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How religious, political and ideological beliefs spark falsehoods, intolerance, violence, crime, and war

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31 Dec Questions Surround Jehovah's Witness HQ and Allegations of Sex Abuse
31 Dec Barack Obama Beats Donald Trump as Most Admired Man of 2016
30 Dec Barack Obama Sanctions Russia Over Election Meddling
30 Dec Christians In Europe: Norway Divorces Protestant Church As Muslims Blamed For 'Parallel Societies'
29 Dec Scam Pastor to Pray With Trump At Inauguration
29 Dec Former Trump staffer gets 30 days in jail after being convicted on 10 counts of election fraud
28 Dec US Sold Most of World's Weapons in 2015, Hitting $40 Billion
28 Dec Pakistan Threatens Nuclear Attack On Israel Upon Fake News
27 Dec North Carolina is no longer classified as a democracy
27 Dec UN Security Council Passes Resolution Against Israeli Settlements
26 Dec Progressive causes see 'unprecedented' upswing in donations after US election
26 Dec 'We can march through town carrying high-powered rifles': Neo-Nazi plans march against Montana Jews
25 Dec US abstention allows UN to demand end to Israeli settlements
25 Dec New Ebola Vaccine Gives 100 Percent Protection
24 Dec Las Vegas just became the largest US city to run solely on renewable energy
24 Dec Former church member launches 'Mormon Wikileaks' for anonymous sharing of documents and videos
23 Dec Nuke Experts Say Trump's Tweet to Expand Nukes Is 'A Very Bad Sign'
23 Dec Judge rules school children can pursue climate change lawsuit against Washington State
22 Dec Obama bans oil drilling 'permanently' in millions of acres of ocean
22 Dec The sugar industry is quietly funding one of the biggest misconceptions in modern nutrition
21 Dec Trump National Security Adviser Met With Leader Of Party Founded By Nazis
21 Dec ExxonMobil helped defeat Russia sanctions bill
20 Dec Arctic ice melt 'already affecting weather patterns where you live right now'
20 Dec Leaked Report Reveals BP Safety Failures as It Heads Back to Gulf of Mexico
19 Dec Revealed: Secretary of State pick Rex Tillerson is director of off-shore Russia oil firm
19 Dec A new poll shows an astonishing 52% of Republicans incorrectly think Trump won the popular vote
18 Dec Scientists tie climate change to extreme global events
18 Dec If Ya Can't Beat 'Em, Screw 'Em: North Carolina Governor Signs Bills Gutting Successor's Power
17 Dec Religion Plays A Bigger Role In Evolution Skepticism Than Climate Change Denial, Study Finds
17 Dec Facebook to begin flagging fake news in response to mounting criticism
16 Dec Report says Putin directed leaks of material hacked from Democrats
16 Dec Christians in U.S. Are Less Educated Than Religious Minorities, Report Says
15 Dec Researchers just destroyed a key belief underlying the GOP's anti-abortion laws
15 Dec ExxonMobil has been under SEC investigation since August
14 Dec Trump's Team Wants Climate Change Researchers "Outed" In Federal Agency
14 Dec Electoral college members demand information on Russian relations before voting to make Donald Trump president
13 Dec Trump Picks Rex Tillerson, Exxon C.E.O., as Secretary of State
13 Dec New CDC data understate accidental shooting deaths of kids
12 Dec Key GOP senators join call for bipartisan Russia election probe, even as their leaders remain mum
12 Dec Trump Says He Doesn't Need Daily Intelligence Briefing Because He's 'Smart'
11 Dec Bombshell Secret CIA Report Says Russia Aimed To Steal White House For Trump
11 Dec Rudy Giuliani Won't Be Trump's Secretary Of State
10 Dec Climate study predicts 'scary' increase in extreme downpours, like one that flooded south Louisiana
10 Dec Life expectancy in the US has dropped for the first time in decades
09 Dec Antarctica: A Chunk Of Polar Ice The Size Of India Vanishes In Record Heat
09 Dec Trump picks climate change skeptic to lead EPA
08 Dec Ohio Moves To Ban Abortion 6 Weeks After Conception
08 Dec Scientists around the world are worried about a Trump team proposal to ax NASA's 58-year mission to study the Earth
07 Dec First Republican 'faithless elector' announces intent to vote against Trump
07 Dec Ku Klux Klan Members Drive Through North Carolina Town To Hail Trump Victory
06 Dec Massive Rift in Antarctic Ice Shelf Spotted in NASA Photograph
06 Dec Standing Rock activists stay in place, fearing pipeline victory was a 'trick'
05 Dec Army Halts Construction Of Dakota Access Pipeline
05 Dec Priest in Argentina arrested on child sex abuse charges
04 Dec Showdown Looms at Dakota Access Pipeline Protest as Vets, Civil Rights Observers Converge Before Deadline
04 Dec Trump Campaign and GOP Allies in Full Legal Panic as Recounts Could Create Electoral College Crisis
03 Dec Author of two decades of  Climate change research says it's escalating so fast it is 'beyond point of no return'
03 Dec Jehovah's Witnesses' process for handling child sex abuse allegations keeps authorities in the dark
02 Dec 2,300 Leading Scientists Send Trump A Clear Warning: We're Watching You
02 Dec Former Anglican priest Raymond Cheek convicted of child sex abuse
01 Dec Teen becomes seventh 'faithless elector' to protest Trump as president-elect
01 Dec Intelligence experts urge Obama to end Edward Snowden's 'untenable exile'

30 Nov 'Trump effect' led to hate crime surge, report finds
30 Nov Donald Trump's Chief Strategist Doesn't Seem To Have A Problem With Suppressing Black Voters
29 Nov Scientists chart a 400-mile zone of coral devastation at the Great Barrier Reef
29 Nov Researchers 'Breed' Silicon-Carbon Bonds From Proteins, A New Model For Alien Life?
28 Nov Melting Arctic Ice Could Cause Major Changes Everywhere
28 Nov 'A recipe for scandal': Trump conflicts of interest point to constitutional crisis
27 Nov Donald Trump Calls Green Party's Wisconsin Recount Push A 'Scam'
27 Nov Wisconsin agrees to statewide recount in presidential race
26 Nov Ensuring Reproductive Health rights: The American Public Health Association Takes a Stand With Planned Parenthood
26 Nov US election recount: Jill Stein raises funds to examine Wisconsin result
25 Nov Clinton's lead in the popular vote surpasses 2 million
25 Nov Donald Trump's Cabinet Is On Track To Be The Least Experienced In Modern History
24 Nov On Thanksgiving Week, Native Americans Are Being Tear-Gassed in North Dakota
24 Nov Pressure Builds for Presidential Recounts in a Key 2016 Swing State
23 Nov Donald Trump's transition team doesn't trust him to speak for himself
23 Nov President Obama Expanded Overtime Pay For Millions Of Workers. President Trump Could Take It Away
22 Nov Dakota Access pipeline: police use water cannon to blast protesters in icy weather
22 Nov Here are 6 despicable things President-Elect Trump has done in the last week alone
21 Nov Dreams of undocumented young people start to crumble after Trump victory
21 Nov Bernie Sanders: our job is to oppose Trump's bigotry vigorously
20 Nov Global Warming Effects: Climate Change Makes North Pole Warmer By 36 Degrees
20 Nov Donald Trump's Attorney General Nominee Wrote Off Nearly All Immigrants From An Entire Country
19 Nov White Nationalists Are Ecstatic About Jeff Sessions' Nomination
19 Nov Homeopathic Medicines Will Carry Labels Saying They're Unscientific
18 Nov John Bolton, Top Contender For Secretary Of State, Calls For Regime Change In Iran
18 Nov Donald Trump's mandate to govern is laughable, a Gallup poll shows
17 Nov Shocking study shows climate change has impacted everything on Earth
17 Nov Donald Trump's gripes about the New York Times are usually about stories that are shown to be accurate
16 Nov Stunningly good news for the planet: Carbon emissions were flat for the third straight year
16 Nov Not Just Obamacare: Medicaid, Medicare Also On GOP's Chopping Block
15 Nov Hundreds of Hate Crimes Have Been Reported Since the Election
15 Nov A White Nationalist Is The New White House Chief Strategist
14 Nov Trump looking at quickest way to quit Paris climate agreement, says report
14 Nov Rising European Fascists Welcome Trump Victory
13 Nov Anti-Trump protesters gear up for weekend demonstrations across the US
13 Nov Chris Hayes burns Corey Lewandowski's resignation with backhanded jab at CNN
12 Nov Reports of hate crimes rising across US after Trump's election victory
12 Nov Tens of thousands of post-election protesters plan further action across US
11 Nov Russians had regular talks with Trump campaign, diplomat says
11 Nov Thousands of anti-Trump protesters take to streets of US cities
10 Nov More Americans Voted for Hillary Clinton Than Donald Trump
10 Nov Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Loses Reelection
10 Nov Two-thirds of US voters say they back some gun control: Reuters/Ipsos poll
09 Nov Election Results 2016
09 Nov Massive Protests Hit South Korea Over Leader's Ties To a Shamanistic Cult
08 Nov Trump Ends His Campaign—Surprise, Surprise—by Insulting Latinos
08 Nov Stocks are going wild after the FBI cleared Clinton
08 Nov A Mid-South racial confrontation is going viral ("that's exacty why y'all need to get out and vote")
07 Nov
New Comey letter: Clinton's clear, no more Clinton email probes. Republican heads explode.

07 Nov Good news for Clinton: U.S. economy added 161,000 jobs in October and rate dipped to 4.9 percent
07 Nov Trump protester: I was beaten for holding a 'Republicans against Trump' sign
06 Nov It Sure Looks Like FBI Renegades Are Trying To Swing The Presidential Election
06 Nov CDC identifies first US cases of drug-resistant fungal infection
05 Nov Wolf Blitzer catches Giuliani telling whoppers on FBI connection: 'Aren't they feeding you secret information?'
05 Nov US court deals Trump a setback — Trump supporters can't monitor the polls
04 Nov World on track for 3C of warming under current global climate pledges, warns UN
04 Nov 'The FBI is Trumpland': anti-Clinton atmosphere spurred leaks, sources say
03 Nov Militia groups prepare for armed revolt if Clinton wins: 'Last chance to save America from ruin'
03 Nov Witness: Trump also raped 12-year-old — and used her disappearance to threaten another victim
02 Nov Human brain is predisposed to negative stereotypes, new study suggests
02 Nov FBI opens investigation into ex-Trump campaign manager Manafort's foreign ties
01 Nov Cardinal George Pell involved in shuffling paedophile priests, counsel submits
01 Nov Dozens Of Former Federal Prosecutors Sign Open Letter Criticizing James Comey

31 Oct US economy grows at its strongest pace in two years
31 Oct Clinton enjoys solid lead in early voting: Reuters/Ipsos poll
30 Oct Climate Change Could Flip Mediterranean Lands to Desert
30 Oct Heat Rises For FBI Director James Comey As Both Campaigns Demand Email Answers
29 Oct Democrats just filed a federal lawsuit accusing the Republican National Committee of voter intimidation
29 Oct Clear evidence emerges of outrageous militarized police collusion with Big Oil at #StandingRock
28 Oct World facing first mass extinction since the dinosaurs as wildlife populations plunge by 67 per cent in 50 years
28 Oct Revealed: Trump supporters release script for 'citizen journalists' to intimidate voters at the polls
27 Oct Dakota Access pipeline company and Donald Trump have close financial ties
27 Oct Trump Cites Police, Military, ICE Endorsements That Didn't Happen
27 Oct Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio formally charged with criminal contempt
26 Oct AT&T Is Spying on Americans for Profit, New Documents Reveal
26 Oct An Atheist Is Taking on Alcoholics Anonymous in Bid to Get God out of 12 Steps
24 Oct Houston, we've got a problem: Trump could cost Republicans Texas, polls find
24 Oct 12th Woman Says Trump Sexually Assaulted Her, Offered Her $10,000 For Sex
23 Oct Priest charged with sex abuse after 'performing exorcisms by touching genitals'
23 Oct Salma Hayek shot down Trump for a date so he planted a phony story in the National Enquirer
22 Oct These plankton blooms mean the ocean is responding to climate change in a big way
22 Oct Sweden opens first atheist cemetery to cater to growing non-religious population
21 Oct A 10th Woman Accuses Donald Trump of Inappropriate Touching
21 Oct Fact-checks from the third presidential debate (running story)
20 Oct Donald Trump just said he might not concede the election if Clinton wins
20 Oct Half of US adults are recorded in police facial recognition databases, study says
20 Oct Poll: 44% of white evangelicals think Trump has "strong moral character," just 18% of those with no religion agree
19 Oct Navy Admits to Having Released Chemicals Known to Injure Infants' Brains
19 Oct Clinton goes for the kill in Arizona
18 Oct Without urgent action, climate change will push millions into hunger: U.N.
18 Oct Fears mount on Trump's 'rigged election' rhetoric
17 Oct Early ballots and voter-registration numbers show Democrats surging in Florida
17 Oct The Trump-Induced Breakup Of The GOP Has Begun
16 Oct Militia members arrested in alleged plot targeting Muslims
16 Oct Donald Trump Mocks Women Who Accused Him Of Sexual Assault (video included)
15 Oct These Nuclear Launch Officers Are Scared By The Idea Of A Trump Commander-In-Chief
15 Oct Revealed: Donald Trump called deaf 'Apprentice' Marlee Matlin 'retarded'
14 Oct More Women Come Forward With Donald Trump Groping Allegations
14 Oct Right-wing pastor gives up the game: It's better for a president to grab a vagina than to have one
13 Oct Christianity Today — the flagship Evangelical magazine in America — denounces Trump
13 Oct Mom Says She Decided to Kill her children so they'd be safe in heaven
12 Oct U.S. Military Operations Are Biggest Motivation for Homegrown Terrorists, FBI Study Finds
12 Oct Trump declares himself free from 'shackles' — and threatens to burn the GOP to the ground
11 Oct Donald Trump Made It Clear — Again — That He's Unfit For The Presidency
11 Oct Climate Change Doubled the Size of Forest Fires in Western U.S., Study Says
10 Oct World Bank says Paris climate goals at risk from new coal schemes
10 Oct Bombshell: Trump told Howard Stern it's okay to call Ivanka a 'piece of ass'
09 Oct GOP consumed by crisis as more Republicans call on Trump to quit race
09 Oct Women describe their sexual assaults in wake of Trump video
09 Oct Prominent Evangelicals Still Backing Trump After Lewd Video
08 Oct Trump Disaster: Trump caught on 2005 hot mic bragging about groping women: I 'grab Them by the pussy'
08 Oct Obama approval hits new high
08 Oct Ex-nurse forced into AA says his religious freedom, as an atheist, was violated: 'We were told to pray
07 Oct Milestone for Blue Origin as test of emergency escape system declared success
07 Oct Donald Trump's Tax Records: A Tale of Business Failures
07 Oct Donald Trump is a 'threat to the planet', says world-leading climate change scientist
06 Oct Clinton Foundation: Those 'Hacked Files' Aren't Ours
06 Oct Creationist Group Wants You To Tell Trick-Or-Treaters They're Going To Hell
05 Oct Trump suggests military members with mental health issues aren't 'strong' and 'can't handle it'
05 Oct New York attorney general orders Trump Foundation to stop fundraising
04 Oct The impacts of climate change on our society and economy
04 Oct Florida's Changing Latino Population Veers From G.O.P.
03 Oct Trump Tax Bombshell: None Paid for 18 Years?
03 Oct Feds List 7 Hawaii Bee Species as Endangered, a First in US
02 Oct Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore suspended for rest of term
02 Oct Trump's bad week is a 'nightmare' for the GOP
01 Oct How Donald Trump's Company Violated the United States Embargo Against Cuba
01 Oct Catholic Archbishop says domestic violence is caused by women 'not obeying men'

30 Sep The World Just Hit This Disturbing Climate Change Metric
30 Sep How Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would tax the 1 percent, in one chart
29 Sep World's first baby born with 3 parents
29 Sep Mormon feminists celebrate after LDS church stops forcing girls to recite rape-shaming verse
28 Sep How warm is the Earth? Study suggests a 120,000-year record
28 Sep Florida Christians push to classify abortion as capital murder — punishable by the death penalty
27 Sep Hillary Clinton stays calm while Trump loses cool during first presidential debate
27 Sep 'Donald Trump lies more': CNN media analyst says publications are finally calling Trump a liar
26 Sep It's almost impossible to get an abortion in Ireland — but that could change soon
26 Sep Some Good News For Dems For A Change: Trump Could Cost GOP A Ton Of State Legislatures
25 Sep Trump Hotels Covered Up A Massive Credit Card Theft. Then They Let It Happen Again
25 Sep Video Shows Police Fatally Shooting Keith Scott Despite Wife's Pleas
24 Sep Why most people leave religion? They just 'stop believing'
24 Sep Court Rules Black Men May Be Justified in Running From Police
23 Sep Trump brags about using 'other people's money' amid questions over charity use
23 Sep 375 Top Scientists Warn Us Not To Vote For Trump
22 Sep Earth posts hottest August on record and 16th straight month of unsurpassed heat
22 Sep Segregation Is Still Alive at These Christian Schools
21 Sep Gun inequality: US study charts rise of hardcore super owners
21 Sep Candidates face rising 'nontheist' voting bloc
20 Sep Guam's Catholic Church in crisis over child sex claims
20 Sep Big pharma is spending millions to fight limits on opioids like OxyContin, Vicodin and fentanyl
19 Sep Donald Trump's police: officers backing Republican have murky legal histories
19 Sep Trump's Behavior Similar To Male Chimpanzee, Says Jane Goodall
18 Sep Donald Trump hints at Clinton's assassination, saying her bodyguards should disarm - 'Let's see what happens to her'
18 Sep Zika Is Here, And America Has No Plan to Fight It
17 Sep Everyone should cover up their laptop webcams right now, says FBI director James Comey
17 Sep House Republicans Are Trying to Blackball the Climate Investigation into Exxon
16 Sep Climate Change Poses Threat on US Military Operations, May Lead to International Conflicts
16 Sep Religion in US 'worth more than Google and Apple combined'
15 Sep Bombshell: How the Trump Organization's Foreign Business Ties Could Upend U.S. National Security
15 Sep He's back: Keith Olbermann's premiere episode absolutely eviscerates 'demonic messiah' Donald Trump
15 Sep Ohio ex-mayor who 'dedicated life to Christ' admits to raping 4-year-old — and blames her as 'willing'
14 Sep Toxic Slime Spreads Across World's Oceans as Climate Disruption Continues
14 Sep Mike Pence Refuses To Call David Duke 'Deplorable'
13 Sep Study: Climate Change Fuels Partisan Polarization
13 Sep Former EPA head admits she was wrong to tell New Yorkers post-9/11 air was safe
12 Sep How Donald Trump retooled his charity to spend other people's money
12 Sep Record numbers leave Church of Denmark after atheist adverts
11 Sep Trump threatens war over hand gestures!
11 Sep Youth pastor sentenced for sexual relationship with teen
10 Sep Iran Still Sticking to Nuclear Deal, IAEA Confirms
10 Sep The Idea That Legalizing Pot Will Drive Kids To Get High Just Went Up In Smoke
09 Sep 'The very definition of payola': CNN crushes Trumpster with list of his illegal donations
09 Sep American Obesity Reaches Record Highs
08 Sep Trump's Dirty Dealling Deepens
08 Sep Cancer drug 'like taking Panadol' developed in Australia, given fast-track approval in US
08 Sep Ohio School District's New CEO Cuts Creationism and Intelligent Design from Science Curriculum
07 Sep Soaring ocean temperature is 'greatest hidden challenge of our generation'
07 Sep Trump Living Large On Donors' Dime
06 Sep White nationalist movement growing much faster than Isis on Twitter, study finds
06 Sep Royal Commission explores history of Catholic paedophilia
05 Sep Donald Trump is hitting historic lows among Latino voters, according to new poll
05 Sep A strange thing happened in the stratosphere
04 Sep Paris climate deal: US and China announce ratification
04 Sep Norway's biggest church loses more than 25,000 members after new online system makes it easier to leave
03 Sep Consequences of Climate Change: The Black Sea is Losing Its Habitable Waters and It's a Bad Sign
03 Sep CDC: More people are using marijuana, but fewer are abusing it
02 Sep 'No amnesty': Donald Trump vows to deport millions during 'first hour in office'
02 Sep Indiana woman uses state 'religious freedom' law to justify lashing son with coat hanger
01 Sep Nasa: Earth is warming at a pace 'unprecedented in 1,000 years'
01 Sep Americans with A Diverse Mix of Friends Are Less Religious

31 Aug Louisiana Community To Be First US Climate Change Refugees
31 Aug War Not Over: US Occupation Is Still Poisoning Iraq's Children
30 Aug 'White Lives Matter' to be classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center
30 Aug Trump's slump in Nascar country deepens Republican fears of defeat
29 Aug Trump Goes Back To Original Immigration Position With Second 180 Flip
29 Aug Pastor who praised Orlando gay killings charged with child molestation in Brunswick
29 Aug Christian terrorist arrested after threatening to kill gay people
28 Aug Donald Trump doctor admits writing health note in five minutes
28 Aug Trump campaign CEO didn't want children 'going to school with Jews': court document
27 Aug Pew: Americans giving up on God, miracles
27 Aug The 'Alt-Right' Is Thrilled By Hillary Clinton's Denunciation
26 Aug Women poised to lead Democratic return to power in the Senate
26 Aug Revealed: American taxpayers funded 100% of research used to develop Big Pharma's EpiPen
25 Aug Business Economists Say Hillary Clinton Is Best for the Economy
25 Aug Neil deGrasse Tyson humiliates right-wing radio host accusing him of insulting 9-year-old
24 Aug Climate Change is Destroying National Parks
24 Aug Donald Trump Still Supports Mass Deportation For Undocumented Immigrants
23 Aug Study finds wildfire smoke problem intensifies with climate change
23 Aug Priest arrested for child abuse at UK airport
22 Aug The Climate Crisis Is Already Here -- but No One's Telling Us
22 Aug Trump's Empire: A Maze of Debts and Opaque Ties
21 Aug Texas has highest maternal mortality rate in developed world, study finds
21 Aug Donald Trump declares he will have 95% of African American vote after four years
20 Aug Donald Trump's Crucial Pillar of Support, White Men, Shows Weakness
20 Aug NYC Parks & Rec pulls down naked Donald Trump statue — then brilliantly mocks him in a statement
19 Aug NASA Study Nails Fracking as Source of Massive Methane 'Hot Spot'
19 Aug Inside the secretive religious movement that is being blamed for Turkey's attempted coup
18 Aug Trump shakes up campaign, demotes top adviser
18 Aug Scientists tell the world: 'Chemtrails' are not real
17 Aug July was hottest month in recorded history, Nasa says, even as effect of El Nino subsides
17 Aug More Than 100 Republicans Urge RNC To Drop Donald Trump
17 Aug Khizr Khan Challenges Donald Trump To Take A Naturalization Test
16 Aug Trump proposes ideological test for Muslim immigrants and visitors to the U.S.
16 Aug Secret Ledger in Ukraine Lists Cash for Donald Trump's Campaign Chief
15 Aug Republicans have themselves to blame for the slow economy, study says
15 Aug Pair jailed for a total of 15 years for abusing vulnerable boys at St Ninian's Catholic school in Falkland
14 Aug The Middle East is in the middle of a hellish heatwave right now, up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit
14 Aug Lakota Lead Native Americans, Ranchers and Farmers in Fight Against Dakota Access Pipeline
13 Aug Climate Change May Be Doubted by Some, But Now It's the Law
13 Aug Sabato's Electoral Map: Hillary 347, Trump 191
12 Aug Dozens of Republicans urge RNC to spend money on congressional races, not Trump
12 Aug Catholic priest jailed for 12 years for sexually abusing 13 children
11 Aug How the Baltimore Police Department Abuses African Americans
11 Aug Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who blocked same-sex marriage faces removal
10 Aug Donald Trump Suggests Shooting Hillary Clinton, Her Supreme Court Picks, Or Both
10 Aug Poll: Hillary Clinton widens her lead over Donald Trump
09 Aug 50 Republican National Security Officials Eviscerate Trump In Open Letter
09 Aug After botched executions Oklahomans want to replace death penalty with restitution
8 Aug Rubio: No abortions for Zika-infected women
8 Aug Leader of American Nazi Party: Trump win will be 'a real opportunity' for us
07 Aug US jobs growth beats forecasts in July
07 Aug 'Honour crime': 11,000 UK cases recorded in five years
06 Aug Donald Trump Just Had Another Very Bad Polling Day
06 Aug Trump Repeats His Lie That He Watched A Video Of Money Landing In Iran
05 Aug 2015 Was the Hottest Year Ever, and 2016 Is Already Even Hotter
05 Aug Veteran suicide rate rose by nearly 30 percent since 2001: VA report
04 Aug Runaway Trump Train Picks Up Speed As Aides Can't Grab The Controls
04 Aug Number Of Atheists Decreasing In India
03 Aug Environmental records shattered as climate change 'plays out before us'
03 Aug Media watchers say end is near for right-wing Fox News network
02 Aug Khizr Khan Smeared As A Terrorist For Speaking Out Against Donald Trump
02 Aug Third-party support surging
01 Aug Donald Trump Goes After Grieving Mother Of Killed American Soldier
01 Aug Muslim preacher claims it is 'permissible' under Islam to have sex slaves

31 Jul Father Of War Hero Near Tears As He Pleads With Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell To 'Repudiate' Trump
31 Jul Former Headmaster Pleads Guilty To Stealing $9M
30 Jul Clinton Campaign Also Hacked In Attacks On Democrats: Sources
30 Jul US military says it may have killed more civilians in latest airstrike in Syria
29 Jul Has Clinton's convention message resonated with the party? (Includes Clinton's full speech)
29 Jul Valley of the damned: The cruel spot where two different churches made the 'epicentre of organised paedophilia'
29 Jul Atheist Group Calls for Investigation into Texas Charter School That Promotes Christianity
28 Jul 'We didn't predict this': Global warming is speeding up – and scientists are shocked
28 Jul Racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio's legal case is costing Arizona taxpayers millions of dollars
27 Jul Bernie Sanders just made Hillary Clinton the first woman major party nominee for president
27 Jul Bernie-backing Sarah Silverman to Sanders convention die-hards: 'Stop being ridiculous'
26 Jul China's coal peak hailed as turning point in climate change battle
26 Jul FBI Suspects Russia Hacked DNC; U.S. Officials Say It Was to Elect Donald Trump
25 Jul Dismayed by Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg Will Endorse Hillary Clinton
25 Jul Warren lambastes Trump's RNC speech: 'Sounded like some two-bit dictator'
24 Jul Donald Trump Promises Not To Lie, Right Before Lying A Bunch Of Times
24 Jul Christians, Muslims and atheists call for end to compulsory religious education in Ireland
23 Jul Republicans in Cleveland Deny Climate Change as Arctic Snow Turns Pink
23 Jul NBA Pulls All-Star Game Out Of Charlotte Over 'Bathroom Bill'
22 Jul US Airstrikes Kill Up to 200 Civilians in Northern Syria Villages, 'Mistook Them for ISIS'
22 Jul Americans are losing faith in religion's ability to help solve social problems
21 Jul January to June was Earth's hottest half-year on record as global temperature records are broken for 14th month in a row
21 Jul Activists, Scholars in Texas Claim Textbook Filled With Errors About Mexican Americans, Oppose use in Public Schools
20 Jul Melania Trump Plagiarized Her Convention Speech From Michelle Obama
20 Jul RNC forced to close online convention chat after anti-Semites turn it into a Jew-bashing hatefest
19 Jul Murdochs Have Decided to Remove Roger Ailes
19 Jul Twelve Tribes: The Church Preached Child Abuse & Slavery
19 Jul 'Progressives' attempt to silence climate change dissenters and pastors, too
18 Jul Ohio's open-carry gun law comes under fire ahead of GOP convention
18 Jul Republican National Convention staffers scrambling to remove Jim Crow-like 'white elevators' signs
17 Jul Clinton will push constitutional amendment to 'overturn Citizens United'
17 Jul 28 Pages Reveal Evidence of Saudi Govt Involvement in 9/11
16 Jul The diversity of life across much of Earth has plunged below 'safe' levels
16 Jul Kentucky judge refuses to marry atheist couple because they don't mention God in their vows
15 Jul Tech leaders unite against 'divisive' Trump
15 Jul 'You're gonna get shot, man': Fresno cops release video showing fatal shooting of unarmed Dylan Noble
14 Jul Trump and Ex-Staffer Go to War Over Alleged Affair
14 Jul Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg intensifies criticism of Trump: 'He is a faker'
13 Jul The new science of climate change impacts are immediate, and deadly
13 Jul Eighty-five percent of Sanders supporters intend to vote for Clinton
13 Jul 'The kids are being brainwashed': Bill Nye the Science Guy slams new Noah's Ark attraction
12 Jul US job creation rebounds strongly in June
12 Jul 20 veterans a day committed suicide in 2014, new data show
11 Jul Hundreds arrested amid new protests as details of Dallas gunman's plans emerge
11 Jul 6 more women accuse Fox head Roger Ailes of sexual harassment — including one who was 16 at the time
10 Jul Summer Heatwaves Driven By Climate Change Kill Thousands
10 Jul Dallas Suspect Was Upset About Recent Police Shootings, 'Wanted to Kill White People'
09 Jul More than 30 Scientific Societies Urge Congress to Stop Denying Climate Change
09 Jul Barack Obama still liked around the world, survey suggests
08 Jul Cops in Alton Sterling shooting investigated five times in seven years
08 Jul The IRS wants to know why this pastor owns five houses but pays no taxes
07 Jul Head of Fox News, Roger Ailes, Sued by Former Fox Anchor for Sexual Harassment
07 Jul Clinton expands lead over Trump to 13 points: Reuters/Ipsos poll
07 Jul Former "Singing Priest" raped boy with crucifix - gets two years
06 Jul 'Welcome to Jupiter': Nasa mission puts Juno in orbit after five-year journey
06 Jul GOP Leaders Totally Ignored Trump's Anti-Semitic Clinton Tweet
05 Jul U.S. judge blocks law allowing religion as reason to deny service to LGBT people
05 Jul More lawsuits filed against beleagured Archbishop of Guam
04 Jul Income Inequality Is at the Highest Level in American History
04 Jul Donald Trump Launches Blatantly Anti-Semitic Attack Against Hillary Clinton
03 Jul Humans causing growth of key factor in climate change
03 Jul Disabled woman beaten bloody by TSA agents after becoming confused and afraid at security checkpoint
02 Jul Obama just made it much easier for the public to access government records
02 Jul New York man describes church beating that killed his son: 'Blows that hurt drive out evil'
01 Jul Top science groups tell climate change doubters in Congress to knock it off
01 Jul Chamber of Commerce rips Trump's trade speech in real time

Jun 'Unprecedented': Scientists declare 'global climate emergency' after jet stream crosses equator
30 Jun Benghazi report finds no smoking gun, and Hillary Clinton is happy to 'move on'
30 Jun Jehovah's Witnesses accused of vandalizing 7,000 year-old pyramid out of fears of devil worship
29 Jun U.S. Supreme Court Backs Gun Curbs in Domestic-Violence Case
29 Jun Federal Judge Rules Clerks Cannot Cite Religion to Recuse From Issuing Marriage Licenses
28 Jun Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Abortion Law, Breathing New Life Into Roe v. Wade
28 Jun The inter-generational theft of Brexit and climate change
28 Jun Hawaii becomes first U.S. state to place gun owners on FBI database
27 Jun More Than 3 Million Britons Are Demanding A Second EU Referendum
27 Jun Montreal Catholic Church moving towards forbidding priests from being alone with children
26 Jun Pundit George Will bolts Republican Party over Trump and leaves final warning: 'Make sure he loses'
26 Jun 'Kill the gays' pastor has a pulpit-stomping meltdown after he's booted from online fundraising
25 Jun End Of the EU? Germany warns five more countries could leave Europe after Brexit
25 Jun Revealed: Reagan White House constantly brushed off Trump and his 'large ego'
24 Jun Supreme Court Deadlocks On Immigration, Leaving Obama's Deportation Relief Plan In Limbo
24 Jun 'Make America White Again': Tenn. congressional candidate's billboard ignites uproar
23 Jun Democrats Cause Chaos On House Floor As Republicans Pretend Everything Is Fine
23 Jun Republicans are coming for your browsing histories, not your guns
23 Jun Sweet justice: Anti-gay Pastor who celebrated Orlando shootings is getting booted from his building
22 Jun The Supreme Court Just Ruled In Favor Of The Police State, And Sonia Sotomayor Is Not Having It
22 Jun Hillary Clinton boasts $42.5m campaign war chest to Donald Trump's $1.3m
21 Jun Senate Fails: Gun Control Bills Go Down
21 Jun Amish couple arrested after 'gifting' their daughter, 14, to man who went on to father two children with her
20 Jun Shattered records show climate change is an emergency today, scientists warn
20 Jun RNC delegates launch 'Anybody but Trump' drive
19 Jun Rio De Janeiro Declares State Of Financial Emergency
19 Jun Catholic church accused of using 'mafia-like' tactics to fight sex abuse bill
18 Jun HB 1947: Sex abuse reform bill faces opposition from clergy
18 Jun Atheist Group Will Offer Free Secular Memorial Services for Families of Orlando Nightclub Victims
17 Jun Trump's Unfavorability Hits New High: 70%
17 Jun Coffee May Protect Against Cancer, W.H.O. Concludes
16 Jun NASA data shows this May is hottest ever
16 Jun Top Republicans join Obama in condemning Trump's words
15 Jun Biggest US coal company funded dozens of groups questioning climate change
15 Jun Donald Trump Just Defied Congress To Stop His Muslim Ban
14 Jun We're 164 days into 2016. We've had 133 mass shootings
14 Jun New atlas shows extent of light pollution -- what does it mean for our health?
13 Jun Poll shows demographics stacked against Trump's plan to steal voters
13 Jun 50 killed in Florida nightclub terror attack
12 Jun Mitt Romney retreat puts spotlight on Donald Trump's fund-raising problem in critical stretch
12 Jun 'Super Bacteria' Found At Brazil Olympic Venues, Beaches
11 Jun States can restrict concealed weapons, appeals court says
11 Jun Hundreds allege Donald Trump doesn't pay his bills
10 Jun God's Not Dead producers are being sued for violating one of the Ten Commandments
10 Jun French Cardinal Questioned in Priest Sex Abuse Cases
09 Jun Conservative Radio Host Hugh Hewitt: RNC Must Dump Trump
09 Jun At least 33 US cities used water testing 'cheats' over lead concerns
08 Jun Trump Campaign: Female Judges Could Be Biased, Too
08 Jun New studies show liberals and conservatives have different brain structures
07 Jun Christian fundamentalist schools are teaching girls they must obey men
07 Jun Diabetic 15-year-old weighing 37 pounds dies after parents choose prayer over insulin
06 Jun Donald Trump Lays Out Disastrous Energy Plan, Denies Climate Science Again
06 Jun For the first time a country has invested heavily in space mining
05 Jun Scientists Find Form of Crispr Gene Editing With New Capabilities
05 Jun US Officials Admit Effort to 'Retrain' Iraqi Army a Failure
04 Jun Hillary Clinton's evisceration of Donald Trump (includes video)
04 Jun Trump's 3,500 lawsuits unprecedented for a presidential nominee
03 Jun Women Are Leaving Church, And the Reason Seems Clear
03 Jun Triggering the protein that programs cancer cells to kill themselves
02 Jun Inside The Trump University 'Playbook'
02 Jun Catholic Church spent millions fighting NY bill that would allow sex abuse victims to sue attackers
01 Jun More Than A Third Of The Coral Is Dead In Parts Of The Great Barrier Reef
01 Jun The Hidden Horrors in Poultry Plants

31 May The UK's EU referendum: All you need to know
31 May DC police warn proselytizing Christians not to hound atheists at Reason Rally or face arrest
30 May Judge Orders Release of Documents in Trump University Lawsuit
30 May Monsignor Accused Of Having Sex With Young Priests Looking To Be "Cured" Of Homosexuality
29 May Superbug resistant to last-resort antibiotic found in the United States
29 May Life ingredients in Rosetta's comet!
28 May How extreme beliefs, not mental illness, may fuel mass shooters
28 May University of Miami Establishes Chair for Study of Atheism
27 May As many as 240,000 women have tried do-your-own abortions because of strict Texas laws
27 May "American Sniper" Chris Kyle Distorted His Military Record, Documents Show
27 May 80 Percent of Americans Want to Label Food That Contains DNA
26 May Elizabeth Warren Just Took Her Attack on Donald Trump to the Next Level
26 May Catholic Church sex abuse complaints up 35 percent, report finds
25 May Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration Has Passed the Point of No Return
25 May People with no religion exceeding Christians in England and Wales, says study
24 May Climate change doubters really aren't going to like this study
24 May Christian school in Kansas threatens to expel students if they have a gay family member
23 May Cities 'Woefully Unprepared' for Rising Disaster Risk
23 May Big Pharma Seeks to Capitalize on Pain-Reducing Compound Derived From Cannabis
22 May Oklahoma governor vetoes anti-abortion bill
22 May Irish priest 'knocked out boy, nine, with chloroform' before abusing him in church, trial hears
21 May Edward Snowden warns CIA 'never destroys something by mistake'
21 May Graduates from Jerry Falwell's Liberty University Law have a comically high 26% unemployment rate
20 May 'Fundamentally Unstable' East Antarctica Glacier Heading Toward A Point Of No Return
20 May D.C. security guard arrested for blocking trans woman from using womens' restroom
19 May We Just Completed A Full Year Of Record-Hot Months
19 May Genetically Modified Crops Are Safe, Report Says
18 May Supreme Court ruling should clear the way to free birth control for women with religious employers
18 May Navy Allowed to Kill or Injure Nearly 12 Million Whales, Dolphins, Other Marine Mammals in Pacific
17 May Aussie scientists record climate change 'tipping point'
17 May The Benghazi farce deepens: The GOP's conspiracy hunt is undermined from within
16 May Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved With Women in Private
16 May Space Junk Orbiting Our Planet Has Become a Big Mess
15 May Pfizer acts to stop its drugs being used in lethal injections
15 May Luxembourg Is Set to Become the Most Animal-Friendly Country in the World
14 May Sign Up To Pose Nude At The Republican National Convention
14 May Italy Becomes Last Western European Nation To Legalize Same-Sex Civil Unions
13 May Pew study sees a shrinking middle class in major US cities
13 May NY priest threatened to send black student 'back to the jungle' and spewed hate towards women: suit
12 May Mitt Romney Sees Only One Possible Explanation For Why Trump Won't Release His Tax Returns
12 May Luxembourg ramps up efforts to enter asteroid mining space race
11 May First report of all the world's plants finds one in five species facing extinction
11 May Arkansas man planned to hang 7 mayors over Common Core and overthrow US with 'Christian army'
10 May Ted Cruz Backers Seek to Seize Control of Republican Convention Platform
10 May First Baptist Church sued in investment scheme
09 May Sea-level rise has claimed five whole islands in the Pacific: first scientific evidence
09 May Pakistan girl's brutal death: 'It is not honor killing, it's just plain murder'
08 May Alabama Chief Justice Moore suspended for rejecting legalization of same-sex marriage
08 May New Record Set for World's Cheapest Solar
07 May Skepticism about climate change may be linked to concerns about economy
07 May Officials: Scant evidence that Clinton had malicious intent in handling of emails
06 May Neither George HW nor George W Bush will endorse Donald Trump
06 May US government: North Carolina LGBT law violates civil rights
05 May Analysis: Republicans have a massive electoral map problem that has nothing to do with Trump
05 May The US Is Finally Taking on Methane, Climate Change's Hidden Villain
04 May A typical person is more than five times as likely to die in an extinction event as in a car crash," says a new report
04 May Largest US food producers ask Congress to shield lobbying activities
03 May Half of leading investors ignoring climate change: study
03 May Halliburton and Baker Hughes abandon $34.6bn takeover
02 May Supreme Court Approves Rule Change To Expand FBI Hacking Power
02 May Watch Obama's Remarks From The 2016 White House Correspondents' Dinner
01 May GOP Votes To Block Obama's Action On LGBT Job Discrimination
01 May Montana newspaper exposes hilarious 'facts' on display at creationist museum

30 Apr The NSA Has No Idea How Many Americans It's Spying On
30 Apr Spanking Makes Kids More Defiant, Studies Suggest
29 Apr Mars By 2018? SpaceX And NASA Announce A New Space Project
29 Apr Global warming could deplete the oceans' oxygen – with severe consequences
29 Apr GOP Mega-Donors So Frustrated by Their Failure to Buy Elections That Some Are Bowing Out
28 Apr Anti-vaxx parents guilty in son's death after they gave sick boy maple syrup instead of medicine
28 Apr Creationist Ken Ham faces wrath of Twitter over rant about 'secularists' making fun of his 'stupid' ark
27 Apr Elizabeth Warren's big win: The new, much-needed rule that could rein in Wall Street slime
27 Apr Scientists Create RNA In Water Puddle, Shed Light On Prebiotic Earth
26 Apr Developing countries take lead at climate change agreement signing
26 Apr Report: Third Of Suicides In US Are Among Middle-Aged Whites
25 Apr Anti-Racist Protesters Outnumbered White Supremacists 10 to 1 at a Racist Rally in Georgia
25 Apr Powerful Hollywood conservative group forced to disband due to constant infighting over Donald Trump
24 Apr Delegates face death threats from Trump supporters
24 Apr Planned Parenthood employee opens a can of whoopass on conservative troll — and it's awesome
23 Apr GOP Lawmakers Are Already Planning To Bail On Their Own Convention
23 Apr Fracking Exec Reportedly Admits Targeting the Poor, Because They Don't Have 'The Money To Fight'
22 Apr 3 Officials Charged in Flint Water Crisis
22 Apr Florida schools allow this ex-con 'sports pastor' to roam campuses — and stalk students on Facebook
21 Apr Pentagon's New Rules Allow Them to Kill More Civilians in ISIS Strikes
21 Apr Bill Nye Challenges Climate Change Denier With $20,000 Bet
20 Apr Florida wakes up to climate change
20 Apr Pastor charged in Oshkosh with child enticement
19 Apr Another Month, Another Temperature Record: March 2016 Was The Hottest March Ever
19 Apr Forty Percent of US Electricity Could Come From Rooftop Solar, Report
18 Apr Thug Trump Threatens 'Rough July' for RNC
18 Apr Research shows — yet again — that there's no scientific debate about climate change
17 Apr The Oil Industry Was Warned About Climate Change in 1968
17 Apr Nine states are afraid to let transgender people go to the bathroom
16 Apr CBS News investigation finds Kim Davis' lawyer behind anti-LGBT bills in 20 states
16 Apr Congressman Wants A 'National Day Of Reason' As Atheist Alternative To Day Of Prayer
15 Apr Scientists are stunned by what just happened in Greenland
15 Apr 'Good fat,' low cholesterol, may not be so good after all
14 Apr Police arrest 400 at U.S. Capitol in protest of money in politics
14 Apr The Reason North Carolina's 'Anti-LGBT' Law Is in the Spotlight Now
13 Apr Global Fisheries Are Collapsing -- What Happens When There Are No Fish Left?
13 Apr State funding church: 93 percent of 'scholarship program' vouchers go to religious schools
12 Apr Documents disclose how Chicago police used punches, baton blows and Tasers at the off-the-books interrogation site
12 Apr Thousands quit Church of Denmark after atheist campaign
11 Apr Climate Change Lawsuit by 21 Youths Takes Big Step Forward
11 Apr Sheldon Adelson and top GOP donors retreat to the sidelines
10 Apr Court Strikes Down Scott Walker's Right-To-Work Law As Unconstitutional
10 Apr Florida governor launches bullying attack on woman who criticized him at Starbucks
09 Apr Governor: US Drone Strikes Kill 17 Civilians in Afghanistan
09 Apr Christian Cross On Los Angeles County Seal Is Unconstitutional, Judge Rules
09 Apr Scientists Find Hannibal's Route through Alps
08 Apr This Is Your Brain on Climate Change
08 Apr Bible Wouldn't Stay Tennessee's State Book for Long, Some Experts Say
07 Apr Obama calls for international tax reform amid Panama Papers revelations
07 Apr 'You're an a*shole!': Florida woman publicly shames Gov. Rick Scott for anti-abortion bill
06 Apr North America's Largest Coal-Fired Power Plant Will Soon Be a Solar Farm
06 Apr Thousands Protested Against a Proposed Abortion Ban by Waving Coat Hangers in Warsaw this Weekend
05 Apr Panama Papers: Mossack Fonseca leak reveals elite's tax havens
05 Apr Hundreds abused by 50 clergy over 40 years but federal prosecutors undecided on charges
04 Apr Most people in Scotland 'not religious'
04 Apr There were 12 reported incidents of Christian pastors molesting kids — in just the last month
03 Apr Big Banks Aided Firm At Center Of International Bribery Scandal
03 Apr Epidemic of Premature Births Is Increasingly Linked to Air Pollution
02 Apr Top Black Staffers Leave The Republican National Committee
02 Apr Dow posts biggest quarterly comeback since 1933
01 Apr Trump's popularity nosedives in critical stretch
01 Apr What is it like to be dead? Patient who 'died' says there is NOTHING after death
01 Apr Catholic church in India lifts suspension of priest convicted last year of sexually assaulting girl, 14, in U.S.

31 Mar Scalia's absence resonates as supreme court hands down split union ruling
31 Mar Miss. lawmakers pass bill letting churches appoint unaccountable 'soldiers of God' as armed security
30 Mar Capitol shooting suspect identified as Tennessee man who once called himself 'prophet of God'
30 Mar Priest gambled $500,000 meant for Hamilton refugees, church says
29 Mar Arctic Sea Ice Is at Near Record Lows, NASA Says
29 Mar John Kerry: presidential campaign descending into 'embarrassment' for US
28 Mar Secret archive of paedophile crime kept by Catholic Church's insurers
28 Mar Petition to allow guns at Republican convention earns 24,000 signatures
27 Mar US economic growth revised upward
27 Mar Democrats See Gains as Donald Trump Targets a Wife
26 Mar Abortion Rights Advocates Cry Foul at New Step in Fetal Tissue Inquiry
26 Mar Businesses Are Joining The Fight Against North Carolina's Anti-LGBT Law
25 Mar Indiana's Anti-Abortion Bill: A Blueprint for Attacks on Rights Nationwide
25 Mar The fall of religion in America
24 Mar These Scientists Say Sea Levels Could Rise Much More Than We Thought
24 Mar Since Paris, there have been hundreds of terrorist attacks — many that have gone unnoticed
24 Mar "Atheist Missionaries" aim to secularize Africa to boost rationalism, alleviate violence and disease
23 Mar A record number of Americans are finally blaming humans for climate change
23 Mar 'Decent guy' youth pastor charged with sexually abusing 5-year-old girl at his home
22 Mar Fresh evidence signals at dangers of ocean acidification
22 Mar Half of People Killed by Police Have a Disability: Report
21 Mar Republican Leaders Map a Strategy to Derail Donald Trump
21 Mar Anti-Trump Protester Punched, Kicked At Tucson Rally
20 Mar Beyond record hot, February was 'astronomical' and 'strange'
20 Mar Three Pennsylvania friars arraigned on charges of allowing child sexual abuse
19 Mar A "Victory for People Over Politics" as Feds Cancel Atlantic Drilling Plans
19 Mar The World's Happiest Countries Have Been Revealed
18 Mar Panic Has A Way Of Softening 2016 Republicans On Obama's Court Pick
18 Mar Congressman calls on bankers to 'neuter' Elizabeth Warren — the 'Darth Vader' of Wall Street
17 Mar We choose the nominee, not the voters: Senior GOP official
17 Mar Study: vaccine refusers helped spark recent measles and whooping cough outbreaks
16 Mar Republicans blame Trump for climate of violence
16 Mar This church's cancer-curing elixir is really bleach, federal authorities say
15 Mar U.S. police escape federal charges in 96 percent of rights cases: newspaper
15 Mar More Plastic Than Fish in Oceans by 2050 Helps Drive Calls for Reduced Plastic Use
14 Mar CO2 Levels Jumped By 3.05 PPM In 2015
14 Mar Christian 'prophet' loses his buttocks to a hungry lion while trying to prove God would save him
13 Mar This mind-boggling study shows just how massive sea level rise really is
13 Mar Study: 3 federal laws could reduce gun deaths by more than 90%
12 Mar It's Been The Warmest Winter In The United States Since Records Began
12 Mar Half of Americans' calories come from 'ultra-processed' foods
11 Mar Dangerous global warming will happen sooner than thought – study
11 Mar Study: Chopping food, eating meat helped ancient humans evolve (study from Nature magazine)
11 Mar Toddler died from meningitis after anti-vaxx parents treated him with maple syrup instead of medicine
10 Mar FBI quietly changes its privacy rules for accessing NSA data on Americans
10 Mar Oklahoma missionary gets 40 years in prison for sexually abusing children at Kenyan orphanage
09 Mar At Secretive Meeting, Tech CEOs And Top Republicans Commiserate, Plot To Stop Trump
09 Mar US priest gets 17 years for molesting Honduran children
08 Mar Supreme Court: Alabama can't negate lesbian mother's adoptive rights
08 Mar The real war on coal is happening in China right now
07 Mar Climate Change Could Cause Half A Million Deaths In 2050: What Regions, Countries Are Most Vulnerable?
07 Mar Water utilities in some of the largest US cities use tests that downplay contamination: report
06 Mar Economy Gained 242,000 Jobs In February; Unemployment Rate Holds Steady
06 Mar Fourteen more charged in armed 2014 standoff at Nevada ranch
06 Mar Porn viewers more likely to see women as equals than non-viewers
05 Mar Trump campaign co-chair arrested for conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States
05 Mar Russian man could go to prison for saying God does not exist
04 Mar Oil and gas industry has pumped millions into Republican campaigns
04 Mar Has The Smoking Gun For Dark Matter Been Found?
03 Mar Blowback: Donald Trump Is the Price We Pay for the "War on Terror"
03 Mar New York appeals court revives fraud claim against Trump University
02 Mar Climate Disruption's New Record: Carbon Dioxide Levels Reach Highest Point in 15 Million Years
02 Mar Here's a Tech Fix That Makes Abortions a Lot Easier to Get
01 Mar Climate change shifts natural resources towards poles, study reveals
01 Mar Oscars 2016: expert reaction

29 Feb New Anti-Donald Trump Ads Feature Trump University Customers and how they were scammed
29 Feb Polygamous Mormon sect's leaders arrested on charges of food-stamp fraud
28 Feb Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump and Calls Marco Rubio 'Desperate'
28 Feb The most depressing discovery about the brain, ever
27 Feb ISIS Is Losing Its Capital
27 Feb Vt. Senate gives final OK to legalization of recreational marijuana
26 Feb Apple boss Tim Cook hits back at FBI investigation
26 Feb Nevada Residents Fight Energy Monopoly's Attempts to Control Solar Power
25 Feb Solid support for Apple in iPhone encryption fight: poll
25 Feb GOP Senators Won't Even Meet With An Obama Supreme Court Nominee
24 Feb Seas are now rising faster than they have in 2,800 years, scientists say
24 Feb Sandy Hook families' lawsuit seeks to hold gun companies accountable
23 Feb HPV rates drop 64% in decade since recommended CDC vaccination
23 Feb Florida police accused of racial profiling after stopping man 258 times, charging him with trespassing at work
22 Feb Protests planned across US to back Apple in battle with FBI
22 Feb Russia committing war crimes by deliberately bombing civilians and aid workers, says Amnesty International
21 Feb Exoplanet Census Suggests Earth Is Special after All
21 Feb Methane-Spewing U.S. Linked to Global Surge in Potent Greenhouse Gas
20 Feb US Airstrikes Kill 38 Syrian Civilians Over 48 Hours
20 Feb FCC Approves Proposal to Boost TV Set-Top Box Competition
19 Feb Climate Change Gets Short Shrift in US Classrooms
19 Feb Oregon militant accuses feds of committing 'works of the devil' in $666 billion lawsuit
18 Feb Republicans Show Signs of Division on Supreme Court Tactics
18 Feb Atheism older than Christianity or Islam, but Romans erased it from history, new study finds
17 Feb Report: Pollution Kills 5.5 Million People Worldwide Each Year
17 Feb Cancer researchers claim 'extraordinary results' using T-cell therapy
16 Feb Florida abortion providers fear proposed rules could make state 'next Texas'
16 Feb Israel boycott ban: Shunning Israeli goods to be criminal offence for councils, public bodies and student unions
15 Feb Catholic Leaders Say Zika Doesn't Change Ban on Contraception
15 Feb The Republican establishment packed the debate audience with Donald Trump haters
4 Feb Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dies at 79
14 Feb U.S. Allies Now Fighting CIA-Backed Rebels
14 Feb Bill Maher lights one up during impassioned 'New Rules' advocating national pot legalization (video included)
13 Feb Millionaires Getting Medicaid Through Loophole
13 Feb Oregon Standoff Ends as Last Militant Surrenders
12 Feb Cosmic breakthrough: Physicists detect gravitational waves from violent black-hole merger
12 Feb Justice Dept. sues Ferguson, Missouri, to force police reforms
12 Feb Ted Nugent digs in amid anti-Semitic accusations — and calls for his NRA ouster
11 Feb Average gas price in US drops below $2 a gallon for the first time since 2004
11 Feb Obamacare keeps working: New data puts repeal-happy Republicans like Paul Ryan in a tough spot
10 Feb Unsafe Lead Levels in Tap Water Not Limited to Flint
10 Feb NATO to Mass Troops Along Russia Frontier; Biggest Buildup Since Cold War
09 Feb Scientists say humans caused spread of virus that's killing honeybees
09 Feb India's Government Is Becoming Increasingly Antiscience
08 Feb Critic refuses to quit Vatican sex abuse commission
08 Feb Feeding the Military-Industrial Complex
07 Feb Wages Rise as U.S. Unemployment Rate Falls Below 5%
07 Feb White Nationalists Make Calls For Donald Trump In New Hampshire
06 Feb Obama Wants a $10-Per-Barrel Tax on Oil
06 Feb Scientist says lead exposure in Flint comparable to post-war Iraq
05 Feb Bill Cosby: US judge allows sex assault case against actor
05 Feb Feds look for new ways to fight 'clear and present danger' posed by domestic extremists
04 Feb Los Angeles files criminal charges against SoCalGas over massive gas leak
04 Feb City of Chicago Condones Chicago Police Department Code of Silence, Jury Found
03 Feb Experts: Christian doctrine is causing the Zika virus outbreak to explode
03 Feb US military commander in Iraq and Syria rejects GOP pledges to 'carpet-bomb' Isis
02 Feb UK scientists get green light to genetically modify human embryos
02 Feb Republicans reject climate change fears despite rebukes from scientists
01 Feb Tests Reveal A New Problem With Treating Flint's Lead-Tainted Water
01 Feb Eighty percent of Chicago PD dash-cam videos are missing audio due to "officer error" or "intentional destruction"

31 Jan Prosecutors use Oregon refuge occupiers' own words against them
31 Jan Baltimore warns that children are at risk of lead poisoning from paint
30 Jan Watch: FBI releases LaVoy Finicium shooting video showing he went for his gun — twice
30 Jan Why Bernie Sanders doesn't participate in organized religion
29 Jan Google AlphaGo computer beats professional at 'world's most complex board game' Go
29 Jan Wife of pastor freed from Iran filed separation papers claiming he abused her for years and suffers from porn addiction
28 Jan Bundys in custody, one militant dead after gunfight near Burns
28 Jan Caffeine Doesn't Give You Heart Palpitations, Study Finds
27 Jan North Carolina GOP Accused Of Intentionally Suppressing Black Votes To Preserve Their Majority
27 Jan Study: Guns Take Toll on US Public Health
26 Jan Record hot years near impossible without manmade climate change – study
26 Jan Creators Of Fake Planned Parenthood Videos Indicted While Planned Parenthood was cleared of any wrongdoing
26 Jan Sexism Runs Rampant Among GOP Contenders in the 2016 Presidential Race
25 Jan Pentagon Admits to Killing More Civilians in Syria Strikes
25 Jan Iran eyes Boeing plane purchases as sanctions end
24 Jan Massive Leaks Are an Everyday Occurrence in Gas Fields
24 Jan New Shepard: Bezos flight 'demonstrates reuse'
23 Jan Playing Games With War Deaths
23 Jan 'Our mouths were ajar': Doctor's fight to expose Flint's water crisis (video included)
22 Jan 2015 Was Hottest Year in Historical Record, Scientists Say
22 Jan Tamir Rice grand jury never took a vote to indict cops who killed him: report
21 Jan The Oceans Will Contain More Plastic Than Fish By 2050
21 Jan The Western Coalition Is Now Talking About How to Accelerate Campaign Against Islamic State
20 Jan Study: Man-made heat put in oceans has doubled since 1997
20 Jan Big banks brace for oil loans to implode
19 Jan Just 62 people now own the same wealth as half the world's population, research finds
19 Jan Fracking in Alberta: daily quakes and thirsty residents
18 Jan 'New chapter' for Tehran as sanctions end
18 Jan Mother Nature's Invisible Hand Strikes Back Against the Carbon Economy
17 Jan Evidence Suggests US Killed Hundreds of Civilians, Pentagon Admits Only a Handful
17 Jan Anglican communion to restrict US Church over gay marriage
16 Jan Planned Parenthood Sues Activists Who Made Secret Videotapes
16 Jan U.S. to invest billions in self-driving cars
15 Jan The Rise of Shadow Banks and the Repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act
15 Jan 'You and your family will die': Christian Klansman terrorizes biracial Oregon family
14 Jan In pitiful animal die-offs across the globe — from antelopes to bees to seabirds — climate change may be culprit
14 Jan Supreme Court finds Florida's capital punishment process unconstitutional
13 Jan Revealed: More than 200 children were abused in choir run by Pope Benedict's brother
13 Jan Why those killjoy new alcohol rules are just plain wrong
12 Jan 40,000 starving Syrians trapped by Assad regime forced to make soup from grass
12 Jan The new way police are surveilling you: Calculating your threat 'score'
11 Jan Scientists say humans have now brought on an entirely new geologic epoch
11 Jan Light From A Black Hole Seen With A Telescope For The First Time
10 Jan Texas Governor Wants To Amend The Constitution So States Can Ignore The Federal Government
10 Jan Prison Chaplain Won Employee Of The Year While Female Inmates Say He Was Sexually Assaulting Them
09 Jan Ala. judge goes after same-sex marriage after son indicted
09 Jan Tearful militant discovers friend drank away donation money: 'It's like finding out there is no such thing as Santa'
08 Jan California state of emergency over methane leak
08 Jan Woman beats disabled man with his own cane for saying he doesn't believe in God: police
07 Jan Gene Editing Cures Animal Of Genetic Disease For The First Time
07 Jan North Korea Says It Successfully Tested Hydrogen Nuclear Bomb
07 Jan Amid Armed Oregon Standoff, Report Finds "Skyrocketing" Number of Anti-Government Militia Groups
06 Jan Pew: Americans are in the middle of the pack globally when it comes to importance of religion
06 Jan Barack Obama takes action over US gun laws
05 Jan Oregon sheriff: Gunmen occupying wildlife refuge are out to overthrow government
05 Jan Here's How Many People Fatally Overdosed On Marijuana Last Year
04 Jan Armed protesters take over federal wildlife refuge in Oregon
04 Jan Iranian Protesters Attack Saudi Embassy After Prominent Shiite Cleric Executed
03 Jan Young black men killed by US police at highest rate in year of 1,134 deaths
03 Jan Donald Trump Featured In Jihadist Terror Recruitment Video
02 Jan Gun-Friendly Texas Is Getting Even Friendlier
02 Jan Obama set to unveil curbs on gun sellers
01 Jan The Massive Methane Leak That Receives Almost No Coverage (video)
01 Jan Finally, The Deadliest Ebola Outbreak Is Almost Over