Tinky Winky, The Second Coming of Christ?

Thank you Jerry Falwell

In the February edition of the National Liberty Journal, in which Jerry Falwell is the publisher, J.M. Smith issued a press statement on children's Television programming which targeted the Teletubbies TV program as representing gay role models for children.

As a heterosexual, I want to thank Jerry Falwell's journal for warning us about gay symbology. We now realize that, not only should we avoid the homosexuality of the children's TV program, Teletubbies, but we should avoid the gayness of Jesus in the Bible.

According to Falwell's journal, the color purple and triangles represent gay pride symbols. Tinky Winky and Jesus both share these symbols.


Tinky Winky wears a distinctive purple suit. Jesus also wore a purple robe (see Mark 15:17, John 19:5).

For centuries, Christians have used the color purple to represent Jesus. To this day many priests wear purple robes or scarfs to symbolize their lord. Christians have worn purple ribbons, purple flowers, purple dressess, purple ties to honor their martyred Jesus.

Gay Pope and Gay priests wearing their gay puple garbs.

Considering that the Christian Church represents the largest pedeophile organization in the world, and the priests and ministers raping young boys, it stands to reason why purple provides a good choice for their gay symbolic color.


Tinky Winky has a triangle shaped antenna. Jesus represents a third of the Triangle of the Trinity. Christians have used triangles to represent the triad of Father-Son-Jesus, the Father-Word-Ghost ( 1 John 5:7). The triangle of faith-hope-charity (Cor 1, 13:13) has been used by many Chrisitan organizations. Not to mention the symbolic representations of the number three throughout the New Testament.

Homosexual symbols in Christianity

Falwell's journal sees gayness when the Tinky Winky carries a purse (actually a magic bag), yet Jesus commanded his diciples to carry nothing in their purse (Mark 6:8). No doubt they were gay too.

And what about the flowing gown and the long hair of Jesus portrayed by many Christians even though the Bible forbids men to wear long hair (1 Cor.11:14)?

Then there's Jesus who never married or had sex with any girl but lived with 12 men whom he claimed to love. I can't imagine anything more gay inspiring. And the unnamed disciple whom Jesus loved the most has received many comments from gays and Bible scholars. (John 21:7).

Many scholars have commented on the implied homosexual scene (Mark 14:51-52) where Jesus followed a young man with linen cast about his naked body; and the young men laid hold on him. Then he left the linen cloth, and fled from them naked.

And the writings of early Gnostic Christians who thought Jesus was a homosexual or a hermaphrodite. And there were early Christians who practiced sex with young men and worshipped the sacred semen (later banned by the orthodoxy). Today, many gay Christian organizations use Jesus as their gay model.

There are only one of two conclusions one can derive from this:

1) Jesus is gay. If purple and triangles are symbols for gayness, then the same must hold for Jesus.

2) Tinky Winky represents Jesus. Perhaps THIS is the Second Coming!

[Note: I did consider adding a third conclusion, that neither Tinky Winky or Jesus represents reality, but of course the power of Faith disallows this consideration, and no Christian in his Right mind could conceive of it.]

Does Tinky Winky represent an instrument of God to convert children? The Bible says: Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 18:3). Does this mean that one must convert to homosexuality to enter heaven?

Questions remain. Will Tinky Winky be crucified on a cross? Will homosexuality become the central position of future Christianity? Should we warn people about purple and triads from Bibles, Churches, and children programs? Did Liberache design the wardrobe of the Pope?

Thanks to Jerry Falwell's journal, all straight people should be warned against the homosexuality of Tinky Winky and Jesus. Clearly Christianity is meant only for homosexuals.

Now for the serious stuff. Today the Catholic Church has been exposed in a plethora of sexual abuse cases by priests who abuse and molest little boys and girls. Sexual abuses have occurred in the Church for centuries, but only recently have they been presented to the public. Homosexuals and sex molesting priests live in higher percentages in the Church than in the general public. Similar acts of sexual abuses by the Protestant churches and their ministers are now being exposed.

One can only wonder what psychological and sexual damage occurs when priests and ministers (or any Christians) who pray everyday before an icon of a half-naked bleeding man nailed to wood. The influence of the sadomasochistic image of Jesus on the cross cannot be underestimated, nor can it be explained by throwaway religious excuses, especially by Church leaders who teach sexual abstinence. Humans are sexual animals and we should question the wisdom of isolating humans to live a life for a superstitious martyr who allegedly lived a life as devoid of sex as Tinky Winky.

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Note: After Falwell's article was published, it garnered unwanted criticism from Christians and unChristians around the world. Jerry Falwell has since attempted to distance himself from the mess by denying knowledge of the Teletubbies, altogether. Yet he has never acquitted the claims of the article nor denied the charge of the alleged gay teletubby.

Mr. Falwell, this tactic simply does not hold. It was published in your journal, and to claim ignorance of it puts you in a far worse position, especially now that you do know about it. It not only speaks of your dishonesty but makes you irresponsible for your acts (publisher, in this case). The descriptions of Tinky Winky have been described in detail by newspapers, national news programs, and the internet. And to continue to hide behind the ignorance of the purple teletubby only shows your desperation to avoid bad press.





Little known fact: Jerry like to wear purple in the closet.





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