The Stop Public Pornography (SPP) movement aims to remove the disgusting obscenity that infiltrates our public streets, buildings, parks, churches, and television & radio. If you care about protecting our children from obscenity, please read the following carefully. I trust that you will prove sympathetic to our crusade.

  Warning: this document is meant to be read only by adults. Please keep away from children.

It has come to our attention that one of the most blatant examples of public obscenity occurs within the very pages of our Holy Bible. Nobody can deny that the Bible contains material so shocking and pornographic that we would not want our children to be exposed to it.

Consider this obscene example:

Need I explain that "doted" represents excessive sexual love, that "flesh" is a euphemism for penis, and "issue" means "semen"?

(As shocking as it may seem, one of our investigators actually discovered a graffiti of Ezekiel 23 in a Boy Scout bathroom stall.)

Isaiah 36:12 speaks of "eating dung and drinking piss"; Ezekiel 4:10-17 describes a cuisine made by mixing human feces and cow dung with bread. Malachi 2:2-3 Describes God spreading feces on people's faces. Do you want your children to emulate such behavior?

There are many more dirty passages from the Bible, too numerous to list here.

The Bible also contains appalling stories, including the menage a trois between Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar, approved by God. Even the genealogy of Jesus includes Tamar, who had children born of incest, and Bathsheba, who had children born of adultery. Judges 19:24-25 describes the gang rape of a daughter approved by the father.

Please realize that most incest and child abuse crimes occur within the Christian community by Christian parents, priests, ministers, and nuns. No doubt that the incest and porn in the Bible has influenced such behavior.

Stop Public Pornography merely asks that either all the obscene passages be removed from the Bible, or that the Bible should be banned from public consumption.

Please note that there is a difference between the porn sold in video & adult book stores and the porn in the Bible. You can ignore the first kind of porn; it is not thrust upon you, and it is sold through private businesses. You have to choose to buy a dirty book or porno video, and there are laws which prevent children from access to this porn.

The Bible, however, is public. The Gideons install this book in hotels. Astronauts read it from the moon. The Bible is on the internet. Churches allow anyone to read their Bibles from their pews. Jehovah Witnesses are allowed to walk the streets with a Bible. Even public libraries contain Bibles, where anyone, including children, have free access.

Stop Public Pornography experts studied this dire moral problem and have submitted a four-pronged proposal to deal with this evil:

Stop Public Pornography has written to many anti-porn crusaders and leading Christian leaders about this urgent matter. Unfortunately, although they have a desire to censor secular porn, not one of them has admitted to the importance of censoring and purifying the Bible.

Therefore, Stop Public Pornography appeals to the concerned members of public society and to our elected congressmen to help remove the Bible from public places.

Protect our children from this filth; please help us to censor the Bible and stop public pornography now. Warn your friends, write your state representatives, send a copy of this page to anti-porn and censorship organizations and the FCC.

Stop Public Pornography
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1972 University Blvd.
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Print out the above warning label and paste it onto any Bible you see, such as a Gideon Bible in hotel rooms or Bibles behind pews in churches.

The King James "B" (KJB), 1611
The X-Rated "B": An Irreverent Survey of Sex in the Scriptures , by Ben Edward Akerley, 1999
The Dark "B", by Jim Walker