Avoid the addiction,
Just say "NO" to religion

The U.S. government guarantees freedom of religion as well as non-religion. Religionists can freely show their icons in their homes and churches, so why not make your views known also? Just as no-smoking signs warn against a health hazard, these symbols warn people about the dangers of religion. If they complain, tell them they can pray at a designated safety zone, outside your home. Or better yet, drop them off at the nearest church.

We at NoBeliefs.com think the entire Politically Correct movement as rather silly, but how come religions have escaped its influence? Now here's your chance to put religion into the PC pot.

Brain on Religion

To mimic the War on Drugs propaganda, here we have the most dangerous drug of all.


Bible Warning1
Bible Warning2
Print-out and paste one of these labels on your Bible.
Great for Gideon Bibles in hotels. Show that you care: send a label to a religious friend.



No doubt you've seen car stickers of the American flag along with the irritating words, "God Bless America." Well, I propose a better phrase that actually represents the original United States government.

The words, "No Gods, No Masters," originates from Margaret Sanger from the title of an article about birth control. It fits because nowhere in the Constitution does it mention deities, or masters. Our government derives from We the People not by gods, kings, or masters but by the very mortal citizens of the United States.



Put one of these symbols on your web page and link to us. Tell people that you reject religion.


Use the link address: http://nobeliefs.com/

Jesus says Eat Me

No need to ask permission to use these labels; you can freely use them as you wish. Compliments of NoBeliefs.com.

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Do these symbols offend you? Consider asking yourself why. Then click here.

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