I've always held a fascination for drafting and engineering puzzles. I designed this one years ago in the hope to make it the most difficult drafting puzzle around. Have I succeeded?

The "box" object appears here as orthographic projected views (standard American engineering drafting style). Every line, of course, represents an edge. Most drafting puzzles give you only two views. I have given you three views (Top, Side, Bottom).

Note there occurs no hidden edges in these views, thus no hidden dotted lines. The characters (B-O-X) appear printed (or painted) on the object surfaces (no hidden lines for these either).

The solution must allow a person to make the object as one part (not two or more parts stacked together). A machinist could actually construct this object out of a single solid material by using a milling machine; nothing about it defies nature.

If you do not understand how projection views work, then think of the top view rotated 90° clockwise about the vertical axis to see the side view and the top view rotated 180° about the horizontal axis to see the bottom view. Below shows a sample object with the same kind of projected views:


Can you construct the missing front view or a 3D view of this object to show what it looks like?

Hint: there may occur hidden edges in the front view.

Good luck.

The solution

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