attack all across our country
06 Apr Priest ordered to return to U.S. for sex abuse charges
05 Apr Evidence of 'earliest fire use'
05 Apr Local Minister Steps Down, Says She's An Atheist (included video)
05 Apr Former pastor accused of sexual abuse
04 Apr Lawmakers In 5 States Tell Feds To Back Off Medical Marijuana
04 Apr Pa. Trial: Priest Joked Of Abusing 3 Boys In Week
03 Apr
U.S. Corporate Tax Rate Much Lower Than Most Other Developed Nations
03 Apr Christian Children's Ranch Student Abuse: Preacher, Bob Larsson, Says 'Satan' Caused Accusations (video included)
02 Apr One Drug to Shrink All Tumors
02 Apr Preacher charged with child sex offense
01 Apr CNN Poll: Obama leads Romney and Santorum in November showdowns (video included)
01 Apr Low Bad Cholesterol Tied To Cancer Risk

31 Mar The two constants in health care polling
31 Mar Pastor accused of spiritual, physical, and sexual abuse
30 Mar 100 Earth-like Planets Orbit Stars Within 30 Light-Years
30 Mar High stakes for church in case against KC bishop
30 Mar Thousands of New Agers head for Noah's Ark to be rescued by an alien spaceship
28 Mar Romney's cousin: Mormonism is a 'fraud' (video included)
28 Mar Pastor Who Preached Infants Should Be Beaten Convicted Of Child Abuse
27 Mar Solicitor General warns of 'grave' consequences if Supreme Court overturns health reform
27 Mar Landmark Philly priest-abuse trial starts; 1 plea may shake up strategy to attack accusers
26 Mar Thousands of Atheists Rally in D.C.
26 Mar Book Accuses Vatican Of Hiding Sexual Abuse
25 Mar Fury Over Travyon Martin Shooting Grows as Police Chief Steps Down
25 Mar Former priest pleads guilty to molesting boy
24 Mar The Charts That Prove Obama Doesn't Set Gas Prices
24 Mar Defrocked Phila. priest pleads guilty to sex abuse just before trial is to start
23 Mar Dallas Fed: Top five U.S. banks hold over half of industry's assets
23 Mar Texas Pastor Labeled 'Cat Killer' Faces Civil Suit
22 Mar FCC decision strikes critical blow to right-wing radio dominance
22 Mar Brothers suing Delbarton School, claiming they were abused by monks
21 Mar Ret. Gen.: Massacre Could Force US From Afghanistan in Weeks
21 Mar Three crushed to death as tens of thousands turn out to see DEAD Coptic Pope sit on throne for one last time
20 Mar US, Israel Intel Officials Agree: Iran Has No Nuclear Weapons Program
20 Mar India arrests priest on US molestation charge
19 Mar U.S., Britain set to agree on emergency oil stocks release
19 Mar Christian priest wanted by Interpol arrested in Tamil Nadu
18 Mar On the News With Thom Hartmann: SOPA Corporate Creep, and More (video)
18 Mar Forced castrations reportedly found in Roman Catholic care
17 Mar U.S. Starts to Close Bases in Afghanistan
17 Mar 10 "Occupy" Candidates Running for Congress
17 Mar Desperate Catholic Church Targets Victims Of Pedophile Priests
16 Mar Controversial psychic ability claim doesn't hold up in new experiments
16 Mar Poll: 69% of Americans want to outlaw super PACs
16 Mar Pastor at Va church faces sex charges
15 Mar Citizens United Has Already Doubled the Amount of Outside Spending in Presidential Election Years
15 Mar Muslim preacher charged with hoax Mardi Gras threat and possessing child abuse material
14 Mar Poll: Most Mississippi & Alabama voters do not believe in evolution and Obama is a Muslim
14 Mar Westboro Baptist Church to Protest Atheist Reason Rally
13 Mar Greenland ice could melt faster than thought, study finds
13 Mar Atheist Billboard Goes Up in NJ Muslim Neighborhood
12 Mar GOP War on Voting Targets Swing States
12 Mar Fugitive Catholic priest sought for alleged sexual assault of minor
11 Mar Plaintiff challenging healthcare law went bankrupt – with unpaid medical bills
11 Mar Former Catholic Priest Jailed for Sexual Abuse of Boys
10 Mar Kony 2012: what's the real story?
10 Mar Former Lake George Pastor Charged with 15 Sex Abuse Crimes
09 Mar Richest 1 Percent Account For Nearly All Of U.S. Recovery's Gains: Report
09 Mar Scotland Yard says witchcraft abuse a hidden crime
08 Mar Damaged goods? Romney's image is worse than McCain's, Kerry's, and Dole's
08 Mar Pastor found guilty of child sex abuse
07 Mar Vermont towns to vote on challenging Citizens United ruling
07 Mar Accusations of witchcraft are part of growing pattern of child abuse in UK
06 Mar Astrophysicist deGrasse Tyson schools former GM exec Lutz on climate change (video included)
06 Mar Pastor gets 158 years to life for molesting girls
05 Mar Limbaugh Loses Major Sponsors after 'slut' remark
05 Mar Church of England apologises for historic child abuse in Northamptonshire
04 Mar Graph: Republican Hyper-Partisanship and the Hyper-Polarization Of Congress
04 Mar Witchcraft murder: Couple guilty of Kristy Bamu killing
03 Mar Texas TBagger Doctor Indicted In Largest Medicare Fraud In History
03 Mar Scholars debate the 'Jesus Discovery'
03 Mar Irish priest convicted of sexual abuse for the fourth time
02 Mar Despite Cantor's "Zero Tolerance" Policy, More Than Ten GOP Congressmen Embroiled in Ethics Scandals
02 Mar Ex-priest's abuse victim 'wanted to die' (includes video)
01 Mar WikiLeaks: Leaked Emails Expose Inner Workings of Private Intelligence Firm Stratfor, a "Shadow CIA"
01 Mar Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe to retire

29 Feb Conservative Leaders Put the 1 Percent Before the 99 Percent Time and Again
29 Feb Los Angeles pastor gets 3 years for Medicare fraud
28 Feb Santorum: Separation Of Church And State 'Makes Me Want To Throw Up' (video included)'
28 Feb Child sexual abuse: Paedophiles in holy garbs molest kids, betraying parents' trust
27 Feb US Intelligence Says Iran Not Developing Nukes
27 Feb Woman Says Philandering Pastor Abused Her From 14
26 Feb Supreme Court to decide if corporations can be sued for human rights abuses
26 Feb Church 'does not own marriage'
25 Feb Report: Debt will swell under top GOP hopefuls' tax plans
25 Feb Ex-priest Daniel Curran admits to child sex abuse charges
24 Feb Santorum in '08: "Satan is attacking" America (audio included)
24 Feb Kansas City priest accused of molesting 4 brothers
23 Feb Dolphins deserve same rights as humans, say scientists
23 Feb Lab-grown meat is first step to artificial hamburger
23 Feb Police: Pastor arrested for four counts of raping a minor
22 Feb Stark warning emerges from summit: science is 'under siege'
22 Feb Files detail abuse by priests
21 Feb Republicans use rare tactic to block 2 Obama rules
21 Feb 'Artificial leaf' eyed as holy grail in energy research
20 Feb US unemployment applications drop to a 4-year low
20 Feb The GOP Candidates' War On Women's Health Care
20 Feb Scientology showdown reveals claims of torture, abuse of dissenting members
19 Feb New Revelations on the Nationwide Foreclosure Fraud Scandal, and More (video included)
19 Feb Former Archbishop Williams chaplain suspended on child abuse charge
18 Feb Democratic Women Boycott House Contraception Hearing After Republicans Prevent Women From Testifying
18 Feb Pa. Priest Faces Trial On Child Abuse Cover-Up Charges
17 Feb Leak Reveals How Big Business Funds Climate-Change Deniers
17 Feb Priests' secret files released (video included)
16 Feb NYT Poll: Broad Support for Obama Contraceptive Policy Across Religious Lines
16 Feb Hundreds of suspected pedophile priests plague California
15 Feb Wall Street on Track for Record Political Spending in Attempt to Defeat Obama
15 Feb Scientology's Shocking Treatment of Children Held in a Suburban Labor Camp
14 Feb Arab League Pushes for UN Invasion of Syria
14 Feb South Korean pastor arrested over children's deaths
12 Feb Analysis: Romney losses show conservative woes
12 Feb Priest Abuse Verdict: Jury Finds Archdiocese Negligent And Reckless
11 Feb Most of Obama's "Controversial" Birth Control Rule Was Law During Bush Years
11 Feb Bishop warns of priest sex-abuse reports in Asia10 Feb 20% Of Republicans Leaning To Obama!
10 Feb Disgraced Bethlehem pastor gets up to 19 years for sex abuse
09 Feb Floridians have saved $142 million already because of 'ObamaCare'
09 Feb Former Md. pastor guilty of child sex offense
08 Feb Secret money is funding more election ads
08 Feb Vatican investigated 4,000 cases of child sex abuse in the last 10 years, U.S. cardinal reveals
07 Feb Schumer: GOP Has Lost Its Obstructionist Mojo
07 Feb Jehovah's Witness child abuser is locked up
06 Feb As the Komen Foundation Caves, the Internet Wins Again
06 Feb Pastor arrested in Mexico for sexual assault
05 Feb Jobless rate at 3-year low as payrolls surge
05 Feb Psychologist: Abusive Priest 'A Well-Oiled Machine'
04 Feb Cancer charity confronts backlash over grant cuts to Planned Parenthood
04 Feb Nearly 550 people file sexual abuse claims against Milwaukee archdiocese
03 Feb Panetta: US combat in Afghanistan to end next year
03 Feb Nasa's global temperatures from the 1880s to the 2000s
02 Feb Florida primary 'the most negative campaign ever,' says media group (video included)
02 Feb Frenchman takes Catholic Church to court in landmark case after it refuses to de-baptise him
02 Feb Sex abuse 'widespread' in Catholic Church, Philadelphia judge says
01 Feb Three Separate Incidents of Violent Intimidation of Dems by Republican Extremists in One Single Week
01 Feb Former pastor facing child sex charges

31 Jan U.S. falls 27 places in worldwide freedom of the press rankings
31 Jan Former pastor sentenced in molestation charge (video included)
30 Jan Richard Dawkins Rejects Plan for £1M Atheist 'Church' in City of London
30 Jan Extradited former priest faces 55 sex-abuse charges in Ireland
29 Jan Subpoenas issued to financial firms in expanded probe
29 Jan Pastor Accused of Sexual Assault Behind Bars
28 Jan Military will trim troops, war costs
28 Jan Catholic priest on trial over charges of sexual abuse against boys
27 Jan Warren: Richest U.S. companies 'spending more on lobbying' than taxes
27 Jan German Catholic priest sentenced to 6 years in prison for abusing children over years
26 Jan In State of the Union, Obama warns economic disparity threatens middle class
26 Jan Trusted priest abused boys
25 Jan Only Six Percent Of Scientists Are Republicans: Pew Poll
25 Jan German anti-Semitism 'deep-rooted' in society
25 Jan Priest accused of sexually abusing boys over 20 years
24 Jan One Hundred Thirty Cities Across the US Protest on Anniversary of Citizens United
24 Jan Man faces five years for 'God does not exist' Facebook post
24 Jan Priest Accused of Child Sex Abuse
23 Jan Egypt's Islamists Win 75 Percent of Seats in Parliament
23 Jan Anti-church sentiment rises in Europe as more people seek 'de-baptism'
22 Jan America hates Newt Gingrich
22 Jan Anonymous' Megaupload Revenge Shows Copyright Compromise Isn't Possible
21 Jan Occupy Wall Street Descends on Congress, Says: Money Out of Politics!
21 Jan Abortions Are More Common in Countries that Outlaw Them
21 Jan Former altar boy alleges sexual abuse, sues archdiocese
20 Jan SOPA Co-Sponsors Abandon Bill Amid Massive Protests
20 Jan Why is child abuse tied to witchcraft on the rise?
19 Jan Organizers file more than 1 million signatures to recall Walker
19 Jan Evolution defenders to fight climate skeptics
19 Jan Test Tube Yeast Evolve Multicellularity
18 Jan Richard Dawkins celebrates a victory over creationists
18 Jan Colbert Super PAC Releases Romney Attack Ad In South Carolina (video)
18 Jan Preacher John Smart jailed over campaign of child abuse
17 Jan Stephen Colbert's Super PAC Starts Buying Up South Carolina Airtime
17 Jan Why is the US marriage rate falling sharply?
16 Jan Obama Administration Comes Out Against SOPA, PIPA
16 Jan Bible Scholar Joel Hoffman Slams Pastor Joel Osteen Over Homosexuality
15 Jan Warren Buffett Ready to Take Republicans' Tax Challenge
15 Jan German priest admits 280 counts of child abuse
15 Jan L.A. pastor gets 15 years in a $14.2 million Medicare fraud scheme
14 Jan Obama urges businesses to bring jobs back to U.S. from abroad
14 Jan Milky Way Galaxy Shown to Be Teeming With Planets
14 Jan New York Mother Kills 'Demon' Kid
13 Jan Obama slams Republicans on tax
13 Jan Tainted Saint: Mother Teresa Defended Pedophile Priest
12 Jan Attacks on Romney Prompt G.O.P. Backlash
12 Jan Marijuana Smoking Not Linked to Chronic Breathing Problems
12 Jan Survey: U.S. Protestant pastors reject evolution, split on Earth's age
11 Jan US Agents Laundered Money, Shipped Drugs for Cartels
11 Jan Ohio priest convicted in nun's death loses appeal
10 Jan Judy Miller Alert! The New York Times Is Lying About Iran's Nuclear Program
10 Jan Nigeria leader references civil war in sect fight
09 Jan Japan plans to scrap nuke plants after 40 years
09 Jan Openly Bisexual and Non-theist Woman (Who Rejected Parents' Mormonism) Runs For U.S. Congress
08 Jan Santorum Becomes Millionaire in Six Years After U.S. Senate Loss
08 Jan 'Anonymous' targets German far-right with
08 Jan Sweden Formally Recognizes File-Sharing as a Religion
07 Jan Obama announces new, leaner military approach
07 Jan Former priest must return to face indecency charges
06 Jan President Sidesteps GOP Obstruction With Consumer And Workers' Rights Appointments!
06 Jan Catholic Priest Suspended Following Abuse Charges
05 Jan Two Dems to introduce resolution to overturn the U.S. Supreme Court's Citizens United campaign finance ruling in 2010
05 Jan San Diego priest arrested for sexual assault
04 Jan Seven Economic Policy Goals For Progressives in 2012
04 Jan Girl, 7, is murdered in India and has liver cut out in sacrifice to the gods for a better harvest
03 Jan Arrests at White House Over NDAA Military Detention of Americans, Occupy Wall Street Joins Fight
03 Jan Dutch priests suspended over sex abuse claims
02 Jan Obama Signs NDAA Military Bill
02 Jan Woman accuses Montana priest of sexual assault
01 Jan Poll Finds "Progressive" is the Most Positively Viewed Political Label in America
01 Jan Ten Ultra-Rich Congresspeople Who "Represent" Some of the Most Financially Troubled Districts