Bible Quiz: 10 Questions


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1. In the Bible, does God kill people? (Hint: Exodus 12:29-30, I Samuel 6:19, II Chronicles 14:12)

3. Would God ever do such a thing as spread feces on his creations? (Hint: Malachi 2:3)

4. When the characters in the Bible did not obey God's commands, what are some of the punishments God performed? (Hint: Deut. 28:27; Psalm 68:21-23; Deut. 12:2-3; II Chronicles 21:14-15; I Chron. 21:12)

5. Does the Bible say you should feel happy to kill certain infants by dashing them against the rocks? (Hint: Psalm 137:9)

6. Why does the Bible mention the eating of dung and drinking of piss? (II Kings 18:27, KJV)

7. If you wish to become a disciple of Jesus, you must first: (Hint: Luke 14:26)

8. What creatures below does the Bible mention?

9. According to the Bible, what can certain animals do?

10. According to 1 Genesis, which was created first?

Days and nights
Sun, moon
Greater light and lesser light

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