Science News & Articles from 2002

comments by Jim Walker

[Note: Due to expiration dates of some news sites, some links may no longer work]

Science News: People Are Human-Bacteria Hybrid Most of the cells in your body aren't yours, nor are they even human. They are bacterial. We are best viewed as walking "superorganisms," highly complex conglomerations of human, fungal, bacterial and viral cells.

Science News: Europe Scientists Find Water on Mars

Science News (18 Dec 03) Dazzling Images from New Space Telescope

Science News (13 Mar 03) Water 'flows' on Mars Dark streaks on crater and valley walls may indicate that brackish water currently flows across the surface of Mars.

Science News (17 Feb 03) Study: It's Easy to Plant False Memories

Science News (08 Jan 03) Study: Speed of Gravity, Light Match Einstein got it right. The velocity of gravity matches that of light, about 186,000 miles per second, according to recent measurements.

Science News (22 Oct) People Take Up Most of the Planet, U.S. Study Says Many conservative Christians claim that the human population growth presents no problems and that the Earth has plenty of space. This study shows them wrong. (See the human footprint map)

Science News (15 Oct) Scientists find molecular path to fear In spite of the religious who continue to believe that emotions come from spirit stuff, science continues to reveal that all our emotions, fear, love, and virtually everything that makes us human, comes from brain electrical-chemical events. We consist of matter and energy, not supernatural stuff.

Science News (18 Sep) Will evolution leave humanity behind? You can bet that religionists will fight tooth and nail to prevent this.

Science News (02 Aug) Scientist blames failure of monsoon on US warplanes Greenhouse gases injected by US Warplanes during the "War on Terrorism " has caused a lowering of rainfall.

Science News (30 July) Astronomers Say Asteroid Won't Hit Earth When initial reports gave the possibility that the asteroid might hit earth, several religious folks believed it represented the apocalyptic end of the world. Faith can only produce falsehoods; only science can reveal the facts of nature. Imagine the panic that could result if humans relied only on faith.

Science News (25 July) Researchers Develop Chip to Replace Retinas

Science News (10 July) 'Astonishing' skull unearthed in Africa Scientists say this find represents the most important discovery in the search for human origins since the first Australopithecus remains found in Africa in the 1920s.

Science News (03 July) Hubble Snaps 'Fireworks' of Old Supernova

Science News (13 June) Solar system similar to ours discovered: US astronomers

Science News (06 June) Repaired Space Camera Shows Four-Galaxy Collision With the Hubble telescope's new eyesight, which includes near infrared, scientists might see objects from the time soon after the theoretical Big Bang.

Science News (30 May) Mars discoveries key to future exploration? Evidence from the Mars Odyssey spacecraft of underground ice on Mars has astronomers tossing out descriptions like "stunning" and "amazing."

Science News (28 May) Evidence Indicates Water on Mars The evidence about Mars has long showed vast amounts of water. But where did it go? Now scientists have good evidence that the water never went away; it sits frozen beneath the soil. This opens the possibility for life on Mars.

Science News (20 May) Stephen Jay Gould Dies Sad news. The renown scientist and one of the Freethinkers for whom I dedicated this site, died today of cancer.

Science news (08 May) Bionic Retina Gives Six Patients Partial Sight The development of an artificial silicon retina provides a gift of sight to the sightless.

Science news (01 May) Hubble's Stunning New Vision Spectacular new pictures of the universe come as a result of improving the vision of the Hubble Space Telescope.
Science news (25 Apr.) Scientists Find Oldest Placental Mammal Fossil This 125 million year old fossil pushes back the record for placental origins. Since humans fall into the category of placental mammals, this bears on our own evolution.

Science news (24 Apr.) Study: Universe 13 Billion Years Old New studies indicate a younger universe than predicted before.

Science News (20 Mar.) Skull Shows Homo Erectus One Big Happy Family More evidence that our ancestors evolved in Africa. It also shows a wonderful example of human evolution in that one can see progressively human-like forms from the younger to the older fossil forms throughout time.

Science News (14 Mar.) UK Set to Class Cannabis Among Least Harmful Drugs For thousands of years people have used cannabis without any known harmful effect, yet the U.S. (the land of freedom) imprisons thousands of people as a result of false beliefs about marijuana. Here we have UK medical experts who claim cannabis as the least harmful of all controlled 'drugs.'

Science News (09 Mar.) Astronauts Bid Hubble Farewell After repairing the Hubble Space Telescope and giving it more powerful eyesight, scientists hope they will photograph the deepest and oldest regions of the universe. The Space Telescope, in effect, acts like a time machine and we just might witness the first galaxies forming and the first shining stars. Far more exciting than fighting over one's religious beliefs, eh?